Technologies to invest in: Private label PBX

The post-pandemic era is characterized by a generalized tendency to work on one’s own business. To do this, it is essential to find a window of opportunity, which usually comes with a good product to sell. The technological area has no waste and much more if it is oriented to companies. This is where the profitable and resolute private label PBX comes in.

Technology in general terms is usually a profitable business beyond the category. However, you have to pay close attention and look hard to find the products that generate the most profit and the least cost. While the market for cell phones, video games and entertainment devices is crowded, technology solutions for businesses are still largely unknown and in demand.

private label pbx

White label switchboard: have your business and help entrepreneurs

The best business opportunities are not the most obvious. Most of the time, they are driven by needs that are not easy to detect. For example, it would seem that investing in sought-after gadgets such as smartphones is a sure thing. However… What if someone told you that there is something that is cheaper and can sell more and generate income in the long run? That’s exactly what the white label PBX is all about.

The virtual PBX in the cloud is more than a product, it is a technological solution. It is a system that allows to control business communication and facilitates sales for companies. Today, almost all large companies have incorporated this software to lower the cost of their communications and develop effective telemarketing.

Nowadays, many companies are looking for providers that guarantee this type of service. On the other hand, the margin of companies that have not yet upgraded their communications to IP telephony is large. In other words, there is a group of potential customers who do not know they are customers, because they do not understand what they need. For all of them, white label PBX investors will be the ideal solution. The opportunities are vast.

Have your own company with the white label switchboard

The white label PBX is a plan that Neotel has launched for entrepreneurs. Those who want to open their own business and offer our virtual PBX, can do it with us. Basically, the associated entrepreneur will be able to offer our service as if it were created by himself. He will create his own brand, with his own name and will open his own way in the business of business technology solutions.

For a reasonable investment many entrepreneurs will be able to have their own business. As the virtual PBX in the cloud is not a product, but a service, its sale will generate sustained income in months and years. It is not a question of creating a franchise: the entrepreneur will offer this service as if he had created it, but with the full support of Neotel.

Entrepreneurs working with the white label PBX will only have to sell the software. To activate the service, they will have the “Turnkey” system, which will facilitate distribution. Everything will work perfectly, the program will continue to be supported by Neotel’s state-of-the-art servers and the profit, as well as the recognition, will be for the new company. It’s about starting your own business, but with the support of an already consolidated product.

Neotel is the market leader in the call center software market.

Neotel has more than 20 years of experience in the business communication business. We have offered IP telephony and countless applications to companies of all types and sizes. Even so, we believe that it is important to expand the reach of our virtual PBX in the cloud, even if it is sold by other strong companies. It is a win-win business, in which our company, the new entrepreneurs and the rest of the companies benefit.

It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge to sell the virtual PBX. Our system is very intuitive and does not require installations or large investments in technological equipment. Everything is handled over the Internet, as if it were any other communication platform, only this one is professional. At all times, entrepreneurs working with us can communicate with our technical staff in case of doubts.

Neotel wants to work with new entrepreneurs focused on new technologies. Those who have in mind to manage their own business and generate dividends have in this program, a window of opportunity… Do you want to generate money by offering services even at an international level? Obtain sustained income over time? The next step is to contact us for more information.

Private label PBX: set up your own IP telephony business

Neotel offers its IP telephony services to companies of all types. However, our company also gives new entrepreneurs the option to sell and earn money with our services under their own brand. This is precisely what the private label PBX is all about.

Services related to IP telephony are increasingly in demand. The projections of ICT studies reveal that communication tools such as call center software are the future in the business sector. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for those who want to have their own business.

What is the white label PBX?

The white label PBX is a business line designed for those entrepreneurs who want to offer IP telephony services. In this case, Neotel offers everything necessary to entrepreneurs who want to invest in this technology to sell it to other companies.


Neotel does not ask entrepreneurs to sell the service as under its name. It simply provides the software, servers and all the necessary technological support for the interested parties to sell the service as if it were their own. The entrepreneur can open his company and sell the call center software on his own account.

In this way, the entrepreneurs can offer the service in their locality, or country and make a name for themselves in the technology market. They will generate their own profits, giving Neotel a commission. In the meantime, they will have the technical assistance, the servers and the software, which is ultimately what they will sell. In short, it is about having your own company from a successful and finished product.

What is IP telephony?

Today, anyone can make calls anywhere in the world from an Internet connection. In the same way, companies can base all their internal and external communication on this type of connection. This is made possible by IP telephony.

Business telephones can now work over the Internet. Today, a secretary can receive a call over a broadband connection. This is very positive because it lowers costs.

IP telephony makes telephone billing cheaper and eliminates the need to rely on in-house servers. Today all communications are done over the Internet and all information is stored in the cloud. It is not only about the calls, but also about the systems to manage them and to serve customers.

