Why your company needs a virtual call center software like Neotel’s

The most basic rule for companies to be interested in setting up a virtual call center: increase productivity within it. Neotel’s virtual call center software allows, among other advantages, to generate multiple statistics and reports to obtain the information that will help you to improve the management of your company and record calls. Neotel’s virtual call center will allow that, when receiving a call in your company, what is known as IVR or interactive voice response will be activated, so that then the call will be put in a waiting queue and finally an available agent will attend it.


Neotel’s Virtual call center is intelligent



A virtual call center also offers other benefits in addition to those already mentioned:

  • Improved productivity and business efficiency.
  • Reduction of costs since the virtual call center does not require any initial costs.
  • Cloud systems are accessible at any time and allow all resources to be hosted in one place.
  • Facilitates the improvement of workers’ quality of life.
  • The company can be part of the innovation of the current technological era.

Hiring a virtual call center with Neotel are all benefits

Being able to do all call management and work from the cloud provides great benefits.


call center software

In addition to that, and as we have already mentioned, thanks to the use of a virtual call center, the company will not need new offices, new equipment, extra software or any installation of hardware; the flexibility of working allows workers to feel safer within their working environment and not think about looking for other options; the cloud contact center or virtual call center means that workers no longer have to be physically in the same place, which brings very attractive advantages.


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Thanks to Neotel’s virtual call center, agents feel freer, less tied down, the company saves large amounts of money and improves the quality of the work that is done on a daily basis.

The virtual call center represents a great change to the traditional model

Advances in technology offer great advantages to communications and telephony systems in companies.

Technology needed to set up a Call Center

With the following article of our blog we want to show some of the advantages of using call center or virtual pbx. The virtual pbx’s can be completed with various and different services.

Free calls between extensions

Communicate between different departments in your company for free with interextension calls.

Personalized music on hold

Prevent your customers from getting bored while waiting to get in touch with you.

IVR services in call center

Interactive Voice Response Service through which the caller navigates through different options until finally contacting the corresponding department.

With Neotel we can opt for a number with another location, port our number to the virtual pbx or use our usual number. ip telephony or virtual calls significantly reduce the cost of communications in our company.another great advantage is the price of calls made.

call center virtual

No installation or maintenance costs as the system is contracted in the cloud of the company that provides the service, these costs recur on behalf of the same. A virtual switchboard means a great saving to the company that wants to give a more professional image. The main advantage of a virtual call center is the savings it represents for the company.

You have already seen that there are many advantages offered by a call center or virtual switchboard

In order to use a virtual call center or switchboard you only need an Internet connection, since all services are stored in the cloud, this means savings for us as users of the virtual call center / switchboard.

telefonia ip

In addition, one of the main advantages of the call center is to answer calls from any device. you can use different extensions. also, the virtual switchboard Neotel is fully scalable being possible to increase or decrease the features and functionality of the same as our need. manages the calls of the company with the virtual switchboard Neotel.


virtual pbx

It is the best way of communication for a company, both with its customers and internally.



Virtual switchboards have become the best way to generate and retain customers.


Technology available to everyone: know the Virtual Call Center

The virtual call center, every time takes more force due to the important support that offers the use of new technologies, the power to own specific programs to fulfill the functions of service to the client, without this generates excessive costs or that involves the acquisition of equipment that over time can become obsolete and lower performance for the company.


How does the Virtual Call Center help in Customer Service?

Call center virtual


The virtual call center becomes a strategic ally to develop the work demanded by a telemarketing or customer service company, since it is coupled with the work of telemarketers to produce much better results, optimizing the time of the calls so that the Agent’s time is productive.

Beyond even the productivity in time of the workers, it is also important not to make it lose to our customers, so that it fully expresses the commitment and responsibility that you assume with your users and, with them, you can show a greater professionalism before them, being those who rate your service and position it. This is a benefit that undoubtedly brings you the virtual call center.


Being thus in this way, it is necessary that you always think about how your company is growing to incorporate these virtual call center systems, in such a way that they allow you to make an optimal management of customer information, make more calls of better quality and in less time than if you had conventional call center elements and that they may err on the expiry date and restrict the various options that a technological aid can provide.



Increase the productivity of your Call Center agents and remain pleasant

More and more tools to help companies in their communications come up every day. Thanks to these utilities, entrepreneurs save on costs when they could not before.

With the right tools the call center manager can obtain data and information about their customers and in real time. In addition these tools are easily scalable to each company based on their needs and are very flexible.

Communication between call centers and clients is something that has to flow in the best way possible. Each client prefers a way of communicating with the company. We at Neotel recommend companies that have the main communication tools. Take advantage of Neotel’s advantages for your company and stand out about your competition.

With a virtual call center companies can have their employees in different geographical locations and without worries. This option is very advantageous especially for companies where the employees are dispersed by all the geography of the world. Working remotely is progress. Gone are the limitations of outdated entrepreneurs where they think workers should stay physically in the same geographic location. Thanks to Neotel’s call center tools there are no limits.

Thanks to the arrival of Internet calls can now be made via VoIP (Voice over IP) saving significant amounts of money to companies.

With traditional telephony systems this is not possible, mobilization, so costs skyrocket in terms of office floor expenses and employees who have to work all from the same physical site.

Neotel offers the best existing virtual call center support. We have been helping call center companies since 2001 to save on telephony costs. With this article of our blog we want you to know the advantages of hiring call center software with Neotel.

Neotel and the quality of its services speaks for itself. Just look at Google customer reviews to realize that at Neotel we are professionals and we know what we talk about when call center software is concerned. All our staff is highly qualified to attend any possible incidents.

Software call center

software call center

Whether your company is a multinational or SME you can benefit from the Telemarketing tools we offer at Neotel. If you want to integrate our advanced call center tools into your business model you can send us a message via web form, call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500, or if you prefer you can contact us directly via LiveChat or email info @ Still not following us in our Social Networks? Already are missing exclusive offers for our followers so before reading further from here we would recommend following us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. From our website you will be able to easily locate all of these access routes that we discussed.

Neotel believes in fluid communication! Let us help your company stand out about your competition. Today our consultants can inform you of all the solutions available for your call center.

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Get maximum productivity out of your agents. Worry about getting more customers and not dealing with expensive phone bills and infrastructure. We teach you to use our tools that are also very intuitive and if you have more doubts of course just need to get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.

Take advantage of the software in the cloud with Neotel. Compared to your current and obsolete technology, you will see for yourself that you should have called us a long time ago. No matter where your employees are, as with the virtual PBX extensions you will always be saving.

Lower infrastructure costs.

Learning how to use our call center software is really easy. No high computer skills are required, the platform is web-based and is really intuitive. The possibilities for the agents who use it are almost infinite.