How to choose the best virtual switchboard and what is this

If you have ever wondered how Customer Service companies may be making bulk calls to users from a single telephone number, the answer is thanks to the virtual switchboard.

The virtual switchboard means big savings in calls, and this is the reason why the PBX is established, no longer as the Telephony technology of the future, but today.

In addition to the aforementioned economic savings, it is also worth mentioning the savings in space provided by the PBX.

The control unit consists of different modules that increase the initial functionality of this system. Some of the modules for Neotel virtual switchboard are Click to call me back, Virtual fax, Telemarketing surveys, Incoming call statistics, Dynamic signaling, Meeting room, Queuing, Selective signaling, Verification by third parties, Integrated phones, Spy & whisper and Call recording.


With the PBX are all advantages

The abbreviations of PBX correspond to Private Brand Exchange.

Clearly, when choosing a switchboard supplier it is important to stop and think before and analyze what your needs are and your company’s and, according to these, ask if the switchboard that is offered meets these needs.

Does your switchboard meet your needs?

Before deciding on a company or another of switchboards, we recommend that you do a previous study in Google and look for references on the services provided by each of them.

A switchboard serves to offer a better telephone service to the customer while helping us to manage all the control of calls that occur in the company.

The most basic thing that a PBX allows us and that every company with more than 2 employees requires is:

  • Answer multiple calls simultaneously. With the virtual switchboard the limitations in the number of simultaneous calls in a company can be broken. No matter the number of agents in your company.
  • One extension per user. As if they were independent lines. Only using always the same number.


With the virtual switchboard we make sure we do not miss any calls. The caller never listens to communicating tones or voicemails. The call always enters the agent that is free at that moment.

The following features of the PBX are used to save the company time and improve customer satisfaction:

  1. Welcome message. When the company is called, a locution is heard that tells us what company we are calling and any information that is relevant.
  2. Option menu. This option saves the company time by transferring calls from one department to another. With this mode, the calling user has to dial an option on his dial (a special number or symbol) to be automatically transferred to the corresponding area to deal with his matter.
  3. Waiting lines What happens when someone calls your company and all operators are busy talking? Well, that’s where the waiting line comes into play. With this option, those calls that momentarily can not be answered, are placed in a waiting queue, to be addressed as soon as possible, that is, at the moment when an operator remains free. Meanwhile, the customers who are in this queue, their call is enlivened with music waiting to be chosen by the company that is called.
  4. Phone service hours. What happens when someone calls the company and it is closed (after hours)? With this option we can inform the customers who call the business hours of the company, and then the option is given to leave a message in the voicemail. So there are no more calls that are lost or unattended.
  5. Transfer calls With a virtual switchboard a call is transferred very easily, from one extension to another, that is, from a department. to another.
  6. Use the company telephone outside the company. As the switchboard works through the Internet, we can continue making and answering calls with our mobile phone when we are on the street, and it continues to function as the company’s own telephone.

In addition to these benefits, there are many more: create rules for incoming calls, steal calls, advanced call reports, use numbering from other provinces or countries, divert calls to mobiles, etc.

Not all PBX’s are of the same characteristics. Not all telecommunications companies provide the same service. If you are looking for a virtual switchboard system for your company, contact Neotel.

If you have any questions about the use of Neotel PBX virtual PBX, call us now and we will solve all of them.

There is no case that Neotel is not able to sustain.

The possibilities of switchboard configuration are many and each company is different.

Each company needs its own configuration and features. And that’s what Neotel is for. Call us and start enjoying the Neotel switchboard today.


Explanation of the Virtual Switchboard

A virtual switchboard is a system that manages incoming calls in the company and offers different customization options in terms of voice mailboxes, options menus, welcome locutions, etc. it means.

Discover all the features offered by our virtual switchboard

If you have a small or medium business, Neotel’s virtual switchboard is without a doubt the best solution for you.

Functionality of the virtual switchboard


Outgoing calls

One of the features of our switchboard is that it allows us to spread the same phone number on the screen when we make calls, that is, if we call from a landline or mobile phone that is linked to the same extension, it does not matter which device it is, the call Outgoing will be produced from the same telephone number, which is what the customer will see on the screen when he receives it.

Call identification

As we have said, our switchboard is oriented to small and medium companies, so we like that the cost on the part of the client is the minimum. We work with any operator when making detours.

Call statistics

We will give you a username and password with which to access your Client portal, and from which you can see all the information relevant to your statistics of incoming calls, outgoing calls, minutes spoken, etc.

Call transference

Once the call enters any of your lines, you can easily transfer it to any other extension of your PBX, dialing a short combination of keys on your dial.


You can configure different options according to schedule types, so that as calls come in during business hours or outside, your customers are never left unattended.

Waiting lines

Set up a waiting queue with music for when your customers call, and until they are served.

Option menu

With this option you can distribute incoming calls from your customers between the departments of your company. The caller only needs to press the corresponding key (a number) on his dial and it will be automatically transferred to the department. suitable for your attention.


