Mobile PBX: Carry the company on your Smartphone

The virtual PBX is much more than a program for call center rooms. If you think about it, this IP telephony system allows you to manage many tasks within companies. One of its complements, the mobile PBX, also allows many of the formal resources of this program to be available on the smartphone. From here, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are simply amplified.

One might think that a cell phone has all the properties needed to launch a business. This and some social networking functionalities seem to be enough to communicate with customers and promote a productive activity. However, the mobile PBX allows us to do the same, but with professionalism, taking it to the next level.

Solving the business formality problem

mobile pbx

Today we see many entrepreneurs using the resources they have in their hands to work. Many businesses start using means that are normally used for relationships with family and friends. This is feasible, but it is important to always aim at formality and professionalism. It is important to remember that being formal and professional is synonymous with reliability, and the latter generates income.

This is precisely how the virtual PBX works. This is a software that provides the company with an environment for business communication in a professional manner. When an entrepreneur hires this service, it guarantees a series of tools that allow people to understand that they are communicating with a professional, secure and reliable company. From the IVR to the teleoperator functions, these are elements that make customers understand that they are not going to be ripped off.

It is not the same to negotiate with someone using WhatsApp to negotiate, than calling a company with an operator, institutional messages and other professional elements of the service. Everything we hear when we call a business call center tells us that we are dealing with an institution. And that means many good things: guarantees, security and responsibility. That is why it is important to have a virtual switchboard service.

Mobile switchboard: everything on your mobile

Once a company knows how a virtual PBX works and contracts the service, it is open to a compendium of complementary technological solutions. One of the most useful add-ons is the mobile PBX. This allows to have the software functions in the comfort of the smartphone. Of course, having this tool formalizes communication even when the telephone agent is out of the office. It should be noted that this tool is useful even for company executives.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows work to continue as normal, from anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to be in a company’s facilities to attend as if you were there. This expands the operational options of any type of enterprise. Even a company that does not have physical offices can benefit greatly from this. Implementing a virtual switchboard guarantees the perception of formality in the user.

The best part of this is that a company can hire staff anywhere in the world. With Neotel’s software, the management of the employee can be controlled even if he/she is in another country, since everything is handled via the Internet. On the other hand, with the mobile switchboard, the person can have the elements of this program on his cell phone. This means that even a worker who does not have a computer at his disposal can answer calls and attend to clients. It is like having a virtual switchboard for cell phones.

Neotel software solves many problems

Once you understand how a virtual PBX works, it is easier to value it. This type of software allows any company to implement IP telephony, which is much more economical and practical. In turn, this program aims to manage and quantify all business communication. By contracting the service, you can know data such as the number of calls received, the duration time and data of customers who call.

At Neotel, we provide totally free of charge the service for smartphones, which is like using a cell phone as a switchboard. In this way, the entrepreneur can hire staff in other parts of the country, or the world. Of course, this is just one of the wonderful add-ons that our software has, which also provides modules for marketing, customer care, data collection and much more…. Contact us!

Mobile PBX: useful for telemarketers and executives

The cloud PBX is no longer a call center implement. Today, it is more of a support for business communication that should not be dispensed with. In fact, this type of system can now also be used on devices outside the office, such as smartphones, for example. This is precisely the function of the mobile PBX, an application that can be useful for different functions within any company.

Although it seems that this type of implement is not necessary outside the office, having it is advantageous. Its installation is equivalent to having the virtual switchboard in the comfort of a cell phone. And with this, the worker or the employer has professional tools for communication.

What is the mobile switchboard?

mobile pbx

Mobile PBX is basically a virtual PBX for cell phones. Actually, this is a program designed to handle some of the basic functions of call center software on the cell phone. Any employee or executive who has it will be able to answer and make calls in a professional manner. The latter is important to maintain the good image and institutionality of any business.

It would seem that this type of implement is not necessary nowadays. Certainly, today’s smartphones can connect to the Internet and do many things with ease. However, some elements of the cloud PBX are unrepeatable, necessary and can only be used if we are connected to the software. A clear example of this is the ability to put a call on hold.

