CRM is much better than traditional databases

Many businesses understand the advantages of having a database system and feeding it on a daily basis. In fact, this tool is just as useful for businesses as it is for companies that offer services. But what if there was a much better tool with features that help you sell more? The truth is that this has already existed for some time and is known as CRM. It is one thing to accumulate information in a system and another to do it in an intelligent and interconnected way.

It is not that traditional databases have a problem. To tell the truth, they have fulfilled their mission and in some business formats this can work. But CRM is a system capable of helping to sell, of reminding employees of important things and with a huge interactive potential. If you have a business and want to know more about it… Keep reading!

Databases are being replaced by CRM


A database is a system in which information useful to a business can be uploaded and queries can be made. Although this sounds very simple, in reality, some systems tend to be very complex in their operation. For example, banking systems often require special staff to add new customer data, or additional applications. This is very impractical, because the flow of information does not occur in real time.

Other databases do allow new information to be added easily, but it just sits there. In other words, many of these applications do not have a way of notifying the rest of the workers or the company that there is something new. In addition, sometimes the record can be somewhat disorganized and the system can be difficult to manage. In any case, CRM is a tool where you can still collect important information for the business, but with many additional advantages.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which translates into English as “Customer Relationship Management”. As can be seen from its name, this system goes beyond data storage and facilitates the relationship between a business and its customers. For this, forms and ways of interaction are built for the fluid and relevant management of the information stored there. It is an interconnected flow that starts from the customer’s call to the final sale.

What does a CRM look like?

A CRM fulfills the functions of the database and far exceeds it. In this, not only can you see customer information, but you can also obtain much more accurate data. For example, in these systems you can easily check what was the last contact with the customer. In fact, if the customer called, the operator can leave a small note, indicating whether the customer is interested in a product. It is also possible to escalate a user to another department that can make a sale over the phone.

Databases are usually not very dynamic and only serve to verify information. CRM has dynamic sections that allow different managers and departments to share information about a user. That is why this type of system is specially designed to improve the level of sales, whether we are talking about products or services. The best thing is that everything is connected to the telemarketing software, or virtual switchboard.

From the moment a customer calls the business, the telemarketer or manager can see the data provided by the customer through the IVR. This is very positive, because on the one hand it is possible to verify the customer’s data to know how to direct the attention. On the other hand, the system is responsible for collecting such a fundamental piece of information as the telephone number, which is vital when it comes to marketing campaigns of all kinds. If used strategically, CRM will help any business make money.

Neotel: CRM, telemarketing software and more

Neotel’s main product is telemarketing software. However, we want entrepreneurs and companies to have everything they need to be able to offer complete communication. This is one of the factors that differentiates large emporiums from stagnant companies. Having Neotel’s virtual pbx means having access to a set of tools that facilitate customer service, collection tasks and, of course, new sales. If you are interested in our CRM, contact us.

Robot call: sell more by talking less

Telemarketing is still important for selling and, above all, for getting closer to customers and consumers. However, it is no less true that this discipline has changed its approach in recent years. Today, the focus is on developing strategies that make it possible to sell by call, but without disturbing large groups of people. This is precisely where applications such as the robot call come in, which are generally well accepted. In fact, today it is known that the old practice of calling people to sell is not so popular in some countries or commercial niches. Therefore, thanks to technological progress, new and much more effective forms of commercial communication have been created that allow to reach more customers and transform calls into potential sales.

Robot Call: A fresh automated solution

robot call

It is a fact that for some years now we have become accustomed to answering robotic calls. These have crept into the customer base with considerable success for many reasons. In general, we know that communications with recorded messages are important because companies tend to use them to reveal useful information. This is precisely the magic of the robo call, a system through which such contacts are received. The robo call is an application that allows you to make calls with messages voiced by a recorder. Basically, they work by typing a message in the program specialized for this task, which will be voiced by a robotic voice. After the entrepreneur has written his message, the calls are executed by means of a mass call launcher. From here, the message can reach a large number of customers, almost simultaneously. The call robot is a call launcher, only that, instead of delivering the message through a telemarketer, it does it through a recording. The automation is complete and the only human intervention in the process is in the programming of the message and its launch. Like other dialers such as progressive or predictive, calls are triggered by lists of telephone numbers. Of course, using this format for telemarketing and customer care is very profitable.

Advantages of the robot call to communicate

The robot call is part of telemarketing practices that could be considered “soft”. In this case, the most persuasive aspect is not the content of the message, which is usually generic and even short. In fact, persuasion in this type of communication occurs in the call itself. In fact, recorded messages are more listened to because they are short, concise, precise and institutional. This is the first advantage of this complement to the virtual PBX call center. According to statistics, it is known that 50% of the contacts generated in telemarketing are qualified to buy, but not ready to do so. Therefore, it is good to have persuasion mechanisms that do not involve a large investment of time or money, much less extensive talks by telemarketers. To ensure this non-extensive but necessary communication with customers, the robot call is often ideal. Besides, the best sales processes are those in which the customer does not feel that he is being sold something. This is an idea that even sales experts have been using for centuries. The robot call allows you to communicate offers that may interest customers, precisely because they may not perceive or feel that the company is selling them something. This makes it a very effective telemarketing resource.

Neotel’s program is a telemarketing software.

The virtual PBX call center is much more than a customer service oriented program. In fact, programs as up to date as Neotel’s are about telemarketing software, which includes add-ons that go beyond even the telephone action. In other words, this software and its add-ons have the function of helping entrepreneurs to sell more of what they offer to their customers and potential customers. The mobile virtual PBX is a solution even for companies that do not have large call center rooms. It is important to mention that not all virtual PBXs incorporate solutions such as robot call. Many companies are forced to pay for and install different programs, which is often complicated and costly. In contrast, Neotel’s virtual PBX offers add-ons that are fully compatible with the base program and require no installations or equipment. Everything is easy to handle and the results can be really positive. Check our plans and join one of the most useful and profitable business experiences.