You can configure all kinds of locutions for your business, and to inform your customers, from changes in schedule, closings for vacations, changes in the regulations, to anything you can think of.

Unlimited detours

Unlimited reception to as many mobile or fixed lines as you wish, without limit of internal deviations.

If you are looking for a switchboard for your company, or already have a physical and you want to hire one in the cloud for all its advantages with respect to physics, we invite you to call us and we will advise you for free.

The Telecommunications and Telephony market is moving very fast. At Neotel we are very proud of our solutions for SMEs. If you are looking at switchboard rates for your company, you should contact us now.

In fact, many of our current customers were former customers of other Telephony operators (Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Jazztel, …). After testing the switchboard with these operators, they are dissatisfied with the quality of the service received, so they contact Neotel to improve their situation.

The Neotel switchboard allows us to have extensions at the regional (provincial) or international level.

The range of possibilities with the switchboard is very wide: telemarketing surveys, virtual fax, spy and whisper, call recorder, click to call me back, and a very long etc.

Another of the main differences of our switchboard with respect to others, is that with the Neotel virtual switchboard there is no initial investment by the customer. Being a system hosted in our cloud, you do not need to spend anything on hardware devices to use your virtual switchboard. With this, we also benefit from the fact that if tomorrow our virtual switchboard is damaged, Neotel’s own technical specialists are in charge of fixing it, with no need for you to disburse any money.

The advantages offered by virtual switchboards over physical ones are many.

In case you need a new phone number, at Neotel we provide you one. And if you already have a number, we’ll take it so you do not lose it or have to change it for a new one.

To use a virtual switchboard you need to link the landlines and / or mobiles to your switchboard, so that it can make the detours to your devices.

If you thought that working with a virtual switchboard would be more expensive than working with a physical switchboard, it is just the opposite.

Communication plays a fundamental role in companies. The one that works perfectly is vital for the company to maintain itself over time. For this, from Neotel we offer you the virtual switchboard.

Advantages of a virtual switchboard: self-employed and companies


If you need to resolve any questions regarding the Neotel switchboard, you can write us at or call us at (+34) 952641034.

I configured a menu of options to transfer the call of the client with the department. suitable. Even if there are only 5 employees in your company, you will be giving a much more professional image and the people who contact your company will have the feeling of working with a larger company.

If you want to give the image of a national company, at Neotel we provide you with a phone number. with provincial prefix, to give that feeling.

Entrepreneurs can benefit, and much, from the virtual switchboard.

There are many advantages of the virtual switchboard for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of and hire the Neotel switchboard now

Another peculiarity offered by the PBX is that of transferring a call to carry out what is known as a transferred transfer, which consists of contacting the agent with whom it is going to be transferred to notify them of the call or client who asks or needs it, and then, the call is transferred.

It is the advantage of the virtual switchboard: customers always call the same number, and the call is transferred to a landline or mobile phone.

With the call locution, the caller knows at all times that he is contacting the right company.

The options are (almost) infinite with Neotel.

The switchboards have evolved and a lot. Take advantage of the quality and versatility of Neotel’s PBX and hire it for your business.


Sales and Marketing Tools for your SME

Speed and quality in the attention. These are the keys that a good Marketing and Sales campaign needs.

Just the fact of having a virtual switchboard in our SME already makes us look bigger in front of our customers. A virtual switchboard gives us a professional image.

SMEs know very well that all the details must be taken care of if they want to maintain their client base.

The virtual switchboard improves the user experience

In addition, one of the main advantages of the virtual switchboard is that with it we never require more than the presence of a Technician for its management since we ourselves will be able to use it without needing help from third parties or specialists.

Having a switchboard in the cloud reduces the number of unanswered calls from customers.

Efficiency and control

Receiving a good telephone service helps us to show a modern and serious image to our customers.

Improve your corporate image with the virtual switchboard

You can configure your switchboard with as many extensions as you wish.

Grows more with the virtual switchboard

With the virtual switchboard we save money and we are more productive.

The virtual switchboard is also cheaper than the telephone physical switchboard, since with this last one the maintenance and its cost comes from the supplier company and, this cost could shoot up at any moment.

Every day there are more SMEs that move to Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Save on costs and time with the virtual switchboard

The utilities of the virtual switchboard are many. Within your management panel you can configure this customized, depending on your needs.

When you hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard, you really do not care, because Neotel is responsible for the maintenance of your switchboard. And if tomorrow something happens, Neotel is responsible for repairing it. We care about your PBX so you do not have to.

With all that has been said so far, we have already explained to you why the advantages of migrating to a virtual switchboard and getting rid of a physical switchboard for your SME.

In a market like the one where competition is so strong, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest. And this is where the virtual switchboard helps us.

The virtual switchboard is your best option always

As you can see, the physical telephone exchange is obsolete. Migrating to the virtual switchboard with Neotel is the best you can always do for your business.

