Virtual fax: an inexpensive and necessary anticipation

Communication is power because it makes things easier and makes it possible to generate business and money. But this principle does not only apply when it comes to upgrading and accessing new technologies. In fact, businesses that implement some old communication devices can be very profitable. This is the case of the virtual fax, which allows to make provisions, mixing the new with the not so new.

Some technology market statistics indicate that the fax is far from extinct. Not even the Internet or smartphones have been able to completely take this device out of circulation. It is commonly believed that this technology was left behind in the eighties and nineties. However, in countries such as Japan, the United States and Spain itself it is still widely used. Below, you will see why it is important to be able to use this device and an innovative way to take advantage of its benefits.

What is fax and how can it be virtual?

virtual fax

The fax machine was the device that came closest to what smartphones do today in the early 1980s, when the Internet was just being born. Basically, this device is a combination of a scanner, a modem and a printer. In this way, images can be copied and sent using the telephone line and, in fact, a receiver number is needed to be able to send the reproduced image.

To tell the truth, there are still many people, businesses and companies that keep their old fax machine, or invest in a new one. Understanding this, it is important to be able to send and receive faxes to be able to exchange documentation and negotiate with those who still use these devices. The question is, do you have to buy one of these huge devices to be able to do this? The answer is of course a definite no.

There is now a way to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. To do this, you only need a telephone number that is usually used to have this type of equipment and any email. This service is known as virtual fax and links the technology of the past with that of the future. From here on, you only need to have an Internet device to send and receive faxes. Without a doubt, this is a very useful solution and gives customers more options.

Why is it important to have the virtual fax?

In principle, the virtual fax allows to establish one more way of communication for those who prefer to use this old technology. In this way, a person located anywhere can send his documents in case of any negotiation or contract signing. For example, the buyer of a telephone equipment could send his ID card to buy a telephone line. Similarly, companies can send information.

In Spain the figure of the burofax continues to have a transcendence in the citizens. In fact, many requests to government or public entities must be made by fax. In other words, in some countries it is even a requirement to be able to send and receive faxes. This, of course, is something that any business owner or freelancer should take into consideration.

With this service it is not necessary to buy more devices that generate expenses and take up space in the office. The technological adaptation can be done by simply having a broadband connection. By having the service and entering the fax number of the person to whom a document is to be sent, it can be sent to his or her own device. Better yet, to receive a message by this means, you only need to open the email. If you were wondering, how does virtual fax work? It is as explained above.

Neotel: More than a call center software program

If you are wondering what a virtual PBX is, it is basically a program that allows you to connect the company’s communication, professionalize it and be able to control it in its entirety. At the same time, this software provides small, medium and large companies with marketing tools in order to motivate higher income. For sure, this is a technological solution that is present in the most successful companies worldwide.

The best thing about Neotel’s virtual PBX is that some of its add-ons are very inexpensive. With us, the virtual fax service costs only 8 euros per month. This is just one of the advantages that far outweighs traditional software call center programs. Contact us in case you have any questions.

Virtual fax and other reasons to contract a virtual PBX

Being fully connected is a necessity for any business today. This business maxim goes beyond the use of social networks and other new technologies. In fact, it also means going back to technologies that are not so up-to-date but are used by our potential customers. This is precisely the case of the virtual fax.

Believe it or not, many people still use their old fax machines. In fact, many companies buy this type of equipment and there is still a market and uses for this technological device. Of course, it is not necessary to make such a purchase to be able to send or receive faxes.

Virtual Fax: What is it all about?

virtual fax

Virtual fax is a module of the virtual PBX. Basically, it is a function that allows you to receive or send faxes over the Internet. This basically involves two fundamental tasks:

Send information to physical fax: The virtual fax allows you to use your email to send written information or attachments to a physical fax. The person will receive the communication from their device, regardless of whether it is updated or not. To send the message, you only need to know the recipient’s number.
Receive information sent from a fax: The virtual fax module also allows you to receive material sent from a physical fax. Basically, the sender sends to an assigned number and the faxes are sent to the e-mail.

