Professional voice-over services: Defining the brand

The voice is an element that characterizes every human being and gives him/her personality and presence. Likewise, voices tend to be fundamental elements that distinguish any company no matter where it is located. For decades, the most successful companies have identified how necessary it is to define this element, which ends up being an ingrained element of the corporate brand. Hence the importance of a professional voice-over service.

Defining the voice or voices of an advertising campaign is as central as the advertising content itself. We can verify this with some of the advertisements and commercials we have heard and whose message has become ingrained in our minds. In fact, we have all come into contact with advertising content whose voice is so characteristic that we do not forget it. This is precisely the power of voiceovers when entrepreneurs use them in a calculated way.

What does an announcer do?

A speaker is a person who presents information of any kind with his or her voice. This figure came into force with the appearance and popularization of radio, which was, until a few decades ago, the mass media par excellence. However, this type of professional remained in force in media such as television and even today, there are many broadcasters within social networks.

In fact, current formats such as podcasts or YouTube videos are spaces where broadcasters continue to appear. Many broadcasters are also television presenters and social communicators of various kinds. However, the work of this type of professional goes beyond entertainment.

Over time, professional voiceover professionals have become a fundamental part of corporate advertising work. Then as now, companies used to hire famous or unknown speakers to promote their products. In the last three decades, the practice of using their voice as an element of the brand has become normalized. Due to this trend, the professional voiceover service was created.

What is a professional voice-over service?

The professional voice-over service is a product aimed at companies in need of voice-over artists and speakers. Its main task is to provide skilled and qualified voice talents to produce advertising content. However, some services such as Neotel’s offer some extra work related to advertising and corporate content voiced.

This is the type of service that is requested by companies when they need to work with voiceovers. There are many contents that require voiceovers to be developed: radio and television commercials, advertising on social networks and some company’s own environments in which they interact with the client. This includes, for example, website content and, of course, the call center.

When customers call the call center, they usually hear voices and messages that identify the company. In fact, this is something that is becoming more and more popular and, although it may not seem like it, it has become an element that speaks very well of the growth of companies. Firms that use professional voiceovers in their call center services are seen as large, successful and established.

Call center voice-over: How is it developed?

The call center voice-over is used to create content for companies’ telephone channels. In general, it is usually focused on the IVR, although there are also other spaces in which it is used. In general, it has the purpose of using voice as an element that identifies a company and differentiates it from the rest.

The IVR is the system with which customers interact when they call a company’s call center. From the moment a human or robotic voice welcomes us, what is operating is precisely this module. It is precisely this system that allows us to use the call center locution to humanize the telephone channel.

Of course, there are different ways to use the call center locution in the call center. The call center software and its IVR module allow you to use different messages and place them in different places.

What can be promoted with call center voiceovers?

Basically, any advertising message that is useful for the company can be transmitted in this way. For example, it is very common to repeat the main slogan of the company. Here are some examples of advertisements a company can transmit from its IVR:

Loyalty messages: Companies often use their professional voiceovers to build customer loyalty. To do so, they can give a merry Christmas message, or build a speech oriented to them.
Special promotions: Many companies introduce information about promotions and sweepstakes in their IVR. This is evident, for example, in telephone companies and banking entities.
New product announcements: Just as professional voiceovers are often used for sweepstakes and special activities, it can also be done to promote a new product or service.

The type of message or the intention of the advertisement will always depend on what the company wants to communicate. There are many ways to approach this type of advertising. Professional voice-over services can help to build the advertisements. That is to say, that in some cases, their work goes beyond executing the voice-over.

Where can call center voice-over content go?

The most innovative call center software is usually very versatile when it comes to introducing voiceovers. Of course, each program is different and has its own particular characteristics. Beyond this, call center voice-over content is usually heard in the following areas:

IVR welcome: Professional voiceovers are usually used to extend the welcome message to the company’s callers. As a matter of fact, in this case, very high profile communicators are usually used. These are celebrities or people with a very defined, attractive and elaborated voice.

After the welcome: The IVR usually offers an open system to introduce voiceovers. A widely used resource is to place an advertising message of transcendence right after the greeting. In some cases, advertising pieces that are published on radio and television are placed. This is a very good trick, because the customer identifies the message clearly and the corporate identity is anchored.

