Functionalities and definition of IP Telephony

IP telephony helps companies spend less money on telephony.

IP telephony is a major advance in business communications

Both conventional telephony and ip telephony offer high quality calls. Traditional telephony depends on the state of the wiring and IP telephony of the Internet connection.

A ip phone is all it will take to work on the virtual pbx. Although this is not exclusive in this way. You can for example contract our virtual pbx and you do not need to invest in the purchase of a physical ip terminal. Simply making use of our webrtc line, through your computer’s web browser you can make and receive telephone calls through the virtual pbx system.


virtual pbx

To use IP telephony is necessary:

  • Have a device with which to make calls.
  • Internet connection.
  • Hire the services of an ip telephony operator.


Benefits of ip telephony for companies

telefonía ip empresas

  • Mobility can be extended: the phone system is no longer just adjusted to being physically inside the office. Now the Neotel mobile switchboard accompanies you wherever you go.
  • Substantial bill savings.
  • Save on calls and fees.
  • Have multiple phones.
  • Call transfer.

Make quality calls over the Internet. Save on the cost of Telecommunications and pay just what you need.

Neotel wants you to see all that IP telephony can offer your SME. Leave us your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Neotel offers free telephone support 365 days a year to all its customers.

Great facilities for recharging salgo. If you have questions contact us now

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With Neotel’s webrtc lines you don’t need to buy any third party softphone application of dubious quality. Call for free, yes, FREE, with the Neotel webrtc line. All you need is an internet connection.

If you already have a number of your own, we will bring it to you without any problem. And if we don’t get you a new numbering

Local, national and international numbers
No surprises on the phone bill

Call at 0 cost between your extensions

It doesn’t matter how many extensions you need for your business. We can support as many as you need.

A scalable and flexible solution

A scalable and flexible solution

IP telephony provider in Spain (and worldwide)

Tips for choosing a good ip telephony provider:

– Check that it is a simple platform to manage, easy to use and intuitive.

– Check that there are no problems when it comes to calls such as cuts in communications.


A convenient and simple solution

This type of telephony allows you to make calls over the Internet and save a lot of money on your bills.

To make voice calls on ip you only need an ip adapter or ip phone, an internet connection and an ip telephony operator.

While ip telephony has been with us for many years has been in the last era when it has given a boost at the business level to highlight.



What are the advantages of IP Telephony today?

IP telephony saves us a lot of money on both national and international calls.

IP telephony, unlike conventional telephony, entails much lower implementation costs and, for this reason, costs less money to the end customer.

Conventional telephony allows to use only the telephone as a device for communication while ip telephony allows to be used in many devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on.

Traditional telephony will always be limited to a physical place as wiring is its own limitation in this case.


telefonía ip

IP telephony allows you to use a telephone line from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection so it gives a very wide freedom to workers who use it.

Conventional telephony requires more time and execution by technicians for mainly the installation of all the wiring.

IP telephony allows for instant highs. This will never happen with traditional telephony.

IP telephony will give users the ability to move and move freely, unlike the conventional telephony that ties them to a physical workplace.

IP telephony allows things such as diversion to our smartphone so that no matter what happens, we are never disconnected.

IP telephony does not mean at any time a worse quality of calls compared to traditional telephony.

IP telephony is possible thanks to voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which transforms voice into data.

IP telephony allows different offices and workers to be integrated under a single telephony system.

IP telephony has existed for many years. However, it is in the last years when a greater acquisition of this technology is appreciated in the companies. It must also be said that, being dependent on Internet connections, the Internet system we have today is not the same as the one we had a few years ago.


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Steps to start using voip telephony in my business or at home

Find out what you need to start using IP telephony and/or if you already have some of the necessary items:

1. IP telephony operator: Neotel

You need an ip telephony operator who will give you the line and the telephone number.

2. Software softphone, ip adapter or ip phone

  • There are some applications, known as “softphones” that provide a dialer with which to make ip calls as if it were a normal ip phone. These applications are not bad at all but have a serious flaw: they are not free. In addition, to use the same this implies us to have to install an extra app for our routine work. From Neotel we want that you, our customers, do not have to install any additional application, and, that you do not pay absolutely anything for this application. For this Neotel offers to all its users the webrtc lines. At first sight they work just like a commercial softphone, only that Neotel’s webrtc line is 100% free and our softphone (webrtc dialer) is integrated into the same application (Neotel’s web application).
  • Home landline + ip adapter. You can use the conventional landline phone to talk with ip telephony, connecting it with an ip adapter.
  • A voip phone. It is a phone specially designed to work with ip telephony. Take full advantage of all the features of ip telephony.

