Robot call: sell more by talking less

Telemarketing is still important for selling and, above all, for getting closer to customers and consumers. However, it is no less true that this discipline has changed its approach in recent years. Today, the focus is on developing strategies that make it possible to sell by call, but without disturbing large groups of people. This is precisely where applications such as the robot call come in, which are generally well accepted. In fact, today it is known that the old practice of calling people to sell is not so popular in some countries or commercial niches. Therefore, thanks to technological progress, new and much more effective forms of commercial communication have been created that allow to reach more customers and transform calls into potential sales.

Robot Call: A fresh automated solution

robot call

It is a fact that for some years now we have become accustomed to answering robotic calls. These have crept into the customer base with considerable success for many reasons. In general, we know that communications with recorded messages are important because companies tend to use them to reveal useful information. This is precisely the magic of the robo call, a system through which such contacts are received. The robo call is an application that allows you to make calls with messages voiced by a recorder. Basically, they work by typing a message in the program specialized for this task, which will be voiced by a robotic voice. After the entrepreneur has written his message, the calls are executed by means of a mass call launcher. From here, the message can reach a large number of customers, almost simultaneously. The call robot is a call launcher, only that, instead of delivering the message through a telemarketer, it does it through a recording. The automation is complete and the only human intervention in the process is in the programming of the message and its launch. Like other dialers such as progressive or predictive, calls are triggered by lists of telephone numbers. Of course, using this format for telemarketing and customer care is very profitable.

Advantages of the robot call to communicate

The robot call is part of telemarketing practices that could be considered “soft”. In this case, the most persuasive aspect is not the content of the message, which is usually generic and even short. In fact, persuasion in this type of communication occurs in the call itself. In fact, recorded messages are more listened to because they are short, concise, precise and institutional. This is the first advantage of this complement to the virtual PBX call center. According to statistics, it is known that 50% of the contacts generated in telemarketing are qualified to buy, but not ready to do so. Therefore, it is good to have persuasion mechanisms that do not involve a large investment of time or money, much less extensive talks by telemarketers. To ensure this non-extensive but necessary communication with customers, the robot call is often ideal. Besides, the best sales processes are those in which the customer does not feel that he is being sold something. This is an idea that even sales experts have been using for centuries. The robot call allows you to communicate offers that may interest customers, precisely because they may not perceive or feel that the company is selling them something. This makes it a very effective telemarketing resource.

Neotel’s program is a telemarketing software.

The virtual PBX call center is much more than a customer service oriented program. In fact, programs as up to date as Neotel’s are about telemarketing software, which includes add-ons that go beyond even the telephone action. In other words, this software and its add-ons have the function of helping entrepreneurs to sell more of what they offer to their customers and potential customers. The mobile virtual PBX is a solution even for companies that do not have large call center rooms. It is important to mention that not all virtual PBXs incorporate solutions such as robot call. Many companies are forced to pay for and install different programs, which is often complicated and costly. In contrast, Neotel’s virtual PBX offers add-ons that are fully compatible with the base program and require no installations or equipment. Everything is easy to handle and the results can be really positive. Check our plans and join one of the most useful and profitable business experiences.

Robot call: Use “robots” to communicate with your customers

There is a great debate about the use of robotics in the different tasks that have been performed by human beings up to now. Talking about robots seems to be an expensive, futuristic and, moreover, harmful to people’s work. To tell the truth, this is far from reality and an example of this is the robot call. A very simple application of automation, economical, of the present and, moreover, functional.

Many robotics applications are already being used without us even realizing it. For example, some of the things we do on a computer involve some level of automation. Similarly, as consumers and business customers we are also served by such applications. Now, we must first understand what a robot call is.

What is a robot call?

robot call

The robot call is an automated system that allows companies to send calls with voicemail messages to customers. To tell the truth, it is called this way because of the robotized voice that gives the message when users answer the call. It should be noted that this is the least robotic part.

Certainly, the robot call is an automated application and this makes it enter to some extent within the field of robotics. It should be remembered that automation implies performing tasks by means of systems that are controlled autonomously. Precisely, this application found in our virtual switchboard software, performs an automatic task: to launch calls with recorded messages.

