Business communication and IP Telephony

If you are thinking of incorporating IP Telephony into your office, contract it with the leading provider in the VoIP communications sector: contact Neotel now.

Once you have configured your new IP Telephony system, Neotel will then assign you a phone number, which does not even have to be from Spain. If you need or prefer an international numbering, with Neotel this is no problem.

VoIP España

IP Telephony: Telephony that works

With IP Telephony, only you need to have it; that is to say, that the people they call are not required to use this same technology. In addition, with IP Telephony you can make calls to any Internet communication system, landline, computer software and mobile phones.

Go now to VoIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol with Neotel.


Neotel is a leader in the global Cloud / IP Telephony sector

Our company, Neotel, based in Malaga (Spain) has been offering virtual switchboard, call center software and CRM services since 2001. To these products we add their programs for distributors and the White Label Switchboard. In addition, it is worth highlighting Neotel’s customized solutions, which include:

Neotel has a global presence and has clients throughout the five continents.

telefonía ip

More than 15 years of experience together with the daily work of a professional team, make Neotel has established itself as the provider par excellence in terms of IP communications and this is something that is reflected in the opinions of its own users.

Neotel: Communication Solutions and Services


But this is not all that our company can offer to yours. At Neotel we continue to develop new communication tools via VoIP. Soon we will show many new features that we are currently building and that are already in their final stages of development. Features and features that will revolutionize the IP Telephony landscape like never before.

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What benefits does an international virtual number bring to my business and how to get one?

The subscription price of a virtual international number depends on the VoIP operator with whom it is under contract and the country. It does not cost a virtual international number of one country as much as another.

If you want to know the price to rent a virtual international number for a specific country, contact us now

Benefits of Using Virtual International Numbers

Virtual international numbers bring many benefits to businesses, the most important of which is to increase sales in countries where you want to open a market.

número internacional virtual

1. Reduce call costs for the company

Companies that typically make calls to other countries generally save a lot of money when they switch to IP telephony. IP telephony operators generally have much lower rates.

Virtual international numbers operate over VoIP (VoIP) and serve both to make and broadcast calls.

2. Reduce costs for the customer

The cost of calling another country means that companies do not want to open their markets abroad. With a virtual international number, it is no longer a problem. You can make and receive calls with any country at a much cheaper price.

3. Increase phone contacts

If phone calls play an important role in your business, entering other international markets can be the big push you are looking for. Hiring a virtual international number will help that.

Customers are much more likely to call a local number than a number from another country for one simple reason: calling another country can be very expensive!

4. Inspire confidence

By using a country phone number, you trust your potential customers. Customers are more likely to contact a local business.

5. Propose a local image

When a customer is considering hiring a product or service, seeing that there is a local phone number in many situations gives them peace of mind. Thinking that you are dealing with a local business always inspires more confidence.

6. Increase sales

The increase in sales in this country is the most important benefit of all this list.

Normally these virtual international numbers are usually used by a softphone or IP phone.

With Neotel you and your company can operate, physically from Spain, but with numbers from any country.

Virtual international numbers operate over the Internet instead of cables.

If you want to enter a virtual international number, contact Neotel now and we will set up your international international number

Build trust in customers outside of Spain, get a local image, sell more, etc. These are just a few of the goals that are achieved by contracting a virtual international number with Neotel.


The Neotel virtual switchboard

At present, there are already many companies that work with our switchboard. They are aware not only of the money they save, but also of all the other benefits that the PBX provides for their day to day.

Thanks to IP Telephony, it is no longer necessary to be a large corporate macro to use Neotel’s virtual switchboard. SMEs also enter the group of companies that are highly recommended to migrate their Telephony system with Neotel. Our switchboard is affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Many users do not know what a virtual switchboard is, although they have probably used one before. If you have ever called a company, and you have heard a phrase where you are asked to check the correct option, depending on which department you need to talk to, that is a virtual switchboard that that company uses.


How to send and receive a fax over the Internet?

Nowadays, with the current times it is fundamental to be able to send faxes.