Robot call: Use “robots” to communicate with your customers

There is a great debate about the use of robotics in the different tasks that have been performed by human beings up to now. Talking about robots seems to be an expensive, futuristic and, moreover, harmful to people’s work. To tell the truth, this is far from reality and an example of this is the robot call. A very simple application of automation, economical, of the present and, moreover, functional.

Many robotics applications are already being used without us even realizing it. For example, some of the things we do on a computer involve some level of automation. Similarly, as consumers and business customers we are also served by such applications. Now, we must first understand what a robot call is.

What is a robot call?

robot call

The robot call is an automated system that allows companies to send calls with voicemail messages to customers. To tell the truth, it is called this way because of the robotized voice that gives the message when users answer the call. It should be noted that this is the least robotic part.

Certainly, the robot call is an automated application and this makes it enter to some extent within the field of robotics. It should be remembered that automation implies performing tasks by means of systems that are controlled autonomously. Precisely, this application found in our virtual switchboard software, performs an automatic task: to launch calls with recorded messages.

We have all heard at some time in our lives a business message transmitted thanks to a robot call. For example, when a telephone company launches a recorded call with billing and cut-off date, we are in the presence of this implement. It is precisely this that is done in an automated way.

How does the robot call work?

The robot call is a module of the virtual PBX software, i.e. a program that can be operated from a simple computer. Almost all applications of this type work in a similar way: the message to be voiced is written, a list of telephone numbers is programmed and the system takes care of launching the calls in an automated way. All this is done in a very short time and the reach of this implementation is massive.

Some programs can be very complicated despite their high cost. At Neotel, we offer this application with a very easy to use interface. To tell the truth, automated applications applied to businesses should not be so difficult to operate. Of course, the robot call is a useful application that handles a very simple level of automation.

Robot call is basically a call launcher and, in fact, has the same operation. Only instead of launching calls that will be addressed by telemarketers, they have a recorded message that is voiced by a robotic voice. The best thing is that this is a very effective telemarketing medium that is accepted by customers.

The robot call is not perceived as “annoying”.

When people hear the word telemarketing, they usually picture telemarketers calling to sell. While there are many lines of business that operate this way and it works, there are others in which this type of call might be considered “annoying” by some customers. In contrast, robot call messages are generally well received by most consumers.

In plain words, robot calls are not perceived by customers as telemarketing actions, although they are in fact telemarketing actions. This good perception is evidence of the ability of this application to successfully disseminate business messages. Companies that use this technology tend to enjoy a good perception by their customers and users, because this type of communication is not considered annoying.

It could be said that the robot call is among the most popular telemarketing tools among customers. Like bulk SMS, this is an efficient advertising medium that many consumers are open to. Its immediacy and the shortness of its messages are really advantageous features. This is a good reason to start working with this telemarketing software module.

With Neotel you can automate business communications

Automation and robotics applied to business are increasingly necessary innovations. Some of their applications are very basic and simple to operate. Rather than eliminating jobs, these are tools that make the work of telemarketers, salespeople and those in charge of the commercial activity of companies more efficient.

Implements such as the call robot and other call launchers are very easy to use automations. The result of their implementation is the possibility of carrying out massive campaigns of divulgation, sales, offers and any other type of activity related to marketing. At Neotel, we adapt some of these modules to our virtual PBX software so that you can help your company achieve more sales. Contact us in case you are interested.

Service companies require predictive dialer

Service companies must focus efforts and resources on communication with their customers. Whether the company is large or small, new or experienced, the call center is simply necessary. Both the call center and the outbound department will be indispensable. In the case of the latter, the best way to increase telemarketer productivity is through predictive dialer.

Service companies need to make outbound calls en masse for multiple reasons. One might think that telemarketing is their only reason. However, most of these companies have many other jobs that involve calling their customers in order to be developed. With this in mind, it is essential to look for ways to improve productivity and the predictive dialer is probably the most efficient of them all.

What is the predictive dialer?

In the most efficient outbound call departments, progressive call launchers are often used. These are systems that perform the dialing automatically, so that productivity does not depend on telemarketers. This type of dialer is known as a predictive dialer.

predictive dialer

The predictive dialer owes its name to the predictive operation that characterizes its system. Dialing is performed when the application senses that an operator should be available to attend a customer. Better yet, this dialer acts in such a way that it seeks to increase productivity within the department, i.e., more calls are launched and answered by the operators on the floor.

The predictive dialer is ideal for service companies because they tend to have a considerable call volume. The larger a company’s phone lists are, the more necessary the implementation of these predictive campaigns will be. In the case of very small departments, a call center progressive dialer can be implemented.

What is the progressive dialer?

The progressive dialer is another type of dialer in a call center. Basically, there are different types of dialers and this one behaves a little differently from the predictive one. Instead of predicting when the operators will be free to attend the customer, it launches the calls progressively, every so often.

The progressive dialer is a type of call launcher that works very well for departments with a low volume of work. For example, a very new service company can use this system to offer its services via telephone call. It is also useful to have this application when the company is dedicated to very exclusive services, with a really small client list.

The important thing to know is that the most important types of dialing in a call center are predictive and progressive. These systems facilitate the work of outbound departments enormously. In general, human operators get tired and even more so when obtaining a sale is difficult. In these cases, the best thing to do is to have a machine launch the calls, and that is what dialers do.

Telemarketing software: business communication for growth

The progressive and predictive dialer are modules found in some telemarketing software today. In the case of Neotel’s software, this is an add-on that can be added to the basic functionality of the virtual PBX. Many of our customers with outbound calling departments implement these systems to make their campaigns much more efficient, no matter what they are. Call launchers are used to increase the volume of business calls in order to:

Improve telemarketing campaigns.
Perform collection tasks.
Deliver products, services and offers to customers.
Billing reminders.
Direct telephone surveys.
Any other type of outbound calling campaign

Of course, the predictive dialer is just one of the additional modules of our virtual switchboard service. This type of software, oriented to customer service and marketing, has many useful tools for any type of company. It is worth mentioning that our software is one of the most innovative and advanced in the market. At Neotel, we have 20 years of experience in the field of business communication.