We have all heard at some time in our lives a business message transmitted thanks to a robot call. For example, when a telephone company launches a recorded call with billing and cut-off date, we are in the presence of this implement. It is precisely this that is done in an automated way.

How does the robot call work?

The robot call is a module of the virtual PBX software, i.e. a program that can be operated from a simple computer. Almost all applications of this type work in a similar way: the message to be voiced is written, a list of telephone numbers is programmed and the system takes care of launching the calls in an automated way. All this is done in a very short time and the reach of this implementation is massive.

Some programs can be very complicated despite their high cost. At Neotel, we offer this application with a very easy to use interface. To tell the truth, automated applications applied to businesses should not be so difficult to operate. Of course, the robot call is a useful application that handles a very simple level of automation.

Robot call is basically a call launcher and, in fact, has the same operation. Only instead of launching calls that will be addressed by telemarketers, they have a recorded message that is voiced by a robotic voice. The best thing is that this is a very effective telemarketing medium that is accepted by customers.

The robot call is not perceived as “annoying”.

When people hear the word telemarketing, they usually picture telemarketers calling to sell. While there are many lines of business that operate this way and it works, there are others in which this type of call might be considered “annoying” by some customers. In contrast, robot call messages are generally well received by most consumers.

In plain words, robot calls are not perceived by customers as telemarketing actions, although they are in fact telemarketing actions. This good perception is evidence of the ability of this application to successfully disseminate business messages. Companies that use this technology tend to enjoy a good perception by their customers and users, because this type of communication is not considered annoying.

It could be said that the robot call is among the most popular telemarketing tools among customers. Like bulk SMS, this is an efficient advertising medium that many consumers are open to. Its immediacy and the shortness of its messages are really advantageous features. This is a good reason to start working with this telemarketing software module.

With Neotel you can automate business communications

Automation and robotics applied to business are increasingly necessary innovations. Some of their applications are very basic and simple to operate. Rather than eliminating jobs, these are tools that make the work of telemarketers, salespeople and those in charge of the commercial activity of companies more efficient.

Implements such as the call robot and other call launchers are very easy to use automations. The result of their implementation is the possibility of carrying out massive campaigns of divulgation, sales, offers and any other type of activity related to marketing. At Neotel, we adapt some of these modules to our virtual PBX software so that you can help your company achieve more sales. Contact us in case you are interested.

5 types of campaigns that can be carried out using robot calls

Business growth has a lot to do with the ability of companies to be always present. This, in turn, implies covering every available communication channel so that consumers remember the company. Many entrepreneurs still do not understand this and that is why they build their commercial proposals solely on the basis of social networks. To tell the truth, resources such as the robot call can contribute to make the big commercial leap.

Not all entrepreneurs are familiar with the use of this application. However, it is part of our lives and from time to time we come into contact with it, as consumers. Now, what is the robot call? And more importantly… How can it be used to amplify a company’s presence?

What is the robot call?

robot call

The robot call is an application that allows to make calls in which a voice message is launched. In other words, instead of talking to a telephone operator, the receiver of the call listens to a recording. The word “robot” is used because the speech is programmed and executed by a robotic operator.

The robot call is part of the everyday life of Smartphone users, even if they are often unaware of it. When the telephone operator launches a call and indicates the date and amount of billing for the month, we are in the presence of applications of this type. In the same way, this happens with other service companies and can even be implemented with other types of businesses.

Many merchants prefer to use social network messaging services, but it is possible to exploit the robot call also in those cases. Basically, this is an automated tool that allows the entrepreneur to extend any kind of advertising or informational message. That is why, as a business communication tool, it can be used in different types of campaigns.

How does the robot call work?

There are many robot call programs or modules, with different capabilities and interfaces. The essence is to have a space where the messages and the list of telephone numbers to which the calls will be directed can be programmed. Both things are configured to be able to send massive voice calls.

In this sense, the call robot is basically a call launcher. Only, instead of being answered by an operator, the message will be voiced by a machine. To place the advertising message that the entrepreneur wants to give to his audience or clientele, he will simply write it and the robot will repeat it.

When the robot call is used, a large number of calls are launched simultaneously. Everything will depend on the limits of each application and, of course, on the number of telephone numbers to which each call will be dialed. The difficulty in using the program depends on the interface, although Neotel has one of the simplest and most intuitive on the market.

