Uses of dialer

Integrating the telephone dialer into a call center may raise doubts about what uses can be made of this tool.

Well, you have to take into account that depending on the chosen dialer option you can use the dialing module to make calls automatically or you can also use it for sending SMS.

With a single click and making use of this tool you can reach quickly and effectively to all your contacts, no matter if they are a few hundred or thousands.

Advanced automation and its ways of reaching the public

This type of tool applies quite attractive features for the delivery of information to users. In this way, the dialer allows you to focus on the proper elaboration of the message, since you have on hand an excellent tool for its distribution.

Be clear that you can decide to carry out campaigns of calls or if you consider pertinent you can do them using the SMS. Clearly the call function is much more used and favors it since it allows the management of a thousand calls per minute.

Marcación predictiva

But, the option of SMS is not far behind and is that per second can manage more than 100 messages.

Types of dialing

Before we finish we wanted to talk a little about the different types of marking that this tool presents and that you can choose considering the needs of your campaign.

marcación progresiva

So, you can find:

  • Automatic dialing, setting the broadcast frequency.
  • The progressive dial, according to the availability of agents.
  • Predictive dialing, which optimizes the contact ratio.
  • And the preview, which sends contact data to the agent prior to making calls.

Robot Call

Finally, you must be clear that within this tool are integrated different functionalities with the aim of improving its efficiency and success ratio. For example, call identifiers, answering detectors as well as custom phrases.


Call center software: management panel

Thanks to the management panel that is integrated in the call center software, it is possible to monitor, in real time, the work performed by the telemarketers of your company.

But when evaluating this element of the software there are other more details that you should consider to understand how useful it can become.

Call center management

You must be very clear, when talking about this element of the call center software, which is through it that you can manage the entirety of your call system. Therefore, when choosing between software and other it is essential to consider the benefits that the panel provides, but also its simplicity and clarity of interface.

marcador progresivo

Keeping this clear is the time to talk about the main advanced features that the management panel has to offer and that are certainly worth taking advantage of:

  • Adaptive predictive dialer, which handles different types of marking in such a way that can be configured to suit different situations. Thus, you can choose progressive, predictive, automatic or manual dialing.
  • Control and monitoring tools for all calls.
  • ACD for incoming call identification.
  • Recording system, which can also be adjusted as required. Thus, through the panel can set the fixed recording, by service or on demand if required. In addition, thanks to the different types of managed filtering you can easily find the recordings made.
  • In addition, although in the panel that presents the call center software there are many more functions we must finish talking about the different tools of metrics, reports as well as dashboards that allow to visualize in numbers the work of the call center and determine according to them the management Which should continue to be given.