Here we show a series of cases in which using the virtual switchboard is the best option:

  • The virtual switchboard has a wide range of possibilities, much more than those provided by the physical telephone switchboard.
  • The virtual switchboard allows us to receive calls on our mobile lines as well as on fixed lines, so no matter where we are with the virtual PBX we are always connected to our employees and customers.
  • The virtual switchboard when housed in the cloud means that your number is hosted in the cloud as well. The advantage that this brings us is that if tomorrow we need to move to another office, with the virtual PBX our number we make sure to keep it the same, unlike Cable Telephony.
  • One of the goals of every company is to grow. And with a virtual switchboard, having the possibility of expanding extensions as desired, this is now easier.

The physical telephone exchanges are becoming increasingly obsolete. And companies are realizing this.

What are the advantages of having an integrated CRM within our virtual switchboard?


Neotel has the best virtual switchboard in the market today. In addition, it has its own CRM that is integrated into the PBX. With the CRM integrated in the virtual switchboard of Neotel we get the most powerful telephony tool and information management.

The integration of CRM + Neotel’s virtual switchboard is of great importance to users.

A CRM is a tool for managing information related to customers.

The virtual switchboard is often used by call center companies and anyone who needs constant communication with customers. Some advantages of the switchboard are: call recording, Spy and Whisper, integrated phones, third party verification, selective signaling, queuing, click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, incoming call statistics, dynamic signaling, meeting room, etc.

The switchboard in the cloud (virtual switchboard) is the logical evolution of Telephony

If you need more information about the virtual switchboards, contact Neotel now and we will answer your questions.

The switchboard in the cloud allows you to grow as your company grows.


Do not worry about high telephone bills, complicated configurations, connectivity failures, and much more with Neotel’s PBX.

The virtual switchboard will mean a before and after in your agents. It does not matter if your operators are working from different points.

With old telephony, errors are common. With the virtual switchboard no.

Am I interested in the integration between the switchboard and the Neotel CRM?

Yes. This is the short answer.

With the Neotel CRM, being integrated into the switchboard, when we receive a call, we jump a popup window with all the data and information of that client.

It is difficult to imagine a call center performing its tasks without a CRM integrated into the switchboard.

Ask Neotel for its CRM integrated in the PBX

It could be said that with the integration of the PBX and the CRM, each call becomes a new client.

We trust that this article has been a little better explained the advantages of using CRM in the call center.


How to change my physical telephone switchboard to a virtual switchboard?

Do you have an Internet connection? Great! Since this is only what you will need to be able to use Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Your company is faster and more productive with Neotel software.

Aware of the need that arises to the company to have a software for its call center that is hosted in the cloud, Neotel brings you its switchboard that is integrated in turn into our CRM, all hosted virtually in the secure servers of Neotel.

What advantages does Neotel software bring to your call center?


Your office will always be with you with the Neotel cloud software. It does not matter where we are. Being hosted in the cloud you only need an Internet connection and you are ready to use it.

With Neotel’s virtual switchboard, our company gains professional image quality for its clients.

Thanks to Neotel you do not have to worry about anything anymore. Neotel is the solution to all your Telephony problems.

What are you waiting for to contact us? Let us help your call center to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

What are the differences between a virtual switchboard and a physical switchboard?

Main differences between the Neotel virtual switchboard and the physical telephone switchboard:

  • Thanks to VoIP technology, companies can make use of their entire system only through an Internet connection.
  • You should also consider that the virtual switchboard does not generate maintenance costs.
  • Significant reduction in your telephone bill when you hire the Neotel virtual switchboard. And there is no initial investment in hardware. Since the entire system of the switchboard is hosted on the Neotel cloud servers.
  • With a physical switchboard the company has to buy hardware machinery necessary to use it. With the PBX our not.

Do not hesitate and migrate your old physical switchboard with the Neotel PBX. They are all advantages and no disadvantages as you have already seen.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is far superior to the physical telephone switchboards

If you have doubts about this comparison that we write here in our blog, you can call Neotel without any commitment and we will inform you more in detail. We are here to answer your questions. At the beginning and normally due to ignorance, it is normal that unknowns arise.

What are the reasons for hiring an IP PBX?

Keep in mind that with the virtual switchboard you can offer the best service to your customers. There is no comparison with the physical switchboard in terms of options, configurations and limitations.

And it’s not just a matter of saving money, (which of course also):

  • Possibility of adding more or less lines to your switchboard. Integration of modules that adapt to your needs.
  • It is used through an interface (web screen) that has been designed precisely with the idea that any person without having advanced knowledge in Telephony is able to configure and use only its virtual switchboard.
  • The management is also very simple.

It is mainly true that one of the reasons why call center companies migrate to the switchboard with Neotel is because of the savings on the telephone bill.

Opt now for the Neotel IP PBX

And what happens if you still do not have any physical switchboard in your company? No problem. Call us and we inform you equally so that you can install a virtual switchboard in your company.

The Neotel PBX control unit includes the widest range of options for call centers

With Neotel the advantage that you have as our client is that you do not have to worry about permanences because they do not exist. Never.

Another one of the main points along with the saving of money is the one that we have already mentioned before: the complete suppression of investing in physical hardware.