Simple and simple faxing via Internet

The Neotel control unit is presented as the best virtual switchboard available today. Many years of experience support us in this sector. From the panel of the switchboard itself the client can send and receive virtual fax in a very simple way. You can also check the faxes that are archived.

  • Mail2Fax: Here the client sends an email with the message he wants to send by fax in PDF format. Indicating the destination number of the other person in the subject of the email, the other person receives the PDF file including the fax message. It will be the same system that sends a fax confirmation sent or not, and thanks to Neotel’s virtual fax, we only need an email client (on our mobile phone) and we can use this service.
  • Fax2Mail: With this option the user can receive faxes via email. You just need to have a phone number from which to send faxes and these will be received in PDF format via email.

The virtual switchboards are the best option within a company

Now with Neotel it is very easy to hire a virtual switchboard for your company.

The user who hires Neotel’s virtual switchboard will save on call costs.

Virtual switchboards that do not need maintenance or installation

PBX control unit

0 installation and maintenance cost

telefonía IP

Another advantage of contracting the switchboard with Neotel is that the customer pays absolutely nothing for the installation or maintenance of its switchboard.

The Neotel control unit is 100% scalable. This means that it is the client himself who can expand or reduce the functionalities of this at his whim.

Neotel is a specialist in cloud switchboards and IP telephony, so if you wish you can contact us and request more information without obligation.

Fact: a virtual switchboard is always better and cheaper than a physical switchboard

  • With the virtual switchboard you can divert calls from your company to your mobile phone.
  • The virtual switchboard is highly configurable, however this does not mean that you have to hire a computer to configure your switchboard. The Neotel control unit is the simplest to configure in the market. We have developed and designed a graphic interface just for this. So that any person in the world and without any computer knowledge is able to use and configure their switchboard. In addition, you will always have technical support from Neotel for any questions that may arise.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard provides the same features that its physical switchboard now provides, only with more functionalities, and cheaper.



What type of companies need to use IP Telephony?

Here in this post we gather some reasons why companies decide to migrate to VoIP (Voice over IP).

Companies that need IP Telephony

The first of all for a company to use IP Telephony is that it has an Internet connection.

1.- They answer the calls from the mobile

Between self-employed and commercial people, it is very normal to be outside the office. And thanks to IP Telephony they can now continue to receive incoming calls on their mobile devices in the same way as if they were inside the office.

2.- They have several locations

telefonía ip

A company that uses IP Telephony can make all its calls internally as if working from a single location, even if this is not the case, and each worker is in a different country.

3.- They have teleworkers

IP Telephony is very common in companies that have teleworkers. In this way, teleworkers can set up an extension of the company line and work from home, as if they were inside the office.

4.- They want to use the company’s phone from other locations

Since IP telephony is not linked to any specific physical location, you can use the company telephone from anywhere.

5.- They want to use numbers from other countries or provinces

As simple as contracting a numbering with the prefix of the country or province where your customers are located.

6.- They use a traditional switchboard

By replacing a traditional physical switchboard with a virtual switchboard, companies are reluctant to costly hardware maintenance.

7.- They use more than one telephone simultaneously

IP telephony allows you to have as many simultaneous calls and extensions as you need and at a ridiculous price. If your company is in this situation of need, you need to use IP Telephony.

To summarize: IP Telephony gives us maximum freedom by not having to be limited to a specific geographical area and has great savings and benefits to the companies that use it.

You can now learn more about IP Telephony here.

If your company is not yet a user of IP Telephony or if it is but you think you are paying more than necessary, we recommend that you contact Neotel now and you will be surprised.


Why would no company work without IP Telephony?

At Neotel we have been working with IP Telephony since 2001. It is not a few years, and in these, we have learned, improved and advanced a lot. Always all for the sake of our customers.

Did you know that you do not need to change your phone number when you switch to IP Telephony?

The main advantages of IP telephony are:

  • A reduction in the telephone bill.
  • Maximum voice quality through the Internet and with geographical mobility.
  • You will be using the most advanced technology in Telephony.

tellefonía IP

“More advantages and services but without paying more” – this is the theme of IP Telephony.

We use the Internet as a highway for the transmission of the voice, converted to data.

