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Call center software: A marketing tool

It is clear that email marketing is one of the most used advertising resources today. As is well known, more than 3930 million people use email. In addition, 64% of those who trust a brand or company will simply open it.

Email marketing is a strategy that beyond the final purchase results, is always beneficial. The best thing is that it costs practically nothing and can be done without bothering customers or potential users. It is about proposals, offers and information that, finally, stays in the inboxes reminding the customer that your company exists.

However, this does not imply that a company should rely on email as the only advertising medium. There are other methods and tools that can be used to expand the entrepreneur’s range of action. One of them is call center software, which contains multiple useful functions for marketing.

What is call center software?



Call center software is a business communication manager. Previously, it was only responsible for managing the company’s outgoing and incoming telephone contacts. Many large companies have similar programs in their contact centers and with these they can perform various tasks to improve the quality of service.

A call center software is what allows a call center operator to transfer calls, put them on hold and so on. These are its basic tasks and are aimed at improving the customer experience in the middle of a call. At the coordination level, this type of program allows recording and monitoring contacts to verify the quality of service.

Now, this is what traditional programs installed in customer service departments used to do. What today’s call center software does goes far beyond phone calls. Applications such as Neotel’s open up a number of avenues for both marketing and customer service to the entrepreneur. Below, you’ll see some of the most useful modules in these programs.

Send bulk SMS: Reaching the customer’s Smartphone.

As with emailing, SMS marketing is all about sending advertising text messages. Statistics show that this can be a powerful medium. According to some consulting firms, 80% of Internet users have a smartphone and 45% of purchase inquiries start on these devices.

The best thing about SMS is that it appears in mobile notifications and is confused with others coming from social networks. In fact, today’s call center software offers a module that allows you to compose text messages and send them en masse.

This function allows us to create the advertising message, configure the sending to a list of customers and the system sends them. This automated function is an excellent way to take advantage of any company’s database. In this way, you can notify an offer, a new product, or motivate the customer to enter through a link that redirects to your website.

Robot call: Massive voice-activated calls

The robot call works in a similar way to emailing tools and sending bulk SMS. In this case, the messages are voicemailed by an operator and sent through a call. This is what happens when a utility company calls us and we hear the operator say the amount of our bill.

The point is that you can also use this automated system for marketing. Massive voice calls can be made to customer lists to offer a new product, offers, sweepstakes and messages on holidays. This is an effective mechanism to deliver short business messages.

This tool is extremely useful within a telemarketing department. SMEs and family businesses can use this module to perform loyalty and product proposal tasks if they do not have a call center.

Why is it important to maintain a customer service hotline?

Nowadays, metrics are everything in marketing. In fact, the rise of social networks has made us aware of the value of statistics. The problem is that not all customers buy online or through apps. There are still many potential customers who do not fully trust the Internet.

In addition, telephone customer service is internalized and well regarded by users. According to some consulting firms, 69% of customers say that they can resolve their concerns and questions over the phone. 79% want to contact their customers over the phone. Seventy-nine percent want to contact their companies by calling the call center and not by other means.

Social media metrics are great, but they don’t tell the whole story. The good thing about having a call center software is that we can access new metrics. Having a hotline means opening another channel for purchases that is very attractive for many people. Likewise, it will be feasible to get to know customers better and obtain data such as phone number, email, among others.

The “click to call me back” button

The innovative virtual PBX goes far beyond phone calls. One of the modules that allows to reconcile the web page with the telephone communication is the so-called “click to call me back”.

Click to call me back is a button that is added to the company’s website. When the user presses it, a box appears where he can leave his number so that a company operator can call him back. In this way, companies open up another means of online communication.

This module is very interesting because it breaks the usual barrier between the web page and the user. Many sites are very well organized, but do not have fast ways to communicate with the user. The important thing is for the entrepreneur to offer the relevant attention to Internet users who express their intention to communicate in this way.

How to obtain customer emails through call center software?