Now many may ask themselves the following question: What kind of message or advertising campaign can I make with this tool? Here are some examples.

5.- Collection campaign: the most popular one

It is very easy to remember the robot call thanks to the service companies that make billing reminder calls. The big telephone companies usually use a quite advanced type of automated robo-call that allows to indicate to the customer the amount to be paid in the month, as well as the deadline to do it, or cut-off date.

Of course, this is still an application of automated call launchers that usually favors service companies. However, it is not only banks and telephone companies that offer this type of product. For example, a karate teacher, a gym owner, or an academic who gives virtual classes, can take advantage of this resource to show sophistication.

Promotion of a new product

Many stores don’t know how to promote their new products and are left with the typical publications in social networks. With Robot Call, customers can be alerted about the new launch of a good or service. For this, you simply build an advertising narrative and direct the calls to customers who are really loyal to the brand.

For this type of campaign it is essential to know a little about the customer’s tastes, previous purchases and level of consumption. This type of message must be well targeted and cannot be too repetitive, otherwise it could cause an adverse response from users. Nevertheless, it is an excellent alternative.

Invitation to events

Some companies usually carry out face-to-face activities as part of their loyalty strategy. A full day, parties, entertainment events or concerts. Sometimes they also hold talks or conferences, depending on the type of service or product marketed.

In any case, the robot call is very useful to announce this type of activities that are usually occasional. Precisely because they are very special matters, robotic calls can be used without inconveniencing customers. Undoubtedly, many of the most loyal consumers will be happy to be invited by the company to spend a different day.

2.- Promotion of contests and special offers

The robot call is the ideal way to inform users about new contest promotions and special offers. In fact, it is usually more convenient to promote this type of loyalty action through a call, rather than by written messaging. Consumers may be more stimulated when they hear that they can receive something than when they read about it.

So those businesses that have a special sales season, offers or sweepstakes, can use the robot call to advertise it massively. In this case, it is very positive to carry out very nourished campaigns, with large telephone lists and even several batches of the message.

1.- Loyalty messages

It seems something of little importance, but loyalty is important in any type of business. Being close to the customer and reminding them that the company is there for its customers is positive. The best thing is that it doesn’t take much to accomplish this task. A birthday or Christmas greeting, or a reminder of important information is usually more than enough.

The most active companies in terms of communication usually take advantage of anything to communicate with their customers. It could be a holiday, the beginning of a vacation, or even a mandatory message required by law. All of these are opportunities for the company to make its presence felt, and what better way to do so than by means of a robotic call.

Robot call: effective and current telemarketing

Talking about telemarketing does not imply going back to the past. This is not so, because even in the Internet era we still check ecommerce pages using our smartphones. As long as people continue to pay attention to their smartphones, telemarketing will continue as long as it is smart.

It is often stated that telemarketing is annoying and even abusive. Of course, having a company calling twice a day selling a product or service is uncomfortable. But tools such as the robot call, allow a quick communication that is often not seen as too excessive in terms of advertising practices.

Statistics indicate that business telephone conversations are ingrained in consumers. It is now known that many customers expect their favorite companies to communicate with them through some form of telephone contact. Precisely, the robot call allows to do this without generating many inconveniences, giving the concise and short message to the users.

Virtual PBXs: vital for the use of robot calls

In general, the operation of automatic call launchers depends on the use of virtual PBXs. There may be some separate programs that do not depend on this software. However, it is much easier to use applications such as the robot call by having a program that manages and unifies the company’s communications.

In the case of other call launchers such as progressive and predictive, the use of the virtual PBX is necessary. This IP telephony base program provides the necessary information for the operation of this type of system. Beyond that, virtual PBXs have multiple functionalities useful for any type of enterprise. With them, you can manage all communication, check statistics, have a call support and have other marketing modules.

At Neotel we have one of the most innovative and stable virtual switchboards in the market. By obtaining it, our customers can request the robot call module and other advanced solutions for business communication. Check out our plans tailored for almost any type of company and amplify the reach of your own business.

Uses of the robot call in the business world

The virtual switchboard has evolved to offer companies and businesses innovative marketing tools. Today it is known that telephone contact with customers is still very much alive and has not been replaced by social networks. In this order of ideas, one of the most used callcenter tools nowadays is the robot call.

