Robot call: sell more by talking less

Telemarketing is still important for selling and, above all, for getting closer to customers and consumers. However, it is no less true that this discipline has changed its approach in recent years. Today, the focus is on developing strategies that make it possible to sell by call, but without disturbing large groups of people. This is precisely where applications such as the robot call come in, which are generally well accepted. In fact, today it is known that the old practice of calling people to sell is not so popular in some countries or commercial niches. Therefore, thanks to technological progress, new and much more effective forms of commercial communication have been created that allow to reach more customers and transform calls into potential sales.

Robot Call: A fresh automated solution

robot call

It is a fact that for some years now we have become accustomed to answering robotic calls. These have crept into the customer base with considerable success for many reasons. In general, we know that communications with recorded messages are important because companies tend to use them to reveal useful information. This is precisely the magic of the robo call, a system through which such contacts are received. The robo call is an application that allows you to make calls with messages voiced by a recorder. Basically, they work by typing a message in the program specialized for this task, which will be voiced by a robotic voice. After the entrepreneur has written his message, the calls are executed by means of a mass call launcher. From here, the message can reach a large number of customers, almost simultaneously. The call robot is a call launcher, only that, instead of delivering the message through a telemarketer, it does it through a recording. The automation is complete and the only human intervention in the process is in the programming of the message and its launch. Like other dialers such as progressive or predictive, calls are triggered by lists of telephone numbers. Of course, using this format for telemarketing and customer care is very profitable.

Advantages of the robot call to communicate

The robot call is part of telemarketing practices that could be considered “soft”. In this case, the most persuasive aspect is not the content of the message, which is usually generic and even short. In fact, persuasion in this type of communication occurs in the call itself. In fact, recorded messages are more listened to because they are short, concise, precise and institutional. This is the first advantage of this complement to the virtual PBX call center. According to statistics, it is known that 50% of the contacts generated in telemarketing are qualified to buy, but not ready to do so. Therefore, it is good to have persuasion mechanisms that do not involve a large investment of time or money, much less extensive talks by telemarketers. To ensure this non-extensive but necessary communication with customers, the robot call is often ideal. Besides, the best sales processes are those in which the customer does not feel that he is being sold something. This is an idea that even sales experts have been using for centuries. The robot call allows you to communicate offers that may interest customers, precisely because they may not perceive or feel that the company is selling them something. This makes it a very effective telemarketing resource.

Neotel’s program is a telemarketing software.

The virtual PBX call center is much more than a customer service oriented program. In fact, programs as up to date as Neotel’s are about telemarketing software, which includes add-ons that go beyond even the telephone action. In other words, this software and its add-ons have the function of helping entrepreneurs to sell more of what they offer to their customers and potential customers. The mobile virtual PBX is a solution even for companies that do not have large call center rooms. It is important to mention that not all virtual PBXs incorporate solutions such as robot call. Many companies are forced to pay for and install different programs, which is often complicated and costly. In contrast, Neotel’s virtual PBX offers add-ons that are fully compatible with the base program and require no installations or equipment. Everything is easy to handle and the results can be really positive. Check our plans and join one of the most useful and profitable business experiences.

mobile pbx

Mobile PBX: the ally of independent distributors

It is currently fashionable to work as a freelance distributor and marketer to generate extra income. This trend is part of the collaborative economy and it works for many. However, one of the drawbacks faced by those who venture into the world of “independent sales” is informality. Fortunately, there are resources such as the mobile switchboard that add seriousness to each call.

In the world of sales, the most important thing is the credibility of both the product and the salesperson. Therefore, it is important to plan everything surrounding the sale itself. Independent distribution relies heavily on the seriousness that the potential consumer sees in the transaction. This is precisely what is achieved when the mobile PBX is incorporated.

What can the mobile PBX achieve in a sale?