Doing these operations is as simple as sending or receiving an e-mail today. There is also no need for complex installations or highly technical processes. One of the advantages of contracting a virtual PBX is having a program that is easy to use and can be used immediately, without major complications.

Sending faxes over the Internet

The virtual fax needs few resources to function. In fact, almost all the elements required for receiving and sending are used regularly. These are the following:

E-mail: Few people know this, but e-mail from the beginning allowed interaction with the e-mail format. Basically, the virtual fax allows to put into use this already known capability of email to connect digital media with the usual faxes.
A special fax phone number: Faxes have always worked for sending like telephones. Basically, if you want to send a fax, you dial a number so that the information arrives only and exclusively to that sender. Hiring a virtual switchboard allows you to assign a number of this type to the entrepreneur.
An Internet connection: Of course, as everything works from e-mail, it is essential to have a broadband connection or any other type of connection. From this point on, any device can be used to send and receive a virtual fax, or all the necessary ones.

As you can see, using the virtual fax has no major requirements. The contracting of the virtual PBX is key to the allocation of the telephone number. From here, any business can open a communication channel for its users.

Fax is more alive than ever

Many companies and individuals still use the traditional fax as a method for sending and receiving information. In fact, there are companies that still buy this type of device new package. In countries like Spain its impact since the 80’s has been really notorious. It should be noted that the figure of the burofax has legal significance.

Many traders and businessmen who are technologically outdated still resort to this device. However, this is not the only type of customer who still sends or receives faxes. Many suppliers, merchants and even buyers still use this solution on a regular basis. To be honest, there are a few reasons why this equipment is still quite useful.

Employees of law firms, public institutions and clinics have fax machines on their premises. In developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the culture of using this tool is also maintained.

The advantages of the fax explain its continued relevance

There are reasons that validate the continued use of the traditional fax by many people and companies. In fact, this can be a very useful artifact, despite the advent of the Internet and smartphones:

Electronic signature: although there are currently devices to make and send signed documents, many people are used to sending this type of document by fax. That is to say, this is seen as an infallible means for sending legal documentation of any kind.
It works without Internet: Let’s imagine that a digital telecommunications catastrophe occurs. If the internet goes down for some reason, faxes will still work because they work through a telephone line. This is one of the main reasons why many companies still implement it. If the broadband connection goes down, the fax still works.
Perception of security: For many people fax is still a secure medium. This is actually relative, as is the accuracy of the transmission report. However, for many people it is a more reliable medium than email.

These are some of the reasons why many people still prefer to do business and send personal information using this device. Likewise, this explains the need for the virtual fax service.

Advantages of a virtual fax application

To tell the truth, those companies that have a virtual fax will not use it all the time. Rather, it is an application that allows you to negotiate with those businesses and people who use faxes. Therefore, it is important to understand this tool as a complement. Some of its advantages are the following:

A fax on your devices: having the virtual fax is equivalent to being able to send or receive faxes on any device with internet. This implies an important immediacy, allowing access to this type of document everywhere.
No need to buy a fax: The best thing about the virtual fax is that from its use, entrepreneurs save the cost of buying physical faxes. On the other hand, companies that use this type of device regularly, will have this digital option in case of breakdowns.
It is economical: Having a virtual fax service is very cheap, especially when hiring a virtual PBX. In the case of Neotel, this add-on costs only 8 euros per month. There are more expensive options, especially with those companies that offer this application separately, as the main product.

The virtual switchboard: Why is it necessary in business?

The virtual switchboard is a software that provides endless solutions for business communication. The proof of its versatility is precisely the virtual fax, although this program solves many other things. Although it is known as a call center program, in reality it can be implemented in any type of business.

By contracting a virtual PBX, the company guarantees the possibility of migrating all its communication to IP telephony. This is a great advantage because this technology reduces costs and also allows to take advantage of office devices. Even its implementation is economical because this software is cheap and does not require expensive installations or equipment.

