Mobile PBX: The key to remote work

There are many reasons to ensure that companies must adapt to remote work. On the one hand, the COVID 19 pandemic still forces workers to vacate offices from time to time. On the other, non-face-to-face work is a trend that goes beyond today. In fact, most professionals are looking for contracts that allow them to work from home. In any case, the mobile pbx makes this possible.

In fact, since 2021, there is talk of “global resignation”. According to this phenomenon, millions of professionals around the world will be abandoning companies with physical offices to work with others that allow them to operate without the requirement of being in person. Fortunately, technology is advancing and the mobile switchboard could have the solution to stop this labor trend.

PBX: Why does it allow remote working?

mobile pbx

It must be understood that the PBX is much more than a call center program. In fact, it is feasible to approach this software as an environment for work and business communication. First of all, this is so because to use it, workers must log in with a password and a user. From this point on, everything that each agent or employee does is recorded in the system.

In fact, thanks to the PBX, a coordinator can know if his employee is connected. In other words, this type of program makes it possible to monitor an employee’s attendance to his or her schedule even if he or she is in another country. It does not matter if the company is located in Spain and the employee is in India, Argentina or Canada, his management will be controlled. Therefore, this type of software can help any company to upgrade and operate remotely, at least in some of its activities.

And if the telephone switchboard allows remote work, the mobile switchboard facilitates it beyond the device an employee has. Of course, the ability to have call center software features on the cell phone can be very useful for some tasks. Both executives and telemarketers can take advantage of this add-on.

Mobile PBX: an office on your cell phone

PBX systems like Neotel’s are very versatile because they only need an Internet connection to work. A person authorized to log in with their key and password can use the system on any computer or device that supports connection. However, the mobile PBX allows for some basic call center software functionalities.

Thanks to the mobile PBX, a telemarketer can put a customer on hold, or mute. The best thing is that callers will hear everything as if they were calling the company’s offices. In other words, by using this add-on, the use of the identification and professional elements used by the company for telephone communication is guaranteed. This is important, because everything we hear when we call a company lets us know that it is a serious and respectable entity.

It could be said that the mobile PBX is a virtual PBX for mobiles. Perhaps some entrepreneurs are wondering at this point if it is really necessary to hire a complementary service of this type. To tell the truth, at Neotel this is a totally free complementary service. That is, those who get our IP telephony service will have this additional resource.

The telephone switchboard is a very complete program

The PBX is often referred to as a call center software. However, the dimensions of this type of program are much broader nowadays. First of all, contracting this service allows the incorporation of IP telephony, which makes communication cheaper and improves it from a technological point of view. Then, this business solution has a variety of functions that can enhance the scope of any enterprise.

The mobile PBX is just one of the complements of Neotel’s software. It is impressive the amount of functions that can be performed with our software. In fact, these tools allow you to increase sales, improve telephone service and formalize the image of any business. With this program, you can integrate digital marketing tasks with the use of telephone resources.

With our virtual switchboard you can hire staff abroad and control their management with ease. Open yourself to a world of possibilities with remote work and improve the communication capacity of your company. With Neotel it is possible to modernize any business.


Time, money and efficiency

At Neotel we polish the quality of our software day by day just so you can be satisfied with our services; we improve ourselves to accompany you in your business because with our software we promise a fast, simple and effective work, without any confusing installation or any initial payment; our services are specialized for entrepreneurs like you.


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We are here, to bring you exclusively the best.


We offer you virtual faxing in email, voice mail, international numbers, a corporate agenda, etc.


There is no need for an installation that can complicate or waste your time, we make sure that everything is quick and easy; in addition we provide only the best for you and your customers. We allow you to expand your business without moving from your location; we allow you to receive calls through your PBX at no cost.


You don’t have to worry about cell phone costs, you just need to provide us with the line owner’s details and the donor operator and our customer service staff will be responsible for the portability of your line.



virtual fax pbx


You don’t have to worry about anything, we are with you to help you save time and money; we are honest with you, you can trust that we, will help you with our tool to improve your business. If for any reason you have to move out of your office or country, don’t worry, you can connect your phone to the internet and receive calls at no cost; we save you money on complicated phones and software and focus on giving you an efficient service.


