Types of automatic dialers for Telemarketing campaigns

These are the most commonly used types of dialers:

Progressive dialing: Here we are presented with the most productive way to work on our telemarketing campaigns. With progressive dialing, we are faced with an automatic dialing system, where each time the customer picks up, there will be an operator on the other side of the line. With this type of dialer we save voice mail, waiting, customers who simply do not respond, … The calls are made automatically so the operator does not make them.

Predictive dialing: Here we are presented with the most productive way to work on our telemarketing campaigns. With predictive dialing, we are faced with an automatic dialing system, where each time the customer picks up, there will be an operator on the other side of the line. With this type of dialer we save voice mail, waiting, customers who simply do not respond, … The calls are made automatically so the operator does not make them.

This automatic dialing is mainly oriented to companies with a large volume of agents.

Click to call: With this type of dialing the agent will not need to dial the customers’ phone. By opening their tabs, the agent finds a link to dial and make the call without leaving the Neotel application or using a physical phone.

As you can see, there are different types of automatic dialing. Each one is more suitable for the type of company.

There are several advantages that this type of automatic dialing offers to companies. But among the most important ones we highlight:

  • If we can link the automatic dialing to Neotel’s crm, we will be getting the most advanced tool for contact management that exists today. It is very convenient, when calling a customer, to have a window on the screen with all the information about the customer, including not only his personal data, but all the past interaction between the company and the customer.
  • Maximum productivity of our agents’ working time. Regardless of the type of dialer we use, we make sure that phone agents spend as much time as possible in conversation.
  • Saves time. It is clear that automated functions save time. Automatic dialing helps us here too.
  • Avoiding human errors: It is obvious that, by dispensing with the need for agents to dial numbers manually, we avoid possible human errors.


Neotel's crm

Take advantage of the benefits Neotel offers your company and hire an automatic dialing system for your telemarketing campaigns today.

Telemarketing has recently been aggressively influenced by dialer systems. It wouldn’t make sense that, since there are applications that make our lives easier, we wouldn’t use them.


What are the advantages of automatic dialling and what does it mean?

Both progressive and predictive dialing offer a number of advantages to businesses. These are just a few of them:

– Greater success in sales: Thanks to the predictive dialer is easier to reach customers more likely to purchase the service or product and therefore increase our sales.

– Optimization of human resources: Thanks to the predictive dialer the company ensures that agents will be talking more time with customers. It eliminates the time previously spent on manual dialing and waiting.

– Effectiveness of calls: First of all because we can remove from the database customers that we know beforehand are not interested in our products and / or receive commercial calls.

There are many advantages of automatic dialling

Progressive Dialing: Less aggressive than predictive dialing and ideal for companies with 20 agents or less. Here, too, the agent does not dial numbers manually and the system detects and discards unanswered and busy phones. So in the end the agents only receive calls when the customer is on the other side of the line.

– Predictive Dialing: This type of dialing generates an algorithm that calculates the volume of calls needed to increase productivity. It is advisable for companies that have more than 20 agents in their call center, since the larger the human team, the more productive this system will be. If it is used in small campaigns, with few employees, we run the risk that the customer picks up the phone and there is no one on the other side of the line. So we’ll miss the call.



call center software

Call dialing software allows companies to be more productive.


predictive dialer

Thanks to automatic launcher systems, call center costs are lowered. And it is obvious that by increasing the productivity of our company we are at the same time lowering the costs in it.

The sending of calls in a company is a task that involves a large investment not only in time but also human resources and money.


Progressive Marker VS Progressive Marking. Which is better?

Both progressive and predictive dialing are types of top call launchers. Neotel also has the Robot Call, a type of call launcher developed from the company itself and by ourselves. However, neither a progressive dialer nor a predictive, even if they are star products, have to be linked to a high cost.

There are some advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when making the decision of whether to choose progressive dialing versus predictive dialing.

  • The use of progressive dialing offers a better call quality through the agent that interacts with the client. However, this entails a lower volume of calls.
  • The use of predictive dialing will generate a greater volume of calls.

marcador predictivo

Are you looking for quality or quantity?