When a worker has the option to place a call on hold, it projects an image of formality. It is worth noting that, when using this function, institutional audios are heard, giving the company a sense of formality. What the mobile PBX facilitates, is that the same formal and professional aura that the system allows through the call center, can be achieved from a smartphone. In this way, even those workers who are away from the facilities will be able to maintain the institutional image.

Professionalism outside the office

A call center has all the tools of the PBX in the cloud to provide professional customer service. Through the mobile PBX, any company employee can ensure the same, even when away from the premises. Functions such as placing a call on hold or muting can be activated with simple codes from the smartphone’s numeric keypad.

From this, an executive who is on a business trip can manage phone calls as if he were inside the company. This gives greater credibility and formality to companies, no matter where their employees are. For this reason, it is a complement that even managers and other decision-makers can also take advantage of on their executive phones.

On the other hand, the mobile PBX allows telephone operators to answer calls even outside the office.  This is a possibility that is very useful at the present time, given the pandemic. It is worth noting that both companies and professionals are increasingly inclined to work remotely. In this universe, being able to manage the call center software from a cell phone is a very intelligent work solution.

At Neotel we give you the mobile switchboard for free.

In general, the virtual PBX for mobiles is usually sold as a separate software or add-on. At Neotel, we guarantee our customers to obtain this extension at no additional cost. This means that any company or entrepreneur who contracts our software will automatically have this implementation for their workers without paying anything. No special SIM card installations or complicated processes will be required.

Neotel takes care of all the technical part and enables the assigned teleoperators or executives with access to the software. Take advantage of our virtual PBX offer, with the best plans, free implements and a service adapted to the needs and availability of each entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, this type of system improves communication, making it cheaper and allowing the use of additional tools for marketing and customer service.

Contact us in case you are interested in the service and would like us to answer any questions.

Mobile PBX: Your employees can work from anywhere

If there is one thing that characterizes our times, it is the ability to work without having to be in an office. Remote work, more than a solution, is nowadays a preference and a necessary adaptation of the business sector. To be able to do it, we only need to have tools such as call center software. Among the modules of this type of software, the mobile PBX stands out.

VoIP PBXs are applications that go beyond customer service work. All companies and enterprises can take advantage of this system, which can easily become a formula for managing remote work, among other things.

Year 2021: the advent of remote work

mobile pbx

The second decade of the 21st century has been characterized by a total change in the way we look at life. Situations posed by the COVID 19 pandemic and economic crises have brought about the need to rethink work. Many circumstances have led people to focus on the Internet as a way to produce money.

If we used to talk about waves of layoffs, we are now in a kind of crisis of face-to-face employment. The current generation of workers simply do not want to go back to their jobs, because they find it boring, complicated, or worse, unnecessary. Technology has changed people’s perspective and it is up to companies to adapt.

The average professional does not want to leave home and companies that are not prepared for remote work could perish. In this universe of ideas, call center software appears as a unique solution for employers. Through this tool, it is possible to know if a person who performs telework, or work from home, is performing his duties. No matter what kind of work he/she does: the system lets you know that the person is fulfilling his/her role even if he/she is in the comfort of his/her home.

Mobile switchboard: working from a smartphone

The only thing people need to work today is a device with an Internet connection. We might imagine that this implies at least having a computer at home, to perform various intellectual tasks. Nowadays, however, a person could even work from a smartphone. Precisely, the mobile PBX is a complement to the call center software that allows to work using this type of devices.

For those who do not know it, the mobile PBX allows to open and manage the virtual PBX program from a smartphone. This is, in fact, the main utility of this tool. By having it, the employee has all the software’s own resources on his smartphone. This gives him the possibility to perform his work no matter where he is.

The mobile PBX allows, among other things, to have a softphone similar to the one used on the computer. In addition, it allows you to use such necessary functions as call transfer, or put the call on hold. These are functionalities that are present in customer service work, but are also useful in any business work.