At Neotel we have the best plans for you to enjoy the advantages of the virtual PBX service. You do not need a large investment to have such useful tools as call launchers. If you are interested in this technological solution, you can contact us.

IVR: Why do entrepreneurs need it in their start-ups?

Generating credibility is one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs in their beginnings. Of course, getting started is important beyond fame, clientele or available resources. However, there are quite inexpensive technological solutions that allow any type of business to be professional. Precisely, the IVR is one of those tools that provide the business with a formal and convincing image.

Nowadays, many people start small businesses from scratch. Some even at a very young age, using only social networks and a smartphone as the only means of business communication. This is not bad, but you can always use telemarketing software to project more professionalism. At this point you may be wondering, what is an IVR?


ivr interactive voice response

IVR: A tool we all know

Talking about IVR phone system seems very complicated, technical or little seen. However, this is a system that almost all of us have encountered in one way or another. Those who have called a bank’s call center or telephone company have come across this type of tool. Truth be told, few people in today’s world have not interacted with telephone customer service.

When a customer calls and encounters an operator who asks for their information and leads them through the departments of a call center, they are interacting with the IVR. This system is also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The main function of the IVR is to interact with the customer, collect data and lead him through the menu of options. In this way, the customer will be able to communicate with the correct department when establishing communication with a call center. In the meantime, this automated system can perform other very important tasks for the call center.

However, the IVR telephone system also fulfills a dual institutional and advertising role. In principle, this application allows the introduction of institutional messages, slogans and recordings that identify the company and humanize it. This is the most interesting part for those who have a very recent venture.

IVR as an institutional element

Many entrepreneurs lack elements that evoke institutionalism when starting their initiatives. This reduces reliability among users in principle, which is always synonymous with fewer sales. Precisely, the IVR makes it possible to incorporate institutional messages and advertisements in a business phone. This can be verified when calling any company or institution with a call center. The first thing you hear is a welcome, some advertising, and then the customer service process begins.

Basically, the IVR has several spaces where recordings with institutional messages can be placed: the name of the company, mission and vision and other dialogues that serve to project the enterprise as a serious, responsible and formal company.

In fact, having an IVR when a client calls evokes seriousness. If a customer communicates with a business and hears messages from this interactive system, he will quickly understand that he is communicating with a serious, respectable and real company. This is much better than calling a personal phone, for example.

The IVR as part of the brand

But beyond being an element that evokes institutionalism, the IVR is nowadays used as a branding element. For sure, business advertisers try to unify IVR messages with other advertising elements of the companies. For example, if a business advertises with a featured advertiser or voice, they often try to incorporate this element into the interactive response system as well.

This is something that can also be seen in the call centers of clinics, banks, insurance companies and telephone companies. This is how a system that was intended to interact with people to facilitate their entry into the call system, has become a really effective advertising space.

The IVR’s effectiveness in creating a company’s image is truly astounding. This is so because every time a customer calls the message is repeated, remaining in the subconscious. Companies create an identity and characteristics that identify them, becoming a brand. Evidently, going from being an initiative with a future to becoming one is what every entrepreneur wants for their venture.

Space for promotions

The spaces to insert recordings in the IVR are quite usable and, since customers are the ones who call, there is usually enough time to transmit promotions. In fact, this interactive system usually greets users with an institutional welcome. But, in addition, you can always use a few extra seconds to announce an offer, sweepstakes or promotion.

That is to say, after the greeting, a promotional recording can be placed. Likewise, you can take advantage of the time the customer is left on hold while a request is being processed. Currently, the IVR offers a very broad structure for adding advertisements. Best of all, you can always change the advertising pieces, giving some variety to the content and allowing for different promotions.

Customers are totally accustomed to hearing promotions right at the beginning of their calls to a company. In other words, it is very difficult to cause any kind of annoyance with this service.

Three technical functions of the IVR

Next, the IVR solves problems that are important for consolidated companies with a large volume of calls. To tell the truth, this module revolutionized the logic of corporate customer service in multiple ways. This is because its functionality has made it possible to address many customer service issues. Far from attending to customers and greeting them, the IVR fulfills the following functions:

It incorporates self-management systems: the development of automation has made it possible to incorporate self-management systems that allow customers to solve their problems by themselves. For example, nowadays it is not necessary to use a telephone operator to reset bank passwords. The IVR makes it possible to incorporate these automated applications and improve the quality of service.
Redistributes call queues: When companies begin to have call volume, the IVR gives companies time to attend to the calls in queue. In other words, the time used for greetings and promotions is useful for people to wait a little longer without feeling that they are waiting. In addition, by directing people to the appropriate departments, it avoids inconveniences.
It allows surveys to be conducted: If there is something that companies value nowadays, it is being able to have information from their customers and users. Precisely, with the IVR it is possible to incorporate telephone surveys to make all kinds of queries to the people who communicate with the business. This is a very useful function that not all companies with telemarketing software can offer.

In reality, the IVR also fulfills other functions that are of interest to those companies that have call centers. This is just a taste of what this application solves. It could be said that it is one of the most important parts of any virtual PBX.

How to have a business line?

At the beginning of the article we indicated that the IVR is an automated application used when contracting business lines. Perhaps this may sound strange or complex, but in reality all entrepreneurs can have a business communication system with a very low investment. To do so, you only need to hire a virtual PBX.

The virtual switchboard is a software that allows entrepreneurs to have functions and modules that are used in the call center. However, it does not matter if we do not yet have a call center or a staff of telephone operators. In principle, this tool will provide any entrepreneur with professional, formal communication and tools as useful as IVR. In fact, this is just the beginning of all the modules offered by this service.

The best thing is that hiring a virtual switchboard is not something extremely expensive or impossible to afford. In fact, at Neotel we have quite cheap plans, designed for entrepreneurs and merchants who are just starting their business. It is possible to contract this software for a basic monthly fee of 100 euros and have basic functions and, of course, the IVR telephone system. From this point on, no one will doubt that your company is real, integrated and formal.

