Professional voice-over services: Giving identity to your company

Customer care and telemarketing services are more than just business communication. Nowadays, every communication element is oriented to be part of the corporate image. Each resource is part of the company, its mission and vision, permanently building the brand. This explains why many companies hire a professional voice-over service.

A company’s advertising transcends radio and television commercials. In the past, the largest companies had the luxury of hiring famous personalities from the small screen. Today, things have changed and in today’s communication dynamics, opportunities are amplified even for small businesses. Even the call center service can become an advertising resource.

What is a professional voice-over service?

The transmission of advertising and business messages is a matter that should not be taken lightly. Some of the most prestigious brands have used expert voice talents to promote their image in the market. There are accredited professionals with voice-over certification who are hired to interpret speeches for business purposes.

Neotel’s professional voice-over service responds to the demand that companies have for professional voice-over professionals. Nowadays, this type of work has become very important in marketing. It is known that the messages emitted by a business entity have a direct impact on the perception of customers and potential prospects.

Not just anyone can make an announcement and communicate business messages. A well-targeted voice-over can increase a company’s image, helping to anchor it for years or decades in the market. In the same way, poorly targeted voiceovers can generate a negative view of the company among consumers.

Voiceover: separating the little guys from the big guys

When advertising was broadcast only on radio and television, voiceovers defined the economic future of entire companies. Back then, the big companies were known for hiring the best voices on the small screen. Of course, behind this work were trained voice talents, experts in this type of advertising work.

Likewise, some companies managed to jump to the small screen with low-budget advertising. Unfortunately, those that did not invest enough in expert voice talent could be perceived as inexperienced companies. Few people as consumers want to hire services or products that may be of questionable quality.

Voiceover is a discipline that requires study, preparation and a certain degree of technique. Its objective is to communicate ideas in a coherent, understandable and attractive way. It should be noted that the professional voice-over service goes beyond the hiring of speakers and also has to do with the configuration of the messages.

The close relationship between the call center and voice-over services

The arrival of the call center implied the opening of significant spaces for communication between clients and their companies. With the development of telephone answering services, the importance of voice-over in marketing increased. Soon, new spaces were created that could be used to promote companies and turn them into brands.

Customer care services have been using voice-over to better position companies for decades. Since the development of the IVR, companies have gained an important space to build their image. Voiceovers are not only used to sell, but also to humanize the company and its activity. From this point on, both the interactive response system and voiceovers acquired a new meaning.

In today’s IVRs, voiceovers have a vital impact on customer perception. In fact, today it is much more important to work with the recorded voice of this interactive system. It is important to remember that customers make transactions through this system. Therefore, it is understood that many people will listen to the voiced messages.

IVR and speakers: projecting the company’s image

The IVR is nowadays one of the main resources of corporate image. However, this is thanks to professional voice-over services. Without thoughtful, quality human voiceovers, this interactive system would be a mere operator.

Recorded voiceovers give life to the IVR, which is the system that allows interaction and self-management. This is vital, especially in companies that offer services. Recorded voices give life to this mechanism and, in turn, humanize the company. Therefore, it is not a minor matter to choose both the message and the voice to be used.

The IVR with the voice-over welcomes the system, repeats the company’s slogans and values and interacts with the customer. In addition, it guides callers to the call center to the correct department. Their work has a human connotation and generates a proven effect on the attitude of customers when making calls to the company. Internalizing this gives you a better idea of the scope of voiceovers.

What should an IVR voice-over be like?

In principle, the IVR voice-over in a call center should sound human. Hence the need to replace the robotized voices of this system with recorded voiceovers of real people. Even knowing that it is a recording, these speeches generate an effect on customers in the middle of the call.

The message must be appropriate to have a positive effect. Indeed, getting the wording right is critical and should be carefully considered. This is even more important when it comes to the introduction of the IVR, which is basically every company’s calling card. The right thing to do is to make this part of the message make the customer feel good, enhancing the call experience.

A current best practice is to match the IVR voice message with the company’s values. This strengthens the message of what the company wants to represent to its customers and potential users. For example, there are messages and expressions that evoke transparency, trust or quick attention.

Professional voice-over service: What does it do?

The professional voice-over service involves the locution of a speech devised by the requesting company. However, those who offer to perform this work may offer complementary services. That is to say, there are different ways of doing this type of work.

For example, at Neotel we offer an additional service for the revision of the text. Obviously, the companies that offer these services also need the quality of the messages voiced by the requesting companies.

Before the voice-over is done, it is essential to choose the voice that will perform it. In this sense, it is also necessary to make an analysis where the values and functions of the company are related to the available voices. Once this is defined, the different takes can be performed.

Translation into several languages is important

Another reason why companies hire a professional voice-over service is the need to have IVR in several languages. This type of service offers to translate the operator’s voiced messages in several languages and with human voices.

Neotel translates voiceovers in up to 12 different languages, not including Spanish. Languages as complicated as German, Russian and Mandarin are adapted to the call center service. This is necessary for both national and transnational companies.

Call center software alone cannot offer menus in so many languages. Translation of the service allows companies to increase their range of action and market by offering management to different people, overcoming language barriers. This also means positioning yourself better than the competition.

What Neotel’s professional voice-over service offers

At Neotel we understand the importance of humanizing customer service from the moment the customer initiates the call. That is why our professional voice-over services work based on the communication strategy of our clients. For this purpose, the messages written by the companies are reviewed and submitted for approval, making suggestions.

Then we choose the speaker who can best represent the mission, vision and values of the requesting company. At Neotel we also have female speakers, who are able to achieve a warm and reassuring effect on clients. This is something that has been previously studied.

In addition to this, we offer the additional service of multiple takes. This allows the company to show different takes made by the speaker. This is how they can choose which take is the one they like to incorporate into the IVR. This is in addition to the review and translation of the voiced messages. Our team of speakers and editors guarantee an effective, institutional message, adapted to the reality of each company.

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How to get a webrtc internet calling service

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video conferencing and video call in the cloud

Thanks to the webrtc lines this whole process is more accessible and simpler.

Benefit from webrtc calls on the internet for your business


premium virtual call recorder

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mobile pbx

Did you know that Google is responsible for the webrtc technology?


ivr interactive voice response

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