Some functions of the mobile PBX

Having employees with a mobile PBX on their devices implies, in principle, being able to work with the virtual PBX system. It should be noted that this is a system that works as if it were an Internet platform and workers enter and log in, being able to be controlled in its management. This is so, because this software is made to unify work profiles through the Internet connection. Some of its functions are:

Transfer calls: The mobile PBX allows you to recreate a business desk phone on any smartphone. One of its most important functions is to allow people to transfer calls from simple codes. This can be essential in some office jobs.
Putting the call on hold: This is another feature unique to the virtual PBX that can now be done from a cell phone. In fact, this is what call center operators do when they tell us to “stay on the line” and play music while they do something.
Mute calls: This is similar to placing the call on hold, only that the customer remains on the call while not listening to us. The purpose of this feature is to allow us to make inquiries without the customer on the line noticing us.

These are all telephone solutions that we usually find in office devices: computers with softphones or business desk phones. Now the mobile PBX puts the best of IP voice PBXs on the cell phone.

Virtual PBX for mobiles: keeping an eye on the job

The mobile PBX is, broadly speaking, an add-on that allows us to access the virtual PBX from the Smartphone. This makes it a useful complement to encourage remote work. From the call center software, employers can hire staff to work from home and control that they are connected and performing their work.

In fact, a company can hire from Spain people from Colombia, Venezuela, India or any other country to do call center work. From the use of the mobile PBX, they will be able to enter the company’s virtual PBX and perform their work from the comfort of their cell phone. Even if they did not have a computer, they could work with peace of mind.

In the same way, an executive who is on the road doing business can operate the virtual PBX from another country. Basically, all they need is an Internet connection. This add-on works without installations or special SIM cards. The best thing is that everything that is done on a device with a user will be registered.

In other words, this add-on has many utilities nowadays. What was originally a program for call center activities, nowadays allows to monitor remote work, or to ensure quality tools for top executives.

Advantages of Neotel’s virtual PBX for mobiles

Neotel’s virtual switchboard for mobiles is one of the most complete in the market. This is a complementary service of our software designed to bring all the properties of the call center software to the workers’ cell phones. Some of its advantages are the following:

There are no limits: Neotel provides its contracting companies with the possibility of installing the mobile PBX on as many smartphones as necessary. In this way, each person linked to the company will be able to access the software from their personal or business smartphone.
No additional cost: All companies that contract Neotel’s call center software have the mobile PBX service at no additional cost. We guarantee greater connectivity for work without requesting extra payments.
No installations: The mobile PBX is part of Neotel’s software service. Therefore, no additional installation or program is needed for it to work in the smartphones that the contracting company has.

The mobile PBX allows to have all the advantages of the virtual PBX, but in mobile devices. In this way, it is not necessary for an employee to be in the office to access the professional functions of Neotel’s communications manager.

Call center software: managing business communication

The virtual switchboard is a program that unifies the communication of an entire company. From here, the contracting companies have the advantage of communicating through IP telephony, which is more practical and economical. In addition, this software provides entrepreneurs with multiple useful tools to enhance marketing and customer service in a professional manner. Most large companies work with these systems.

Although it is often called call center software, it is not necessary to have a customer service center to take advantage of this program. Even those companies that have few telemarketers can organize their work and make it more efficient with this application and its innovative modules. Of course, it is important to have a warranty manager, something that not all VoIP PBXs on the market can ensure.

At Neotel we have one of the most innovative programs in the business communication sector. Our system is easy to use and does not require additional installations and costs.  The best thing is that we have designed different plans so that no entrepreneur is left without enjoying this technology.

What is the mobile PBX and why does it facilitate remote work?

Call center software is no longer just for companies that have a call center. And likewise, they no longer work only within the fixed space of an office or company. Now, employees can have all the features of a communications manager on their own smartphone. For this, what is typically used is the mobile PBX.