All of the above indicates that call center software is useful for collecting customer and user data. In fact, one of the data that can be obtained thanks to this tool is the emails of those interested in our products. This can be achieved through several of the tools mentioned above.

For example, by using the module for sending bulk SMS, you can invite the customer to provide us with his e-mail address.  The implementation of a CRM allows us to create a database with emails of our clientele. All these tools can be contracted with a company that offers a virtual switchboard service.

The call center software simplifies the advertising work through various tools and ways. Nowadays, it is very simple and cheap to obtain this type of services. Entrepreneurs can put together packages tailored to their needs, budgets and strategy. The best thing is that everything can be managed from a smartphone and it works very well. The only thing needed to operate this type of system is an internet connection. Undoubtedly, a tool to consider if we want to promote a venture.


What is a call center software?


Successful businesses are those that offer quality care to their customers. There are many requirements that they may have as users: failure reports, billing, security problems, doubts about a certain function, among others. Therefore, to serve them in the best way, it is essential to have a good call center software available.

One of the most recurrent problems is the lack of knowledge about this type of system. The important thing is to know what a call center software or a virtual pbx is and to know which products are positioned in the market.

What is a call center software and how does it work?

A call center software allows managing all the calls that occur between the customer service department and the customers. This program is connected to all the terminals that operate in the room with a switchboard. Its functions are varied, from silencing calls, transferring them or even monitoring them to improve the productivity of the unit.

There are programs oriented to the reception, sending of calls and also mixed. The software to be chosen will always depend on the type of customer service the company needs to cover.

The software can facilitate access to the office data center. In this way, calls are recorded or the quality of the attention offered by the employees is verified. The entire service can be controlled and management is simplified thanks to this type of technological solution.

What are the benefits of a call center software?

The call center software allows monitoring and facilitating customer service management. Its main objective is to facilitate the work performance of the operators in each call, improving the response and their times.

Choosing the right program is key to improving the user experience. On the one hand, the operator can make the call better conducted and have a good rhythm and outcome. On the other hand, the system allows for the evaluation of management performance by reviewing the calls.

Virtual pbx: The future of business communication

The virtual switchboard allows to replace the physical installations in the call center. This is an advantage because companies save on equipment maintenance costs and reduce the cost per call. In addition, companies can make better use of their space by dispensing with large installations.

Generally, the hardware is housed in the offices of the company offering the virtual switchboard service. Another great advantage is that the system usually works through cloud storage services. This means that the information is hosted directly on the Internet.

Of course, this type of software represents an innovation within the field of business communication. These are more intuitive systems that facilitate even the internal interaction between various sites and departments. Everything is housed in the same storage space that is hosted and shared on the Internet, including the user database.

The best option for your call center


centralita voip

Neotel currently offers the best call center and virtual switchboard software products. Its programs are easy to use and can be adapted to any type of company. Of course, this technology company also has VoIP PBX, which allows calls from several phones, from a single number.


Video Calling and Video Conferencing in the Cloud: Professional Communication at your fingertips

Cloud-based services are on the rise, from simple storage to being the basis for communication with colleagues, customers or friends, so video calling and video conferencing in the cloud is a very good option to bring together a large group of people to showcase your product, service or business idea

Benefits of video conferencing in the cloud

There are multiple benefits to using cloud-based video calling from IP calls at the cost of local calls to large group meetings, whether it’s a senior management meeting or a new product launch

Video calling and video conferencing features in the cloud

This service managed and offered by Neotel is designed so that companies, freelancers and professionals can hold meetings with two or more attendees connected in a secure, easy, economical way through the use of the internet where they can obtain the same results as in face-to-face meetings.

What is the video call and video conference service?

It is the free service, without software installation and compatible with all operating systems offered by Neotel to make video calls or video conferences in the cloud simply by having a terminal that has a camera and connects to the Internet.

You can organize video conferences from anywhere and with any connected device.