IP Telephony includes 2 main points:

  1. The transmission of data.
  2. The voice transmission.

What is the difference between IP Telephony and conventional Telephony?

Basically, with IP Telephony, what we do is optimize our line of business in a better way.

With IP Telephony we improve communications and productivity of the company

If you still do not have IP telephony in your company, you should rethink things.

IP Telephony is more powerful than you think.

IP telephony is linked to the virtual PBX hosted in the cloud. With the switchboard in the cloud our company grows faster.

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Thanks to IP Telephony and the Dialer, we save costs, we are more productive and in general we work better

The Voice IP is the enclave concept of the IP Telephony. If you are looking for an IP Telephony provider, you do not need to look for anything else. With Neotel you have the greatest coverage guaranteed.

No advanced knowledge is needed to use IP Telephony

If you still do not know how to install IP telephony in your company, call Neotel and we’ll get to work.

  • We verify your bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls will be ideal.
  • We advise you on whether to use our own Neotel softphone or if you prefer an IP terminal.

Whether you need to buy an IP phone or prefer to download a softphone application, we will advise you.

dialer o automarcador

Imagine your company working with IP Voice Telephony

Another peculiarity of IP telephony is the use of virtual fax. Without the need for physical fax machines, virtual faxing allows you to send and receive faxes in the same way.

Contract the Neotel virtual fax with the PBX. Call us and ask for prices

As simple as using an email account and an Internet connection. This is all you need to be able to use our virtual fax service for companies.

There are many reasons to use virtual fax:

  • Its reduced price for switchboard customers.
  • Mobility. No matter where you are, it is always available.

Never before has it been so easy to save money!

As soon as you request us you want to activate the virtual fax service, and you will be using it. This fast

If you are thinking of moving out of the office, the hassles of having to move your phone system with you disappear with the Neotel virtual switchboard.

Through the Network, the voice becomes data, and it reaches from a point of origin to a destination.

Fill in the contact form that appears on the web, or call us or if you prefer, send us an email. We will get your case as soon as possible.

IP telephony is based on voice over IP, which consists of transmitting the voice over the Internet.

Nowadays, IP telephony plans and virtual switchboards are the order of the day in companies. Neotel can offer everything you need.

Hire extra modules for your switchboard at your whim. Ask us about the modules for the Neotel PBX and you will be amazed.

If you need a Telecommunications company that specializes in switchboard services, call center software and CRM, Neotel is covered.

Ask for more information about our virtual switchboards

Either for a comfort or savings issue, do not continue postponing the migration to the virtual switchboard. Get rid of your obsolete physical switchboard once and for all and now hire the Cloud PBX with Neotel.

Give a more professional image.

The virtual switchboard is intelligent. It is designed in such a way that you will increase the talk time of your agents.

Set up a welcome message and music on hold for your customers.

Configure a menu of options so that users are transferred to the correct department within your company.

Important points of the Neotel switchboards:

  • Personalized welcome message
  • Queue waiting.
  • Redirection of calls.
  • Redirection according to schedules.

The virtual switchboards are presented as very useful services for companies of all sectors.

From Neotel we invite you to know more about our integral Telephony services.

SIP phones are affordable products for everyone.

Whether they are SIP phones, IP phones or softphones, they all transmit the voice over the Internet.

If you wish we can inform you about our IP phones at the best price

Contact us and we inform you without obligation.

PBX for companies

Once you try to make calls with the dialer, there is no turning back.

The guarantees of Neotel 2000

  • Professional installation of the click2call button on your website
  • 1 mes de prueba gratis sin ningún compromiso
  • Freedom: there are no permanency contracts
  • High quality IP telephony since 2000
  • Request a quote without any commitment


Whether you’re interested in predictive or progressive dialing, at Neotel we can help you

Give the best Customer Service possible.

Greater availability for your customers

fax virtual

For better customer service

Take advantage of Neotel’s call center tools.


In Neotel we have no competition

telefonía ip

With our software your call center can get everything. From massive sales campaigns, Telemarketing to Customer Service.


PBX for companies: call launcher, call center, Voice over IP, IP telephony and VoIP PBXs

Did you know that with Neotel there are no permanences? Never. So is!