Today the competition in any sector is very high. And at Neotel we know this. Call us right now and we will study your needs in order to offer you the best tailored solution for your company.


Your call center or business is crying out for Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange

With the virtual telephone exchange we improve the work productivity of the call center agents.


A single Web platform: this is what you will find with our software

When not having stays with Neotel, there is no risk.

The virtual switchboard has many advantages and its operation could not be easier

If your business is a call center, telephone sales or telemarketing, Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange is the solution to your problems.


Is there a reliable virtual PBX company today?

The advantages of the cloud-hosted switchboards, or virtual switchboards, are endless. There is no doubt about that. But now we are faced with the problem of: And which company am I going to ask? Between so much competition it is not easy sometimes.

The call center administrators want to work under a system that is consistent with the times they run. This is clear.

It also requires working with a scalable system. Because not all call centers are the same. Each one will need specific tools.

centralitas pbx

Do not skimp on quality for your business. Highlight about your competition. Wide number of leads

But being up to date is not synonymous with wasting money. What’s more, just the opposite. With the PBX and VoIP by IP, companies save money from the first day of use. It is necessary to understand that in front of the physical telephone exchanges, the virtual switchboards always suppose a saving.

línea webrtc softphone web gratis

Neotel is a specialist in the sale of VoIP telephony and virtual switchboards

Are you tired of having that physical telephone switchboard, occupying space, within your company? And of having to pay expensive repairs to the computer when it breaks down? And the problems inherent in the management of the switchboard?

Neotel is the solution to all these problems.

Neotel is the best company of virtual switchboards. Based in Malaga, it offers global service

What you need is a powerful, reliable, scalable, intuitive to use switchboard that does not impose limitations, saving you money on the bill. And this is what Neotel offers you.

The cheap is expensive. And the most expensive is not the same as the best. We at Neotel never apply permanence to our hiring. And because? Very easy. We have long understood that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. When a great job is done, you do not need to create any permanence.

Is your company a big one? Or rather an SME? We do not care. In Neotel there is no client that we can not take. What are you waiting for to be part of our family?

centralitas pbx

Without commitments. Request a free custom quote now

There are many occasions where we find ourselves with users of virtual switchboards frustrated with their operators, and who come to Neotel with the hope that we can solve their situation.

Trust the virtual switchboard for Neotel companies

VoIP telephony means Voice over IP.

Move to the Voice VoIP (VoIP)

It does not matter the size of your company, nor the number of agent positions. We have an exclusive solution for you!

Neotel wants to be your Telecommunications Provider.

Do not skimp on the quality of your business. And work only with the best. Come to Neotel and you will not regret it.

The advantages of working with a 100% system in the cloud are endless

You do not have to keep paying such extremely high phone bills. It is in your hand only to change this. Everything starts by contacting us.

Help improve the image that your customers have about your business, break the geographical barriers and save money on your bill.

The switchboard does not have to be complicated.

Since 2001 we are installing virtual switchboards to customers all over the world

Doubts? We are here to help you solve them all. Send us an email or call us if you prefer.

At Neotel we look to the future, to implement solutions today

Your competitors have probably already migrated to the virtual switchboard. What do you expect to be next? Do not stay out of the market.

Neotel is synonymous with professionalism.

There is a new way to communicate. It’s called WebRTC. And Neotel has implanted it free for its clients

No need to install plg-ins allows you to make calls over the Internet.

WebRTC is a technology that allows you to make calls over the Internet and easily.

  • Maximum reliability and security.
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Maximum level of compatibility.

What is WebRTC? Web Real-Time Communication

Enable the web softphone (WebRTC) directly from your PBX panel

Make calls between employees faster and cheaper.

Do you still need more reasons to migrate to the virtual switchboard?

Any questions that you have in Neotel we solve them all.

Call Neotel. We are happy to answer your questions.

You no longer have an excuse to go to the Neotel switchboard

Save money internally within the venues.

With the Neotel control unit, the concept of geographical mobility comes into play.

Migrating to the PBX in the Neotel cloud we end up with barriers.

Never before has it been so easy for the virtual switchboard to reach the whole world. Take advantage of the advantages that are not few.


PBX for companies: call launcher, call center, Voice over IP, IP telephony and VoIP PBXs

Did you know that with Neotel there are no permanences? Never. So is!

With other Telephony providers, stays are imposed on customers. We at Neotel do not believe in the concept of permanence. We believe in satisfied and loyal customers. And is that when a company gives only the best service customers do not leave.

Do you already know what VoIP Telephony is?

Do not have a phone number yet? No problem. Neotel offers you line + phone number.

As IP Telephony makes use of the IP Voice you can use our system both in mobile and fixed:

  • Use of softphone By installing a softphone application we would already have everything we need to make calls over IP.
  • IP adapter linked to the conventional telephone.
  • VoIP phone It is a special phone for IP calls.

As you see there are different solutions. Surely one adapts to your company.

Are you in doubt about whether your Internet connection is compatible with IP Telephony? At Neotel we solve all of them. What if you call us now?

In any case, think that any type of connection to the Network is valid.