3. Internet connection


webrtc line

If you are already willing to start saving on telephony and you have discovered voip telephony, with this article we hope you will have a clearer idea of the options available to you.


llamadas por ip



IP telephony is a change in telephony as you knew it.

Advantages offered by the virtual switchboards for our company

Today with this new post in our blog we want to get even closer and make known the advantages offered by the virtual pbx’s and that are not few.

The 10 advantages of virtual switchboards

1. Competitiveness

A virtual pbx has many advantages. It can make us available at any time and from anywhere. Another feature that brings us working with the virtual pbx is to increase our productivity.


2. Multiple numbers

A phone number that is easy to remember is very important for our company. In Neotel we offer a wide variety of options for contracting a telephone numbering, highlighting our 900 lines.

3. Multi-device

telefonia ip

From IP phones, webrtc lines, mobile phones … The Neotel solution is usable from any device that has an Internet connection.

4. Multisede

Imagine that in our company we have different branches, with offices in cities such as Madrid and Malaga. Regardless of the number of extensions for each of our venues, Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows us to receive and make calls as if we were all located under one roof. When dealing with extensions, there are no longer any geographical barriers. This is one of the main functionalities that this type of switchboard allows us.

5. Mobility

Being a system in the cloud and as we have been explaining, we can work with our switchboard from anywhere in the world.

6. Flexibility

The switchboard is scalable in the sense that if our company grows or decreases in size we can increase or reduce the functionalities of our switchboard.

7. Company image


webrtc line

Having a professional telephone system will help improve the image we are giving of our company. The Neotel switchboards allow the customer:

  • Click to call me back.
  • Virtual fax.
  • Telemarketing surveys.
  • Monitoring.
  • Statistics of incoming calls.
  • Signaling.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of virtual switchboards is this, to give a better image of our business to customers.

8. Improvement in customer service

With features such as detours, waiting messages and queuing system we can get better serve our customers. Thanks to the advantages of IP telephony the line of our business can hardly be communicating. Nobody likes to wait or not to attend. Having the virtual switchboard for our company is a way if we seek to improve customer service.



hire line 900

9. Line capacity

Before putting more operators or more lines for specific cases we can use the features of our switchboard such as waiting messages or voice mailboxes. The virtual switchboards are for managing large volumes of calls.


10. Cost reduction


virtual pbx

This is undoubtedly, among all the advantages, the one that is most attractive for companies that make the leap with the virtual switchboard. It does not matter where in the world you are and you will be speaking at the lowest possible price. It does not matter if your employees are located geographically far from each other. At the end of the day, with the virtual switchboard we will obtain the maximum possible savings in our calls that with any other telephone system that we can hire. The Neotel virtual switchboard is available to everyone.


Communication all over the world thanks to the voice IP

Being communicated correctly between client and company strengthens the position of your business. This is a fact. Having an ip voice system ensures us to be able to be connected with our workers, colleagues, friends, family …, and all that is needed is a device connected to the Internet and a web page.



virtual pbx

Neotel is the leading company in voice ip in the sector, offering secure, effective and fast communications, capable of offering you the quality service that you were waiting for, being ours a responsible company with the widest experience. The main advantage that we offers voice ip is the reduction of costs when making phone calls. Unlike conventional telephony, with IP telephony we use the Internet for communications. And this is exactly why the costs are reduced drastically.

Calling by voice ip is very easy

Three simple steps to communicate by voice ip:

  1. Hire the services that best suit your company: software call center, crm, virtual pbx.
  2. Carry your phone number or ask for a new one.
  3. You must contact a company that offers the service.

Below you can read the main advantages of using voip telephony in your communications:



call center software

  1. Cheap rates so you can communicate all the time you need, without being surprised by the costs at the end of the month.
  2. You do not need to make any changes in your company to enjoy voice calls ip.
  3. Being a voice based IP technology, you will be communicated with quality in the service, quickly and safely.
  4. Any device that has access to the Internet will serve to communicate with your workers.
  5. You can access your call center from any computer.
  6. It is not necessary to install programs that are difficult to understand.
  7. You do not need special phones. Your smartphone always works.

telefonía ip

Incredible advantages with the voice ip

Did you know that you can use the voice ip through your smartphone? It’s like having your office always with you no matter where you are. IP voice calls are widely used by entrepreneurs who are either in constant motion, or need to be permanently connected with customers and employees. Or both. Start using this type of telephony over the Internet with Neotel.