With other Telephony providers, stays are imposed on customers. We at Neotel do not believe in the concept of permanence. We believe in satisfied and loyal customers. And is that when a company gives only the best service customers do not leave.

Do you already know what VoIP Telephony is?

Do not have a phone number yet? No problem. Neotel offers you line + phone number.

As IP Telephony makes use of the IP Voice you can use our system both in mobile and fixed:

  • Use of softphone By installing a softphone application we would already have everything we need to make calls over IP.
  • IP adapter linked to the conventional telephone.
  • VoIP phone It is a special phone for IP calls.

As you see there are different solutions. Surely one adapts to your company.

Are you in doubt about whether your Internet connection is compatible with IP Telephony? At Neotel we solve all of them. What if you call us now?

In any case, think that any type of connection to the Network is valid.

If you already have an Internet connection, you can start using VoIP Telephony.

Formerly with traditional telephony the calls were made through cable. Now with VoIP telephony, calls are made via the Internet.

Now you know something more about the requirements and what advantages IP Telephony brings:

  • You need to hire Neotel as your VoIP Telephony operator.
  • IP / Softphone / IP Phone adapter.
  • Internet connection.

Migrating to IP telephony has never been easier than it is today.

Neotel call center

Installing a call center is the best way to serve your customers in your business. Neotel develops customized tools designed for contact centers and call centers.

Customized solutions for companies

Call Centers and Contact Centers

With our tools you have the possibility to monitor real-time data that are of great interest to your call center.

With our software for call centers you will have:

Call center in the cloud

Our call center tools are hosted in the Neotel cloud and have been designed for SMEs and large companies, allowing:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Progressive and predictive marking.
  • Call recording.
  • Reports and statistics.

An IP Telephony system saves large amounts of money to companies. Your agents do not need to be physically in the same place. It does not matter where in the world each one is. Our tools are still working.

Applications aimed at call centers

Our call center software is scalable and adapts to the needs of any company.

Neotel also offers media services for those who are interested. We highlight:

  • Custom applications.
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Data center.

Neotel – your Telecommunications provider

In Neotel we offer services of PBX, call center software and CRM. Trust a company with more than 15 years of experience.

Learn more about call centers

The goal and the raison d’être of any call center is to get the maximum possible number of minutes in conversation with clients.

There are no limits with Neotel’s call center tools

From Customer Service, Telemarketing to mass sale campaigns. With our software your call center can get everything.

Do not be wrong or repent. Contract now the call center tools with Neotel

Thanks to the tools we offer call centers improve day by day, they learn from their weaknesses and overcome them.

For a better Customer Service

Greater availability for your customers

With our tools you ensure reliable customer service 365 days a year.

automarcador dialer

Do you need a progressive / predictive dialer?

We have no competition in Neotel. More than 15 years of experience in the sector endorse us. And since there is no permanence with us … Do you have something to lose? If you still have doubts after all this, we recommend that you do a Google search and look at reviews about our company and services.

Functionality and efficiency are fundamental aspects when hiring a VoIP exchange.

centralita voip

We have several solutions that adapt to all types of companies. We invite you to call us or send us an email if you prefer. He explains his personal situation and without any commitment he will receive a quote and all the necessary information. If you still have questions after receiving the information that we are going to send you, of course you just have to call us again. At Neotel we are more than happy to meet your needs.

Among our solutions, the most famous are:

  • The dialer
  • The virtual switchboard.
  • The tools for call center.
  • And the CRM.

Having a dialer in your call center company makes life happier. Guaranteed!


Call Center CRM for your company

Our information management software (CRM) is affordable for all audiences. With the integration of the switchboard + the CRM Neotel presents the definitive solution to take the most absolute control of all the information of your company. Among our call center tools we highlight:

Progressive marker
Predictive dialer
Robot Call

Our call center software is the dream of every SME. Get to increase your sales and maximize productivity in your business with the Neotel call center software, a powerful tool for all types of businesses that stands out for its possibilities and ease of use.

