The positive psychological impact of IVR on customers

The virtual switchboard is much more than a tool for the call center. And definitely, this type of department has a very important impact on the company’s image. Having customer service tools has, above all, the intention of promoting the good image of a company, as well as the approaches with the users. In this order of ideas, the IVR plays an important role. There is a lot of talk about the ability of IVRs to generate automated solutions. That is, through them, customers can solve some problems on their own. Their ability to disseminate advertisements of any kind is also fundamental. But beyond all these functions, which are true, the IVR has an impact on the customers who call the company.

IVR: Introducing the customer

ivr interactive voice response

To begin with, the IVR is an interactive voice response system used in the most prestigious call centers in the world. Basically, this tool is the one that asks us for personal data and directs us through the telephone options when we make commercial calls. It would appear to be a simple operator, but everything in this mechanism is designed to improve the customer experience. The IVR interactive voice response allows users to be introduced to customer service. Therefore, its structure allows the introduction of voice messages and recordings. Each company must create its own institutional welcome messages, consistent with the company’s mission, vision and other corporate identity elements. This introductory message alone has a very positive effect on callers. If the message is well recorded, directed and edited, the right thing to do is to generate a good feeling in the user. Although calling a call center may not always be a pleasant chore, a good greeting can noticeably calm the customer. The intelligent use of voices is usually fundamental to achieve this effect, because it will allow users to feel that soon their doubt or problem will be solved. If the caller becomes tense when calling, this part of the call should calm him down a bit.

IVR facilitates call queuing

One of the reasons why IVR technology is so widely used in the business world is because it makes customers feel less stress during the wait. Some call centers are really congested and even if we don’t realize it, we often wait longer than we think. Precisely, this happens because the interactive voice response system is distracting, with messages that are also attractive to the ear. Internally, every call center has queues of waiting callers. These are customers who are waiting for a telemarketer to answer them. Sometimes, these queues can be very long, but the IVR is busy with each user, communicating the greeting, guiding them through the options, transmitting some advertising and all this allows the agents to save time. The best part is that customers don’t notice this, so it’s a fairly seamless process. Every message should be aimed at distracting and keeping the customer in a good mood. Even if it is a telemarketing survey, a welcome or an advertisement, the right thing to do is to evoke reassurance. The IVR interactive voice response also plays a dosing role in case users feel any discomfort. This will also help to improve the telemarketer’s management, especially if it is complicated.

Our IP PBX has a highly adaptive IVR

Neotel’s IP PBX is one of the most innovative and advanced in the market. Of course, we also provide companies with an easy-to-configure and versatile IVR system for any type of business activity. Our interactive voice response system even allows the addition of telemarketing surveys, key to creating strategies. 20 years of experience and hundreds of contracts from companies all over the world accredit Neotel in the business communication business. Our software is one of the most stable, modern and easy to use. The best thing is that it has several useful applications for marketing, as well as for other vital tasks within a company. Undoubtedly, having an IP PBX with a guaranteed IVR is something positive for any type of enterprise. Contact us, in case you want to purchase any of our products.

physical server VS virtual server

Data Center Products: Startups work with the VPS

One of the current concerns of every entrepreneur is data storage. All companies need to back up if they have a website, a digital store or if they manage database systems. Fortunately, nowadays storing information is much easier, cheaper and more practical thanks to virtual servers. Beyond this, every entrepreneur should know a little about data center products.

Data center products are all those equipments that involve different modalities for data storage. In fact, there are several ways of storage and an endless number of brands and equipment to do it. Knowing a little about this will be vital to make good decisions when covering this business need.

Physical or virtual server: Buy or rent?

It is almost always discussed whether it is better to have a physical server and a virtual one. The question in these terms can be a headache for many entrepreneurs, especially if you do not know anything about technology. To tell the truth, the debate is much simpler than it seems. The difference between physical and virtual servers is between owning or renting them.

Data Center Products

In other words, a physical server implies the purchase of storage equipment by the entrepreneur who is going to use it. On the other hand, virtual servers are those that work from Internet connections. Therefore, these are only data center products that are rented, basically a service for which you pay.