Neotel also has advanced modules, ideal for marketing, data collection and customer service. Our company offers everything you need to professionalize your business. Check our rates and contact us if you have any questions.

mobile rates

Non-traditional business mobile rates: An option for entrepreneurs

The bidding among telephone companies to attract new customers is increasingly fierce. This represents a great opportunity for users because better plans and offers are always appearing. Of course, this competition is useless if people, and especially companies, do not study their purchase decision well. Choosing the best mobile tariffs can save us a lot of money and make us receive a little more, giving a little less.

It is clear that telecommunications are very important in the business world. Basically, all companies require a telephone operator to be able to guarantee the communication flow. Unfortunately, in many companies and enterprises, this factor is not analyzed as much as it should be.

An obsolete model


Mobile Rates

Most companies maintain their internal and external communication system in much the same way. This means setting up an expensive data center, hiring a staff of engineers to maintain it, and agreeing with a telephone firm to guarantee a general service. The companies that offer communication know this reality and have plans to convince entrepreneurs.

Traditional telephone companies in particular have benefited from this commercial formula. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify exactly whether the amount is fair or cheap, compared to other options. Nor is there an analytical culture around this type of contracting in most companies.

In fact, the first step to reduce operating costs a little is to analyze the different mobile tariffs on the market. Just doing this is a very important step for the finances of any enterprise. To tell the truth, in Europe and Spain there is a wide range of plans adapted to the needs of all customers.

Traditional phone companies are not the only option

Traditional telephone companies seem to be a constant in the thinking of business managers. There is a strange idea that companies with more time and reputation in the market are the best. In truth, experience often has its advantages and it is understandable to play it safe. However, it is much better to take a look at the new business telephony proposals.

However, in the telecommunications area, the premise of “better the devil you know than the good you don’t know” is not always true. It is important to remember that competition in this sector is currently very high. This has motivated countless companies to improve their plans and rates.

One of the big problems of traditional telephone companies is that they tend not to change their business model. Being well known and renowned, they forget a bit about the need to improve their prices and services. They tend not to change because they have a favorable commercial position. On the other hand, many new or non-traditional companies have to make an effort and offer cheaper mobile tariffs in order to grow. This makes them even more attractive.

Study the market rates

The best way to save a little money is to study the mobile tariffs on the market. To do this, you have to pay attention to many variables. Certainly, it will be important to verify how many minutes and data they offer per month and for how much money. However, this analysis involves checking other aspects about the offer of each telephone company.

It is always advisable to compare the cheapest mobile tariffs and weigh up which is the best. However, more than the tariff, there are other aspects to evaluate. For example, reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract is usually fundamental. In this sense, the entrepreneur should emphasize the permanence, which is usually better when it is fixed for fewer months.

Of course, it is also vital to obtain some references regarding the quality of the service. Here it is important to ask questions such as: Does the Internet connection work well? Does the company offer good coverage? Are the calls heard with the right quality? In reality, there are quite inexpensive proposals on the market that offer poor communication.

Tips when choosing mobile tariffs

Entrepreneurs and businessmen should be careful when choosing the cheapest mobile tariffs. Gathering as much information as possible allows you to make the right decisions. Here are some tips when choosing your tariff:

Little permanence: The problem with permanence is that, if you choose a company with bad service, you will not be able to switch to another and you will have to keep paying. Breaking this clause is usually costly, which will turn the matter into a headache. In addition, while this provision lasts, the telephone company can raise prices indiscriminately and the customer can do nothing, as long as the contractual commitment is maintained.
Consultation forums: Sometimes it is very difficult to check the quality of a telephone service without first paying for it and using it. However, understanding that in Spain there is a permanence clause, the best thing to do is to look for as much information as possible. In this sense, it is always feasible to search in Internet forums for opinions of other users about the most profitable companies.
Look for the most innovative ones: There are many telecommunications companies that are oriented differently from the traditional ones. For example, some develop products and services inspired by new technologies such as IP telephony. In fact, this is an excellent solution to reduce costs.

IP telephony: Keeping operating costs as low as possible

Not all telecommunications companies offer only mobile tariffs. In fact, some companies are more oriented towards offering communication solutions to freelancers and companies. This is the case of Neotel, whose main product is telemarketing software and migration to IP telephony. In this case, the service involves offering a cheaper, more modern and functional communications system.

IP telephony is a great option for business communication because communicating over the Internet is cheaper. It also means no longer relying on traditional telephone companies that offer somewhat expensive business plans. The migration to this technology is very simple and does not require many physical installations or high investments.

Any type of company can take advantage of installing a virtual PBX and adapting telephones to work with the Internet. It is much more expensive to buy servers and set up a data center than to pay for software and a few minor items to adapt desk phones to work over broadband. In addition to this, Neotel also offers its mobile tariffs designed for each company’s needs.

Important: choose a tariff that suits your business

The problem when choosing a telephone company is not only what it offers. It is also closely related to what each particular company needs. Business mobile communication plans should always be chosen with this in mind.

By choosing in this perspective, it is possible that some plans that seemed inconvenient may be better than you thought. In the case of large and medium-sized companies, it is very likely that unlimited mobile tariffs will be chosen. This is because the flow of calls and Internet connections is usually demanding in this type of environment. Of course, each phone company has its own prices, benefits and conditions.

As with any tariff, unlimited mobile tariffs should be analyzed on the basis of what has been described so far. Price, quality of service and contractual conditions will have to be evaluated. Similarly, permanence is an issue that should not be overlooked.

Not all companies have the same needs

Just as large companies often opt for unlimited mobile tariffs, smaller companies may choose a less comprehensive plan. For example, a freelancer or a family business will not require an unlimited plan. Similarly, an entrepreneur who is just starting his business activity can start with simple and less expensive plans.

At Neotel we offer three types of mobile tariffs, designed for each type of entrepreneur. The client will choose according to his possibilities, needs and for this, it is important to know the impact of the economic activity performed. Of course, as the business grows, it is always possible to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan.