The use of the robot call is very common in the largest service companies worldwide. Perhaps it is in the medium and small companies where it is less known and used. However, there are a lot of applications that can be given to this technological module. Of course, the first thing to do is to know what this tool is all about.

Robot call: more than a telephone dialer

robot call

Dialers are systems that allow several calls to be made simultaneously. This is a resource generally used for commercial purposes. In their traditional version, they process lists of telephone numbers and launch calls which, when answered by customers, are handled by a company teleoperator.

Up to this point, the telephone dialer did not replace the work of the human telephone operator. In the end, they were the ones who necessarily had to dialogue and negotiate with the customer. This is not an obsolete technology, as many companies use intelligent telephone dialers such as predictive and progressive dialers.

However, telephone dialers have advanced to offer a more advanced technological solution. That is precisely what Robot call is, a call launcher that does not require human telephone agents to deliver a message to customers. It is an entirely automated advertising tool.

How does the robot call do its job?

The robot call is a call launcher with messages voiced by a “robotic” operator.  That is to say, when answering the call, the customer will not hear a person, but a recorded message. Therefore, it should be understood as a fully automated application.

It could be said that the call robot is a call launcher in two parts. In this case, not only the list of telephone numbers to be called is programmed. In addition to this, the message to be conveyed by the call is also entered into the system.

After programming the list of telephone numbers and the message to be transmitted, the calls are launched simultaneously. When customers answer, they basically listen to an operator who repeats the message that was written and programmed in the robot call. In this way, an advertising message can be delivered without the need to use telephone agents.

The great thing about the robot call is that it can be used for many types of advertising messages. Companies can set many objectives around this ideal tool for telemarketing.

Use the robo call to inform about new plans and offers.

The robot call is understood as an excellent way to inform and build loyalty. If the company or business has a new product or service, an excellent way to announce it is through voice calls. In this way, the clientele can know that there is a new plan that could favor him or her, be cheaper or more convenient for him or her.

Above all, in the case of offers, the robot call is usually very effective and generates interaction. Discounts and gifts are not only well received and capture the interest of users. In addition to that, this type of message can mobilize them to the company’s website. In fact, in these cases it is recommended to end the message with a phrase such as “see more on our website”.

Informing offers through the robot call has the advantage of predisposing the customer to attend this type of calls. From then on, many customers will be more open to receive this type of business messages to get information and look for offers that are convenient for them.

An excellent way to inform about billing

One of the problems that some service companies have is informing their customers about their billing. Nowadays there are self-management systems available on the Internet. However, it is always a good strategy to remind customers about their debt and cut-off date.

The robot call is a very useful tool to remind customers about their service billing. In fact, it can be much more effective to listen to this than to check it on the computer. Users tend to remember more accurately both the amounts and the billing dates.

Many cell phone companies, banks and insurance brokers use this method. This is because they know that it is an ideal strategy to avoid payment delays and outages that complicate the company-user relationship. Doing this work is important to avoid a bad impression of the customer and allows companies to keep in touch.

Robot calls are perfect for building customer loyalty

Not all advertising messages are aimed at selling or collecting payment. In fact, companies must also communicate empathetically with customers and potential users. For this, the robot call can be a viable alternative.

For example, Christmas messages and special day greetings are an excellent way to build customer loyalty. If it is a service company, it is also feasible to celebrate the anniversary of the user’s stay with the company. Caution messages can also be sent during the vacations.

There are many loyalty messages that companies can use to keep in touch with customers. These are more important than they seem, being key in creating an emotional connection with the company and its products.

Can businesses use the robot call?

Experience shows that the companies that make the most use of the robo-call are those that offer services and not products. This is because this telephone dialer is very useful for mass communications. However, even a retailer or a virtual store can take advantage of this module of the virtual switchboard.

For example, a virtual store can use the robot call to notify its most trusted customers about the arrival of new merchandise. It can also inform about a new offer, promotion and also send loyalty messages.

Similarly, it is feasible to use the robot call to invite customers to a special event. If, for example, a shopping fair or exhibition is held, this is a good way to promote the activity to encourage attendance. It all depends on the creativity of the business owner or marketing manager.

