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Getting a 900 phone line is advantageous for medium and large companies

Some banks, clinics, industries and insurance companies have toll-free lines for public attention. The reason for this is that hiring a 900 line can generate commercial and advertising benefits. Another aspect that improves from its hiring is the way in which customers see the company.

The 900 lines are part of the intelligent network numbers. These are different from the rest because they have special rates fixed according to the activities and functions of those who contract them. The 900 line is characterized for being free for the user who makes the call to one of its telephone numbers.

What do companies gain by contracting a 900 line?

Many will wonder what leads a company to assume the costs of incoming calls. To tell the truth, contracting a 900 line is more than an expense, it is an investment. Companies that contract toll-free hotlines ensure greater communication with their customers.


getting a free phone line for customers for companies

But its appeal goes far beyond understanding that when we call a 900 line it is free. Nowadays it is known that companies with this type of numbers have a better corporate image and are better remembered. The use of this prefix and its repetition in advertisements allows even non-customers to memorize it.

Contracting a 900 line also allows the integration of all incoming calls from a single number. The whole system is integrated through the call center software, from which the communication is managed and quantified. The best thing is that it makes little difference whether the customer is calling from another region or country. The latter also favors the company’s image and makes it look like a very receptive entity.

How to contract a 900 line?

If you are wondering how to contract a 900 line, the answer is very simple. Companies like Neotel offer this service at a very low cost. Of course, it is important to analyze the rates established by each company when contracting.

In Neotel, the basic contracting of the service costs only 5€ and from this point on, costs per minute of call are established. The rates paid by the contracting party are very competitive and are oriented to the profitability of the companies.

Contracting a 900 line does not require additional investments in facilities or equipment. Everything is managed from the virtual pbx or software, with the equipment that the customer usually has. The telephone company takes care of the rest.

Who can contract a 900 line?

Any company or freelancer can request a 900 line to serve their users. Of course, it is usually a much more optimal solution for medium and large companies. This is because their volume of revenue makes it very profitable to contract this type of service. This is an investment that will bring new customers and expand the opportunities to capture better revenues. Undoubtedly, a service that should be considered by expanding entrepreneurs.


Personalize the ivr with a professional voice-over service

A company’s call center is a fundamental part of its advertising image. When a customer calls, he/she is met with sounds, messages and voices that eventually identify the company. Firms that manage to turn these elements into a brand usually resort to a professional voice-over service.

The IVR is the system that interacts with the customer when calling a company. This is the voice we all hear when we call a bank and ask for our ID. This automated module is the same one that leads the user through the options they have to channel their call. The fact is that this can be enhanced to build the company’s image.

The ivr as a brand element

The ivr is what all customers come in contact with when they call the call center. Many companies make sure to set it up well so that the customer can easily handle their requests and complaints. However, many times they forget to customize the voice over of this system.

It is important to note that ivr is an automated customer interaction system. In other words, its function is not only to indicate which numbers a user should press to communicate with each department. In fact, the nature of this system is to get in touch with the clientele.

The most prestigious companies customize their ivr by using a professional voice mail service. In this way, they make their interactive voice response system part of their branding and advertising efforts. In this way, the message can be much warmer, friendlier and have characteristics that the company wishes to project.

Professional voice-over services

One of the most effective strategies is to use an operator with a female voice. The aim is to project to the customer the willingness to be served with kindness, affection and companionship. The way in which the speech is configured is fundamental to generate a good impression on users.

Another important contribution of the professional voice-over service is that it allows recordings to be made in other languages. This is essential for companies all over the world. In every country there are always users who only speak languages other than the local one. The service is facilitated and the image projected by the company to the outside world is strengthened.

Professional voice-over services can become a differentiating element in the long run. It is important to personalize the voiceover voice of the ivr in order to make a difference with respect to the competition. Hence, this element of the call center software can be understood as an advertising tool.

Ivr and professional voice-over services

Neotel offers both the installation of the ivr and the professional voice-over service to customize it. Both services can complement the virtual PBX contract. Companies can also order these modules separately. The voices are 100% human and each phrase is recorded in detail to be heard as desired by the contracting company.

incoming call statistics

Inbound call statistics tell a lot to the company

In all call center rooms, the importance of inbound call statistics is confirmed. These are usually central to each operator. However, reading them at a general level can show how the company manages customer service. Their analysis can even take the company’s image to another level.

The statistical modules of the call center software tell a lot about the company. For sure, the amount of extractable variables and data is quite wide. Some statistics are more important than others, but all of them together allow estimating the productivity of a contact center.

What can be known from inbound call statistics?


importance of incoming call statistics

Everything that happens during, after and even before the call is in this data. Some of the most important are free time between contacts, call duration and daily, weekly and monthly flow. This is the most basic, but when you drill down into the numbers you can see a lot more.

For example, with an analysis of daily inbound contacts you can learn some customer habits. This is how call centers in large companies can forecast how many customers will be contacted on Wednesdays and compare with Fridays. It is also feasible to understand what are the times when they receive more calls.