So, when we consider the issue of “physical vs. virtual server”, what we are really studying is whether it is more convenient to buy the servers or sell them. In other words, it is a question of understanding whether it is better to build a data center in the office, or to hire data center services in Spain, or in any other country. Of course, even if you put it this way, it is not an easy issue to address without prior knowledge.

Why does almost any entrepreneur need servers?

Servers are basically computers that are used to store the digital information we have. For example, having a business website involves supporting the structure and content, including photos, comments, traffic, etc. Precisely, everything that is a website is about digital information that must be stored somewhere and that is the server.

The same goes for those companies that work with databases or systems of any kind. Everything that is stored in these systems must be stored in a digital space. Similarly, a call center with IP PBX or any communication system, stores calls and other digital information. For all this, you must have servers.

Most businesses today need hosting to function. And, to tell the truth, the best performing businesses and enterprises collect data. In the beginning, you may not notice the need for back up, hosting or communication systems. But with the passage of time and the arrival of customers, it is inevitable to think about these things.

The difficulty of having a physical server

It seems almost logical to say that having a physical server is the best solution for any company. The reality is that, in principle, having this type of storage is very expensive. Starting with the fact that the investment is not limited to the already substantial purchase of equipment. In fact, building a data center involves installations, remodeling, cooling equipment, etc.

If you are wondering what a data center is and what it is for, it is the technological and physical environment that physical servers must have in order to function. As explained above, it is costly, requires investment, overhaul, maintenance, juncture management and the like. The latter involves the hiring of computer experts, which implies the payment of salaries.

The acquisition and operation of physical servers is synonymous with spending a lot of money to obtain a system whose operation depends on the company. To tell the truth, not all entrepreneurs can afford this type of expense. That is why the virtual server has become a solution for most developing businesses.

Virtual Data Center products: an alternative

Since its inception, virtual storage was a solution to the complicated and expensive of having physical servers. From the VPS, websites and businesses were able to multiply from moderate or low investments. Some of the advantages of the virtual server are the following:

It is cheap: Anyone can get digital hosting at very low cost. In fact, there is a great diversity of plans and proposals when renting this type of services. In general, the companies that offer it have different prices adapted to the availability of each entrepreneur.
It is efficient and functional: It has always been said that cheap is expensive. However, the virtual server, even if it is cheaper than the physical one, is just as functional. Of course, the better the performance, the higher the cost of its hiring. But quality is also guaranteed with this technology.
No maintenance required: The best thing about hiring virtual data center products is that the maintenance and security tasks are carried out by the company providing the service. Thus, the contracting entrepreneur can forget about this responsibility and simply report any inconvenience.
It has exclusive services: Those companies that want a quality and exclusive virtual storage service can have it. In fact, there is a dedicated server for those large companies that wish to have a dedicated equipment just for them. Of course, this is more expensive, but it delivers great quality and security.

Data Center products can deliver as much quality, security and stability as a private server. Of course, everything will depend on the company with which the service is purchased and also, the contracted plan.

Large companies can count on the dedicated server

It is a myth that virtual servers do not meet the high requirements of medium or large companies. In fact, with this type of contracting in mind, the dedicated server service was devised. This type of virtual storage consists of providing the contracting client with his own computer.

Of course, this is much more secure and efficient than hard disk partitioning, a technique widely used for storage. The idea is to make available a good amount of resources from the Madrid data center and direct them to a single company. In these cases, efforts are usually redoubled and security is handled very carefully, because this type of client usually handles a lot of customer data, which is sensitive.

At Neotel we have several plans, services and Data Center products. The objective is to be able to guarantee storage to any type of company, small, medium or large. Of course, this is not the only advantage of hiring our services.