Why is IP telephony so cost-effective?

In principle, IP telephony is profitable for companies because it is very economical. In the case of companies with customer service departments, the savings are up to 80%. In fact, this technology makes it possible to replace the old virtual PBXs and servers.

However, IP telephony is not only convenient for companies because of its low cost. In addition, this technology is compatible with state-of-the-art software that provides the entrepreneur with very effective and creative tools for customer service and marketing. In short, its implementation means having better functions at a lower price.

IP telephony makes it possible to set up entire customer service departments with very little investment. To use it, you just pay for the service to a company that offers this technology and everything works instantly. Those interested in the white label PBX, what they will do is to set up a company that offers this option to companies.

White label PBX: how to offer IP telephony

IP telephony has multiple business uses and knowing them is important to be able to offer it. The most innovative and powerful companies in the world base all their communication on this technology. In many cases, the telephone line is usually understood as a secondary emergency resource. Below, you will see which are the uses that companies can give to this technology:

Create a customer service center: Many companies use IP telephony to create their call center rooms inexpensively. The best thing is that no installations, maintenance costs or specialized personnel are required.
Internal communications: Although there is a lot of talk about IP telephony for customer service, it is useful to support internal communications. The best thing is that programs with the virtual PBX allow call transfers, muting and other functions used in offices.
Small entrepreneurs: One of the big problems of SMEs are the costs of communication. An excellent way to start customer service when there are not many resources is to hire IP telephony services and programs. The plans are usually adjusted to the budget and needs of each entrepreneur.
Telemarketing and marketing in general: Today’s virtual PBXs have a myriad of modules that facilitate advertising, expanding the reach of companies. The robot call, the telephone dialers and the massive sending of SMS are just some of these effective functionalities to sell.
Remote business work: Today’s call center software is designed to help companies operate remotely. In fact, all that is needed to use IP telephony is the Internet. A salesperson or telemarketer can serve customers without having to be in the office. Workers can be in another part of the world and do their business.

In fact, almost every company could use the IP virtual PBX service. It doesn’t matter what business they are in, whether they sell services or products. That is why the white label PBX represents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurship.

The opportunity to undertake with a white label IP PBX

Undoubtedly, IP telephony is a business that looks very good in the present and in the future. Since the events that occurred during the COVID 19 pandemic, companies have placed greater value on technological advances in communications.

In addition, according to multiple consultations and surveys, companies are looking favorably on IP telephony. For example, there are currently high expectations regarding video calls and video conferencing. All these products are offered via the PBX in the cloud. This is precisely what entrepreneurs working with white label PBXs are selling.

In recent years, new call center software has been booming. It is expected that the use of this type of service will increase over the next decade. Many companies are replacing the old virtual PBX with this technological solution due to its cost and features.

Turnkey system

The white label PBX is a plan for entrepreneurs who want to sell their own virtual PBX. The system was designed by Neotel, but the entrepreneur will sell it under his own name. This will allow interested parties to become wholesalers of IP voice services. Neotel provides the training, servers and information for the business to operate.

Neotel ensures that the entrepreneur has full control over its virtual PBX platform. This is done through the turnkey system, which will allow you to offer IP telephony services with total independence. This implies having an own VoIP telephony business.

In fact, the entrepreneur can also allow other resellers or companies to do the same. There is no limitation to offer the product and generate own profits. Neotel only charges part of the initial investment to set up the new business.

What does Neotel provide for you to start your business?

Those who want to opt for the white label PBX program for entrepreneurs have full access to the product. Neotel provides the PBX in the cloud for the new business to sell. This software is complete, stable and has very advanced modules.

Neotel also provides the platform for the company to manage its sales. In addition, the entire service is supported on our servers. The new entrepreneur does not even have to invest in expensive installations. Basically, we provide all the infrastructure that supports the product.

In addition, Neotel offers full cooperation and training for the management of the service. Entrepreneurs who purchase the white label PBX will have technical support whenever they wish. Likewise, we perform all the necessary installations.

Neotel offers a correct operation

Neotel has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure a quality product. Our support is a guarantee of success for the company that wants to offer our products on its own. We guarantee connectivity, security, maintenance and technical assistance.

Our services operate uninterruptedly and our data centers have high technology equipment. We also have modern power supply and air conditioning systems, as well as an expert maintenance staff. We have two data centers: one in Madrid and one in Seville.

Interested companies should only sell the virtual IP PBX and the rest of the technological solutions available at Neotel. If you are interested in investing and setting up your own IP telephony business, contact us.

Private Label PBX

Private Label PBX: selling what companies need

Call center software sales are rising to levels never seen before. The incorporation of cloud hosting technology is making these management programs more profitable. This makes it very profitable for entrepreneurs to access programs such as private label PBX.