The advantage of Neotel’s rates is that there is no permanence clause. If the customer does not like the service, he can switch at any time to another operator, without paying anything. In addition, in our three plans the calls are unlimited. In addition, all internal calls between landlines and mobiles are fully covered within each plan.

In addition, you get innovative, high-performance telemarketing software. With this resource, not only will all dedicated telephones for customer service and telemarketing be unified. In fact, this tool also allows you to professionally handle calls made by your customers. The price of the virtual PBX will also depend on the type of plan chosen.

Telemarketing surveys: Important for business success?

Today’s entrepreneurs understand how critical it is to know their consumers’ preferences. Marketing trends right now indicate that it is vital to obtain this type of information in order to create new products and strategies. Precisely, a tool that allows companies to obtain this data is telemarketing surveys.

At the business level, information is power, and in fact, the success of many companies is related to their ability to know their consumers. The good news is that any marketer or entrepreneur can have a reliable source of information on their own business phone line thanks to telemarketing software.

What are telemarketing surveys?

telemarketing surveys

For several decades, companies have made the survey a reliable resource to know the opinion of their potential consumers. This is because it has been proven that the best way to know their preferences is to ask them directly. Of course, having good information implies surveying large groups of people.

There are many ways to conduct these surveys for data collection. The most classic is to go out on the street and make inquiries with handout sheets. In the case of food companies, free samples are often given out and questions are asked of respondents. Of course, this is not so simple when it comes to companies that sell other types of products, or services.

Another way to conduct surveys is to call lists of people and ask them questions. However, this type of calling is often considered annoying and is one of the least recommended telemarketing practices. Therefore, companies like Neotel offer companies a better way to learn how to obtain this information: Telemarketing surveys through IVR. So what is this all about?

IVR Telemarketing Surveys: The Right Way to Query

Telemarketing software has an interactive module called IVR. This is used by companies that have customer service phone lines and basically performs at least three basic functions. These are to welcome the caller by means of an automated locution, to lead people through the menu of options and to request some information necessary for the service during the call, such as, for example, the ID card.

However, the IVR can also add an additional module to ask a voiced question to callers. This is what is known as IVR or automated telemarketing surveys. These allow to take advantage of the time the user spends before or after talking to an operator to make the survey.

In order to have this module, the text of the question is entered so that it can be voiced in the IVR. From that moment on, all customers who communicate with the companies will hear the survey and will be invited to answer it. In this way, opinion polls are conducted in a more friendly and natural way, without disturbing the clientele.

How does the client conduct telemarketing surveys?

Telemarketing surveys are listened to by customers when they communicate with the company. They can be placed at different points in the IVR interaction. After listening to the voiced question, the customer is prompted with the options they have to answer using their numeric keypad.

Questions can have several possible answers, as many as the keypad allows. Of course, the usual practice is to give four or five options for customers to answer. From this menu of answers, the user simply marks the number corresponding to the answer that seems correct.

The best thing about this tool is the simplicity with which the surveys are executed. They usually take no more than a minute of the caller’s time. Of course, answering is very simple and only requires the customer to listen to the options and then press a number.

Telemarketing surveys are versatile

IVR telemarketing surveys allow you to work with a fairly wide range of actions. From this module, almost any type of survey can be carried out. The important thing is to adapt the numerical options to the possible answers.

For example, this system allows you to conduct market research surveys, which will be the most important for designing commercial strategies. These are the ones that allow to know what type of product the customer prefers. But at the same time, this module also gives the possibility to make inquiries about customer satisfaction with the service or products.

In addition to this, telemarketing software allows the surveys to be placed in different parts of the call. Some companies prefer to launch the question when the customer has just started contact with the company. On the contrary, others usually ask the question after the customer has been served by the operator.

What is the contribution of surveys to companies?

The ability to survey large groups of people is vital for the survival and success of companies. Growing, competing and creating new solutions often depends on the amount of information handled:

Business Strategies – The core of business growth and actions lies in business strategies. Today, most companies approach their entire strategy with 5% reliable data. Telemarketing surveys make it possible to handle better quality data.
Creation of offers and products: In order to offer impactful offers and products, companies must know consumer preferences. This is what allows them to innovate and compete effectively. If this information is unknown, companies run the risk of making risky investments and losing market positioning.
Change of business approach: Companies can survive and adapt to market changes thanks to the two aspects mentioned above. Having data and analyzing it correctly is a neuralgic step to stay on its feet.

The reinvention of companies and even their victory over the competition is largely defined by the information obtained. Those who rely on telemarketing surveys ensure a reliable source of usable data.

Three types of telemarketing surveys that every company should do

There are many types of surveys and many ways to survey for business purposes. In fact, in marketing, the most desirable thing is to have as much information as possible. However, the following queries are the most important and any company should do them:

Product surveys: One of the best utilities that telemarketing surveys have, are those that invite the customer to measure the products. It is always good to consult which product they prefer, which one they select the most and what they would like in the future.
Shopping experience surveys: This is ideal for both digital and physical stores. Companies that focus on selling products can query how the customer experience was to try to improve it.
Satisfaction survey: These are the most common in companies that have call centers. They are very useful to know if the communication is being handled in the right way. Although they may seem inconsequential, this type of information says a lot about people’s perceptions of a company and that is why it is so important to provide good customer service.

There are also some surveys that are a little more complex, such as brand evaluation, perception of the competition, or of the company’s advertising. In fact, you can ask consumers almost anything if you find the right way to do it. Of course, telemarketing surveys allow you to ask almost any type of question.

Virtual switchboard: IVR and telemarketing surveys

The virtual switchboard is no longer a call center program but a telemarketing software. In fact, this tool goes beyond telemarketing and encompasses other means of communication. Precisely, one of the advantages of its use is the incorporation of IVR and automated surveys.

By having an IVR (interactive voice response), companies can improve their image automatically. For sure, incorporating this system in the business line gives a lot of professionalism and formality to a business initiative. This is just as suitable for experienced companies as it is for new ventures.

Of course, with IVR, companies can also conduct telemarketing surveys. In this way, you can take much more advantage of the interactive voice response module to obtain useful business information.

