Virtual Premium Call Recorder: Your calls recorded every time

Current call centers require the recording of calls for monitoring, control and education of agents, being fundamental for your company. Remembering that European regulations establish that recordings must have explicit authorization from the customer, Neotel offers within its call center software the option of call recording.

Importance of virtual call recorder

In order to comply with the regulations it is necessary to have the software that includes the integrated call function, allowing to save, play and delete the recordings as appropriate.

Neotel’s Virtual Call Recording is included in the Virtual PBX which allows you to save all incoming or outgoing recordings of your company for up to two months.


Automatic Call Recorder (A.C.R.)

Depending on your requirements you can configure the call recordings in your call center software.

The automatic call recorder will help you to have a copy of all conversations without the need of human intervention.

Agents won’t worry about recording calls, and will focus on properly attending to each of their customers or prospects.

Neotel Virtual Premium Call Recorder

One of the functions that we offer you at Neotel is the Premium Call Recorder that allows you to extend the time and storage space of the calls that are made and received in your company.

This additional function of the virtual switchboard allows you to forget about the 2 month limitation. When you activate the service, all the recordings will always be in the cloud where you can access them from any location that has internet.

This Neotel cloud offers you the capacity of 1 Terabyte.

How much is 1 Tb?


To understand how much is the capacity of the Neotel cloud we offer you the following comparison:

1 Gb is about 14,000 minutes (which is about 9 days)

1 Tb is about 10,000 days (About 27 years of recording)

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What does the Virtual Premium Call Recorder service include?

The service includes access to the web where you can find your personal recording library with search filters to access the recording you need with access from anywhere in the world.


  • You will have access to all outgoing and incoming calls from your PBX that are stored in the Neotel cloud.
  • Specialized web panel for audio management functions.
  • Save your phone conversations permanently in time.
  • It does not require permanence.
  • Listen to, download or delete all the calls you have recorded, you can do it directly from the website
  • Filter recordings by date, extension or agent
  • Allows you to store your company’s/business’s telephone attention in order to optimize customer service.


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The Virtual Premium Call Recorder is an additional service that you can include in your virtual switchboard where you also have access to


How to reduce costs in the company with the CRM and the virtual pbx

Having the Neotel crm integrated into your PBX is very useful when segmenting leads for future campaigns for example.

Neotel’s crm gives us a lot of information to carry out our campaigns.

The virtual pbx has as one of its goals to promote telework in the company. How? Because it turns out that when we work with this type of systems is not necessary that our employees are physically located in our office and can work from home. In this way the workers gain time (and quality of life) and the employer can cut costs in for example the rental of the office for the company. This is just one of the many ways in which a virtual switchboard helps us to save costs.

To start working with the Neotel crm or pbx no separate software needs to be installed. We would only need to log in with our user that Neotel provides us through its intuitive interface via web.

Neotel creates a perfect synergy between your crm and your virtual pbx, integrating the crm into it. This union creates the perfect tool for creating and managing marketing campaigns.


Switchboard + crm the perfect combination

The Neotel switchboard also offers, among others, the functionality of the virtual fax and the recording of calls that are never deleted and with its own search panel to locate them when necessary.

Best of all, with Neotel’s virtual switchboard you don’t even need a physical phone anymore, so here you’ll also be saving money. If you have a device connected to the Internet, you already have the Neotel switchboard – it’s that simple!


If you have a device you have a switchboard

Reducing the cost of the telephone bill is now possible


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You can consult our rates of crm and switchboard visiting these pages:

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Virtual pbx

Relocation has been a reality for many years. This means that a company can work with its employees located in different countries of the world and can also offer its services by telephone to any destination.