You will be able to configure your switchboard as you wish, besides, we offer you extensions to improve your customer services; we just want you to be satisfied, we are for you to answer doubts and even look for solutions to any problem.


If you don’t have a number we offer you one free of charge, we won’t change anything about your phone number, we will only assign you a virtual number so you can use it in any line or mobile you have, you just need internet and you will start to take off to the top.



virtual pbx


Save time, money and take off in your business.




Hire for your company the virtual IP telephone PBX with Neotel

Neotel virtual pbx prices


virtual pbx price

Before hiring a physical switchboard for your business, find out if you haven’t already done so about the advantages and bill savings of hiring a virtual pbx with Neotel as opposed to traditional ones.

Advantages over our cloud-based switchboard

  • No strings attached. Hiring the pbx with Neotel does not entail any kind of permanence. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can go to another provider whenever you want.
  • Fax To Email. If you need to see a communication from a customer who sends it to you via fax and you don’t have the machine, that’s fine. Neotel offers the Fax To Email service so you can receive faxes directly to your email. Save on hardware and paper. If you need to, you can also send a fax yourself, without having to have the machine again, from our software. You simply send the fax but as if it were a message, indicating the recipient of the fax. The other person will receive it in their fax machine.

Features of our virtual switchboard

  • Web statistics. You will be able to see from the Internet the calls that have been made. The ones that have not been answered, all the recordings, statistics, queues, recordings, etc.

Save money and be more productive with Neotel’s virtual pbx.


What is the best option for teleworking from home?

A virtual switchboard system is designed so that users can work and access it from anywhere.

If you are looking at Google now options for teleworking from home in front of the coronavirus we recommend that you check our section here, which explains the steps to implement teleworking in your company so you do not have to close.


With the same functionality as in the company

If on the other hand you do not yet have a virtual switchboard system you can contract it with our company. The installation is very simple (the customer does not have to do anything) and our technicians can help you to be up and running sooner than you imagine.

virtual pbx

Once you are registered with the virtual switchboard, your employees can access the normal company telephone system as if they were physically there. You can find more information about the switchboard here. We also recommend that you watch this video on how the virtual pbx works.

If you already have the pbx the transfer of the system to the house is very simple. It only consists of taking the ip terminal home and connecting it there. You don’t even need a physical telephone. You can use the Neotel web softphone, free for all customers.


Quick and easy installation

The current situation of the coronavirus is causing companies that do not want to close their businesses to opt for other solutions. Here teleworking is undoubtedly the most effective. And Neotel’s virtual switchboard is the only tool you need for this.


Frequently Asked Questions about the virtual pbx

What is the best virtual switchboard offer at the moment?

The best pbx we believe is the one that offers you the greatest mobility. The Neotel pbx includes for all its customers the so-called Mobile pbx with which you can take your switchboard with you wherever you are and wherever you go, with all the same features as with the virtual pbx only in your mobile device.

You should also be aware when looking for a switchboard provider, one that does not contemplate permanence or economic sanctions of any kind at the time of making the contract. The Neotel switchboard is the only one that does not oblige its clients to do anything. They can enjoy our services and, if for some reason one day they decide to leave, without questions, they are 100% free to do so.

The best switchboard is the one that gives you the best scalability. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is 100% scalable meaning that, say your company consists of 5 employees and therefore you need 5 extensions right now, OK, great, we can offer you this service. But what happens tomorrow when your business continues to grow and you need to hire more jobs? With the Neotel switchboard there is no problem because the number of extensions is modifiable at any time this may be smaller or larger. Whatever the client needs. In business you have to have at least a minimum of foresight and the image we have now of him may vary over time. And the number of workers is the same.

The best cetralite is also the one that is easier for the client to configure. The same configuration could be that it is not going to serve us all the time. Then it is better for the client to contract a virtual telephone switchboard that is intuitive at the configuration level. In addition, when you contract the switchboard with Neotel you already have the technical support and customer service of the company from minute 0.

Because virtual voip pbx do not need to buy anything a priori, this type of telecommunications system for businesses is the most profitable especially when we refer to SMEs.



call recorder

The best switchboard we are convinced is also the one that never fails you, right?. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. The management panel is used through a simple web page.

In short, a telephone switchboard aims to connect calls from outside with a company or internal extensions to each other.

The switchboard has given way to an improved concept: the virtual switchboard.