Neotel Telemarketing Software: Proven Effectiveness

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX pricing and one of the most innovative and functional programs on the market. Our plans are designed so that any type of businessman or trader can enjoy the service with costs according to their activity, budget and requirements.

The best thing is that with the acquisition of our telemarketing software the IVR and the telemarketing survey module are completely free. Customers simply pay their usual monthly fee for the type of service requested and can count on both tools that complement the virtual PBX. At Neotel, we think about the progress of your communications.

Click to call me back: what every business website should have

Currently, there is a tendency to separate call center tools from ecommerce tools. However, both systems can increase sales and interaction with potential customers if they are integrated. In fact, the new virtual PBX has an innovative module to improve the impact of the business or commercial website: click to call me back.

Those who have websites will understand that the world of plugins is vast, although it is often difficult to know how and what they are used for. This is one that is also part of the virtual PBX service in the case of Neotel. The virtual PBX is no longer a call center program and has now become a complete and integral telemarketing software.

The secret to sell more

click to call me back

The best marketers and entrepreneurs in the world understand that the right thing to do is to open as many channels as possible for communication with users. Most marketing theories and strategies indicate that part of business success lies in availability. The most successful ventures are those that are most available and everywhere.

Therefore, the use of telephone and Internet tools should never be understood as opposites. It is not that by having a web page, the right thing to do is to eliminate the call center or the means of communication via telephone. The more effective and operational communication channels a company has, the more likely it is to generate sales.

Some customers come to a company from one social network or another. Similarly, some prefer to write a private message, contact through the website or rather, communicate directly by phone. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that integrates telephony and website, to facilitate customer service and of course, sales. But… What is this innovative system all about?

What is click to call me back?

Those who have experience with commercial websites know that the platforms have add-ons that allow to improve the reach and management of the same.  The click to call me back is precisely an add-on designed to improve communication with the customer from the website.

The click to call me back is a button that is installed on the business website or virtual store. When pressed, customers who want to receive some information can see a box and enter their phone number. In this way, an agent of the company will contact them to answer any questions or in case they want to place an order.

This module of the virtual switchboard allows instant communication with users who discover the commercial website. With its installation and use, communication ceases to be in the hands of the user, and is arranged by the company at the user’s will. The impact of this tool is important, because it solves a major problem that all of us as consumers have experienced at some time.

The problem of most websites

Nowadays it is very common to look for products and solutions to our problems through Internet search engines. It has happened to almost all of us that we suddenly find the website of a company of interest and when we are ready to ask and make contact, it simply becomes impossible.

Websites are tools to increase the visibility of companies and in marketing strategies, they are placed as an essential element. The problem is that many of them publish telephone numbers that over time have become outdated. Similarly, sometimes the consumer finds an e-mail, writes to the company and gets no response. There is also the box that allows to leave messages, which is usually inoperative almost always.

Precisely, the click to call me back button gives the entrepreneur the possibility to contact users who might be really interested in the product or service offered. On the other hand, the customer will be sure that, by entering his or her number, an agent of the company will contact him or her. This is how this simple button allows our company to stand out from others in the eyes of consumers.

What do companies gain from the click to call me back button?

Convertibility: Companies that install and properly use the click to call me back button can convert Internet users into customers more easily. This is because they migrate people interested in the product to a much more direct conversation with a company representative or salesperson.
Immediacy: Thanks to this button, commercial communication occurs immediately. Instead of relying on the customer to communicate, the burden of communication falls on the company. Of course, this increases the opportunity to generate new sales.
Differentiate yourself from other companies: Something fundamental in business is to stand out from the competition. This must be done with the products and the brand, but also with the attention offered to the clientele. By offering click to call me back as a communication alternative, companies put themselves in a better position against others with outdated websites.
More avenues of communication: This button is basically another system by which customers can contact and receive personalized information. This implies projecting greater availability which also improves the perception that users have about the company.

Click to call me back: useful for any type of business.

The click to call me back button can be used by any type of business. Businesses that offer services can take advantage of it due to its immediacy. For example, a law firm can receive the numbers of potential clients and call back immediately, projecting its vocation to serve and help those in need. In fact, this plugin allows to show interest in the user, regardless of the hiring.

However, this PBX plug-in can also be included in virtual stores. In this case, the click to call me back can be oriented to answer customers’ questions, or as a mechanism for dealing with complaints. There is always a way to include it even in this type of website designed for direct online sales.

On the other hand, merchants who sell products but do not have an online store, can manage orders from this module.

How to obtain and install click to call me back?

Click to call me back is one of the modules of Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Therefore, it is a service provided to entrepreneurs and companies that contract this service. The inclusion of this module in the monthly plan is very economical, costing only 25 euros per month for its installation and use.

For those who do not know what a virtual switchboard is, it is a telemarketing and customer service software, which allows to manage business communication. It has the basic features of call center software, but includes many other functions and add-ons. Basically, it allows the implementation of IP telephony, databases and other necessary implements for a formal, professional and intelligent business communication.

On the other hand, the installation of the click to call me back button is done by Neotel’s IT experts. This is done in a very simple way and does not affect the design of the business website. Everything is done in an expeditious manner and the client can request to place it in the section of their digital portal that seems most convenient.

Neotel: quality telemarketing software

Neotel offers entrepreneurs and traders its innovative telemarketing software. This virtual PBX goes beyond the applications and functions for answering phone calls. Our program also has complementary modules to work with other communication channels and generate more sales, as well as the best attention to your customers.

Some of the modules most used by our customers are the call launchers, the call robot, the virtual fax, the signaling, the sending of massive SMS, the CRM and many more. These as well as the click to call me back button are effective to connect with the public and achieve better communication and increased sales flow.

Our virtual PBX has a long history of good performance, stability and speed. Neotel is a company that has been in the business telecommunications market for more than twenty years. Our virtual PBX is used by some of the most important companies in Spain and the rest of Europe and Latin America. Contact us to learn more about our products, special modules and prices. We have all the necessary tools for the development of professional communication and business marketing.