Current realities have forced companies to break away from the traditional face-to-face work scheme. In fact, today’s largest companies do not depend on their physical facilities, supervisors and schedules to function. Their workers can perform their work from the comfort of their homes, or even be located in other countries. Of course, doing this is economical, efficient and possible thanks to the mobile PBX.

The online virtual PBX: more than just call center software

mobile pbx

Many would think that hiring an online virtual switchboard is only useful for companies that have a call center. To tell the truth, this type of service is rather the improvement of the old call center system for companies. In fact, its functionalities and modes of operation go much further.

What is fundamental in the virtual PBX is precisely its virtuality. First of all, this is a communications manager that only requires an Internet connection to be used. In fact, it stands out for not requiring installations or expenses within the companies that hire it. Added to this, it is virtual because its data is also stored in the cloud service.

Firstly, the online virtual PBX offers companies functions to formally manage their calls. Secondly, it now incorporates much more varied and useful modules, which allow to improve communication beyond the traditional telephone communication. From here, it is much easier to explain what the mobile PBX is.

What is the mobile PBX?

The mobile PBX is a module of the generalized virtual PBX used by today’s companies. It allows you to use the functions of such a system, but on the iPhone. This is due to the fact that the configuration of a computer with a softphone is very different from the software and operation of a cell phone.

In plain words, the mobile PBX is the main program used to manage telephone calls. It is usually used by telephone agents from a computer, with a headset and the softphone that simulates the numeric keypad of a telephone. This is how the teleoperator receives the calls that come in to the business number, can transfer them, mute them, cancel them, etc.

But a cell phone already has a numeric keypad that obeys the device’s own system, as well as an assigned number. In other words, the online virtual switchboard, although it can be opened from a smartphone, cannot work in the same way as on a computer or laptop. If the company wants its employees to answer from cell phones, it installs the mobile PBX and in this way they can work within this software.

What is the purpose of the mobile PBX?

As explained above, the mobile PBX is an application that allows the virtual PBX to work on cell phones. In this way, both the teleoperator and the company can maintain control and management of the communication. Its use allows the following functions:

Smartphone associated to the company number: operators who have the mobile PBX on their devices can receive calls made to the company number. Likewise, they can make telemarketing calls without disclosing their personal phone number.
Call functions: Having the mobile PBX allows to perform from a smartphone all the basic functions that are made from a call center. This would be to transfer, mute, put on hold and cancel the entry of a call. This is important because they are elements that allow formalizing conversations of a commercial nature.
Operator control: For many companies it is essential that their telephone agents have a mobile switchboard. This allows them to log in, register their management, keep call records and participate in statistics.

Why is a mobile PBX necessary?

Many companies allow or need their phone agents to do their jobs from their smartphone. However, doing so can mean many problems. The first of them, is in the line that is going to be used to make or answer business calls. Obviously, the operator’s personal line cannot be used for this type of communication.

In the past, companies used to buy packages of lines from traditional companies. However, maintaining this type of service was quite costly. From the mobile PBX, it is possible to work with more economical costs. The best thing is that by using this module, calls coming in on the company’s number will be forwarded to cell phones.

Another problem with the use of cellular telephony at the enterprise level has to do with management control. The virtual switchboard makes it possible to check the connection time of telephone agents, record calls and provide statistics on customer service or telemarketing. But this software works mainly on computers and laptops.

The mobile PBX becomes a practical way for the employee to use the call center system from his smartphone. In fact, this add-on module can be a great solution for certain companies.

Three scenarios where the mobile PBX is ideal

The mobile PBX is not only a solution but an opportunity. Nowadays, remote work is a trend that is very fashionable due to its multiple advantages. Also, this formula is usually much more economical because the maintenance of an office can be costly. In this sense, this module is ideal in the following scenarios:

International hiring: Many companies prefer to hire personnel in other countries for various reasons. The most common reason is that they find good workers in other places at slightly lower salaries. In many of these cases, the mobile switchboard is ideal for hiring and controlling the work of this type of worker, especially for customer service tasks.
Special situations: Situations such as the COVID 19 pandemic demonstrated that it is sometimes important to be able to work remotely. In such cases, having a mobile switchboard can facilitate the continuation of operations even when away from the office.
Virtual store: Many virtual stores are managed by very small groups of people. In these cases, a basic call center software service and the virtual switchboard module can be contracted. In this way, calls and orders can be handled formally, from a single business number and all from cell phones.