Advantages of the robot call

The robot call has several advantages when compared to other similar telemarketing systems, such as the telephone dialer. Of course, each of the callcenter tools has its own function, and all of them are good for something. However, it is important to mention the good things that this particular module has:

Greater control of the advertising message: when a telemarketer makes a sale or offers a promotion, many factors can come into play. In addition, there are people who develop selling skills and others who do not. With the robot call, the advertising message is designed and programmed in advance.
Everything is automated: This call launcher is ideal to perform tasks without employing telephone operators. This is because the robot call is fully automated. Its operation only requires the elaboration of the message and the programming of the telemarketing campaign.
It is a mass telemarketing module: Telemarketing campaigns with human operators are limited. They depend on the number of agents available and usually require more time covering a small number of customers. In contrast, the robot call can reach many people quickly and simultaneously.
It is less annoying: Many customers perceive calls with recorded voiceovers as less annoying. This is because their informative message is usually short and precise. This is an advantage compared to telemarketing calls.

Neotel has the cheapest and newest virtual pbx

The robot call is one of the additional modules offered by Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Our system is state-of-the-art, easy to understand and with an intuitive interface. Anyone can program messages to be broadcast by voice call.

The message can be written or recorded and then simply broadcast through simultaneous calls. Neotel offers different cost packages for the use of the robot call. This is intended so that every company can enjoy this automated system, depending on their budget. For example, a small company can opt for the 10-channel plan for as little as 25 euros per month.

Robot call is just one of the callcenter tools that Neotel offers to amplify business communication. Our program offers a series of technological solutions for customer service and telemarketing. We have the cheapest and most innovative virtual switchboard on the market.

Robot call allows companies to carry out mass advertising

Today’s marketing strategies are based on the knowledge of customers and potential users. And although social networks allow business communication, it is not as complete or the only means to explore. In contrast, some of the call center software applications allow companies to communicate directly and with due formality. This is precisely the case of the robot call.

This module may not seem very familiar when you hear its name. However, all of us as service users have heard it at some time or another. This is because many service companies usually implement it on a massive scale to communicate with customers.

What is Robot call?


robot call

Occasionally, companies make calls to their customers’ local or cell phones. When they answer, instead of listening to a human operator in real time, they listen to a robotic operator or rather to a recorded voice-over. This is precisely the job of the robot call.

The robot call is an automated call dispatcher that broadcasts pre-recorded messages. It can also be called “robot call” for its Spanish translation or robotic call. This name is due to the fact that the voice heard by the receiver of the message resembles that of a machine.

In reality, the robot call is a fully automated tool, although it does not incorporate complex artificial intelligence programming. It is also a telephone dialer due to the way it operates when launching calls. To a certain extent, it works in a similar way to predictive or progressive dialers, only that it does not implement complicated algorithms as these are not necessary for its correct performance.

How does the robot call work?

The call robot is usually a complementary module to the call center software. As with any telephone dialer nowadays, this implement works with lists of contacts. In principle, simultaneous dialing of calls to each of the contacts in the list is programmed.

In the middle of the process, the message to be transmitted is recorded or transcribed by means of the locution. This process is usually very simple and automatic, especially in the most updated and innovative modules such as Neotel’s dialers. The system automatically and simultaneously launches calls to each contact in the list.

Subsequently, the system launches calls simultaneously going through all the numbers in the list. After this, different customers located in different areas receive the robotic call and when they answer, they hear the paged message that has been programmed by the company. Of course, some numbers will be suspended and other calls will not go through, but the system will contact a large number of customers.

What kind of information is given through the robot call?

Companies can convey any information to their customers, beyond the product they offer. In general, the message of the call can have a limit of duration or rather, of spoken words. In any case, the robot call tends to be used for relatively short voiceovers. People also tend not to stay on the phone for long when they receive calls of this type.

The shorter, more precise and direct the message is, the better. For example, one of the most common uses of this telephone dialer is to communicate billing amounts. This happens a lot with telephone companies, which launch calls with precise information about each customer’s debt and the cut-off date. The locution is usually complemented by indicating payment channels or the company’s slogan.

However, the robot call can be used to send messages of any nature. Some companies use it, for example, to apologize in case of a generalized failure of the service offered. This happens a lot with telephone companies, cable TV systems or banks.