Virtual fax: Integrating past technology with today’s technology

Companies achieve greater validity and business opportunities while opening more space for communication. Regardless of the type of business or service offered, the important thing is to be able to connect with customers and other stakeholders in every possible way. In this sense, the virtual fax is an excellent tool to integrate the technology of the past with the present.

There are many companies and individuals who have not yet fully upgraded their technology. Beyond this, the main objective of companies is to obtain as many business opportunities as possible. With this in mind, it is essential to be able to use all possible communication channels and methods to facilitate communication. Now, do you know what a virtual fax is?

What is a fax?


virtual fax

The fax machine is a technological device that was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, its impact was very pronounced in the business and commercial world of that time. Stores, companies, consulting firms, institutions and other entities turned it into an almost indispensable resource due to the ease with which they could send and receive documents and commercial communications.

The fax is a device that allows messages to be sent by telephone transmission. The materials are scanned printed and then sent through telephone numbers assigned for faxes. Its operation consists of converting the scanned material into a bitmap, being transmitted by electrical signals from the traditional telephone system.

This equipment incorporates three devices in one to perform its functions: a scanner, a printer and a modem. To this day many offices maintain a fax machine for sending and receiving printed material. In some cases this is due to a lack of technological updating and in others, as an emergency mechanism to maintain communication in case of communication failures.

If at any time the Internet connection has problems, companies can maintain the flow of information from this device. That is why many companies keep their old fax machines or even still use them. Understanding this, the concept of virtual fax is born, which implies an important update of this type of technology.

Virtual fax: A necessary upgrade

Virtual fax is a service that allows companies to adapt current media to the traditional fax communication format. Its main function is to enable faxes to be sent and received by e-mail. In reality, the concept implies that messages can be transmitted between a device with an Internet connection and this traditional device.

The functions of the virtual fax are basically two: send information to a fax machine or receive it by e-mail. There is also the possibility of sending them from a web page or from an Office file. This ensures significant adaptability in establishing communications with other companies.

The virtual fax makes it possible to reconcile the technology of twenty years ago with today’s Internet communication resources. In this way, companies open up another possibility for the exchange of important information. In turn, this creates greater business opportunities because interaction is simplified.

Many companies still use faxes

According to an IDC survey, at least 82% of employees in 200 companies still send faxes. Many firms maintained the habit of signing and sending legal documents during the 1980s and 1990s. This is why the custom of using this device is still ingrained in the business world.

In Spain, the use of the fax seems to be very residual. However, many legal formalities must be carried out by means of burofax as stipulated by law. This type of communication is very positive for sending sensitive information securely and urgently.

In countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States, the use of faxes is much more widespread. This implies that many companies globally will need to resort to virtual fax when conducting transnational exchanges and agreements.

Three activities where fax is still used

Companies working in the healthcare field are used to receiving and sending faxes online. In clinics, doctors’ offices and medical equipment suppliers, this device is still frequently used. One of its major applications in hospitals is the secure transmission of patient records using this method. This is necessary, as it is also a matter of not depending on the Internet, which can always fail.

In Spain, public institutions of all kinds are considering sending documents via fax. This is something that is done less regularly as time goes by. However, the security provided by this type of delivery is still a plus. Law firms and judicial institutions have not completely given up on this technology either.

Many small businesses also use fax to send contracts, invoices and orders. In this case, the advantage is often also economic, because this is a cost-effective method. On the other hand, many merchants are used to this technology and prefer to stay with it.

Virtual fax brings businesses closer together

All of the above indicates that almost every company should have a virtual fax service available. Having this tool especially facilitates business-to-business communications. In fact, many suppliers and companies still send documents by fax.

Let’s imagine that an entrepreneur needs to buy goods and finds a supplier with good discounts. The only problem is that the supplier does not work via e-mail and only uses faxes in their negotiations. It is precisely the virtual fax that allows companies to adapt to this type of situation to their advantage.

It is likely that individuals who are potential customers do not use this type of device. However, firms that offer services to other companies may want to have the ability to send and receive faxes. It is in these scenarios that the virtual fax takes on another dimension.

The virtual fax should be understood as a tool that facilitates peer-to-peer negotiations. In fact, this function will simplify the paperwork involved in business purchases. The commercial dynamics of any business is facilitated regardless of whether it is a store, a store, a service company or any other modality.

How does virtual fax work?

Virtual fax is a service that works in a very similar way to the IP PBX. It is not a complex program that requires installation or configuration. Rather, it is a tool provided by a telephone management company such as Neotel.

Companies simply request the virtual fax service and pay a monthly fee to use it. For this, you are assigned a special phone number through which you can receive faxes even to your email. This is essential for a person using this device to be able to send faxes.

If you want to send documents to a fax, you must attach the PDF file. To complete the sending, you only have to put the recipient’s e-mail address in the recipient’s e-mail address and your fax number in the subject line. In fact, doing this is as simple as sending an email.

With this module, you can send an efax from any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones, tablets and other similar devices. In this way, current devices can be integrated with the still used fax, further simplifying communication and sending documentation.

What is Neotel’s virtual fax like?

Neotel’s virtual fax service requires no complicated installations or cumbersome processes. The customer pays only eight euros per month and has immediate access to the service. In this case, a 12-month permanence is established, having one of the most competitive rates in the market. From then on, companies will only need to use e-mail to receive or send faxes online.

Companies and entrepreneurs who contract our virtual PBX can count on this resource instantly. If you are still wondering how a virtual pbx works, it is basically a management system for business telephone communication. It offers functions to provide better service and useful tools to improve telemarketing.

The best thing about this alternative is the security it offers to those who incorporate it into some of their daily tasks. The company can select a national fax number. Or, it can choose an international number if the type of activity it carries out requires it. Neotel offers numbers with prefixes for more than 200 countries around the world.

Virtual fax is just another of the innovative modules offered by our telemarketing software. In this technological solution you will find multiple solutions for business communication, including useful functions to amplify advertising and increase sales. At Neotel we have the best prices for all types of business ventures.