Video calling and Neotel cloud video conferencing can connect virtually any device with video functionality (computers, laptops or mobiles) in a single video call.


virtual pbx call center software Neotel

Benefits of Neotel’s cloud-based video calling and video conferencing

  • They are ideal for daily videoconferences or video calls.
  • Video conferences reduce the risk of communication errors
  • They have become one of the most appreciated collaboration solutions in companies from many sectors.
  • Unsurpassed safety, performance and support
  • Easy generation of video calls or video conferences
  • Fácil generación de videollamadas o videoconferencias
  • Chat interno
  • No need for external programs

Videoconferencing in the Neotel cloud


videocalling and videconferencing Neotel

Virtual meetings don’t have to be a hassle: users choose when and how to connect.

The easiest way to participate in audio, video or web conferences from your computer, mobile phone or room system.

Neotel Video Calling and Cloud Video Conferencing: the digital meeting space that gives you the flexibility to meet via audio, video or web, your way, whenever you want.

Videoconferencing in or out of the office

Regardless of the size of the company, you will be able to meet face to face with whoever you want, wherever you are, regardless of geographical or economic limitations. This totally free service incorporated into your virtual switchboard will offer you the possibility of interconnection in a simple, professional and economic way.

Any user will be able to participate in the video call, regardless of the technology, provider or region where they are.

Maximum ease of use

Neotel’s video solutions enable the connection of video conference rooms, computers and mobile devices.

Connect employees, customers and partners with video calls provided by Neotel.


Work from home like you’re at the office? With Neotel it is possible


Surely we have all seen this slogan in the news, press, radio, social media on the Internet, etc. In view of the serious situation that the whole world has to face today, it is essential that we ALL pay attention to the rules and measures that professionals and experts tell us about. And Neotel stays at home. But not without providing the same level of service to all its customers.

And what do we want with the writing of this post in our Blog? Well, that YOU do it too; stay at home.

Do it for yourself, for me. And in general, do it for everyone. Let’s do it for THE WHOLE WORLD. The health authorities need us now more than ever.


Do you still have doubts about how to encourage teleworking in your company so that you can stay at home without the risk of catching or infecting others? Neotel has set up a hotline to support the coronavirus and teleworking. Call us now if you have any questions and we will answer them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Neotel customer yet.

Maybe talking to us will help you make a good decision: to stay at home BUT without neglecting your customers.



Neotel virtual pbx call center software and crm

(By the way: this article was written from home)


At Neotel we want companies not to be affected by this situation of global change any more. Today’s technology allows us to perform our work without having to go to the office.

Companies cannot stop our daily rhythm without avoiding a negative impact on our economy.

The Ministry of Health is promoting TELEWORK.

Help us to help you implement it in your company today. Contact Neotel now. Thank you very much.



New extensions for all Neotel customers, now available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

New extensions for all Neotel customers, now available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

Neotel Click2Call and Neotel WebRTC Softphone.

Neotel WebRTC Softphone:

Google Chrome extension to access Neotel WebRTC softphone functionality

Configure the extension with your agent login details and you can make and receive calls directly from the extension. In addition, you can access the agent’s website via the link integrated into the extension itself.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology developed in open source by Google allows communication for video and audio in real time through the web browser without the need to install any plugin or external program.

At Neotel we use this programming interface to implement our WebRTC line that unlike many of our competitors will allow you to have a high performance softphone with the ability to transfer calls and make multiconference in any browser. In this way you will save on complex installations or configurations that other softphones require, since ours will be ready to use in a couple of clicks.

Enjoy the convenience of being able to call from any device with an Internet connection with this system implemented for free in our CRM and our virtual switchboard.

Neotel Click2Call:

Google Chrome extension to access Neotel Click2Call functionality

Configure the extension with your agent login details and you can send calls to your extension with just one click. In addition, you can access the agent’s website via the link integrated into the extension itself.

More information by visiting the links above and on our website.

