Tutorial to start using Neotel call center software

About the software for call center there are many details that you should know and then we show you the main ones:

  • A pack of basic call center tools should include at least the following features: scripting, dialer, reports, call recording, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
  • The Neotel call center software integrates very easily with the switchboard.
  • Our software is compatible with all Operating Systems.

Get all the details of the call center software

Designing in principle for call center companies that need to be in constant communication with their customers, the tools that Neotel makes available to everyone are compatible and adaptable to all types of companies, and of all sizes.

The Neotel call center tools that help us is to better manage our services and the relevant information of our Telemarketing campaigns, together with the clients of our company.

What happens when you make a call using the Neotel call center software

When hiring a software call center company do not run. Investigate beforehand if you can about the trajectory of the company, clients with whom it works and if there are positive references on the Internet of the users of its services. And is that not all companies give the same level of quality. If you want to go to a fixed shot, do not be stumbling from one company to another, and you feel that your money has been very well invested, call us now and you will not regret it.

Increase your sales Expand the time your agents spend in conversation with clients. All this thanks to the Neotel call center software.

The advantages of working with the virtual switchboard compared to doing it with a physical switchboard are unlimited: there are no permanences, there is no initial investment by the client in physical machinery, and all the information is stored in the secure Neotel Cloud.

The Neotel virtual switchboard together with the call center tools work together to be the most advanced telephony solution worldwide. If you also need a CRM to organize all the information of the clients, Neotel has designed one that integrates with the PBX for the use and enjoyment of our clients.


Software call center: the technology available to your needs and your pocket

Over time, the hardware has undergone a significant decline, either because of the cost of it or because of its practicality for some, not to say various, of its demands in the various activities that require the latest advances in technology.


Now, considering this, we will talk about software, a tool that has undoubtedly gained strength as the years pass and has become the perfect ally of many forms of communication, companies, people and others.


The companies in charge of customer service or telemarketing, for example, have gradually been requesting new elements capable of weighing the working hours and the demands of all their users and customers, in order to fully comply with their requirements and needs. the cases that arise.

lanzador de llamadas robot call Neotel

What does this have to do with the call center software?


Software call center, then becomes a service of high requirement in the world and that is why Neotel brings the best options for your company to be positioned in the highest quality standards, and your customers.

We know then that basic and elementary needs need to be met with the different software systems for the call center, with which we will mention the three forts of Neotel, so you can decide which of them your company will stay with (they also make a good team together), and you decide to take your company to another level of professionalism, quality and optimization.

lanzador de llamadas

The predictive dialer, the progressive dialer and the robot call, are the software call center services that Neotel has for you, mainly focused on statistical predictions about the calls and their duration, the calls optimized according to the online time of the agents, and the redirection of the users to give a quick solution to their needs.


Operation of the robot call

Being interested in the use of a marking robot is a good idea to know a little about how it works. Of this we will speak to you here so do not stop reading.

Robot Call

Among the software options for Call Center that can be found today the robot call is an advanced tool that is generally included as it allows to automatically perform a large number of calls, without it having to interfere the operators of the center calls.

On these marking robots you should know that in the current offer you can find many different options, some more powerful and agile than others.

In any case, when choosing this service is worth doing considering the fulfillment of certain features, such as:

  • Its power, translated in the capacity of management of automatic calls
  • His agility
  • Effectiveness
  • And also its price or economy

robot call

Operation of the robot

Now, focusing on the operation of the robot call you should know that at the time of executing your task does so:

  • Start making the calls, in a massive and simultaneous.
  • In making this call, the voice message that the company has wanted to make known is displayed, by means of reproduction.
  • It is important to clarify that within the voice message it is possible to include push options, so that the user can be transferred to an agent by pressing an option on his keyboard.

It is important to clarify that within the voice message it is possible to include push options, so that the user can be transferred to an agent by pressing an option on his keyboard….


Improve communication systems with IP Telephony

With the Neotel virtual PBX the voice is transmitted through the Internet. This is called VoIP (Voice over IP). Afterwards, the cloud call center in this same company allows large savings of money, with all the power of a system hosted in the virtual cloud. The virtual switchboards are a service for companies, so that they have the same characteristics of a conventional telephone exchange, only saving large amounts of money.

At Neotel we offer support for all types of communications over the Internet, being specialized in Ip Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP). Many companies around the world use Neotel’s virtual switchboard and call center software, and save money every day thanks to this.

IP Telephony services typically include features such as repeat and return calls, call transfer service, call waiting services and caller ID.

Through IP Telephony a user can make calls from any point with an Internet connection. Because this communication system transmits the voice through the Network, it is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) service itself that is in charge of the management of the whole system. Which means less headaches for the user.

Economically, a call through IP Telephony is always cheaper than a traditional call. This is because it uses the same Network for voice and data transmission.

Telefonía IP

Today the vast majority of companies use IP Telephony for their communications. And also for internal communications within the company. Now these two worlds, the one of the transmission of voice and the transmission of data, are unified.

Potential Advantages of an IP Telephony System

Integrating voice and data in a unified way through an IP protocol, IP Voice, is without a doubt the way to go and where to look.


The Importance of Correct Customer Service

For SMEs who wish to offer a high quality customer service, it is important (obligatory?) To have a virtual switchboard that suits their needs, is feasible, reliable, and has a team of professionals behind where The client knows that it has that support. With the virtual switchboard you will have at your disposal a series of advantages and benefits that, if up to now your SME did not have it, now thanks to this post we will understand the why of the importance of the virtual switchboard in a company.

– Offering added value with respect to the competition: By hiring a high-quality virtual PBX system, we are able to offer a worthy Customer Service to be above the competition in terms of image.
– Sell ​​without limits: Most likely your company does not just sell a single service or product. With a correct Customer Service you will get to the customer, extract all the necessary information, learn about their needs (known by customers and the unknown), and thus try to show and sell something more than could in principle have been. There are a few situations in which a customer contacts a company with an X need, not knowing that maybe X is not what he needs, but Y and Z. It reaches your customers in a better way. Sell ​​more and better.
– Give a more professional image as a company to customers: Customers love to know that they have your support; That the company is there for them when they need it, this is a reality. That a customer calls a company and this is always communicating gives a very bad image is the truth. By hiring a virtual switchboard we can set up locutions, queues, and endless possibilities that will make customers have a much better image of us as a company.

Software Call Center

When giving a QUALITY Customer Service, care must be taken with the following points:

– Poor rapprochement with the client: Nobody likes that when they call a company they have 15 minutes waiting, jumping from one department to another, from one agent to another, without being solved their needs. This happens in many companies that have dptos. Of Customer Service that are impersonal or cold, giving that feeling of distance to the calling customer.
– Lack of professionalism: When it comes to Customer Service, not all companies are professionals. From those that communicate without stopping, to which their agents convey a lack of professionalism and constant respect. This is fatal for a customer and the company, because if the first image is not the most positive, we are at risk of losing a possible sale or even a customer. You also have to take great care of the attention given, that the deal is the right one – not too far or too close. Do not forget that customers always come first.

Virtual PBX

With this article today we would like to make known the importance of the correct Customer Service since this is not always done as expected. By hiring a virtual exchange with Neotel we make sure we are covering the main needs in order to offer a good customer service.

Neotel has been offering virtual PBX, call center software and CRM since 2001. We are Telecommunications professionals. Call now and request more information without obligation.