The best thing is that there are many situations in which companies can take advantage of this tool. Of course, everything will depend on the type of activity and also on the function performed by each employee.

How is the mobile PBX installed?

The mobile PBX is purchased when paying for the call center system service. Some companies in the market offer it at an additional cost. In the case of Neotel, we offer this complement free of charge to those customers who purchase our virtual PBX.

To work with the mobile PBX, operators do not need to make any special installation. In other words, no additional software is required, nor is portability. It does not matter if the agents have a telephone line with another company, as this module does not interfere with their usual call service.

To perform basic operations such as transferring calls, canceling or muting, the agent uses short numeric codes that are easy to dial and remember. In this way, the smartphone will work in the same way as the online virtual PBX works on a computer or laptop. Everything is very easy to understand and operate.

Neotel offers the most innovative IP telephony services

Neotel’s mobile PBX comes bundled with the call center software for free and is innovative and functional. Its interface is one of the simplest in the market, being implemented by countless domestic and foreign companies. Our products are of proven quality and are supported by the best technicians in communication and information technology.

Neotel’s online virtual PBX and all its modules work properly and offer companies a range of technological solutions. The aim of our products is to facilitate the interaction between the company and its customers in order to obtain business opportunities.

The mobile PBX is just one of the functionalities that brings versatility, communication and efficiency to business communication. At Neotel we offer the best and cheapest plans, designed so that every entrepreneur can enjoy a service according to their budget and expectations.


Remote customer service: a benefit of the mobile PBX

Having a call center no longer implies maintaining an office, with strict schedules and the like. Technological progress makes it possible to have teleoperators anywhere in the world with all the advantages that this implies. For this, you only need to count on an essential and even economical ally: the mobile pbx.


mobile virtual pbx

Today’s telemarketers can attend from the comfort of their home using their Smartphone. Today’s cell phones have everything needed for not only efficient but also controlled management. From these devices it is possible to put customers on hold, transfer them and use softphone functions.

Remote teleoperators: What do they need?

The virtual PBX is the most advanced communications technology and is possible thanks to the WebRTC Line and cloud services. We are talking about a softphone that no longer requires internal networks or large processors. Everything you need to operate is in one program with a user-friendly interface.

The great advantage of virtual call center software is that it can be operated from any location. The important thing is to have a device that allows us to establish communication and Internet access. In this sense, the mobile PBX is simply one that adapts and works on cell phones.

Instead of having a computer with programs, devices and headsets with microphones, everything works from the Smartphone. This makes it possible to hire people who work from home, regardless of their location. The advantage of this is in making payrolls cheaper in multiple ways.  One of the leading companies in the provision of the mobile switchboard service in Neotel.

Advantages of having remote teleoperators

Serving customers through remote telemarketers allows you to hire at a low cost. The simple fact of not having to maintain a department with physical equipment is a considerable saving. There are companies that have dismantled their physical call centers and have assigned this work to remote, part-time or freelance employees.

This dynamic makes it possible to get the right people almost anywhere in the world. Employment arrangements are now more flexible and advantageous for both the employees and the employer. Work continues even in the midst of difficult junctures because calls can be made from home, or even on the road.

Even board meetings no longer depend on every decision-maker being present at the company’s headquarters. Everything can be resolved via videoconference, providing continuity in the processes. This and much more can be guaranteed by contracting a mobile switchboard service.

Of course, when contracting this type of service we must opt for successful and innovative companies in the field of communication. Not all softphones are the same and the efficiency of this system will also depend on the company’s expertise.  The objective is that the communication is fluid and the new tools at our disposal, optimal.