If you already have an Internet connection, you can start using VoIP Telephony.

Formerly with traditional telephony the calls were made through cable. Now with VoIP telephony, calls are made via the Internet.

Now you know something more about the requirements and what advantages IP Telephony brings:

  • You need to hire Neotel as your VoIP Telephony operator.
  • IP / Softphone / IP Phone adapter.
  • Internet connection.

Migrating to IP telephony has never been easier than it is today.

Neotel call center

Installing a call center is the best way to serve your customers in your business. Neotel develops customized tools designed for contact centers and call centers.

Customized solutions for companies

Call Centers and Contact Centers

With our tools you have the possibility to monitor real-time data that are of great interest to your call center.

With our software for call centers you will have:

Call center in the cloud

Our call center tools are hosted in the Neotel cloud and have been designed for SMEs and large companies, allowing:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Progressive and predictive marking.
  • Call recording.
  • Reports and statistics.

An IP Telephony system saves large amounts of money to companies. Your agents do not need to be physically in the same place. It does not matter where in the world each one is. Our tools are still working.

Applications aimed at call centers

Our call center software is scalable and adapts to the needs of any company.

Neotel also offers media services for those who are interested. We highlight:

  • Custom applications.
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Data center.

Neotel – your Telecommunications provider

In Neotel we offer services of PBX, call center software and CRM. Trust a company with more than 15 years of experience.

Learn more about call centers

The goal and the raison d’être of any call center is to get the maximum possible number of minutes in conversation with clients.

There are no limits with Neotel’s call center tools

From Customer Service, Telemarketing to mass sale campaigns. With our software your call center can get everything.

Do not be wrong or repent. Contract now the call center tools with Neotel

Thanks to the tools we offer call centers improve day by day, they learn from their weaknesses and overcome them.

For a better Customer Service

Greater availability for your customers

With our tools you ensure reliable customer service 365 days a year.

automarcador dialer

Do you need a progressive / predictive dialer?

We have no competition in Neotel. More than 15 years of experience in the sector endorse us. And since there is no permanence with us … Do you have something to lose? If you still have doubts after all this, we recommend that you do a Google search and look at reviews about our company and services.

Functionality and efficiency are fundamental aspects when hiring a VoIP exchange.

centralita voip

We have several solutions that adapt to all types of companies. We invite you to call us or send us an email if you prefer. He explains his personal situation and without any commitment he will receive a quote and all the necessary information. If you still have questions after receiving the information that we are going to send you, of course you just have to call us again. At Neotel we are more than happy to meet your needs.

Among our solutions, the most famous are:

  • The dialer
  • The virtual switchboard.
  • The tools for call center.
  • And the CRM.

Having a dialer in your call center company makes life happier. Guaranteed!


Compare virtual PBX

When migrating from a physical PBX to a virtual PBX it is necessary to know a series of details.

IP PBX, that rare concept

With the IP PBX the voice is sent converted to data through the Internet.

It is a 100% scalable system.

If you already have a phone number. you do not need to lose it. As easy as making a portability. And nothing more.

The IP VoIP switches are all advantages and disadvantages for the company

Beyond your price you need to know the characteristics of the IP Voice and what this technology can do for your company.

At Neotel, if we know anything, it’s IP Voice Telephony. What are you waiting for to call us?

By contracting a PBX what is intended is to gain in comfort and efficiency.

Being in a hurry to hire a switchboard company does not usually work out well. It is better to take time to research online user references about each of the services of the different IP Voice operators that currently exist.

Neotel puts at your service the best virtual switchboard

The virtual PBX is composed or operated by modules. These can be deleted or added at the customer’s whim. Each module provides extra functionality to the system that makes it more powerful.

Companies that sell switchboards there are many, many. There are more affordable prices and others less. Some are more reliable, others not so much. Ensures that you are hiring a professional company with extensive experience in virtual switchboards.

At Neotel we are capable of facing any situation. No matter the size of your company, where you are or the number of agents. We have the capacity to spare you to give you the best coverage.

Search, compare, and at the end is Neotel

As you can see there are several aspects to consider when hiring a virtual switchboard.

Some other aspects to consider

More things you need to know

Trust the Neotel cloud exchange

There is no reason to think that this is an unstable technology.

More and more call centers choose to migrate to the PBX

Do you need a VoIP PBX?

Neotel is your Telecommunications Provider par excellence. We understand the needs that call centers have to face every day. We are specialized in providing solutions to these problems.

If you still do not work with a virtual switchboard hosted in the cloud with Neotel, you need to call us today. We want only the best for your call center company, just like you.

Cloud Virtual PBX – The Neotel virtual switchboard in the cloud

Nothing more than the reduction in costs and it is worthwhile to migrate with Neotel.

Surveys of Telemarketing, Spy & Whisper, Call recording, Click 2 Call Me Back, Virtual Fax, etc.

  • Without installation or maintenance.
  • There are no geographical limitations.
  • Give a more professional image to your customers.
  • Scalability
  • Easy to use.