The only limit posed by this module, besides perhaps the length of the speech, is the creativity of the person in charge of designing it. The robot call can be used to promote a product or service, make a reminder, send a loyalty message to customers and even link with interesting resources such as telephone surveys through the IVR.

Robot calls can generate interaction

Robot call voice messages are usually implemented to communicate something to large groups of customers. However, what many companies are unaware of is that this automated module can also be implemented to collect customer feedback.

This is very interesting and is tantamount to turning a dissemination tool into an interaction tool. Implementing the robot call in this way, allows to know better the consumers and in turn to create campaigns, offers and products more and more successful. This type of module can be exploited in many ways, if used creatively and strategically.

In fact, some robot call modules have different modalities designed to perform different tasks. Therefore, it is essential to study the options available on the market and always look for the most complete and innovative ones.

Robot Call Modalities

Neotel’s robot call has up to three modalities or types of messages. The first is the basic one, which simply consists of the possibility of issuing calls with voicemail messages. This is ideal for transmitting concise and short information to customers, without waiting for further feedback. However, there are other functionalities aimed at more complex business strategies.

The second type of message offered by Neotel is that of voice messages in combination with a telephone survey. Basically, the paged message is sent and combined with a telephone survey that customers can answer using the keypad. The query can be about some data or preference that the company needs to know from its clientele.

Finally, there is the option of launching paged messages and then taking customers to a menu of options. From the menu, people can be invited to fill out a survey or talk to an operator. This is ideal for motivating users to change a plan, or for data or service upgrades.

Of course, each robot call software has different functionalities. For example, these are the three options that Neotel’s digital PBX allows, which is quite new and updated. It is important to note that not all companies and programs use the same system.

How to choose the right Robot Call module?

Understanding that not all Robot Call software and modules are the same, it is necessary to verify the options offered by the market. For example, it is vital that this and the rest of the contracted telephone dialers can be easily managed from a friendly interface. To tell the truth, some systems and software can be very confusing and this always harms the company that hires the service.

It is also essential that the robot call has up-to-date features and complementary modalities. The best modules of its kind can be combined with other telephone management systems such as IVR, or telephone surveys. This is what will allow the company to take full advantage of each technological tool, improve productivity and differentiate itself from the competition.

However, the choice of a good call robot and other automated modules depends on the choice of an innovative call center software, updated, with multifunctional features and allowing full integration with other tools. Therefore, choosing a company that offers this service is a matter that requires a thorough analysis.

Neotel offers a state-of-the-art Robot Call

Both Neotel’s virtual switchboard and its modules guarantee an optimal, simple and high performance operation. The cost of the virtual switchboard service and other complements is one of the most competitive in the market. Robot call contracting can start with a basic price of 25€ for ten channels. Of course, there are other more comprehensive plans for larger companies with bigger budgets.

The best thing about Neotel’s plans is that they adapt to the economic reality of each company. The basic plans are very inexpensive and are designed for small and growing businesses. Each service or add-on is broken down and the entrepreneur simply chooses what they need to manage their business communications.

Neotel customers can also count on progressive and predictive dialer, IVR system, telephone surveys and a wide range of tools. Our call center software is customizable and allows the integration of third-party applications.

Everything is done without installation, additional costs or expensive equipment. Neotel’s virtual PBX works with Internet connection and any available digital device. The team of experts is always available to answer any questions from service contractors. Undoubtedly, an investment to grow the business from the attention and also commercially.


Practical uses of the robot call in a company

Automated modules are covering almost every area of today’s business. Every day a new tool appears that does certain jobs with just a single programming. Customer service is no exception, and there are entire processes that can be completed without the involvement of a telephone operator. Precisely, the robot call allows to communicate with the user without the use of human resources.

The robot call allows you to compose messages that are then narrated by an artificial voice. A speech is simply written and the system is programmed to launch calls to a list of customers. When the receiver answers the call, it listens to the information that the company wants to notify.  Now… What is the purpose of this functionality offered by the virtual PBX of companies like Neotel?

Let your customers know about new offers and services.  


robot call

The advantage of automating some functions from call center software is that the work is better organized. It does not make sense to direct a group of operators to do promotions, if they are needed to process claims. When the staff is small and the level of incoming calls is large, using the call robot for promotions is an excellent solution.