Mobile pbx: attention inside and outside the call center

One of the biggest advantages of the webrtc line and cloud hosted software is mobility. The new technologies used in customer service allow connections at all times. Regardless of the circumstances, an operator can always be available at any time and without major complications.

In traditional call centers, it is common to seek control over schedules, call rates or sales. The goal is to get the most out of operators during the working day.  However, the way of working is changing which also implies a change in strategy and technology.

What is the mobile pbx?

As its name suggests, the mobile switchboard allows you to have all the functions of the softphone on a Smartphone. From it, you can attend and control all calls falling into the call center from a personal computer.

It is basically a matter of integrating the virtual switchboard into the cell phone of the tele-operators. In the case of some companies, it could be considered as a complementary service to the call center software.

If it is necessary to mute a call, make a transfer or put the customer on hold, this configuration will make it possible. Each action can be performed by dialing a short and simple code on the cell phone keypad. The only thing that is done is to link the operator’s mobile equipment to the working extension.

Mobile switchboard: the call center is now remote



mobile pbx Neotel

The labor present is changing for both companies and their workers. New trends and global realities invite employers to consider remote work as an option. Considering this, the mobile switchboard is a competitive solution.

The complication of schedules is being replaced by productivity. With this type of service, tele-operators can respond to customers or make sales at any place or time of day. All data is stored in the same way in the call center software records.

Night shifts can be simplified and even coordinators and company leaders can have their cell phone associated with the terminal. The important thing in any case is to look for a communication company capable of integrating all services.

Analyzing the market options

Not all companies offering call center software have mastered this new service yet. In this case, the right thing to do is to look for companies with experience. The ideal would be to set up the virtual switchboard of the business with a company that also offers the mobile one, as it happens for example with Neotel.

A fully integrated service will allow to carry out all operations with the same phone company. Planning allows for savings and a modern call center department that will be operational 24 hours a day.



Mobile pbx: Answer your virtual pbx calls on your mobile

IP technology is booming, the use of virtual phones is becoming more common, one of the great advantages they offer is to be able to associate your mobile number to a mobile pbx, get the functionality of Neotel’s virtual pbx on your mobile phone in a comfortable and simple way, this service allows you to enjoy all the utilities of a virtual pbx on your mobile

What is a mobile virtual switchboard?

The mobile virtual pbx is to take the virtual switchboard to your mobile being to the same mobile number, passing portability or requesting a new number to carry out.

This type of switchboard will allow you to always have your company connected no matter where the call center agent is located, being able to access from any point on the globe that has an internet connection.

Another possibility is to connect people from other locations in your company through a local number without generating costs of national or international calls.

How does the Mobile Virtual Switchboard work?

To be able to use the mobile switchboard you only need a virtual switchboard extension, a mobile phone and to have linked your mobile number in our access panel.

No matter where you are, you will have all the functionality of the Neotel switchboard from your mobile phone. No need to change your company, no need to change your number.

Why choose Neotel’s mobile switchboard?

Freedom, comfort and simplicity that allow you the following functions:

  • Answering calls
  • Silence
  • Putting calls on hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call recovery
  • Call rejection

You can have all these functions in your mobile virtual switchboard, without additional software or the need for portability, simply by using codes that emulate the functions of the switchboard.

Advantages of integrating mobile lines to the mobile virtual switchboard

There are a lot of advantages that you get in your company with this integration.


virtual pbx rates

These advantages will help you to develop your business as well as the best customer service, making your employees increase their efficiency daily.

Among these advantages we have:

  • Cost reduction: Saving on internal company calls will be one of the great advantages of implementing these virtual switchboards
  • Ease of communications: The communications will be easier and faster when using the virtual switchboard, it affects the optimization of time and better profitability for the company
  • Scalability: As with all IP call features, scalability is one of the advantages, and can be modified according to the needs of each agent, user or company in general
  • Simplicity of Implementation: Since no software is needed, it is very easy to implement to start using it.

