¿Cómo reducir la factura del teléfono hasta un 30%?

With the advent of technologies such as the Internet, the virtual switchboard has become the standard to be used in the world of telephone exchanges, unseating the physical switchboard.

Cloud solutions are an alternative to traditional telephone solutions. We highlight the main advantages of these:

Cost savings: We forget machines, hardware, physical terminals, maintenance and management costs, qualified personnel to pay, etc. Being a 100% cloud system there are many aspects for which we will not have to worry anymore.

Flexibility: The advanced switchboards allow unlimited extensions and for different countries. Receive incoming calls on your mobile phone, computer with Internet connection, table phone, …

Scalability: Virtual telephony allows you to reduce or expand the capacity of your PBX according to your needs. You can also control the virtual switchboard on any device and any time of day. So the control over our business will be total.

Functionality: One of the main advantages of virtual switchboards is their versatility and functionality. Among the clients of the virtual switchboards, they stand out: the recordings, mobile extensions, call queues, the complete statistics of the calls, IVR’s and the deviation by prefix and schedule.


Get to know the functionalities of the voice control unit ip

This type of switchboards stand out for offering a wide range of features. Do you want to know more about them?

Functionality of the voice control unit ip

Depending on the provider chosen you can obtain some or other functionalities, but in general the services of IP voice switches stand out for integrating the following:

  • Call routing. With this functionality, the distribution of the calls according to different variables, such as day, date, time, origin (including country, fixed mobile), origin number and percentage are obtained.
  • Also, the diversions are included in case you can not answer, are busy, after the end of the call and the unmistakable voicemail.
  • The voice control unit ip integrates the limits of calls, maximum time of duration, limits and restrictions for simultaneous calls or according to their origin.
  • Automatic call management allows access to a selection menu according to the destinations, by voice, by keyword voice recognition, natural language as well as automatic surveys when calls are finished.
  • Within its functionalities the recording of calls and its online listening is one of the infaltables.
  • So are the queues, which includes the reminder message, customizable music, output and call back.
  • In addition, we can not fail to mention the Virtual Fax and the functionality of Transfers (direct, assisted and internal).

fax virtual

Finally, advanced IP voice switches often include SMS and email notifications, as well as the conference call option, with no access restrictions.