In addition to this, hiring a virtual PBX is ideal for gathering business-relevant information, creating marketing campaigns and formalizing communication. This is just a taste of all the useful and effective tools that this program has. For this reason and much more, any company, regardless of its size or business activity, should have this technological tool.

What is the price of call center software?

The best thing about hiring a virtual switchboard or call center software is that its cost is cheap. Of course, this will always depend on the company with which the service is contracted. At Neotel, the call center software price is adapted to the possibilities and needs of the contracting companies. In fact, we have different plans designed for different customers.

The most basic plans do not exceed 200 euros and have many features that are really interesting. If the entrepreneur wants to add any additional features later, he can simply pay the cost of these. For example, the virtual fax only costs 8 euros in addition to the basic plan of the virtual PBX. Similarly, there are other add-on modules that have different prices and can be chosen by each customer according to their needs.

At Neotel, you don’t have to pay or take all the modules with you even if you don’t need them. Our business model invites the customer to create their own plan, adapted to their business needs. The possibilities of the virtual PBX are many and from time to time there are updates that make it a very functional, attractive and efficient application for business growth.

How and what is the virtual fax still used for?

In the late eighties the fax revolutionized the communication of the most prestigious companies worldwide. Four decades have passed and it is still a functional tool for some businesses and individuals. Technology has evolved and today we have the opportunity to use the virtual fax.

It seems that nowadays there are too many ways to communicate to have to resort to this technology. However, fax can be much more useful than many imagine. That is why there are services that allow you to adapt this office device to today’s systems.

First of all: What is a fax machine?

It could be said that the fax machine is the starting point of all communication we have today. This device integrated the modem, the printer and a scanner, allowing images to be sent via a traditional telephone line connection. In fact, the transmissions are made to a special number.

virtual fax

Today, part of what the smartphone does is basically this, but in a much more advanced way and from digital systems. Of course, the development of the internet and various software has allowed greater possibilities in terms of communication and sending documents. However, it is understood that the fax was the beginning of this concept.

This does not mean that the fax has lost all its relevance. In fact, many people of interest to companies still use this type of technology. Undoubtedly, having the ability to at least be able to receive and send information with this device has its benefits, especially for companies.

Virtual fax: What is it all about?

Precisely, nowadays there are ways to communicate with fax machines without having to buy one and plug it into the office. This is what the virtual fax is all about, which is nothing more than a module that allows documentation to be sent to this type of device. Likewise, companies can receive notifications or documents sent via fax, thanks to this system.

The virtual fax is a system that can be used basically on any device. It only requires a computer, a tablet or a cell phone with an internet connection to use it. Nor is it required to buy any equipment, or perform any kind of installation.

It is a simple, expeditious system that is not very expensive either. In other words, its great usefulness and low cost means that it is better to have it than not, especially at a business level. Nowadays, it has become a service and many companies hire it for several reasons.

A fax to email

Few people know this, but some email applications are configured to allow sending and receiving faxes. In fact, Gmail which is one of the largest email companies has this option. This is because, in the early days of the Internet, many companies used both means of communication.

Over time, these systems were relegated to the background due to the new Internet tools. And although the custom of sending or receiving faxes by e-mail became somewhat obsolete, many companies kept their fax machines in their offices for unforeseen circumstances. In fact, many people still use it today more than you might think.

Basically, e-mail is the medium that allows you to send and receive faxes. Of course, it’s not as simple as just sending an email and having it appear on a fax sheet. This is where the virtual PBX comes in and companies like Neotel offer this service in a complementary way.

How is virtual fax used?

As in the past, in order to send faxes, it is essential to have a specialized telephone number for this type of device. In this way, the person sending the fax indicates where the information will go. Providing this number and the telephone line is an essential part of offering a virtual fax service.

Once the company has its line and phone number assigned, it can receive messages sent from a real fax machine. Having this capability is what is sought after at the enterprise level, because it opens the door to more business and allows for more complete and integrated communication.

Likewise, from this moment on, the company that pays for the virtual fax service can send faxes. To do so, it will simply use the business email, which is adapted to establish this type of communication. Basically, the process is similar to the one used to send e-mails, except that, instead of entering an e-mail address, the fax number to which the documentation is to be sent is added. The process is very simple.