The mobile virtual pbx is a module that allows to have the call center functionalities inside a Smartphone. That is to say, by using it you can put a call on hold, transfer, retrieve and perform similar functions. This facilitates both the control of the call and the correct maintenance of the conversation.


mobile virtual pbx

Corporate sales departments have all these functionalities through call center software. What the mobile PBX allows is to incorporate these functions to any cell phone. This allows the salesperson to be able to search for information, connect the user with the company and so on. All of this adds up to better communication and more effective and empathetic responsiveness.

But the use of the mobile PBX also generates credibility and reliability for the independent salesperson. The ability to be able to have functions that are typical of contact with companies recreates a professional environment. If, in addition to this, the salesperson adds institutional parlance, such as mentioning the name of the company, communication improves. People tend to trust more when they feel they are communicating with a company employee.

A support for the distributor and the company

Nowadays it is very common to see companies with plans to seek independent distributors. The case of food supplements or cosmetics is well known, but there are also technology companies doing this. For example, Neotel offers commercial facilities for IP telephony distributors. When this type of vendor uses a mobile PBX, it enhances the possibility of closing sales.

Companies could provide the mobile PBX module to their distributors to project their credibility. Selling from informal dialogues is not the same as selling using professional tools and having customers notice it. Potential buyers will quickly know that behind every independent there is a company behind it.

The objective is also to project security and the idea that there is no fraud in the business. This will represent a competitive advantage over other vendors or companies offering similar plans. The result of credibility: commissions for the distributor and business expansion for the company. Undoubtedly, this is a module that evokes the benefits of the virtual PBX in any Smartphone.


Mobile pbx: Answer your virtual pbx calls on your mobile

IP technology is booming, the use of virtual phones is becoming more common, one of the great advantages they offer is to be able to associate your mobile number to a mobile pbx, get the functionality of Neotel’s virtual pbx on your mobile phone in a comfortable and simple way, this service allows you to enjoy all the utilities of a virtual pbx on your mobile

What is a mobile virtual switchboard?

The mobile virtual pbx is to take the virtual switchboard to your mobile being to the same mobile number, passing portability or requesting a new number to carry out.

This type of switchboard will allow you to always have your company connected no matter where the call center agent is located, being able to access from any point on the globe that has an internet connection.

Another possibility is to connect people from other locations in your company through a local number without generating costs of national or international calls.

How does the Mobile Virtual Switchboard work?

To be able to use the mobile switchboard you only need a virtual switchboard extension, a mobile phone and to have linked your mobile number in our access panel.

No matter where you are, you will have all the functionality of the Neotel switchboard from your mobile phone. No need to change your company, no need to change your number.

Why choose Neotel’s mobile switchboard?

Freedom, comfort and simplicity that allow you the following functions:

  • Answering calls
  • Silence
  • Putting calls on hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call recovery
  • Call rejection

You can have all these functions in your mobile virtual switchboard, without additional software or the need for portability, simply by using codes that emulate the functions of the switchboard.

Advantages of integrating mobile lines to the mobile virtual switchboard

There are a lot of advantages that you get in your company with this integration.


virtual pbx rates

These advantages will help you to develop your business as well as the best customer service, making your employees increase their efficiency daily.

Among these advantages we have:

  • Cost reduction: Saving on internal company calls will be one of the great advantages of implementing these virtual switchboards
  • Ease of communications: The communications will be easier and faster when using the virtual switchboard, it affects the optimization of time and better profitability for the company
  • Scalability: As with all IP call features, scalability is one of the advantages, and can be modified according to the needs of each agent, user or company in general
  • Simplicity of Implementation: Since no software is needed, it is very easy to implement to start using it.

Additional products to the mobile virtual switchboard

The mobile switchboard is one of the great advantages that Neotel offers within its product catalogue that includes

  • Call Center Software:
    • WebRTC Line
    • Progressive dialer
    • Predictive Dialer
    • Robot call
  • Virtual Switchboard:
    • Virtual Call Recorder
    • Videoconference
    • IVR
    • Click to call me back
    • Telemarketing surveys
    • Monitoring
    • Call Statistics
    • Signaling