Dynamic and selective signage: contact the customer more easily

The virtual PBX cloud has complementary modules that facilitate business work. Some companies have them available in their software and are simply unaware of their usefulness. This is the case of dynamic and selective signaling, additions that improve the company’s reach when communicating with its customers.

Today’s call center software goes beyond connecting several terminals to provide customer service. In fact, today’s programs are built to communicate and sell more. They implement automated solutions that have been designed to meet objectives. This, surpassing even human capabilities and behaviors.

What is the signaling module?

Signaling is an automated module that allows a company’s outbound call numbers to be modified. In this way, companies can use prefixes or an integer number that is reliable for their customers.


selective and dynamic signaling

It is also feasible to choose telephone numbers that are not recognizable by users. Everything will depend on the objective set by the outgoing calls department when making commercial calls. In this sense, this is one of the most strategic modules available to entrepreneurs.

In the past, the signaling module was a feature of specialized telemarketing software. Today, they are part of a complement to the virtual PBX. This is because these programs are highly complementary, taking care of functions inherent to both customer care and business marketing.

Signaling is a module that can be used in two ways, depending on the needs of the business owner. This is because, as mentioned above, it is a very strategic complement. Both modalities would be dynamic and selective.

Selective signaling

Selective signaling makes it possible to select the number to be used to launch calls. In this case, the selection is directed by the operator who chooses the prefix or the numbering he needs according to the type of campaign.

The purpose of selective signaling is to choose a single number to call all the numbers in a list. In this way, the operator can enter the complete number he wants the customer to recognize on the screen.

This is useful to inspire confidence in customers when verifying the call. All calls that involve evoking security from a familiar number can be made using this option.

Dynamic signaling

If selective signaling is chosen by humans, dynamic signaling is much more automated. In this case, the same system can throw up random numbers to contact different customers and keep changing.

Dynamic signaling is ideal for campaigns that require using the prefix of a specific city or region. If, for example, the company is located in Madrid and you want to call customers in Bilbao, the operator can use the prefix of the second location. This is precisely what this mode allows.

With dynamic signaling, several numbers can be selected, but with the same configured prefix. Or it could be with another numbering in case you want to use a totally different number from the usual one. It all depends on what you need to evoke in the customer when he sees the caller on the Smartphone.

Signaling: a strategic module

Few modules are as strategic as signaling in either of its two modalities. The main objective of this technological tool is to get customers to take business calls. This can be very difficult at times and that is why this type of function has been created.

The signaling is based on knowledge of customer psychology. As consumers, we all obey certain internalized biases and behavioral patterns. Precisely, this complementary application seeks to break those behaviors that are so automatic in individuals. In this way, the operator has a window of opportunity to communicate and close sales.

Depending on the message to be communicated, a different type of strategy and telephone number will be used. This is so, because some patterns that customers have when answering phone calls are known. The best thing about signage is that it can be used in different situations and campaigns to effectively reach users.

In what situations can signage be used?

Signage is useful in almost every type of outbound department scenario. However, some have been identified as probably the most recurrent. Perhaps the most repetitive case is when the company uses prefixes known to the user to gain their trust. However, there are other situations.

Dynamic and selective signaling tends to be widely used in collection departments. This is a type of call that is often refused by users. Generally, people remember or even save numbers they do not want to answer to avoid entering into conversation. In this case, the most useful application of the module is to generate numbers that are unknown to the customer.

It is also feasible to use the same number when approaching certain lists of users. This is positive when the calls have to do with matters related to data or security of the person. This happens a lot in banks, being much better to use a prefix and number recognizable by the customer.

A tool for the security of the entrepreneur

The use of signaling to ensure the trust and security of the clientele was mentioned above. However, this automated module can also be used to safeguard the security of entrepreneurs and salespeople.

If an entrepreneur wants to call his customers, he can use dynamic and selective signaling to change numbers. In fact, number changes can occur whenever the entrepreneur wishes. This is ideal because it makes it possible to manage business relationships without disclosing the personal number.

Today, many companies even use international lines when communicating with their customers. With signaling, this type of operation can be done without leaving a trace of a single number. The latter is much more effective and can be done without resorting to international numbers. In this sense, the entrepreneur feels more secure and the customer has more confidence in the numbering that appears on the screen.

Signage can become an effective mechanism to avoid scams, robberies and other situations that endanger the integrity of entrepreneurs.

Dynamic and selective signage is ideal for telemarketing

One of the problems of telemarketing departments is that their numbers soon become recognizable to users. Many people tend to memorize the phone and identify these types of calls as annoying. In fact, these contacts are often perceived as annoying simply because they are made from the same number every time.

With dynamic and selective signaling, the numbers can be modified. The goal is to overcome customers’ own biases to offer something that might suddenly appeal to them. This method works very well with service companies, for offering deals and new plans or rates. This module offers the opportunity to break down customers’ cognitive barriers.

That is why this tool is often very useful in telemarketing departments. Statistics show that most sales are closed after the fifth call. But if telephone agents call with the same number, the customer may feel pressured, reducing the possibility of purchase. Signage is ideal to try to break this dynamic and surprise the customer.

Neotel’s signaling module

Neotel offers an easy-to-use dynamic and selective signaling module. As part of the virtual PBX cloud, the interface of this add-on is very easy to configure. The system works with call lists, campaigns and everything is programmed in a few steps. All it needs to operate is an Internet connection.

Operators have full control over the use of this module and can change strategy whenever they want. The best thing is that this system can be complemented with other complementary applications such as call dialers. All the tools are easily integrated and everything will depend on the use of the telephone agent.

The use of signaling opens up better sales opportunities and the consolidation of the brand image. In the case of companies that use Neotel’s virtual switchboard, this module is included free of charge, with no additional costs. It is simply part of the software add-ons.

Neotel’s virtual PBX cloud contract provides users with a series of versatile tools for telemarketing. Added to the signaling is the robo call, telephone dialers, telephone surveys and video calling services in the cloud. In fact, this software goes beyond the boundaries of telephone communication to incorporate other technologies and methods.