Why use a virtual fax service?

The ability to be able to send and receive faxes is an important and inexpensive provision. A current maxim in the business world is to achieve the widest possible connectivity and communication capacity. Precisely, the virtual fax is another way to be able to negotiate with people who still use this device.

In fact, there are countries where having a virtual fax is much more than just a forecast. Two examples of this are Spain and the United States, where many companies are reluctant to dispense with this device altogether. According to some figures from companies producing fax machines, more than 380,000 such devices were sold in Spanish territory in 2019. By 2020, this number amounted to 430,000 copies sold.

In other words, in countries such as Spain, the production and marketing of the fax is still going on. Companies continue to buy these products and use them as a means of sending communications and documentation. Having the ability to negotiate and communicate with people using this type of technology is the objective pursued by companies when contracting this service.

How useful is the virtual fax?

Of course, not all companies should be obliged to buy a device of this type. To tell the truth, the virtual fax has the mission of being able to guarantee connectivity to those who do not want to invest in these devices that certainly are somewhat discontinued.

The fax is still used for sending and receiving sales and purchase documents, invoices and other sensitive data. In fact, many companies see this device as a secure and expeditious way to establish communication. For example, many supply chain firms still work this way and not with e-mail. This is still the case even worldwide.

Having the virtual fax allows you to integrate different technologies. This is certainly the usefulness of this module, and it allows the company’s commercial range to be expanded. It sounds simple, but every sale counts.

Why is virtual fax so necessary in Spain?

Many companies in Spain continue to send and receive documents by fax. Some businesses and jobs work exclusively this way. Suppliers are one type of company that still operates this way. However, there are many others that work with this device.

For example, in Spain many of the public institutions still work with burofax. It should be noted that the sending of this type of document with legal weight in Spanish territory began with the sending of faxes. Therefore, many law firms and public institutions still have faxes in their facilities.

Likewise, many clinics and hospitals are used to working with traditional faxes. This is because this device is often very effective as a means of sending examinations and diagnoses. The best thing is that it does not require the Internet for its operation, which makes it a fail-safe communication system.

Fax never fails

Beyond the three examples of companies that use fax, many companies of all types still have this device. This is because its sending system is practically infallible. In fact, in a scenario where the Internet fails across the board, fax machines would be the best alternative for sending and receiving notification. This is because these devices only rely on telephone lines for sending.

It is precisely for this reason that many companies still buy and even use fax machines. Then, it is important to note that there are still many businessmen and entrepreneurs who use their fax machines as a priority. For example, there are elderly private individuals who have not wanted to migrate to new technologies and remain with the reliable.

That is why any company that intends to have validity in the market should hire the virtual fax service. This will allow you to negotiate, send and receive documents with a wider range of people, without excluding them due to the technology they use. The next question is: How do I get the virtual fax? If you hire our virtual PBX for SMEs you will be able to count on this integrating tool.

At Neotel we have the virtual fax service at low prices.

Many communication companies sell the virtual fax service as their main service at very high prices. At Neotel, virtual fax is a complement to our call center software. For this reason, we offer the service for a monthly fee of 8 € per month.

The virtual fax is an add-on to our advanced virtual PBX for SMEs. This is a program that will be very useful to manage the commercial communication of your business. Your customers will never feel better served and your company will project responsibility and reliability.

Virtual fax: Integrating past technology with today’s technology

Companies achieve greater validity and business opportunities while opening more space for communication. Regardless of the type of business or service offered, the important thing is to be able to connect with customers and other stakeholders in every possible way. In this sense, the virtual fax is an excellent tool to integrate the technology of the past with the present.

There are many companies and individuals who have not yet fully upgraded their technology. Beyond this, the main objective of companies is to obtain as many business opportunities as possible. With this in mind, it is essential to be able to use all possible communication channels and methods to facilitate communication. Now, do you know what a virtual fax is?