Additional products to the mobile virtual switchboard

The mobile switchboard is one of the great advantages that Neotel offers within its product catalogue that includes

  • Call Center Software:
    • WebRTC Line
    • Progressive dialer
    • Predictive Dialer
    • Robot call
  • Virtual Switchboard:
    • Virtual Call Recorder
    • Videoconference
    • IVR
    • Click to call me back
    • Telemarketing surveys
    • Monitoring
    • Call Statistics
    • Signaling



Virtual Premium Call Recorder: Your calls recorded every time

Current call centers require the recording of calls for monitoring, control and education of agents, being fundamental for your company. Remembering that European regulations establish that recordings must have explicit authorization from the customer, Neotel offers within its call center software the option of call recording.

Importance of virtual call recorder

In order to comply with the regulations it is necessary to have the software that includes the integrated call function, allowing to save, play and delete the recordings as appropriate.

Neotel’s Virtual Call Recording is included in the Virtual PBX which allows you to save all incoming or outgoing recordings of your company for up to two months.


Automatic Call Recorder (A.C.R.)

Depending on your requirements you can configure the call recordings in your call center software.

The automatic call recorder will help you to have a copy of all conversations without the need of human intervention.

Agents won’t worry about recording calls, and will focus on properly attending to each of their customers or prospects.

Neotel Virtual Premium Call Recorder

One of the functions that we offer you at Neotel is the Premium Call Recorder that allows you to extend the time and storage space of the calls that are made and received in your company.

This additional function of the virtual switchboard allows you to forget about the 2 month limitation. When you activate the service, all the recordings will always be in the cloud where you can access them from any location that has internet.

This Neotel cloud offers you the capacity of 1 Terabyte.

How much is 1 Tb?


To understand how much is the capacity of the Neotel cloud we offer you the following comparison:

1 Gb is about 14,000 minutes (which is about 9 days)

1 Tb is about 10,000 days (About 27 years of recording)

signaling virtual pbx

What does the Virtual Premium Call Recorder service include?

The service includes access to the web where you can find your personal recording library with search filters to access the recording you need with access from anywhere in the world.


  • You will have access to all outgoing and incoming calls from your PBX that are stored in the Neotel cloud.
  • Specialized web panel for audio management functions.
  • Save your phone conversations permanently in time.
  • It does not require permanence.
  • Listen to, download or delete all the calls you have recorded, you can do it directly from the website
  • Filter recordings by date, extension or agent
  • Allows you to store your company’s/business’s telephone attention in order to optimize customer service.


call statistics virtual pbx

The Virtual Premium Call Recorder is an additional service that you can include in your virtual switchboard where you also have access to


5 telephony tools that every company should know

The following tools will be used in both large and small companies. They are the tools that we consider “a must”.

With these tools we are going to be more productive, improve the general satisfaction of our customers and increase our sales.

Below we comment on what each of these tools consists of:


1. Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.

There are many users who never respond when we try to contact them. The predictive dialer is the tool that has been designed to increase the productivity of our call center agents to the maximum.

It basically connects the call, when a customer answers the phone, with the first agent available.

The good thing about the predictive dialer is its price, since it is a 100% affordable product for companies of all sizes,

The predictive dialer increases calls, in the sense that it increases agents’ talk time, and therefore sales volume.


2. Whisper

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.


telemarketing surveys

It allows us to give information to the agent without the client at the other end of the line being aware of anything, to make sure that the conversation is taking the right course and to guarantee the professionalism of our agents.

The monitoring module is perfect for intervening and training agents, both in real time during an ongoing call and afterwards, once the call has ended.


3. Click to call

Provide your customers with the “click to call me back” button on your website. By simply entering a number and clicking it, your customer will be called back. Fast and immediate communication. Improvement and reinforcement of your company’s image. Optimization of telephone attention, being more direct. All this translates into: more sales, more economic benefits and better ratings. For only 25 euros/month.

mobile pbx

4. Mobile phones integrated in the switchboard

No additional cost.