We are the # 1 provider in virtual switchboards

Have you already looked for references in Google to see what our customers say?

We are the best provider of VoIP PBXs in the market.

If you have any questions please contact our advisors.

We are ahead of the future, to offer you the best technologies in Telecommunications today

You will not want your competitors ahead of you, right? Call Neotel, we will inform you without any commitment. You have nothing to lose.

Not all virtual switchboard companies are the same. Our quality is the reason for being for Neotel.

WebRTC line

Have you ever dreamed of making real-time communications, from the web browser itself, and without the need to install any kind of plug-in? This is possible with the WebRTC lines that Neotel offers.

No need to install anything, just using an Internet connection. This is what you need to start making calls through WebRTC,

WebRTC is a reality. And you should be interested

  • Rated as reliable and safe by users.
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Open source technology

Are you willing to make your life easier? Do you want to hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard?

Be in direct communication with your employees and customers.

Do you need more reasons?


Send an email to and ask for the options in switchboards and how we can help you.

You call us We will solve all your doubts

Start saving money with internal calls!

Thanks to the PBX you can forget the problems of whether your headquarters and delegations or workers are not located in the same geographical area.

centralita voip

With the PBX we break all these limitations.

Do you need a softphone? We propose something even better: hire a WebRTC line now.

grabación de llamadas

Move to the Neotel switchboard. And take your business off the ground.


Why have your CRM + PBX integrated?

Integrating your CRM to your PBX is a task that is done very easily and with which your business or company can enjoy many benefits. For example, by doing so you can make the calls you require to your contacts with a click on your CRM application.

On the other hand, the implementation of crm + pbx also allows you to have automatically linked incoming calls with a record of your client. In this way, using this application in conjunction with the service will have your customers’ information displayed and the calls will be saved as records.

With this in mind it is time to speak in greater depth of what this integration has to give.

Contributions of crm + pbx


In addition to streamlining calls and registering, this union has more benefits to give. For example:

  • With this, sales people can track their calls more easily.
  • The customer service team will also be able to ensure that each client’s records are up-to-date.

In this way, it can be said that in a general way the union of crm + pbx will allow you to have a more efficient administration of your calls, achieving in turn to improve the performance of your communication equipment and at the same time increase the level of satisfaction of the clients.

centralitas PBX

Do not forget that you can call directly from the CRM; You will also have the customer data automatically displayed and each of the calls made will have their registration and will be saved in the application.

Do not forget that CRM helps your company manage customer information, so that thanks to their employers and the information provided by the calls, you can have quick and convenient reports that will help you make decisions Important.



Virtual Switchboard – Voip Switchboard VoIP Switchboards. PBX switchboards

3 reasons to switch to a pbx ip

When considering the idea of moving from a traditional PBX to an IP it is essential to consider several details before making any decision.

Today we wanted to talk about the 3 main reasons why you should consider making your transition to pbx ip.

But before we talk about these reasons we want to make it very clear what this service is. Let’s start.

What is pbx ip?

This service has to present an integral telephone exchange in which the calls on the data networks are managed. That is, telephone conversations are all sent over the network as data packets.

Now, this technology is not only responsible for sending calls, but also includes other very advanced communication features that are very profitable for businesses and businesses.

It is important to note that due to its robustness and performance pbx ip allows a simple and wide scalability of the service, that is to say that when using it can increase or decrease its performance very easily according to the needs of the user.

Regarding their service many wonder if these PBXs allow you to connect with traditional PSTN lines and before this doubt the answer is yes.

In this way, if you do not want to interrupt the external communication infrastructure that is currently managed, you can also implement pbx ip without problems, keeping your regular telephone numbers.

Weight Reasons

Before finishing and since you know these details of the PBX you must know the 2 reasons to consider:

  1. It is presented as a simpler installation and configuration solution. Likewise, its administration and configuration (due to its interface) is evidenced easier.
  2. And in the case of using VoIP providers can generate significant savings.

Benefits of pbx voip

The voip PBX service has managed to spread well in business and business for several reasons, being the benefits it has to give the main.

Now, if you are thinking about opting for this service clearly it is ideal that you know the strengths of this option and that go beyond its price or savings that can generate.

What are the main benefits of pbx voip?

Below we present different points in favor of this service. But it is very important that you understand that some of them can be enjoyed only in certain cases, depending on the characteristics of the company and the service requested:

  • It is a service that eliminates the telephone wiring, which means that the pbx voip allows to connect the phones directly to the standard port. It is important to note that you can use IP phones or software-based options that are installed directly on the PC.
  • By eliminating this wiring you can clearly move your extensions without major complications or you can add more, if you require, without major problems.
  • In addition, you can leave behind the dependency with suppliers and is that this service when using the open SIP allows to combine different options of software and hardware. Keep in mind that proprietary services typically require proprietary equipment and programs.
  • With pbx voip you can provide better customer service, while increasing the productivity of the care team as you have access to information with greater agility.
  • In addition, we can not stop talking about the large number of features that this service presents and the best thing is that the amount does not affect the savings in the tariff.