What is a fax?


virtual fax

The fax machine is a technological device that was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, its impact was very pronounced in the business and commercial world of that time. Stores, companies, consulting firms, institutions and other entities turned it into an almost indispensable resource due to the ease with which they could send and receive documents and commercial communications.

The fax is a device that allows messages to be sent by telephone transmission. The materials are scanned printed and then sent through telephone numbers assigned for faxes. Its operation consists of converting the scanned material into a bitmap, being transmitted by electrical signals from the traditional telephone system.

This equipment incorporates three devices in one to perform its functions: a scanner, a printer and a modem. To this day many offices maintain a fax machine for sending and receiving printed material. In some cases this is due to a lack of technological updating and in others, as an emergency mechanism to maintain communication in case of communication failures.

If at any time the Internet connection has problems, companies can maintain the flow of information from this device. That is why many companies keep their old fax machines or even still use them. Understanding this, the concept of virtual fax is born, which implies an important update of this type of technology.

Virtual fax: A necessary upgrade

Virtual fax is a service that allows companies to adapt current media to the traditional fax communication format. Its main function is to enable faxes to be sent and received by e-mail. In reality, the concept implies that messages can be transmitted between a device with an Internet connection and this traditional device.

The functions of the virtual fax are basically two: send information to a fax machine or receive it by e-mail. There is also the possibility of sending them from a web page or from an Office file. This ensures significant adaptability in establishing communications with other companies.

The virtual fax makes it possible to reconcile the technology of twenty years ago with today’s Internet communication resources. In this way, companies open up another possibility for the exchange of important information. In turn, this creates greater business opportunities because interaction is simplified.

Many companies still use faxes

According to an IDC survey, at least 82% of employees in 200 companies still send faxes. Many firms maintained the habit of signing and sending legal documents during the 1980s and 1990s. This is why the custom of using this device is still ingrained in the business world.

In Spain, the use of the fax seems to be very residual. However, many legal formalities must be carried out by means of burofax as stipulated by law. This type of communication is very positive for sending sensitive information securely and urgently.

In countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States, the use of faxes is much more widespread. This implies that many companies globally will need to resort to virtual fax when conducting transnational exchanges and agreements.

Three activities where fax is still used

Companies working in the healthcare field are used to receiving and sending faxes online. In clinics, doctors’ offices and medical equipment suppliers, this device is still frequently used. One of its major applications in hospitals is the secure transmission of patient records using this method. This is necessary, as it is also a matter of not depending on the Internet, which can always fail.

In Spain, public institutions of all kinds are considering sending documents via fax. This is something that is done less regularly as time goes by. However, the security provided by this type of delivery is still a plus. Law firms and judicial institutions have not completely given up on this technology either.

Many small businesses also use fax to send contracts, invoices and orders. In this case, the advantage is often also economic, because this is a cost-effective method. On the other hand, many merchants are used to this technology and prefer to stay with it.

Virtual fax brings businesses closer together

All of the above indicates that almost every company should have a virtual fax service available. Having this tool especially facilitates business-to-business communications. In fact, many suppliers and companies still send documents by fax.

Let’s imagine that an entrepreneur needs to buy goods and finds a supplier with good discounts. The only problem is that the supplier does not work via e-mail and only uses faxes in their negotiations. It is precisely the virtual fax that allows companies to adapt to this type of situation to their advantage.

It is likely that individuals who are potential customers do not use this type of device. However, firms that offer services to other companies may want to have the ability to send and receive faxes. It is in these scenarios that the virtual fax takes on another dimension.

The virtual fax should be understood as a tool that facilitates peer-to-peer negotiations. In fact, this function will simplify the paperwork involved in business purchases. The commercial dynamics of any business is facilitated regardless of whether it is a store, a store, a service company or any other modality.

How does virtual fax work?

Virtual fax is a service that works in a very similar way to the IP PBX. It is not a complex program that requires installation or configuration. Rather, it is a tool provided by a telephone management company such as Neotel.

Companies simply request the virtual fax service and pay a monthly fee to use it. For this, you are assigned a special phone number through which you can receive faxes even to your email. This is essential for a person using this device to be able to send faxes.