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Business communication and IP Telephony

If you are thinking of incorporating IP Telephony into your office, contract it with the leading provider in the VoIP communications sector: contact Neotel now.

Once you have configured your new IP Telephony system, Neotel will then assign you a phone number, which does not even have to be from Spain. If you need or prefer an international numbering, with Neotel this is no problem.

VoIP España

IP Telephony: Telephony that works

With IP Telephony, only you need to have it; that is to say, that the people they call are not required to use this same technology. In addition, with IP Telephony you can make calls to any Internet communication system, landline, computer software and mobile phones.

Go now to VoIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol with Neotel.


Neotel is a leader in the global Cloud / IP Telephony sector

Our company, Neotel, based in Malaga (Spain) has been offering virtual switchboard, call center software and CRM services since 2001. To these products we add their programs for distributors and the White Label Switchboard. In addition, it is worth highlighting Neotel’s customized solutions, which include:

Neotel has a global presence and has clients throughout the five continents.

telefonía ip

More than 15 years of experience together with the daily work of a professional team, make Neotel has established itself as the provider par excellence in terms of IP communications and this is something that is reflected in the opinions of its own users.

Neotel: Communication Solutions and Services


But this is not all that our company can offer to yours. At Neotel we continue to develop new communication tools via VoIP. Soon we will show many new features that we are currently building and that are already in their final stages of development. Features and features that will revolutionize the IP Telephony landscape like never before.

To be aware of the latest news about Neotel, the best way is to subscribe to the newsletter. If you are not subscribed yet, click here.


Do you already work in a 100% scalable Contact Center?

A contact center in the cloud allows us, among many other features, to save recordings, have total control over calls and agents, obtain advanced statistics and reports in real time, control waiting queues, conduct inbound and outbound campaigns. calls, etc.

Another advantage is that being a 100% work system in the cloud, we can hire the best agents regardless of where they are, thus promoting teleworking.

Contact centers that are scalable offer maximum flexibility to their administrators. A company could be that it needs to expand or decrease, according to the needs. When working in a call center in the cloud the peace of mind is that we are aware that we have this possibility to reduce and increase our customer service center at our whim and in a much easier way than if it were a contact center traditional.

Neotel has been providing services to companies that want to install their own call center in the cloud for more than 15 years. With the Neotel cloud call center, the entire infrastructure is hosted within Neotel (cloud). So expanding or reducing our number of agents does not mean a great economic investment.

On the other hand, companies that still refuse to migrate their business to the cloud are tied to the limitations of the company that provides the service, so changing the size of their call center may result very expensive.

The on premise solutions (physically hosted where the client is) are usually much more expensive, limited and for any change that needs to be made, we will have to depend on the specialized technicians who logically have to pay as well.

The contact center or call center is one of the most important assets for any business since it is the communication channel for / with its clients. Neotel is the leading company in the Telecommunications sector and has the most extensive experience in installing a contact center in the cloud. If you wish you can contact Neotel now and we are happy to answer your questions.


Neotel promotes its program for VoIP / IP Telephony partners (distributors)

Those interested in receiving very attractive commissions reselling IP Telephony and VoIP services, now have it easier than ever, thanks to the Distributors program that Neotel promotes.

The products of the company Neotel help companies around the world with their communications systems.

The good news here for the clients that hire this type of services with Neotel is that in no case there is permanence in the hiring so the companies are free to leave whenever they wish.

Neotel has been working in the Telephony sector since 2001.

telefonía ip

Now with this new functionality of Neotel it is easy to generate revenue using all the infrastructure and platform that the company puts at the disposal of its Distributors. IP Telephony has been implanted in our lives in a very progressive way, and it does not seem that it will leave in the short term.

Become an Official Neotel Distributor

The VoIP technology has been established in companies that deal with Customer Service in a massive way, as an essential tool.

This technology, being virtual, implies a series of advantages, with savings being the main one for companies.

Note the great popularity of Neotel.