Finally, you should know that although now you do not know how to operate with this PBX to have it will be very comfortable and efficient.

Recognize the best virtual switchboard for your company

Properly choosing the service of a good virtual switchboard is a complex task and in which you have to be very careful about certain details, so that you can select a provider that can really meet the needs of your business or company.

Since we want you to have at your service the best virtual switchboard for your business here we are going to tell you about the main aspects that you have to monitor in order to make an excellent choice.

Have at your service the best virtual switchboards

One of the main features that will allow you to identify the best virtual switchboard for your business or company will be that the provider has to offer different services, with wide functionality, and at the same time are adaptable options.

A provider that allows you to hire a virtual PBX to which you can add, expand, reduce or subtract elements is what you will need to have a service that truly responds to your needs and where you pay only for what you need.

There are companies that offer very good virtual switchboards, but they offer options that can not be modified easily or that despite the modifications, they present tariffs inconvenient for the users.

Besides this first detail there are other more that you have to consider. For example:

  • Make it a provider that works with both small and medium-sized companies and large companies.
  • You should also choose those that serve companies from different sectors and is that when you look at them details you can find advanced services, really scalable, with good performance and rates that fit different budgets.

Finally, to be able to enjoy the service of the best virtual switchboard, it is essential that you look for suppliers that really offer solutions to the challenges that each sector presents.

How to make an appropriate comparison of virtual switchboards?

There are several features that you should take into account when doing a comparison of virtual switchboards so ideally you do it by managing a table that allows you to carry out a thorough and clear assessment.

Features and other details to compare

  • The general characteristics presented by the service: when comparing the switchboards considering their features you have to evaluate: How many extensions does it offer ?, How many simultaneous calls does it support? If you have call forwarding, call routing as well as digital receptionist? In addition you should consider whether it integrates voicemail, central phonebook, call transfer as well as recorder and administration of recordings, reports, call queues and intercom.


  • Details of administration and scalability: when comparing virtual PBXs in this aspect you should consider the usability of the management console, which must be web-based. It should also provide device provisioning automatically as well as real-time report of system status.


  • Communication details. There are several elements to verify, but the most important would be the reception of voice messages by email, the extension Click2Call, conference calls as well as virtual fax.

Other Important Elements

  • Call reporting, statistics, real-time monitoring as well as external agent support, record search and callback function.


  • The integration of CRM as well as the mobility offered will be essential, that is to say that it works in Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web and SIP phones.

Reliability of the voice IP PBXs

The VoIP switchboard is nowadays presented as a very reliable and secure service, if one makes use of the essential resources or tools.

Put your trust in the IP Voice

Generally, when thinking about the services of voice-over switchboards, doubts arise about their optimal functioning in situations such as electric blackouts and other problems.

As you can see, there are several methods by which providers can ensure reliable and reliable communications services to their customers.

When you apply these solutions, which you must consult before hiring any service, you can have the total peace of mind that the voice control system chosen ip will have an optimum operation, allowing to take full advantage of its different functionalities and benefits.

How to recognize the best voip PBXs?

Knowing how to recognize an excellent VoIP PBX from other basic options is much easier when you consider certain criteria that are key to having the best tool at your service.

Now, since we want you to make the best choice of the different voip switchboards that are offered today, here we are going to tell you about the 4 main features that will help you to recognize it.

Features of the best VoIP PBX

  1. It is a switchboard that is easy to use, that is to say that through its interface is very simple to handle. For this it is worth requesting a demo test, in such a way that you can see for yourself how intuitive the interface is. When hiring a voip PBX, if you have a friendly interface, it will not be necessary for a third party to intervene to make their configurations, to add new functions and to optimize their operation.


  1. It integrates perfectly with other solutions used by the company. For example, if the service is suitable to integrate with CRMS, with contact or call center, with ERPs, among others that you are implanting will be the ideal.


  1. It is a safe and high quality service: generally the security is not a subject that worries a lot when choosing voip switchboards, but you have to consider that being services that are developed over the internet it is necessary to watch which mechanisms are used to guarantee the deprivation Of communications.

In this way when looking for a quality service you should opt for a provider that offers not only good and modern systems, but also encrypted for your calls.

  • In this way when looking for a quality service you should opt for a provider that offers not only good and modern systems, but also encrypted for your calls…….

Basic maintenance service for virtual switchboards

Asking about the maintenance service that will be obtained when contracting with a virtual PBX provider is a key aspect that has to be considered, but that many companies forget.

That is why, if you are doing the search for virtual switchboards and you want to make a relevant choice, then we will talk a bit about the basic maintenance service that you should at least look for.

Note that generally the maintenance service is included within the rate to be paid, but when in doubt it is always better to contact and consult.

Know the pbx exchanges hosted and the benefits they have to give

Knowing the option of pbx switchboards you will surely find the hosted PBX service. But what is it?

Well, here we want to enter to clear this doubt while we will talk about the benefits that this alternative presents.

What are hosted PBX PBXs?