If you want to send documents to a fax, you must attach the PDF file. To complete the sending, you only have to put the recipient’s e-mail address in the recipient’s e-mail address and your fax number in the subject line. In fact, doing this is as simple as sending an email.

With this module, you can send an efax from any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones, tablets and other similar devices. In this way, current devices can be integrated with the still used fax, further simplifying communication and sending documentation.

What is Neotel’s virtual fax like?

Neotel’s virtual fax service requires no complicated installations or cumbersome processes. The customer pays only eight euros per month and has immediate access to the service. In this case, a 12-month permanence is established, having one of the most competitive rates in the market. From then on, companies will only need to use e-mail to receive or send faxes online.

Companies and entrepreneurs who contract our virtual PBX can count on this resource instantly. If you are still wondering how a virtual pbx works, it is basically a management system for business telephone communication. It offers functions to provide better service and useful tools to improve telemarketing.

The best thing about this alternative is the security it offers to those who incorporate it into some of their daily tasks. The company can select a national fax number. Or, it can choose an international number if the type of activity it carries out requires it. Neotel offers numbers with prefixes for more than 200 countries around the world.

Virtual fax is just another of the innovative modules offered by our telemarketing software. In this technological solution you will find multiple solutions for business communication, including useful functions to amplify advertising and increase sales. At Neotel we have the best prices for all types of business ventures.

virtual fax

Virtual fax and new uses of its technology

A couple of decades ago, companies introduced fax machines to office work. This invention facilitated communication and the sending of documents and notifications. Soon the computer and the Internet arrived, which eclipsed the rest of the technologies. However, many people still use the virtual fax and its predecessor.

The fax has certain very specific advantages that give it validity within some companies. In others, it has simply become a reliable and customary resource. Many businessmen may find it difficult to keep up with the technological update. In any case, today it is known that it is positive and necessary to have access to this type of equipment.

The traditional fax and its uses


virtual fax

It seems that the Internet, networks and email cover all communication needs. Nowadays, documents and information are sent and received quickly, expeditiously, at no cost and with a high degree of security. However, there are some particularities that only the fax ensures.

The fax allows to generate an acknowledgment of receipt that is really infallible, saving some errors of the technology. When the confirmation of the sent document arrives, you know that it was printed as it was sent. Although this is a somewhat archaic mechanism, it ensures rapid communication.

Another of its great advantages is that the traditional fax works with a telephone line. This means that if one day there is an Internet failure, it is feasible to use this mechanism. For this reason, many companies and even the public administration have not stopped using the bureaufax.

Virtual fax: a step towards integration

Nowadays faxes have merged with e-mail and the Internet. This application is known as virtual fax and basically allows you to send or receive communications via email. In other words, an email can be sent to a physical fax.

For this purpose, the module allows the incorporation of the fax number to which the fax will be sent. In the same way, the client is provided with a number so that he can send faxes and also send them to the email. Neotel offers this system in addition to its call center software.

The virtual fax opens an additional way to negotiate with some customers and companies that use this technology. In Spain, many small companies, businesses and entities still use this method very frequently to send documentation. When dealing with governmental institutions, this resource is essential.

Neotel’s virtual fax

Neotel’s virtual fax is a service that anyone can easily contract. The contracting party can use a number in Spain or an international one. The company can assign numbers from at least 200 countries worldwide.

Neotel has many other interesting modules such as the platform for video calls. Everything works by VoIP telephony and does not require complex installations. Each service is perfectly compatible with the company’s virtual PBX service.


The versatility of working with virtual fax

Companies that have the most advanced technological solutions are at the forefront and have a comparative advantage. This is because their functions are performed more efficiently, but also because this makes them more versatile. For example, having a virtual fax module allows us to negotiate and strengthen ties with any company, beyond technological updating.


virtual fax

There is a reality that not all companies and customers are up to date. This is a weakness for companies whose processes are based on state-of-the-art technology. What happens in the end is that many business opportunities are lost due to incompatibility in services. In truth, a good business is one that adapts to as many situations as possible.

