WebRTC Line: Beyond IP Communication

The WebRTC lines, English word that means Web Real-Time Communication, is an open development project that confers the ability to communicate in real time (RTC) using JavaScript APIs of browsers, the WebRTC system is also oriented in the transmission of data in all types of format (text, images, screenshots)

Advantages of WebRTC lines

The main advantage is that it allows VOIP communication through the WEB with quality standards such as audio, HD quality video and native encryption (SRTP, TLS).

What is a virtual switchboard?

A virtual pbx is one that does not have a physical device to manage communications.

It is not the same virtual PBX as IP PBX, many times virtual PBXs use IP telephony, but not all IP PBXs are virtual PBXs.

Which is the best virtual switchboard?

There are several types of virtual switchboards: mobile phone based, SIP protocol based and the WebRTC virtual switchboard.

Most virtual PBXs offer advanced phone call management features, the difference between them is technology that affects efficiency and flexibility.

Mobile phone based virtual switchboard

These are the most popular, are offered by mobile operators using their marketing to carry it out.

They operate using the mobile operator’s network, using the organizations’ member lines for communications management (incoming, outgoing and internal).

Weaknesses: Integration with external software is complex, they are linked to the mobile operator and their cost is high, additionally each agent must be provided with line and equipment for their interconnection.

SIP-based virtual switchboard

The virtual switchboard based on SIP protocol sends communication over a data network instead of using a telephone network, allowing the management of calls with specific terminals: IP phones.


send sms massively

Calls are also received through a mobile phone using SIP client: softphone.

The configuration, infrastructure and network are complex and weak points of this communication.

Virtual exchanges based on WebRTC

WebRTC virtual switchboards are the most modern and for many are the replacement for the previous ones.

Its advantages are flexibility, efficiency and configuration without the need to purchase software, it basically works in any device that connects to the Internet.

Why choose Neotel’s WebRtc Line?

Neotel’s WebRTC lines offer includes:

  • Geographic phone number (new or ported)
  • WebRTC line with communication channel
  • Access with up to 3 different devices
  • Free unlimited incoming calls
  • Call forwarding to personal mobile
  • Caller ID
  • Outgoing calls with fixed number
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail that personalizes itself
  • Daily call synchronization
  • Voice recognition and call transcription
  • Mass SMS sending
  • Progressive Calls
  • Predictive Calling
  • No coupling cost
  • No software installation required



Yealink Phones

Did you know that all Yealink terminals have the ability to configure an Open VPN client that facilitates confidential and secure communication with an Asterisk IP PBX via the Internet without the need for any additional hardware?

Among the terminals that Neotel sells in its online store, one of the most famous in terms of demand by our customers is the yealink w52p. It is a wireless model with ip/dect technology.

Also noteworthy are the yealink t23g with mini switch to gigabit ethernet and an unbeatable price.

teléfonos yealink

Neotel supplies yealink phones and our experience allows us to guarantee a very remarkable price/quality ratio on most models.

Founded in 2001, Yealink has reached the top of the world’s ip sip phone suppliers. Therefore it is already a brand of recognized prestige that has based its success on designs with great ease of use, functionality and quality, all at a very competitive price.

Advantages of IP PBXs for companies

At Neotel we offer pbx, crm and software services for call centers. Absolutely all the products that Neotel offers have been developed in-house by us. Our telephony products are especially aimed at companies of all sizes.

With an ip PBX we save on our phone bill. IP PBXs not only bring us this benefit. They also give us many functionalities to our company that would be impossible to imagine with a traditional telephone switchboard.

Start your ip switchboard with Neotel

The main advantages of IP telephony over traditional telephony are, among others:

  • In general, it makes internal company communications easier: calls between extensions, calls between different locations, calls from different locations, etc.
  • Improves access to advanced functions: CTR, IVR, etc.
  • Allows access to low-cost ip lines: national and international.
  • Integration with third party software and CRM.
  • Access to optimized business communications performance.
  • The different workers and headquarters of the company are unified in the same communication system.
  • Simplifies the company’s communications infrastructure.
  • Save up to 40% on your phone bill.

The ip switchboard are all advantages as you can see

The switchboard relies on Internet communications to operate. In this way it will only be necessary to buy the necessary terminals, although there are also options that make the purchase of any terminal no longer mandatory.

Simplifying the “telephone switchboard” system with the virtual switchboard

The virtual pbx in companies is increasingly consolidated as the only communications system.

By using the Internet for the transmission of communications, the virtual pbx represents a significant saving for the bill. In addition, with the ip PBX no longer matters where employees are physically located because communications and their flow are unified within the same system.

An ip control unit can save up to 40%.

virtual pbx

Nowadays, the traditional physical switchboards suppose a great cost in terms of maintenance. This would not happen if we contracted a virtual switchboard.



Las centralitas ip son la ayuda definitiva para empresas que gestionan cantidades elevadas de llamadas. Gracias a que la centralita transforma la voz en datos para las comunicaciones, esto puede suponer un ahorro de hasta un 40%.

Neotel advanced IP switchboard for business

Do you already know Neotel’s advanced IP PBX? Well, if your answer is no, from our blog we could not recommend more that you dedicate only 5 minutes to contact our company and ask us about it. Are you ready to start saving on your telephone bill? Welcome to the Neotel IP PBX!

You only need to have a SIP phone (if you do not have one yet, Neotel provides it to you, ask us) and you are ready to use our advanced IP PBX.

The advanced ip switchboard of Neotel is in constant development, so that customers receive numerous updates throughout the year, all improvements, at no extra cost. Always thinking about the needs of our customers.


virtual pbx

Think that the Neotel IP PBX provides a kind of information that would be impossible to pick up with another type of telephone system: With the Neotel IP PBX you can know how many lines are occupied, how many people are waiting in queue, …

centralita ip

Generate more complete reports for your company with Neotel’s advanced IP PBX.