Answer your virtual pbx calls from your mobile. Freedom, comfort and simplicity with Neotel’s TANDEM function. Answer calls, put on hold, mute, transfer, retrieve and reject. No additional software or need for portability.


virtual pbx

5. Automatic satisfaction surveys

No additional cost.


click to call me back

All the information is collected by the switchboard.


virtual pbx monitoring

With the satisfaction surveys, the system calls the client again to answer by marking from 1 to 9 their satisfaction with the attention received.




Frequently Asked Questions about the virtual pbx

What is the best virtual switchboard offer at the moment?

The best pbx we believe is the one that offers you the greatest mobility. The Neotel pbx includes for all its customers the so-called Mobile pbx with which you can take your switchboard with you wherever you are and wherever you go, with all the same features as with the virtual pbx only in your mobile device.

You should also be aware when looking for a switchboard provider, one that does not contemplate permanence or economic sanctions of any kind at the time of making the contract. The Neotel switchboard is the only one that does not oblige its clients to do anything. They can enjoy our services and, if for some reason one day they decide to leave, without questions, they are 100% free to do so.

The best switchboard is the one that gives you the best scalability. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is 100% scalable meaning that, say your company consists of 5 employees and therefore you need 5 extensions right now, OK, great, we can offer you this service. But what happens tomorrow when your business continues to grow and you need to hire more jobs? With the Neotel switchboard there is no problem because the number of extensions is modifiable at any time this may be smaller or larger. Whatever the client needs. In business you have to have at least a minimum of foresight and the image we have now of him may vary over time. And the number of workers is the same.

The best cetralite is also the one that is easier for the client to configure. The same configuration could be that it is not going to serve us all the time. Then it is better for the client to contract a virtual telephone switchboard that is intuitive at the configuration level. In addition, when you contract the switchboard with Neotel you already have the technical support and customer service of the company from minute 0.

Because virtual voip pbx do not need to buy anything a priori, this type of telecommunications system for businesses is the most profitable especially when we refer to SMEs.



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The best switchboard we are convinced is also the one that never fails you, right?. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. The management panel is used through a simple web page.

In short, a telephone switchboard aims to connect calls from outside with a company or internal extensions to each other.

The switchboard has given way to an improved concept: the virtual switchboard.

The delivery of calls in the ip virtual switchboard is done over the Internet.

In the end the virtual switchboard retains all the features of the traditional switchboard:


  • Call forwarding, call delivery through queues, music on hold, ivr menu, etc.
  • Transfers of calls between the different extensions of the virtual switchboard.
  • Voicemail.
  • Identification of calls received in the virtual switchboard.
  • Call recording.
  • Locutions like “secretary virtual” that goes channeling to the client that calls us.

The virtual switchboard is currently the best working tools for companies.



Among the main features of the Neotel virtual switchboard are the following: Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling.

How much does a telephone switchboard cost?

When hiring a switchboard do not go to the most expensive as this does not always mean that it is the best. It’s worth doing a little research and searching the internet for the opinions of other users who use or have used this switchboard. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is currently the best price-quality ratio and you can find out more about its price by visiting the following link.

What is a virtual switchboard?

The virtual switchboard is designed with SMEs and the self-employed in mind.

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The virtual switchboard is a communications system without comparison to anything else. SMEs and freelancers save a lot of money by talking in their business through a virtual switchboard, unlike what happens with a physical switchboard.

The virtual switchboard is no longer a secret that saves us both personnel costs and maintenance of hardware equipment in addition to saving physical space.



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Neotel as a brand and company has been growing exponentially since its foundation in 2001, implementing more and better services and products for its customers. Neotel solutions are the most complete.

With virtual switchboards, companies can manage all their communications.



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All these managements the client realizes them from his panel web of user and they are not necessary of previous knowledge for it.

The virtual switchboards are used to manage calls from companies of all sizes.