What benefits does an international virtual number bring to my business and how to get one?

The subscription price of a virtual international number depends on the VoIP operator with whom it is under contract and the country. It does not cost a virtual international number of one country as much as another.

If you want to know the price to rent a virtual international number for a specific country, contact us now

Benefits of Using Virtual International Numbers

Virtual international numbers bring many benefits to businesses, the most important of which is to increase sales in countries where you want to open a market.

número internacional virtual

1. Reduce call costs for the company

Companies that typically make calls to other countries generally save a lot of money when they switch to IP telephony. IP telephony operators generally have much lower rates.

Virtual international numbers operate over VoIP (VoIP) and serve both to make and broadcast calls.

2. Reduce costs for the customer

The cost of calling another country means that companies do not want to open their markets abroad. With a virtual international number, it is no longer a problem. You can make and receive calls with any country at a much cheaper price.

3. Increase phone contacts

If phone calls play an important role in your business, entering other international markets can be the big push you are looking for. Hiring a virtual international number will help that.

Customers are much more likely to call a local number than a number from another country for one simple reason: calling another country can be very expensive!

4. Inspire confidence

By using a country phone number, you trust your potential customers. Customers are more likely to contact a local business.

5. Propose a local image

When a customer is considering hiring a product or service, seeing that there is a local phone number in many situations gives them peace of mind. Thinking that you are dealing with a local business always inspires more confidence.

6. Increase sales

The increase in sales in this country is the most important benefit of all this list.

Normally these virtual international numbers are usually used by a softphone or IP phone.

With Neotel you and your company can operate, physically from Spain, but with numbers from any country.

Virtual international numbers operate over the Internet instead of cables.

If you want to enter a virtual international number, contact Neotel now and we will set up your international international number

Build trust in customers outside of Spain, get a local image, sell more, etc. These are just a few of the goals that are achieved by contracting a virtual international number with Neotel.


The Neotel virtual switchboard

At present, there are already many companies that work with our switchboard. They are aware not only of the money they save, but also of all the other benefits that the PBX provides for their day to day.

Thanks to IP Telephony, it is no longer necessary to be a large corporate macro to use Neotel’s virtual switchboard. SMEs also enter the group of companies that are highly recommended to migrate their Telephony system with Neotel. Our switchboard is affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Many users do not know what a virtual switchboard is, although they have probably used one before. If you have ever called a company, and you have heard a phrase where you are asked to check the correct option, depending on which department you need to talk to, that is a virtual switchboard that that company uses.


How to send and receive a fax over the Internet?

Nowadays, with the current times it is fundamental to be able to send faxes.

Simple and simple faxing via Internet

The Neotel control unit is presented as the best virtual switchboard available today. Many years of experience support us in this sector. From the panel of the switchboard itself the client can send and receive virtual fax in a very simple way. You can also check the faxes that are archived.

  • Mail2Fax: Here the client sends an email with the message he wants to send by fax in PDF format. Indicating the destination number of the other person in the subject of the email, the other person receives the PDF file including the fax message. It will be the same system that sends a fax confirmation sent or not, and thanks to Neotel’s virtual fax, we only need an email client (on our mobile phone) and we can use this service.
  • Fax2Mail: With this option the user can receive faxes via email. You just need to have a phone number from which to send faxes and these will be received in PDF format via email.

The virtual switchboards are the best option within a company

Now with Neotel it is very easy to hire a virtual switchboard for your company.

The user who hires Neotel’s virtual switchboard will save on call costs.

Virtual switchboards that do not need maintenance or installation

PBX control unit

0 installation and maintenance cost

telefonía IP

Another advantage of contracting the switchboard with Neotel is that the customer pays absolutely nothing for the installation or maintenance of its switchboard.

The Neotel control unit is 100% scalable. This means that it is the client himself who can expand or reduce the functionalities of this at his whim.

Neotel is a specialist in cloud switchboards and IP telephony, so if you wish you can contact us and request more information without obligation.

Fact: a virtual switchboard is always better and cheaper than a physical switchboard

  • With the virtual switchboard you can divert calls from your company to your mobile phone.
  • The virtual switchboard is highly configurable, however this does not mean that you have to hire a computer to configure your switchboard. The Neotel control unit is the simplest to configure in the market. We have developed and designed a graphic interface just for this. So that any person in the world and without any computer knowledge is able to use and configure their switchboard. In addition, you will always have technical support from Neotel for any questions that may arise.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard provides the same features that its physical switchboard now provides, only with more functionalities, and cheaper.



What type of companies need to use IP Telephony?

Here in this post we gather some reasons why companies decide to migrate to VoIP (Voice over IP).

Companies that need IP Telephony

The first of all for a company to use IP Telephony is that it has an Internet connection.

1.- They answer the calls from the mobile

Between self-employed and commercial people, it is very normal to be outside the office. And thanks to IP Telephony they can now continue to receive incoming calls on their mobile devices in the same way as if they were inside the office.