It is believed that in the next nine years the virtual PBX hosted in the cloud will have a revolutionary development. The new features make it possible to address business communication and marketing in a very comprehensive way. In fact, some consulting firms believe that the size of the breakthrough will be similar to what happened with social networking.

Call center software in the cloud changed everything

The last decade was characterized by the implementation of social media into marketing strategies. However, by now, almost all possible exploration in this field has been done. On the other hand, means of communication such as calling have not lost their relevance despite the existence of new options.


private label pbx

All these factors have made companies set their eyes on call center software again. The rise of video calling between 2019 and 2021 also offered an upgrade to telephone contact. Added to this is also the possibility for people today to make calls via an Internet connection.

Telephone contact has been revived, especially at the business level, and the call center is being revitalized as a result. Therefore, it is believed that one of the businesses of the future will be the offering of call center software hosted in the cloud. Companies such as Neotel offer programs such as white label PBX for those who want to sell this type of service.

What is white label PBX?

Neotel offers companies and entrepreneurs its call center software and related modules. However, it also presents a program for new companies to sell this type of service in their countries or locations. In doing so, the entrepreneur offers the virtual PBX under his company name. This is a way to generate own profits from third party systems.

Neotel provides servers, software and the necessary advice to start the business. From here, the entrepreneur becomes a wholesaler and operator of IP telephony. It is like opening a franchise only with your own company name. This is basically creating a brand in the communications industry.

The opportunities to grow in the market are many due to the validity of this type of services. The projections point to the call center software in the cloud as a product with a great future. From here, the entrepreneur can offer his product to different companies.

The advantages that Neotel offers to entrepreneurs are advice, an advanced system to operate and quality communications. Everything is very secure, practical and low cost to obtain profits and to be able to sell the product better. The white label PBX is a way to build your own business.


Private Label pbx: Have your own brand


From Neotel offer the possibility of having your Virtual pbx platform under your own brand, you can operate in the field of telecommunications using your trade name in a simple, autonomous and with minimal investment, the procedure is simple, you do not need technical knowledge.

How do I get a private label switchboard?

Neotel provides the necessary servers and their hosting in the Data Center, as well as the installation and configuration of the service, so that you can quickly have the Virtual pbx and Call Center software products at your disposal.

With your white label you do not act as a distributor, since you do not work for another company. You will be creating your VoIP business through a platform that integrates all the VoIP tools to run your Internet telecommunication company.

Operate under your own name

There are already many companies operating around the world under their own name with our Neotel private label pbx system.

A service, stable, secure and functional that will allow you to offer quality services and work as an IP Telephony operator in an independent way.

The white label switchboard is hosted on Neotel’s Cloud platform so you can enjoy the scalability, flexibility and surveillance that your customers need.

Characteristics of our private label switchboard


The White Brand switchboard allows integrators to have a virtual pbx solution adapted to the needs of their customers. A custom solution designed especially for companies that want to enter the world of IP Telephony.

White label switchboard

Start your own business and become an IP Voice wholesaler with quality and professional security. Offer new services to your customers and everything at the most competitive prices. In addition, you will enjoy the advice and guarantee of Neotel, IP Telephony operator since 2001.


virtual pbx pricing

Neotel provides you with all the tools and specific services to become a 100% autonomous IP Telephony operator.

Make an appointment by phone and ask for more information


Launch your voip phone company today

With this solution you will have a better system than a franchise to work with your own brand.

With this turnkey system you have total control of your white label switchboard platform, so you can start operating in the field of Telecommunications with your name or corporate brand and earn money.

Be independent and create your telephone company, we will help you.

Commercialize countless VoIP telephony services under your own business name (Telephone Operator) on the Internet.

You will have a sophisticated platform that will allow you to offer quality services, and work as a VoIP telephony operator creating your own business with a minimum investment.

You can offer your resellers the white label service. Provide them with a 100% editable portal so that they can distribute minutes with their own name or business brand.


telefonía ip

With your white label you do not operate as a distributor or reseller of VoIP minutes since you do not work for another company; with your brand you are creating your VoIP business, better than a Franchise.

What do you get when you purchase the private label switchboard?

You get an all-inclusive platform that seamlessly integrates all the VoIP tools to operate your Internet Telco.

With the VoIP PBX platform create your own white label!


private label pbx

Using your VoIP brand identify yourself with your customers, providers and distributors while providing them with minutes with this all-inclusive system.

Software ready for voip telephony


call center software pricing

Complete White Label PBX software ready to operate with your own VoIP brand.

You will have a better system than a franchise; you will create an Internet Telephony business ready to operate with your own Name or Brand.

Simple, now you can create your own phone operator without having technical knowledge; with this turnkey white label PBX system manage all the services and tools of your VoIP company.