The advantage of virtual fax

The virtual fax allows a company to connect with partners and customers of different generations. There are thousands of companies in the world that still work with fax technology, using this medium for many of their procedures. These are entities that, although they have not been updated, have capitalization and offer advantages over other partners or suppliers. Therefore, this module facilitates communication beyond technological or generational gaps.

Imagine working with a company run by people in their 60s or 70s who don’t know how to handle email. It is likely that they have better prices or something that is useful to us, so it is convenient to work with this group. This creates a problem with passing paperwork and completing paperwork right off the bat. Many companies have to forego these opportunities because of the technology gap.

There is also the case of customers who do not know how to send an e-mail or carry out a procedure on a web page. Companies lose many users due to the complicated procedures they offer to people who are not familiar with new technologies. The result: a rocky, tiring and not very fluid commercial activity. The virtual fax is precisely one of those systems that allows us to integrate old technologies.

Virtual fax How does it work?

Virtual fax is a module that allows the company to send faxes from e-mail. For this purpose, an easy-to-install configuration is used, with which each email is sent to the physical fax without major difficulties. Basically, any device associated with a virtual PBX can perform this type of communication.

The virtual fax also allows other people to send their faxes from your machine and have them sent to email. To do this, the company offering the service only needs to assign a number that will be dialed by anyone who wants to send a fax. If someone says that they can only send documents this way, we just provide them with this number and the matter is solved.

Companies that offer call center software services such as Neotel also provide this module. The virtual fax opens doors to many customers and business partners through versatile and adaptive communication. It seems like a simple tool, but it is very useful in business and customer service.

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Virtual fax: reconciling the before and the now in the office

The virtual fax is an adaptation to the digital world of that device that is still seen in many offices. This machine was the predecessor of all the text communication technology that we enjoy today through the Internet. Today, this service is available from the computer through the call center software.

Sending a fax is basically sending scanned material through a telephone transmission. Many offices still use fax as a means of communication between companies and also internally. In fact, this implementation is still useful for sending documents quickly.

How does the virtual fax work?


virtual fax

The virtual fax is a module that allows you to send and receive faxes from a device with an Internet connection. In this case, e-mail is usually used as a means of sending and receiving. In other words, this mechanism allows communication between a real fax and a computer or a cell phone.

The e-mail form contains the receiver’s e-mail address and the telephone number of the fax machine. The documents to be sent are then attached to the fax. Similarly, a person can send this type of communication through this type of machine and be received in the mail.

The possibility of sending faxes is another alternative to sending a printed or digital document. With the digital fax, totally different technologies are integrated for the benefit of the company. The best thing is that you can scan papers and send or receive them in real time. Having this possibility can make a difference in the midst of some complicated situations.

Virtual Fax: Connecting the call center to the company

The virtual fax is an add-on that operates through the virtual pbx. In this sense, it can be understood as a resource for the call center service and the rest of the company. Customer services of banks and telephone companies can simplify their tasks from this module.

It should be noted that the virtual switchboard is not only used by call center companies. Many companies integrate their internal communications through this type of software. Cutting edge proposals in this service such as Neotel allow you to incorporate such innovative options as virtual fax in your pbx.

Companies that provide services to other companies can take advantage of this module. It is precisely in this type of situation where the traditional fax has not lost its validity. In any case, be given one more option for him to send data. Having a call center program with this add-on is undoubtedly an advantage.



Communication is becoming more important every day, and investments in telephony are expensive, which is why many companies are not using fax, despite its versatility for sending documents, Neotel with its virtual pbx makes available the ease of sending virtual fax with the comfort of your system and without expensive installations.

What is a Fax?

It is a system that transmits data, written or graphic through telephone technology, also known as facsimile to the technological device that allows you to transmit documents, texts and other data generating a telecopy.

What is a virtual fax?

The term virtual fax or internet fax is used to refer to the service that allows you to send and receive faxes using different means (email, web or office automation and internet connection), which allows you to send and receive faxes without having a fax machine, consumable or telephone line.