With the robo call, customers can be informed about special or new offers and promotions. This type of robotic narration can introduce the customer to what’s new in less than a minute. The message can be complemented with the company’s slogan or some kind of empathetic expression with the users.

Another excellent use of the robot call is the promotion of new services offered by the company. This happens very often with telephone companies when they have new plans or rates. In fact, this tool can be used to prepare the customer for the establishment of new prices.

Robot call as a voice for the institutional message

The robot call can also be used to promote a new way of doing business with the company. For example, it can be used to announce the creation of a web page, or a new automated management system for the customer. It is even possible to remind users of the contact numbers in case of any eventuality.

Special contingencies can also be addressed through robot call messages. If there is a technical failure with a service provided or in the call center itself, a narrated notification can be passed on. Any situation that generates discomfort can be notified and this will bring peace of mind to the clientele. In this way, users will know that the company is aware of a failure and that it will work to solve it and compensate those affected.

Any generic message that you want to notify a large group of customers can be communicated through this module. Basically, it is a call launcher but unlike the predictive or progressive dialer, in this one an operator speaks. There are modules that invite the user to press a button to contact the operators. Undoubtedly, this is a resource that cannot go unnoticed.


Alert your customers with the robot call

Automation brings great solutions to corporate customer service. For example, call launchers even make it possible to control the management of operators in order to make them more productive. Now even the communication process is automatic, and an example of this is the robot call technology.


robot call Neotel call launchers

A large part of corporate communication is no longer performed by human employees. This reduces costs, labor effort and improves the company’s image. It sounds like a big deal, but delegating a portion of customer service is nowadays very simple. That is precisely what robot call is all about.

Robot call: reaching customers without picking up the phone

Robot call is a module that distributes mass messages through programming. Basically, its system makes it possible to record the speech and send it to lists of customers simultaneously. In this sense, it could be said that it is an effective call launcher with automated voice.

Being hosted in the virtual PBX, the robot call also allows to collect data on the success of the campaign. In other words, a record of its operations is kept to verify whether users are being reached in the right way. For this reason, today it has become an indispensable requirement for both telemarketing and customer service.

Its task of delivering a message is just the beginning of all the benefits that its use generates at a business level. Today, the robot call also generates facilities for the customer to take an active role in generating feedback. Its system has advanced to generate a channel that facilitates sales and self-management.

Two forms of interaction

It is likely that at this very moment new functionalities are being created for the robot call module. For now, the most advanced automated systems basically allow for two additional functions in addition to the broadcast of simple messages to users. These features can be purchased cheaply from companies such as Neotel.

call launcher

The first formula involves sending a voice message and then allowing the customer to participate in an automated survey. In this way, companies can consult users about plans, complaints, level of service and the like. It’s really about giving the customer a say in how the company is viewed by its consumer audience.

The second mode involves giving the message and then allowing the customer to access a menu via the phone’s buttons. There, the person can either fill out a survey or decide to contact a company operator. This is important because it can be the link to a new purchase, the completion of a payment or a management for the user.

In short, the robot call can be a tool that facilitates work or profits for companies. You only have to design the message you want to give and incorporate this module to the call center software. Undoubtedly, one of the best innovations in automation.


Robot call: reach your customers without moving a finger

When you talk about telephone assistance you immediately think of a call center with many operators. However, companies have other alternatives to provide attention to their customers. One of these solutions is robot call, totally automated and very effective.

Call launchers allow managing the sending or receiving of calls to tele-operators by means of dialers. However, the call robot makes it possible to carry advertising, billing or any type of attention without occupying the staff.

What is the call robot?

The call robot is a modality that allows to launch calls with a recorded message for the clients. The system is basically programmed to communicate the information that the company wants, even to large lists of numbers. In this way, it is possible to dispense with human operators for certain tasks.

The call robot emits these messages in a massive and simultaneous way without major human efforts. This technology is one of the most advanced and automated in telephone communication.

In this way, the call center can be oriented in the attention of calls and tasks of specialized marketing. Meanwhile, the less complex information tasks can fall to the call robot.

How to choose the call robot service?

It is important that the company studies well the characteristics of robot call that it requires in function of the tasks that it tries to assign. The automated services can be very diverse as for what they allow to do. The functions change in each product as well as its price.