2.- They have several locations

telefonía ip

A company that uses IP Telephony can make all its calls internally as if working from a single location, even if this is not the case, and each worker is in a different country.

3.- They have teleworkers

IP Telephony is very common in companies that have teleworkers. In this way, teleworkers can set up an extension of the company line and work from home, as if they were inside the office.

4.- They want to use the company’s phone from other locations

Since IP telephony is not linked to any specific physical location, you can use the company telephone from anywhere.

5.- They want to use numbers from other countries or provinces

As simple as contracting a numbering with the prefix of the country or province where your customers are located.

6.- They use a traditional switchboard

By replacing a traditional physical switchboard with a virtual switchboard, companies are reluctant to costly hardware maintenance.

7.- They use more than one telephone simultaneously

IP telephony allows you to have as many simultaneous calls and extensions as you need and at a ridiculous price. If your company is in this situation of need, you need to use IP Telephony.

To summarize: IP Telephony gives us maximum freedom by not having to be limited to a specific geographical area and has great savings and benefits to the companies that use it.

You can now learn more about IP Telephony here.

If your company is not yet a user of IP Telephony or if it is but you think you are paying more than necessary, we recommend that you contact Neotel now and you will be surprised.


Why would no company work without IP Telephony?

At Neotel we have been working with IP Telephony since 2001. It is not a few years, and in these, we have learned, improved and advanced a lot. Always all for the sake of our customers.

Did you know that you do not need to change your phone number when you switch to IP Telephony?

The main advantages of IP telephony are:

  • A reduction in the telephone bill.
  • Maximum voice quality through the Internet and with geographical mobility.
  • You will be using the most advanced technology in Telephony.

tellefonía IP

“More advantages and services but without paying more” – this is the theme of IP Telephony.

We use the Internet as a highway for the transmission of the voice, converted to data.

IP Telephony includes 2 main points:

  1. The transmission of data.
  2. The voice transmission.

Discovering the concept of IP Telephony

We at Neotel have been offering IP telephony services since 2001

IP Telephony is based on Voice over IP which consists in transmitting the voice transformed into data through the Internet.

Simply put: IP Telephony is ‘Internet Telephony’.

Advantages of SIP VoIP Telephony

In Neotel our department. Customer Service will be happy to answer your questions about this technology. Just need to call us, send us an email or fill out the contact form.

IP Telephony works by connecting an ORIGIN point with a DESTINATION point, transmitting the voice over the Internet.

One of the main advantages offered by VoIP Telephony is mobility. If tomorrow we need to move from office, our internal telephone will move with us.

If you still do not work with Neotel’s Virtual Fax, keep reading

The main advantages of this service that Neotel offers to all its customers are: its reduced price and ease of use.

Why should you install a virtual fax in your office and get rid of your traditional fax machine ?:

The Virtual Fax system is 100% mobile. It accompanies you wherever you go.
Via the Neotel virtual pbx, we can get the Virtual Fax service at a very low price.
To work with Virtual Fax you only need an Internet connection and an email account. And nothing more. Yes, it is that simple!

We saved having a physical fax machine in our company.

Having the Virtual Fax tool for our company will be a great help and will facilitate the day to day. And is it not just about getting this?

The Virtual Fax is very easy to use

To know in more detail how Neotel’s Virtual Fax works, we recommend that you contact us through any of the aforementioned ways, as this way our team of professionals will be able to explain more clearly all the functionality and peculiarities of this magnificent tool.

If in your company you are looking to save money and not have to invest now in a fax machine, the Neotel Virtual Fax is without a doubt what you need.

What do I need to start using VoIP services?

Keep in mind that without an Internet connection it will not be possible to use VoIP or VoIP technology. You can also buy one of the terminals that we offer from Neotel and that comply with all the advanced advantages so that your company can take advantage of Voice over IP to the maximum. However if you do not want this you can simply download a computer application (softphone).

If you have doubts about whether your company meets the necessary requirements to use Voice over IP you can call us right now and from here we can verify that this is so.

  • You need to hire a VoIP operator. Neotel is your solution.
  • IP Phone or Softphone.
  • The speed of the connection to the network also influences. Ensures enough bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls is the best.

Centralita Virtual IP

Starting to use Voice over IP is easier than you think

Today we hope that this article has been a little clearer what are the requirements to enjoy the VoIP service.

Get to know the launcher Automatcador

By hiring an IP virtual pbx for our company we are getting a number of advantages. With an IP virtual switchboard we can customize the incoming and outgoing calls of our company.

The virtual IP switchboard is more powerful than you still think.

fax virtual

If even in your company you do not have a VoIP virtual switchboard system, you are undoubtedly losing productivity.

telefonía ip

The virtual IP switchboard improves productivity and communications in the company

Use the virtual switchboard to optimize your business.


IP Telephony: Reinventing telephony, creating a universe of possibilities

Many wonder what are the advantages of having IP telephony, and the truth is that these benefits are increasingly large, while providing a specific service that adapts to the needs and requirements of each of the companies responsible for working in the field of telemarketing or customer service.