How to receive and send internet faxes?

The Virtual Fax server integrated in the Neotel Virtual pbx simplifies the data transmission system. Turn your computer, cell phone or any other device into a Fax machine.

You will only need this application and a terminal connected to the Internet, simplifying the use of this procedure, saving time and getting more out of your company’s instant communications.

As easy as entering the recipient’s number from your email or customer area, the documents will reach the recipient as a Fax. It works the other way around as well.

Fax by Voip. Send a fax by internet: mail2fax

To send an Internet fax thanks to the virtual voip fax, we only need to send an email attaching the file in PDF format.

With Neotel’s online fax device this PDF file will be automatically sent to the phone number provided in the email’s subject.

Receiving an Internet fax: fax2mail

As with sending a virtual fax, receiving an Internet fax is much simpler and more accessible than using the old machine.

You will need to have a telephone number assigned to you to receive the faxes, and the PDF documents will be sent to this terminal.

If they are images, the device will convert them into PDF format and they will be sent immediately to the designated e-mail address.

Possible numbers


virtual pbx

You can request both national and international numbers (over 200 countries), so if you need a fax in Madrid, Moscow or New York is only a matter of minutes to have it operational.

How to receive and send a fax over the Internet?

Do you have an Internet connection? Then you already have everything you need to start using the virtual fax.

The virtual fax service makes us forget the classic physical machines to send faxes along with the maintenance they entail. When we send a fax through a fax machine, although the process may seem easy, we must not forget the costs involved in this communication system: light costs, maintenance, repairs, specialist technicians for when our fax machine does not work , etc. With the virtual fax the client only needs to take care of sending the fax. And nothing more.

virtual fax

The virtual fax very surely covers the needs of the vast majority of the public out there; Why do not you give him a chance? Call Neotel and ask about this service and we will advise you without obligation

Neotel is one of the companies that has struggled the most to bring communication systems to the public. The same thing happened with the fax machine. Here Neotel has taken a step further, unifying two technologies, Internet and Fax, to create what virtual fax calls.


How to send and receive a fax over the Internet?

Nowadays, with the current times it is fundamental to be able to send faxes.

Simple and simple faxing via Internet

The Neotel control unit is presented as the best virtual switchboard available today. Many years of experience support us in this sector. From the panel of the switchboard itself the client can send and receive virtual fax in a very simple way. You can also check the faxes that are archived.

  • Mail2Fax: Here the client sends an email with the message he wants to send by fax in PDF format. Indicating the destination number of the other person in the subject of the email, the other person receives the PDF file including the fax message. It will be the same system that sends a fax confirmation sent or not, and thanks to Neotel’s virtual fax, we only need an email client (on our mobile phone) and we can use this service.
  • Fax2Mail: With this option the user can receive faxes via email. You just need to have a phone number from which to send faxes and these will be received in PDF format via email.

The virtual switchboards are the best option within a company

Now with Neotel it is very easy to hire a virtual switchboard for your company.

The user who hires Neotel’s virtual switchboard will save on call costs.

Virtual switchboards that do not need maintenance or installation

PBX control unit

0 installation and maintenance cost

telefonía IP

Another advantage of contracting the switchboard with Neotel is that the customer pays absolutely nothing for the installation or maintenance of its switchboard.

The Neotel control unit is 100% scalable. This means that it is the client himself who can expand or reduce the functionalities of this at his whim.

Neotel is a specialist in cloud switchboards and IP telephony, so if you wish you can contact us and request more information without obligation.

Fact: a virtual switchboard is always better and cheaper than a physical switchboard

  • With the virtual switchboard you can divert calls from your company to your mobile phone.
  • The virtual switchboard is highly configurable, however this does not mean that you have to hire a computer to configure your switchboard. The Neotel control unit is the simplest to configure in the market. We have developed and designed a graphic interface just for this. So that any person in the world and without any computer knowledge is able to use and configure their switchboard. In addition, you will always have technical support from Neotel for any questions that may arise.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard provides the same features that its physical switchboard now provides, only with more functionalities, and cheaper.