Because all the software is hosted in the Neotel cloud, you do not have to worry about any maintenance. In addition, you will be working with a 100% secure and supervised platform in real time.

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your company with the CRM Call Center?

If you still have doubts about whether our CRM is for your business or not, we invite you to contact us and our team of professionals will be more than willing to answer your questions.

With the Neotel CRM call center the possibilities are endless

With the CRM call center you can have all the information related to your customers in an organized way.

The operators of the call center will have an easy, simple and intuitive tool to work their day to day.

Technology advances fast, and at Neotel we work very hard every day to move forward with it.

PBX + CRM for Call Center Telemarketing. Call Center Software

Trust Neotel professionals for your call center and you will not regret it. You just have to go to Google and look for references on Neotel. Hundreds of satisfied customers can not be wrong, right?

Whatever you need: VoIP PBX, IP Telephony, PBX, etc., at Neotel we can help you securely.

Neotel is the leading provider of IP Telephony since 2001. Located in Malaga, they offer their Telecommunications services globally.

Aimed at companies that need to optimize productivity and organize the information of their customers or Leads, the Neotel software is the definitive solution.

If your call center is serious for you, you need to hire our tools now.

The virtual switchboard is formed by modules that have been developed to measure always taking into account the needs of our customers, which makes it the most powerful switchboard solution in the market today.

Enhance your company with Neotel call center software

Request a quote now without obligation.

When Neotel developed our application kit in its day, it took the idea in mind to help companies save money.

Neotel offers the best possible integration between the switchboard and CRM. With data and voice transmission services with incomparable quality.

Call center tools

Neotel links all the power of the PBX with mobile devices.

Integrating our CRM to your current virtual switchboard is very easy with Neotel.

Software for Telemarketing

All the power of the CRM integrated with its virtual switchboard and working under the same Web platform

Applications aimed at contact centers

Contact us now and start enjoying the advantages of Neotel for your call center business

Integrate all your customer data with CRM

Would you like to see a free demonstration of how our tools work? Call us and request a test.

Surely you have ever needed to call all your customers to transmit the same message. It is not like this? Well now with the Neotel Robot Call this task has been simplified a lot. Robot Call loads a list of clients that we have previously entered through a database and is responsible for making calls in a fully automated way and play a voice you want. In addition, if necessary, this same software will connect a client with an agent that is available.

Carrying out automated campaigns is now possible with the Robot Call.

Robot Call for call centers

Increase your agents’ time in conversation with our software tools.

Take advantage of the power of our call launchers.

Call center tools

Call launchers that integrate easily within your virtual switchboard


Contact Neotel and hire our call center solutions now.

Learn more about our call center tools

Hire a pack to suit you.

Software for Telemarketing. Progressive, predictive and Robot Call dialer

The best applications to manage a call center

The software is intelligent. Maximize the time your agents are in real conversation with your clients. Only when a customer picks up the call, the software that is intelligent automatically connects with an available agent.

Call Launcher Robot Call

More automated campaigns with Neotel.

Every day more call centers call Neotel to modernize their company. Now you could be the next.

Get a complete organization of the information in your company

To hire Neotel is to hire professionalism

No matter the size of your call center or contact center. We have tailored solutions for all

Use a single Web platform to manage your call center. It ended up managing thousands of different tools!

We have been studying the Telemarketing sector since 2001 and, we are very proud of what we have achieved

Companies from all over the world communicate with their customers using the Neotel IP Telephony system.

Help us improve your company

With dozens of modules, your telephone exchange takes a leap like never before imagined.

Growing companies use our tools.

Saving resources is possible. We assure you. You just need to contact us.

Installing a call center is the best way for your company to be able to serve its customers.

Una solución para cada empresa

Call Center and Contact Center

You can also monitor real-time data that are of great interest.

Call center virtual

telefonía ip

Our call center tools are adapted to SMEs and allow:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Automatic call launcher.
  • Recording of calls.
  • Reports and statistics.

With our call center tools comes mobility. This means that it is not necessary anymore that their agents are physically located in the same place.

Software call center

In Neotel we also offer a series of customized services:

  • Custom software
  • Software integration with 3rd.
  • Data center services.