Technology needed to set up a Call Center

With the following article of our blog we want to show some of the advantages of using call center or virtual pbx. The virtual pbx’s can be completed with various and different services.

Free calls between extensions

Communicate between different departments in your company for free with interextension calls.

Personalized music on hold

Prevent your customers from getting bored while waiting to get in touch with you.

IVR services in call center

Interactive Voice Response Service through which the caller navigates through different options until finally contacting the corresponding department.

With Neotel we can opt for a number with another location, port our number to the virtual pbx or use our usual number. ip telephony or virtual calls significantly reduce the cost of communications in our company.another great advantage is the price of calls made.

call center virtual

No installation or maintenance costs as the system is contracted in the cloud of the company that provides the service, these costs recur on behalf of the same. A virtual switchboard means a great saving to the company that wants to give a more professional image. The main advantage of a virtual call center is the savings it represents for the company.

You have already seen that there are many advantages offered by a call center or virtual switchboard

In order to use a virtual call center or switchboard you only need an Internet connection, since all services are stored in the cloud, this means savings for us as users of the virtual call center / switchboard.

telefonia ip

In addition, one of the main advantages of the call center is to answer calls from any device. you can use different extensions. also, the virtual switchboard Neotel is fully scalable being possible to increase or decrease the features and functionality of the same as our need. manages the calls of the company with the virtual switchboard Neotel.


virtual pbx

It is the best way of communication for a company, both with its customers and internally.



Virtual switchboards have become the best way to generate and retain customers.

Advantages of IP PBXs for companies

At Neotel we offer pbx, crm and software services for call centers. Absolutely all the products that Neotel offers have been developed in-house by us. Our telephony products are especially aimed at companies of all sizes.

With an ip PBX we save on our phone bill. IP PBXs not only bring us this benefit. They also give us many functionalities to our company that would be impossible to imagine with a traditional telephone switchboard.

Start your ip switchboard with Neotel

The main advantages of IP telephony over traditional telephony are, among others:

  • In general, it makes internal company communications easier: calls between extensions, calls between different locations, calls from different locations, etc.
  • Improves access to advanced functions: CTR, IVR, etc.
  • Allows access to low-cost ip lines: national and international.
  • Integration with third party software and CRM.
  • Access to optimized business communications performance.
  • The different workers and headquarters of the company are unified in the same communication system.
  • Simplifies the company’s communications infrastructure.
  • Save up to 40% on your phone bill.

The ip switchboard are all advantages as you can see

The switchboard relies on Internet communications to operate. In this way it will only be necessary to buy the necessary terminals, although there are also options that make the purchase of any terminal no longer mandatory.

Simplifying the “telephone switchboard” system with the virtual switchboard

The virtual pbx in companies is increasingly consolidated as the only communications system.

By using the Internet for the transmission of communications, the virtual pbx represents a significant saving for the bill. In addition, with the ip PBX no longer matters where employees are physically located because communications and their flow are unified within the same system.

An ip control unit can save up to 40%.

virtual pbx

Nowadays, the traditional physical switchboards suppose a great cost in terms of maintenance. This would not happen if we contracted a virtual switchboard.



Las centralitas ip son la ayuda definitiva para empresas que gestionan cantidades elevadas de llamadas. Gracias a que la centralita transforma la voz en datos para las comunicaciones, esto puede suponer un ahorro de hasta un 40%.

IP Telephony: Option or need?

The virtual ip telephony excels every year.

If you want a Neotel advisor to contact you to inform you more about IP telephony, you just need to send a message from the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

telefonía ip

All are advantages with Neotel’s IP telephony

There are multiple reasons to use IP telephony, of which we highlight:

  • The reduction of tariffs is a real fact.
  • For people who travel frequently the ip telephony are all advantages. It allows us to use it regardless of where we are.
  • Unlike with conventional telephony, with IP telephony there are no surprises in the bill. You control everything about your consumption and expenses.