Neotel has the best data center in Spain

The best data centers are located in Spain. Precisely, Neotel is one of the companies with more experience in communication solutions for companies in the Spanish territory and also in Europe. As well as mastering the IP PBX or virtual PBX software, we also have years of experience working with virtual servers. Hiring us has the following advantages:

Zero repair costs: Working with Neotel means not having to pay extra costs for repairs or special situations. The whole system is managed by our experts, with no overcharges of any kind.
The best experts: At Neotel we hire high-level experts, with 24-hour surveillance of the Madrid data center. Likewise, our clients can count on a completely free customer service, ready to solve any inconvenience.
The best data center Madrid and Seville: Neotel has two of the best data centers in Spain. Our facilities have state-of-the-art technology, security protocols and everything necessary to maintain stability, security and speed in storage.
Deluxe Virtual PBX: Those customers who want to have an advanced IP PBX communication system, can also hire it with us. At Neotel, we have everything a company needs to innovate in communication and at good prices. In addition, we have the best marketing and customer service modules, such as the dialer, the robot call or the platform for sending bulk SMS.

Undoubtedly, an extra advantage of contracting Neotel’s data center products is that we also have other services. Almost no company dedicated to the virtual server business can offer the virtual switchboard or other communication tools. On the contrary, we provide our customers with various technological solutions, trying to meet their needs in this area.

Why is Video Calling in the cloud the future of business?

Telephone calls are supported and accepted by businessmen and customers. However, every day companies have better mechanisms for internal and external communication. One of the most valued modalities for communication today is the video call in the cloud, as well as videoconferencing.

In fact, the IP PBX goes beyond managing company phone calls. In fact, its complementary modules allow the use of text messages, fax and other means to expand the communicational impact of companies. In addition to this, the most advanced call center software also incorporates video calling and video conferencing modules, which are being highly valued.

What are video calling and video conferencing?

Video calls and video conferences are communication formats that allow people to interact through audio and video. They were perfected with the appearance of Google’s WebRTC Line. Today, we use them with some frequency through some of the most popular social networking platforms worldwide.


videocall in the cloud

Both video calling and video conferencing allow real-time audio and video communication. They work over IP connection, which means that they are supported over the Internet. It would seem that video calls are primarily intended for entertainment purposes. However, in business environments they are seen as the future of communication for business purposes.

The problem with cloud video conferencing and video calls in general at the enterprise level has to do with the applications that offer them. While it is true that social networks have developed them in an exceptional way, these environments are not ideal for supporting business and work-related conversations.

Videoconferencing in the cloud: ideal for the entrepreneur

The reason why video calls from social networks don’t work in the business environment is the same reason why many people don’t buy as much from sites like Facebook. Several statistics point to the fact that a large proportion of consumers and service users do not rely on the social network to make purchases.

Instead, means such as a phone call or an online store tend to generate greater trust. Similarly, not even company bosses would look favorably on meetings or appointments via a video call made by Instagram or WhatsApp. These work well but generate neither trust nor the formality required to negotiate, or conduct a business meeting.

There are social networks aimed at offering the service of video calls for the business and commercial environment. However, some of these applications are very limited, or have a very high cost. This led some communications companies to create video conferencing and video calling modules in the cloud.

What are cloud-based videoconferencing modules like?

The most innovative virtual PBXs incorporate modules for video calls and video conferencing. This is what happens, for example, in the case of Neotel software. In plain words, the call center program also incorporates the possibility of this type of communication. From this point on, the entrepreneur does not depend on social networks or third-party applications.

Everything that companies need to make video calls in the cloud is available in their own IP PBX. Sessions can be conducted from any device with a camera, such as a smartphone. The personnel with access only put their username and password to access this application. Everything works over the Internet and both the module and the information are hosted in the cloud.

The person generates a link and shares it with the people with whom he or she is going to conduct the session in real time. To be sure, everything works in the same way as other third-party applications aimed at this type of communication. The system is controlled by the company and can be used for internal or client meetings.

Video calls and videoconferencing projections

According to several consulting firms, real-time communication with audio and video generates high expectations in the business world. According to the 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing Report, 98% of people working in companies consider that video conferencing contributes to improve internal and external relations for companies.

In turn, 94% of the companies surveyed stated that video conferencing increases productivity. In turn, 89% said that this resource contributes to the completion of tasks and projects. In 2020, the business outlook will shift even more in favor of video conferencing and video calling in the cloud. The establishment of quarantines and social distancing rules as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic increased the applicability of these technological solutions.