The first thing that should be clear about the hosted PBXs is that they are hired telephone exchanges as hosted services, ie as virtual PBXs. In this way, the first advantages that the user can demonstrate with them is a reduction in the costs of their installation.

Likewise, since it is a virtual operation service, the cost of this operation is reduced in the same way that the maintenance expense is reduced. This will clearly depend on the provider that is chosen, but in general most VoIP service providers present very favorable rates in which these tasks are included.

It is important that you know at this point that the pbx PBXs hosted will allow you to take advantage of features such as virtual fax, conferences, voicemail as well as automated messages, call routing, among others.

At this point and before talking about the benefits of this solution you have to know that it can work through the traditional telephone network, through the Internet or through a combination of the above.

Finally, with respect to its benefits we must emphasize the following points:

  • Saving on installation cost and maintenance cost.
  • Physical limitations are eliminated, allowing the company and its employees to expand and be on the move.
  • And it can also help improve the corporate image.

We can not clearly avoid its scalability and its easy use.

The best provider for your ip voice control service

When choosing an IP Voice service, we should not only focus on making an appropriate choice of the system, software or functionalities to be implemented, but also carefully select the provider of these services.

But how do you know that you are facing the best provider of voice switch ip?

To help you realize this recognition we have brought some tips that you should consider and apply.

Do not miss them and make use of them.

Important factors

  • Factors The security offered by the provider, considering in this point the security practices, such as constant monitoring of threats and the use of tools such as SSL certificates, SRTP, SBC, etc.
  • You can not fail to consider the support offered (staff support) or at least the existing documentation and tools given. Consider your needs and schedules presented.
  • Finally, regarding the availability, the ideal is that it does not go down 99%, that is to say they guarantee a short time out of service. With a 99% average time per month is about 7 hours, while if it has a 99.999% availability the maximum time for out of service will be 44 minutes a month.

3 basic criteria to select your voip control panel

Day by day are more companies, small, medium and large, who decide to use for the management of their communications the solution offered by the voip switchboard.

This service has been extended and popularized due to its flexibility and the savings that can be given with its application. But, you must be very clear that not all VoIP switchboards currently offered have to offer the same guarantees and not all services are equally adaptable to the needs of each user.

Using WebRTC

This open source project has become very popular in a short time and is that it allows real-time communications without having to make use of plug-ins.

What is it?

Web Real-Time Communications is a tool that has been launched with the aim of facilitating the applications of voice calls, as well as the file sharing and video chat.

Due to the excellent performance it has shown, it has managed to get to the main position in a short time, although some still doubt that it can really generate a revolution in the current communication standards.

But, this thought of doubt is not shared by many, since when consulting the opinions on this subject many experts know that WebRTC has entered to fill a gap in the web platform, in such a way that allows real-time communication to be established, It only loads the page.

More reviews about WebRTC

  • Initially it is clear that although this technology is relatively new, many users have described it as a reliable and quite safe option.
  • Likewise the opinions are positive regarding the quality of the sound, having better opinions than those obtained by the solutions Flash.
  • In addition, it clearly has the support of many as an open source platform that has to give a good amount of new tools.

How a Virtual PBX Works

Let’s assume that we have a company in Madrid and we want to start offering our professional services to our customers. We have integrated a virtual switchboard, which allows us to receive a good number of calls simultaneously.

In this way, when wondering how the virtual switchboard works you have to understand that thanks to the ability to receive simultaneous calls the company can be communicated at all times with its customers, but also among the members of the team.

This is done by the virtual operator of the service, which performs the derivation of calls to the corresponding extensions that it has requested.

For example, the manager who manages his extension 100 from his mobile device, the commercial team, 101, the billing manager who manages his extension 102 or the customer service, 103.

In this way it should be clear that thanks to the virtual switchboard the communications of the company are managed in an advanced way, regardless of the location of the staff. Being virtual the service that interests is to have a good Internet connection.

We hope that with this example you will understand the operation of these switchboards and encourage you to make use of them.

Reasons to switch to a virtual telephone exchange

You currently have a traditional telephone switchboard in your company. If so and you are watching this post surely you are looking for a new solution, more effective and efficient, to manage the communications of your organization.


Well, in this case it may be convenient to know some of the most important reasons for moving to a virtual telephone exchange.

Reasons to do so

One of the main reasons for changing technology is that with the virtual exchange can reduce the costs of calls, especially those that are generated with long distance calls as well as those generated by calls between different branches National and international.

On the other hand, a reason that drives the use of this service is the need to have internal extensions, but remotely to the company. This means that if you have your head office here, but you have other offices in other cities or outside the country, you may consider this service as indicated.

This is possible since with the use of the virtual telephone exchange you can integrate each and every one of the branches that your company has.

Now, what may be happening in your company is that with the current switchboard service you no longer have more lines and require more. This need is easily met in the virtual service and has no limitations.

Robot Call

In addition, if you do not require a complex call center with this option you can use softphones, software phones on the computer, to provide this attention.

fax virtual

Finally you should know that another common reason to change is that with this service you can improve the availability of your staff, both mobile employees and teleworkers.