One of the many advantages offered by IP telephony is that it does not need cables or specific hardware, so it works from a data network in order to reduce the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of these devices.

IP telephony is here to stay for a long time, standing out from traditional telephony thanks to the multiple functions it offers that have generated, without a doubt, a great revolution in the world of telecommunications.



Which companies and what services can IP telephony cover?


The truth of IP telephony is that it has great versatility, which provides various services that serve different sectors and aspects. Everything will always depend on what the person in charge of the company requires, knowing perfectly its internal functioning.


IP telephony is mainly characterized by having a virtual number, which is similar to the traditional one, except that it is not associated with fixed lines, and which has as a fundamental advantage the ability to divert calls that come from all types of lines independently. if they are mobile, fixed or IP.


From the multiple benefits of the use of IP telephony, we can rescue its functionalities ascribed to intelligent management and that, in addition, gives the possibility of generating various statistical reports, with which you can create important data about the calls you have received or accomplished.


Advantages of having ip telephony numbers

Surely when inquiring about the services of virtual telephony the doubt arises about how they are useful for your business.

Well, before this you must be clear that this type of telephony has come to revolutionize telecommunications and it has been thanks to its advantages and functionalities that ip telephony has managed to proliferate so much in recent years.

As for this timely question that arises we must respond to you that the virtual pbx are presented as services of great utility for different sectors and for various aspects.

So, for example, you have to consider that these switchboards are configured on a virtual number, which is equal to a normal one, only in this case the different feature is that it is not associated with fixed lines. Likewise, you have to consider that with the ip telephony number you can divert your calls to all types of lines, regardless of whether they are IP, mobile or if they are fixed.

telefonía ip

Having a virtual number brings with it other benefits, which are directly related to the intelligence of this one, since it allows to include advanced functions of switchboard.

On the other hand these numbers handle the possibility of generating different statistical reports, so that as a user you can have several data about the calls that have been issued and those that have been received.

Other contributions of the IP number

centralitas virtuales

In addition to the mentioned advantages ip telephony has other contributions to give:

  • For example, adding one of these numbers to your marketing campaigns can give a way of direct contact to your customers.
  • As for the functionalities we can highlight the use of options menu, welcome messages, calls recording, among others that allow you to have a much more professional communications management.
  • Finally, these numbers will come out very cheap and you can add more for very low fees.

Phones in IP telephony

Surely when studying the option of implementing ip telephony within your business or company has raised the question about what are IP phones.

If you want clarity about it, then we’ll talk about them.

Importance of IP Phone in an IP Phone System

When it has been decided to implement an ip telephony system it is essential to be clear that the company needs to use a type of specific terminals known as IP phones.

These phones are also known as VoIP phones, SIP as well as softphones. Be clear that these are just different ways of calling the same device that has been specially designed to perform voice transmission over the internet.

telefonía IP

Now, it is essential to make it clear that you can currently find different IP phones. Among them are the IP phones supported by 3CX.

We should also mention other versions of SIP phones that can be found:

  • For example, we must talk about the software-based virtual phone. This type of telephone presents a program that makes use of a microphone as well as of the speakers of the computer or of the earphones to allow to make or receive the call.
  • On the other hand we find the phone based on hardware, which is presented as a traditional phone, but is connected directly to the data network. In order for this connection to take place, they integrate a mini concentrator.
  • Finally we must talk about the analog phone that uses an ATA adapter to be used with the VOIP telephone system. With this adapter you can use your old phone as if it were a SIP phone.

In any case it is worth bearing in mind that regular SIP phones are presented at very affordable prices today.


Choose the best virtual switchboard

You have chosen the virtual PBX as the communications service option for your company.

If so, when choosing your service you should consider several details that go beyond the experience and reputation of the company providing the service. What are these details?

Desired features in your virtual switchboard

Clearly when choosing your service it is essential that you have clear the needs of your company and according to them choose your service. But, in a general way, we can tell you that there are certain traits that you should not fail to consider:

– Make it a virtual switchboard service that does not require you to invest large amounts of money and you can hire only the time you need. That is, it really is a virtual service, does not require expensive facilities, and that allows you to give up the service when it is pertinent.
– Likewise, you should opt for a switchboard that provides remote assistance, but also allows you to manage it online.
– Clearly, if you want to choose the best switchboard you should opt for the one that presents advanced features without requiring you to perform any installation.
– For example, within the desired functionalities are the call me back service that allows you to request information immediately by means of connection. You can also find the virtual fax or the famous telemarketing survey tools.
– Other well-known tools for conducting advanced telemarketing surveys that are very attractive features and of great benefit to the company are the statistics of the incoming calls as well as the recording of the same ones.

Spy & Whisper Neotel

In reality, the functionalities to choose are many (SPY & Whisper, mobile integration, signaling extensions, verification, queuing positioning, meeting room, etc) and therefore before becoming a virtual switchboard service it will be necessary to be clear what That you need and want to get from the service.