In 2020, social networks specialized in videoconferencing services increased their number of regular users. The most innovative companies are increasingly adopting video calling and video conferencing modules in the cloud. Of course, it is much better to have such a module in-house than to use a partner network. The future is undoubtedly of real-time video and audio communications.

It is also known that almost 80% of Spaniards have made at least one video call as of 2020. Previously, one of the drawbacks for the massification of this technology was the lack of knowledge of this tool on the part of Internet users. The current circumstances have motivated even the elderly to learn how to make video calls.

What business activities can be carried out via video calls?

Workgroup meetings have been resized on the basis of video conferencing. However, many companies are even conducting business meetings using video conferencing. Today, there are many applications for this solution in communication material.

Training in the workplace has been strengthened by videoconferencing. For example, companies that lend their software to other companies are opting for long-distance training sessions via videoconferencing. In this way, support is provided, guaranteeing personalized attention without the need to leave the home or office.

Video calling is also gaining momentum as a mechanism for telemarketing. Many companies and services are selling their products through this method. In this way, trust and empathy are generated when it comes to closing deals. Videoconferencing is also proving to be very useful for attracting new talent and recruiting personnel.

Added to this, there are companies that are focusing on video calls and video conferencing in the cloud to offer their services. This is what is happening with professionals in education, psychologists, analysts, consultants, computer engineers and similar professions. Internet-based communication solutions are now permeating all company departments.

The positive effect of video

The real breakthrough of video calls lies in the incorporation of video. This element allows a kind of virtual presence that has a positive effect on customer behavior.  If telephone calls enjoy prestige and reliability, being able to see the interlocutor gives customers a better idea of the company or the salesperson.

The video call is much more reliable when it is made from an institutional software. This is another advantage of the module hosted in the IP PBX, in relation to social networks. The more formal the videoconference and everything that surrounds it looks, the more positive the prospects of customers will be.

Video provides reliability and closeness without losing formality, depending on how the sessions are planned. Of course, the company must create its own parliaments and work on generating good impressions from the visual elements. Beyond this, the cloud video call can even become a valuable tool for closing sales. Customers can feel more confident because they see the person they are talking to.

Everything said so far explains why video calling and video conferencing are above all the future of business.

Video call and video conferencing module in the cloud

Neotel offers a system for making video calls and video conferences hosted in the cloud from your IP PBX. This has no additional costs and is part of the modules incorporated into the call center software. This application does not require extra installations and is compatible with any operating system.

Our system allows you to send the link by email and also by text messaging.  In addition to this, the customer will be able to record his video calls, review the history and transfer them. This real time communication system is very fast and has been incorporated by important companies, and its quality has been proven. The best thing is the software interface, characterized by its simplicity of use.

Video calling and video conferencing in the cloud are just one of the many tools offered by Neotel’s software. In addition to this, the entrepreneur has countless modules such as automatic call launchers, telephone surveys and sending bulk SMS. All these applications can constitute effective telemarketing and customer service strategies.


WebRTC Line: Beyond IP Communication

The WebRTC lines, English word that means Web Real-Time Communication, is an open development project that confers the ability to communicate in real time (RTC) using JavaScript APIs of browsers, the WebRTC system is also oriented in the transmission of data in all types of format (text, images, screenshots)

Advantages of WebRTC lines

The main advantage is that it allows VOIP communication through the WEB with quality standards such as audio, HD quality video and native encryption (SRTP, TLS).

What is a virtual switchboard?

A virtual pbx is one that does not have a physical device to manage communications.

It is not the same virtual PBX as IP PBX, many times virtual PBXs use IP telephony, but not all IP PBXs are virtual PBXs.

Which is the best virtual switchboard?

There are several types of virtual switchboards: mobile phone based, SIP protocol based and the WebRTC virtual switchboard.

Most virtual PBXs offer advanced phone call management features, the difference between them is technology that affects efficiency and flexibility.

Mobile phone based virtual switchboard

These are the most popular, are offered by mobile operators using their marketing to carry it out.

They operate using the mobile operator’s network, using the organizations’ member lines for communications management (incoming, outgoing and internal).

Weaknesses: Integration with external software is complex, they are linked to the mobile operator and their cost is high, additionally each agent must be provided with line and equipment for their interconnection.