The delivery of calls in the ip virtual switchboard is done over the Internet.

In the end the virtual switchboard retains all the features of the traditional switchboard:


  • Call forwarding, call delivery through queues, music on hold, ivr menu, etc.
  • Transfers of calls between the different extensions of the virtual switchboard.
  • Voicemail.
  • Identification of calls received in the virtual switchboard.
  • Call recording.
  • Locutions like “secretary virtual” that goes channeling to the client that calls us.

The virtual switchboard is currently the best working tools for companies.



Among the main features of the Neotel virtual switchboard are the following: Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling.

How much does a telephone switchboard cost?

When hiring a switchboard do not go to the most expensive as this does not always mean that it is the best. It’s worth doing a little research and searching the internet for the opinions of other users who use or have used this switchboard. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is currently the best price-quality ratio and you can find out more about its price by visiting the following link.

What is a virtual switchboard?

The virtual switchboard is designed with SMEs and the self-employed in mind.

centralita voip voz ip

The virtual switchboard is a communications system without comparison to anything else. SMEs and freelancers save a lot of money by talking in their business through a virtual switchboard, unlike what happens with a physical switchboard.

The virtual switchboard is no longer a secret that saves us both personnel costs and maintenance of hardware equipment in addition to saving physical space.



mobile virtual pbx

Neotel as a brand and company has been growing exponentially since its foundation in 2001, implementing more and better services and products for its customers. Neotel solutions are the most complete.

With virtual switchboards, companies can manage all their communications.



virtual pbx

All these managements the client realizes them from his panel web of user and they are not necessary of previous knowledge for it.

The virtual switchboards are used to manage calls from companies of all sizes.


Essential features for any inbound call center software solution

It is essential for optimal performance that the following features are included in your call center software.

1. Real-time reporting

This feature allows agents to know data such as customer waiting time and more.

2. Monitoring

The Monitoring module allows the call center administrator to spy on the real time conversations that agents are having with clients. This functionality is very useful to apply improvement techniques a posteriori. In addition, it serves as training for our employees. On the other hand and thanks to the spy and whisper module included in the Monitoring, since the administrator is able to listen to a conversation that is happening at this moment, he can also whisper what he thinks convenient at a given moment to his agent, without the customer on the other side of the line is aware of anything.

The call recording function can record all live calls.


3. Built-in CRM


ivr interactive voice response

The Neotel PBX comes integrated with a powerful CRM that helps us identify the person calling us. When a call is received in the call center, the agent knows a lot of relevant information about the caller before answering it. This information can include personal data of the client, together with notes of past calls, promos that this client has applied, etc. All this information appears through a pop-up window on the computer screen of the agent receiving the call.

4. IVR


virtual pb

The Neotel ivr is 100% customizable and you can add as many levels as you want.

The ivr system allows you to direct the caller to the right department, without wasting their time, being transferred from department to department.



Neotel for large and medium enterprises

At Neotel we never tire of saying it: what do you want to save money with telephony in your company? Then you will have to contract a virtual pbx. Neotel’s virtual pbx means saving money on technical specialists and maintenance. Here, all that runs on our side. What does that sound like?

More benefits, less costs

If your company already has a physical switchboard, please contact us and we will advise you without obligation. Migrating the physical switchboard of your company to Neotel is much simpler than you might think in principle.

Scalability and flexibility

Always up to date. Your office goes with you!


virtual pbx

The Neotel pbx will allow you to be in contact with your employees always and regardless of where they are in the world. The Neotel virtual switchboard offers exactly the same features as a traditional physical switchboard. With Neotel you can: promote employee mobility, save costs, professionalize the image of the brand and enhance communication between departments.



Call Center Software CRM Virtual PBX

Globalization has become a challenge for companies today. That’s why with the Neotel switchboard your workers can be physically in cities or countries other than their own. And this will not be a problem for the proper functioning of the business.

What are the 4 main advantages of the Neotel virtual switchboard?