During waiting time: While a person is in a waiting line, he/she can listen to advertising messages. Likewise, when a telephone operator places the customer on hold, these can also be transmitted.

Telephone surveys: The IVR also allows queries to be made because it is a system for interaction. Some modules allow changing the robotic voice that the customer hears when listening to the survey and the possible answers.

Other contributions of the professional voice-over service

The professional voice-over service is not only responsible for providing speakers for companies. In fact, its work is much more complex and hence its importance at the advertising level. Some less known tasks are the following:

Dialogue translation: This type of service is also in charge of translating the dialogues that the company wants to use in its IVR. This is necessary to promote the expansion of companies and the inclusion of foreign clients within them.
Voiceovers in other languages: Just as the service helps translate texts through experts in different languages, it can also do voiceovers in other languages.
Revision of scripts: In addition to translations, some professional voice-over services can also make corrections and improve the speech. This is often an additional work requested by clients.

A good professional voice-over service takes care to improve the messages being voiced. It is known that these are contents that should not have any type of error, since they will be listened to by thousands of people.

What does Neotel’s professional voice-over service offer?

Neotel has a professional voice-over service that is quite advanced, complete and oriented to meet the expectations of our clients. This is a task that allows us to adequately complement the work of our call center software.

At Neotel we offer services that go beyond simple voiceovers. Those who want to do their IVR voiceovers in several languages, can do it without any problem with us. Here we have professional translators and speakers who can even speak Mandarin, German, and Russian.

We also have an exclusive service that allows the client to make infinite modifications. In this way, the client can change each speech as many times as he/she wishes. Of course, we also offer a cheap voice-over service, a bit more restricted, but of high quality.

The price of Neotel’s virtual PBX varies depending on the needs and availability of each client. We have a plan suitable for every type of entrepreneur. All our customers can have access to professional voice over services. Our company has a wide range of technological and communication solutions for today’s companies.


Professional voiceover service: Your text transformed into voice

Every day is more important the professional communication of your company, that’s why from Neotel we offer you the possibility of the professional voice over service so that all the audios, answering machines and communication you do stand out for their quality, professionalism and ease of diction.


How is the professional voice-over service processed?

Write the script that you require to be taken to voice-over (your text) and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Once the budget has been approved, you cannot make any changes to the script. You must write the instructions you want to give to the interlocutor.

Clearly indicate: the pronunciation and accentuation of trademarks or infrequent words, acronyms, etc. Free modifications are not allowed.


Additional professional voiceover services

Once the needs of the professional voiceover service have been agreed upon, you can obtain the following voiceover extras:

Female voice / a la carte


You can indicate a preference for a woman’s voice or a voice other than the standard corporate voice. Just indicate in the “Script” field what type of voice you want.

We will make the choice of the voice that best suits what you are looking for. If you want to know in advance which voice will make your order you can contact us.


Cutting out files for the PBX

If you want to receive each of the options of the switchboard in a separate file, you have to indicate that you want this option when you place your order.

In the text box, separate each of the options with a bar like this / so that we know where to cut and avoid possible errors or omissions


Multiple takes

By selecting this option, the speaker will take several shots of your sentences, with different interpretative nuances.

Each take will be separated in the file by a tone, so that you can easily edit it


Infinite modifications

All our voiceovers are guaranteed to be modified if we make a mistake. For example, if the voiceover is poor, there is background noise, etc.

But you may ask us to make changes on things that only you as a customer will be able to perceive.

The nuance, the cadence. Completely subjective issues. We advise you to hire this option if your work has these characteristics


Review or translation of your text

If you are not completely sure that your text is correct, we can make a revision of it.

We will do a grammatical study of what you send us, we will check the concordance between you and us, and we will give a style review.

We may not change anything, if everything is correct.

As for translation, please indicate instructions in the target language. If you want it translated into several languages, paste as many times as the languages of the text to rate correctly.


Number of foreign voices

Select how many languages other than Spanish require voice-overs. In the instructions, indicate languages, genres and accents for each professional voiceover.

Professional voice-over services are available in the following languages:

  • URDU


You can hear samples of the service by writing to us first. We also translate and proofread your text. Simply send us an email and we will prepare a personalized quote.