The advantages of a progressive marker versus predictive dialing also need to be broken down. At first glance it may seem that the predictive dialer reduces the idle time between calls, although the delay between connecting with a client and in turn connecting that call with an agent can lead to a large number of dropouts in the first few seconds. In addition, a predictive dialer that works with insufficient data can underestimate the amount of time the agent requires to complete a call and continue to reach clients who then feel frustrated when they are not immediately connected to an operator. Progressive markers have longer wait times to connect to an agent, but they can be more productive than the predictive dialer because an agent must be open and available for the call to be made.

marcador progresivo

There are pros and cons. But from Neotel we help you choose the perfect brand for your needs

robot call

Both the progressive and predictive dialer, both, are housed in the cloud.

Different forms of dialing available for customers

Reach as many potential customers as possible with any of the automatic call markers that Neotel offers.


How does predictive dialing help boost my brand?

Predictive dialing is a great tool to boost agent productivity, contact leads and satisfy our customers. If you are looking to install a predictive dialing software solution for your call center, contact Neotel, a global call center software specialist with a long history.

With a predictive dialer the call centers work better. Calls are made more efficiently. And another advantage is that being integrated with the CRM of Neotel, we have on screen access to all the information referring to the client that is called, including data as important as the current and past promotions that were offered, plans or modalities that would be paying Currently, and ultimately any need that the client let us know, everything can be properly indicated within the CRM with Neotel’s integrated switchboard.

Install a predictive dialer for greater customer satisfaction

Predictive markers are tailored to companies of all sizes, from large corporate multisite to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, at Neotel we carry out tailor-made developments, so whatever the need you request for your call center software, we can do it.

The predictive dialer that fits all call centers

Did you know that the costs of having a predictive dialer such as Neotel are minimal? This has a reason to be very easy to understand. The software for call center, to be hosted entirely in the cloud of Neotel, that is, virtually on our servers, you do not have to pay for any type of device or hardware.

Reduce costs in your call center company with the predictive dialer

Increase sales thanks to the Neotel predictive dialer

Thanks to the integration of the predictive dialer with the CRM, you get a platform 100% integrated in your systems, where you will find all the important and relevant information for your company.

With the predictive dialer what we get in short accounts is to try to increase the talk time between agents and clients. Being an intelligent software, the predictive dialer knows the perfect time to make a call to an X client, and is also able to predict when it is going to end, to call the next contact.


Increased agent productivity


In a call center, the time factor is absolutely everything. Every second wasted is a lost sales opportunity. With the predictive dialer and the Neotel software call center tools, you can solve these failures and the performance of your call center is the highest.


Uses of dialer

Integrating the telephone dialer into a call center may raise doubts about what uses can be made of this tool.

Well, you have to take into account that depending on the chosen dialer option you can use the dialing module to make calls automatically or you can also use it for sending SMS.

With a single click and making use of this tool you can reach quickly and effectively to all your contacts, no matter if they are a few hundred or thousands.

Advanced automation and its ways of reaching the public

This type of tool applies quite attractive features for the delivery of information to users. In this way, the dialer allows you to focus on the proper elaboration of the message, since you have on hand an excellent tool for its distribution.

Be clear that you can decide to carry out campaigns of calls or if you consider pertinent you can do them using the SMS. Clearly the call function is much more used and favors it since it allows the management of a thousand calls per minute.

Marcación predictiva

But, the option of SMS is not far behind and is that per second can manage more than 100 messages.

Types of dialing

Before we finish we wanted to talk a little about the different types of marking that this tool presents and that you can choose considering the needs of your campaign.

marcación progresiva

So, you can find:

  • Automatic dialing, setting the broadcast frequency.
  • The progressive dial, according to the availability of agents.
  • Predictive dialing, which optimizes the contact ratio.
  • And the preview, which sends contact data to the agent prior to making calls.

Robot Call

Finally, you must be clear that within this tool are integrated different functionalities with the aim of improving its efficiency and success ratio. For example, call identifiers, answering detectors as well as custom phrases.