The call center software should also allow you to break down calls by department. Two fundamental and interrelated data are the abandonment rate and the response time. Improving the latter should lower the former, which is a negative number if it is too high. The fact that many customers abandon calls implies that communication is difficult and this projects a bad image of the company.

Organizing the work of the call center

Many times we think that a call center is just about placing a group of employees and answering calls. To be sure, productivity in this type of department is only achieved through planning and strategy. Coordinators can have a more or less stable organization and create contingencies when necessary. The department has daily patterns, but also situations that can occur suddenly.

It is essential to have a virtual pbx whose statistical module is efficient and easy to read. Some programs present too little data or too much in a way that is difficult to understand. Therefore, it is key that the incoming call statistics are presented in a consistent, friendly and easy-to-approach graphical manner. The interface is often another important aspect when reading data.

Innovative companies like Neotel understand the importance of statistics. This module together with monitoring are the essential elements to improve the quality of service. It should be noted that customer satisfaction can also be measured as an objective variable. Organizing the call center so that the service is effective, fast and covers a large number of customers will be part of the good reputation of a brand.

WebRTC line: goodbye to telephone companies

Companies spend vast sums of money to large telephone emporiums to ensure communication. Business plans are expensive and quality is not always assured. The truth is that communications have changed and that old scheme is being overcome. The WebRTC line is here to stay and several entrepreneurs are already migrating.

The WebRTC line concept seems to be a complex matter handled only by computer engineers. To tell the truth, all people are unconsciously handling this technology on our Smartphones. For example, when you enter a virtual classroom or videoconference through Apps, you are using this system. Now, every company can have its own communication system based on VoID telephony.

What is WebRTC?

The WebRTC line is a structure that allows the creation of online communication systems from web pages. The applications that allow video calls and videoconferences are currently based on this technology created by Google. This has allowed the creation of innovative softphones for call centers and internal business communication.


webrtc line

This system has allowed the creation of communication tools by companies such as Neotel. The important issue of this technological evolution is that it allows quality communication, more fluid and very cheap. The latter is due to the fact that now calls do not depend on telephone lines and corporations. Today, all video and non-video calls can be supported by a broadband Internet connection.

The WebRTC line can be installed in the virtual PBX. Employees simply open an application where the softphone is located and call anywhere in the world. They can do this from the office, but they can also access the system using their personal devices. More advanced services such as Neotel’s do not require complex installations because everything is managed from the Internet.

Outperforming traditional telephone companies

With the WebRTC line, communication can be guaranteed on the company’s private network through the use of PBX. From this point on, a company’s employees can use the softphone anywhere in the world. What they need in any case is a program profile, a device and an Internet connection.

The best thing is that the new communication companies offer their own plans in minutes and data. This opens up a world of possibilities as each company offers its own call center software, modules and plans at different costs. The entrepreneur only has to look for the proposal that best suits the needs of his company. This is a competitive market with many options for the contractor.

The vital thing is to understand how important it is to adapt the business work to the benefits of the WebRTC line. Later the company can invest in IP telephony devices, but this is not entirely necessary. Having an Internet connection is all that is needed to reduce costs and revolutionize customer service.


How Neotel’s call center software has evolved in recent years

What functionality should we look at when contracting a software call center – crm service for our company?

Monitor the activity

Monitor all the activity that happens inside your call center with our tools. Analyze and study the productivity of your agents.

Manage tasks automatically

Because your time is important, Neotel offers you the possibility to hire the crm tool for the total management of your leads. Our crm integrated within our pbx will help you use your time in the most productive way possible.

Using Neotel’s call center software and crm gives us countless advantages


call center software

For a call centre to be able to optimise its resources to the maximum, it is necessary to contract a crm that works, so that it helps us with the management and control of our business.


crm integrated in virtual pbx

All current call centers will use one type of software for this function. This is clear. In Neotel we develop our applications to measure and always thinking about the customer. We listen to their needs and adapt our tools to them. If you are looking for a software that will help you manage your call center or, if you already have one but realize that it does not cover all your expectations, we would very much like to help you. Our call center software does not have permanence so you can be sure that you can try it and if it does not convince you for whatever reason, you can leave without any obligation. What other company offers you this type of security?


Improve the call center service of any company

If call center agents are able to apply the techniques described below, it is possible to improve productivity and at the same time reduce future customer complaints.


call center software

No false hope

Never under any exception give false hope to a customer. If at first we are not able to give an answer to our client, it is even better to move the conversation to another time. To resume it later. But not because we want to give a quick answer and in the moment we must never give a false answer.

Every second counts

When we call a client we have to understand that we are taking time out of their life at that moment. The best thing to do when calling a client is to ask them if they have the time to process our call. If not all we are doing is wasting the client’s time and ourselves as an agent.

Generate interest in the client or listen attentively

When talking to our customers, it is important to always address them by name. what is more complex when using a software call center is the first time we call. There are more ways to improve our call center and from the inside. Motivating employees is a way to have staff with a proactive attitude. Employees strive harder and come to see the business more as their own when they know that there are certain goals as incentives to achieve. When offered incentives, call center employees strive harder to achieve these.