The basic robot call simply they reproduce messages pregrabados when a client attends the call. Nevertheless, some allow that the client accedes to a menu of options by pulsation. In these cases, the objective is that people can communicate with a specific department.

All it said indicates that the robot call can be much more that a repeater of announcements. This tool can generate interaction in the clients and to motivate in them the affiliation or payment of a service.

Increases productivity and sales

The call robot is the perfect complement to the customer service department. In the case of Neotel, this modality is incorporated with the call center software. Companies can have it without installations and with a system hosted 100% in the cloud. The important thing is to research and find optimal business solutions.



Progressive dialer: ideal for telephone sales


Companies with call center departments can control their productivity through automation. To do this, they can implement call launchers with various types of dialers. One of the most useful is precisely the progressive dialer.

Progressive dialers allow the management of the work of the tele-operators to be programmed. However, before choosing a type of marker, it is necessary to know what kind of work it will be used for.

What is a progressive marker?

Automatic call launchers allow you to control the calls received or sent between telemarketers and customers. For this to happen, the launcher has operating modes and the progressive dialer is one of them.

With the progressive dialer the system launches calls as its name indicates, in a progressive way. Therefore, communication with customers will be carried out leaving longer waiting times between each call. This is usually necessary in some businesses according to their activity.

With progressive dialers, no room for error is left and the quality of the call is usually prioritized. In this case, the system makes the dialing ensuring that there is always an operator available online for the customer.

Advantages of having a progressive dialer

The progressive dialer is ideal for call center departments with low call volume. If you want to give a specialized type of attention to VIP customers, this is the right system.

When there are long periods between calls the operator feels less stress and offers a more cordial attention. This system is also ideal for online sales and other types of outbound call campaigns.

In progressive dialing everything revolves around quality and efficiency. The contact lists for the realization of the campaigns are spent less quickly. This way, the process is oriented towards the order and use of the databases.

Progressive marker: quality over quantity

There are tasks for which it is better to select another type of marker. For example, call centers that have a high call flow should work with the predictive dialer. In this one, the attention of a greater amount of calls is prioritized.

The best call launchers incorporate several operating modes. Those of Neotel for example they have two markers and robot call. The system is managed through an intuitive interface is hosted in the cloud.

The call launchers allow for better customer service management and increased productivity. The important thing is to analyze what kind of tasks the company does and start enjoying these technological solutions.



Robot Call: The ideal tool for mass campaigns

Within the great marketing strategies are the massive campaigns, whether by email, landing pages, messages or calls, and despite the technology calls are still one of the best ways to achieve it, if your campaign will be with the same messages the most recommended is to use a robot call to carry it out.

What is a robot call?

Robot call are automatic calls that are made using software to transmit a recorded message when the phone is picked up.

In short, they are phone calls that use a predictive or progressive dialer to distribute a pre-recorded message, using the robot call to do so.

How robotic calls are used for commercial purposes

Among the advantages of robotic calls are the reduction of costs when making repetitive campaigns (same message to different customers).

A well used robot call is the best ally in corporate marketing strategies, it is one of the tools that takes maximum advantage of customer service.

A specific message for a new product campaign, surveys or thanks for their loyalty are just some of the uses of the robot call.

Why use Neotel’s robot call?

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to distribute messages to a list of clients in an economic, efficient and agile way.

The way the robot call task is executed is

  • Make mass calls and simultaneously play the recorded voice message.
  • Sometimes it gives the customer the option of being transferred to a commercial agent or answering a survey.
  • No agent required during the call

It allows a very valuable objective to be achieved: customer feedback on the brand, products and services can also provide valuable information in commercial prospecting campaigns.

Using the Neotel Robot Call

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to send a specific message to a list of clients, using a database, a recorded message so that the system starts calling all clients simultaneously.

As commented in previous paragraphs, sometimes it may require the interaction of the agent, for which the customer must use his numeric keyboard.


predictive dialer

Advantages of the Robot Call

Neotel con este robot call te ofrece:

  • Easy campaign management
  • No software installation required
  • No initial cost
  • No permanence contract required
  • Easy to use for agents


progressive dialer

You can create survey systems, execute campaigns and obtain customer satisfaction with a product or service, with that data you can focus on new successful campaigns.

The Robot call is part of Neotel’s call center software that includes WebRTC Line, Progressive Dialer and Predictive Dialer.