Here are some of the main advantages of the virtual pbx:

1. The lowest investment

Hiring a virtual pbx is the best possible investment for your business, with Neotel and its pbx there is no initial investment for the client. There are no maintenance or repair costs. All these are things that Neotel is going to take care of so that the customer does not have to do it himself. Therefore hiring a virtual switchboard is the cheapest way that exists if we want to have an advanced telephone control system for our company, the main feature of the virtual switchboards is that for the client he will only see a website where he logs in and nothing else. All the hardware of the switchboard is not in their dependencies. The Neotel switchboard is 100% Cloud, if you can be connected to all workers and customers within the company, and all without having to have servers within the company itself, this is already a saving, a saving of space.


2. Easy to use


virtual pbx

The Neotel switchboard operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and only requires a device with an internet connection to operate. With the virtual switchboard you will always be connected to all your customers.

3. System Installation

Once the client has a numbering this is all he needs to start using the Neotel virtual switchboard. If you already have a numbering or on the contrary you need one, we recommend you contact us and we will get to work so that you are working as soon as possible with the Neotel switchboard.

4. Ubiquity

The whole system is virtually located on the internet so you as a customer do not have to worry about space or anything. the virtual service means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Neotel virtual switchboard has been designed to improve all communications between workers, suppliers, customers, etc. within the same company.


Neotel highlights the 3 main advantages of the Virtual Switchboard

If you hire a virtual switchboard:

  1. You’ll enjoy mobility and remote work.
  2. You will have at your disposal an infinity of functionalities and characteristics to give a better attention to the client in your company.
  3. You won’t have to worry about updates as the service provider is the only company responsible for all the configuration of the switchboard.
  4. You don’t need to invest anything in initial installation.
  5. You don’t have to invest in physical machines; unlike physical switchboards.

Conclusion: 3 most important advantages of the virtual switchboard

1. Work in remote and delocalization of the company

Forget about installing phone systems in each of your locations. It doesn’t matter if your workers are not located in the same city or country.

2. A tailor-made solution for medium and small businesses


virtual pbx

The virtual pbx is considered as the most complete solution: click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, monitoring, incoming call statistics, signaling, etc.. All this makes Neotel’s virtual pbx the most complete solution for both small and medium businesses. In addition, in terms of saving money, with the virtual pbx the savings are always the maximum possible when compared with any other type of existing telephony system.

3. Savings


The virtual pbx is a savings system in the sense that requires neither maintenance nor investment in physical machines. our switchboard allows you to have all the advantages of a complete ip voice system, but without the need to buy anything physical machinery. the virtual switchboard could be the solution for your business. If you are interested in receiving more information or want to start saving money in your company we advise you without any commitment. All you have to do is get in touch with our advisors.


Advantages of IP PBXs for companies

At Neotel we offer pbx, crm and software services for call centers. Absolutely all the products that Neotel offers have been developed in-house by us. Our telephony products are especially aimed at companies of all sizes.

With an ip PBX we save on our phone bill. IP PBXs not only bring us this benefit. They also give us many functionalities to our company that would be impossible to imagine with a traditional telephone switchboard.

Start your ip switchboard with Neotel

The main advantages of IP telephony over traditional telephony are, among others:

  • In general, it makes internal company communications easier: calls between extensions, calls between different locations, calls from different locations, etc.
  • Improves access to advanced functions: CTR, IVR, etc.
  • Allows access to low-cost ip lines: national and international.
  • Integration with third party software and CRM.
  • Access to optimized business communications performance.
  • The different workers and headquarters of the company are unified in the same communication system.
  • Simplifies the company’s communications infrastructure.
  • Save up to 40% on your phone bill.

The ip switchboard are all advantages as you can see

The switchboard relies on Internet communications to operate. In this way it will only be necessary to buy the necessary terminals, although there are also options that make the purchase of any terminal no longer mandatory.

Simplifying the “telephone switchboard” system with the virtual switchboard

The virtual pbx in companies is increasingly consolidated as the only communications system.

By using the Internet for the transmission of communications, the virtual pbx represents a significant saving for the bill. In addition, with the ip PBX no longer matters where employees are physically located because communications and their flow are unified within the same system.

An ip control unit can save up to 40%.

virtual pbx

Nowadays, the traditional physical switchboards suppose a great cost in terms of maintenance. This would not happen if we contracted a virtual switchboard.



Las centralitas ip son la ayuda definitiva para empresas que gestionan cantidades elevadas de llamadas. Gracias a que la centralita transforma la voz en datos para las comunicaciones, esto puede suponer un ahorro de hasta un 40%.