The cost of poor customer service and how to solve it

If you are still using an old call center system in your company, change it. Now you have the opportunity with Neotel and its call center software to give that last impulse that the company and the customer service of it needs.

Here we show below 4 problems to avoid in a call center. And how to solve them.

Problem 1: your campaigns are wasted

Providing bad customer service includes the risk of customer losses. If the attention received by customers is not adequate, our customers will not want to continue with us. And therefore our campaigns will be wasted. What can you do about it: Does your company have objectives to encourage its staff? Are your call center operators up-to-date? Do you already work with the best call center tool in the market? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions then it would be time to review your strategy.


Problem 2: a lot of time is lost

Does it take a long time to respond to calls or complaints from your customers? If yes, maybe the problem is in the type of call center software that you use in your company. By not working with updated software we are at risk of not working in the most productive way possible. What you can do about it: Search for call launchers that automate tasks so that your agents do not have to make the calls themselves.


Problem 3: you get bad reviews

Bad reviews can also affect your business very negatively. In addition, bad reviews not only result in that particular client is not going to return, but their bad criticism could be seen by more potential customers who also would stop winning. What can be done about it: To identify our failures and errors is fundamental for when it comes to fixing our image. Bad criticism can also be learned. When they give us bad reviews, the smart thing is to know how to take advantage of them to solve them and improve our business. The worst thing that can be done is not knowing how to take advantage of bad reviews.


Problem 4: you lose customers


call center software

Clients who have a bad experience with their company will never use their services again. Having more options, when a client has a bad experience with a company, he will simply look for other alternatives but will not continue using it.


sistema para call center

What you can do about it: Investing in the best call center software solution for your company is the fastest way to ensure a good user experience for our customers when they communicate with our company.

Communication all over the world thanks to the voice IP

Being communicated correctly between client and company strengthens the position of your business. This is a fact. Having an ip voice system ensures us to be able to be connected with our workers, colleagues, friends, family …, and all that is needed is a device connected to the Internet and a web page.



virtual pbx

Neotel is the leading company in voice ip in the sector, offering secure, effective and fast communications, capable of offering you the quality service that you were waiting for, being ours a responsible company with the widest experience. The main advantage that we offers voice ip is the reduction of costs when making phone calls. Unlike conventional telephony, with IP telephony we use the Internet for communications. And this is exactly why the costs are reduced drastically.

Calling by voice ip is very easy

Three simple steps to communicate by voice ip:

  1. Hire the services that best suit your company: software call center, crm, virtual pbx.
  2. Carry your phone number or ask for a new one.
  3. You must contact a company that offers the service.

Below you can read the main advantages of using voip telephony in your communications:



call center software

  1. Cheap rates so you can communicate all the time you need, without being surprised by the costs at the end of the month.
  2. You do not need to make any changes in your company to enjoy voice calls ip.
  3. Being a voice based IP technology, you will be communicated with quality in the service, quickly and safely.
  4. Any device that has access to the Internet will serve to communicate with your workers.
  5. You can access your call center from any computer.
  6. It is not necessary to install programs that are difficult to understand.
  7. You do not need special phones. Your smartphone always works.

telefonía ip

Incredible advantages with the voice ip

Did you know that you can use the voice ip through your smartphone? It’s like having your office always with you no matter where you are. IP voice calls are widely used by entrepreneurs who are either in constant motion, or need to be permanently connected with customers and employees. Or both. Start using this type of telephony over the Internet with Neotel.

Do you still think that your company can pass without a Call Center software?

To obtain information about the callers, the call center software systems work integrated via the crm.

How does the call center software benefit your business?

Cloud-based call center systems

With the Neotel call center software, the company (Neotel) is responsible for all the maintenance of the software so that the client does not have to worry about anything. The main purpose of the virtual pbx is to manage the calls, both incoming and the outgoing.

What is a virtual switchboard?

Various studies mark the experience in customer service as the differential factor at a competitive level. Clients require an infinite number of possible means of communication with companies: chats, telephone lines, whatsapp lines for instant messaging, email, etc.


call center software

Usually when a user visits our website, he ends up making a phone call for a responsible to explain all the final doubts that may have. The phone is still the main tool most used by customers. Software call center has established itself as an essential tool for companies and their telephone service with customers. Call center software is a tool to promote, help and improve customer assistance.


virtual pbx

The advances in voice telephony ip or voip have made it only necessary a phone, a browser and a computer to work from the first day with the call center software. Within the Neotel call center software we can find different types of launchers automatic calls : progressive marker, predictive dialer and robot call.

Review the Neotel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you want to become an expert in everything related to the software call center and virtual pbx sector? Then you need to visit the FAQ section (or frequently asked questions) that we have available on the Neotel website for all users.

This guide is divided into “Software Call Center” and “Virtual PBX“. It answers questions such as: What is a telephone switchboard?…. How much does it cost to set up a call center?…. Which is the best virtual switchboard?…. What is IP telephony? What is the software call center and the virtual switchboard of Neotel?…. Etc.

Neotel has built this extensive guide with the purpose of, both to its clients and to those who do not yet belong to our company, everyone understands what we do in Neotel and what our professional software for call centers consists of.