SIP-based virtual switchboard

The virtual switchboard based on SIP protocol sends communication over a data network instead of using a telephone network, allowing the management of calls with specific terminals: IP phones.


send sms massively

Calls are also received through a mobile phone using SIP client: softphone.

The configuration, infrastructure and network are complex and weak points of this communication.

Virtual exchanges based on WebRTC

WebRTC virtual switchboards are the most modern and for many are the replacement for the previous ones.

Its advantages are flexibility, efficiency and configuration without the need to purchase software, it basically works in any device that connects to the Internet.

Why choose Neotel’s WebRtc Line?

Neotel’s WebRTC lines offer includes:

  • Geographic phone number (new or ported)
  • WebRTC line with communication channel
  • Access with up to 3 different devices
  • Free unlimited incoming calls
  • Call forwarding to personal mobile
  • Caller ID
  • Outgoing calls with fixed number
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail that personalizes itself
  • Daily call synchronization
  • Voice recognition and call transcription
  • Mass SMS sending
  • Progressive Calls
  • Predictive Calling
  • No coupling cost
  • No software installation required



Yealink Phones

Did you know that all Yealink terminals have the ability to configure an Open VPN client that facilitates confidential and secure communication with an Asterisk IP PBX via the Internet without the need for any additional hardware?

Among the terminals that Neotel sells in its online store, one of the most famous in terms of demand by our customers is the yealink w52p. It is a wireless model with ip/dect technology.

Also noteworthy are the yealink t23g with mini switch to gigabit ethernet and an unbeatable price.

teléfonos yealink

Neotel supplies yealink phones and our experience allows us to guarantee a very remarkable price/quality ratio on most models.

Founded in 2001, Yealink has reached the top of the world’s ip sip phone suppliers. Therefore it is already a brand of recognized prestige that has based its success on designs with great ease of use, functionality and quality, all at a very competitive price.

Advantages of IP PBXs for companies

At Neotel we offer pbx, crm and software services for call centers. Absolutely all the products that Neotel offers have been developed in-house by us. Our telephony products are especially aimed at companies of all sizes.

With an ip PBX we save on our phone bill. IP PBXs not only bring us this benefit. They also give us many functionalities to our company that would be impossible to imagine with a traditional telephone switchboard.

Start your ip switchboard with Neotel

The main advantages of IP telephony over traditional telephony are, among others:

  • In general, it makes internal company communications easier: calls between extensions, calls between different locations, calls from different locations, etc.
  • Improves access to advanced functions: CTR, IVR, etc.
  • Allows access to low-cost ip lines: national and international.
  • Integration with third party software and CRM.
  • Access to optimized business communications performance.
  • The different workers and headquarters of the company are unified in the same communication system.
  • Simplifies the company’s communications infrastructure.
  • Save up to 40% on your phone bill.

The ip switchboard are all advantages as you can see

The switchboard relies on Internet communications to operate. In this way it will only be necessary to buy the necessary terminals, although there are also options that make the purchase of any terminal no longer mandatory.

Simplifying the “telephone switchboard” system with the virtual switchboard

The virtual pbx in companies is increasingly consolidated as the only communications system.

By using the Internet for the transmission of communications, the virtual pbx represents a significant saving for the bill. In addition, with the ip PBX no longer matters where employees are physically located because communications and their flow are unified within the same system.

An ip control unit can save up to 40%.

virtual pbx

Nowadays, the traditional physical switchboards suppose a great cost in terms of maintenance. This would not happen if we contracted a virtual switchboard.



Las centralitas ip son la ayuda definitiva para empresas que gestionan cantidades elevadas de llamadas. Gracias a que la centralita transforma la voz en datos para las comunicaciones, esto puede suponer un ahorro de hasta un 40%.

Neotel advanced IP switchboard for business

Do you already know Neotel’s advanced IP PBX? Well, if your answer is no, from our blog we could not recommend more that you dedicate only 5 minutes to contact our company and ask us about it. Are you ready to start saving on your telephone bill? Welcome to the Neotel IP PBX!

You only need to have a SIP phone (if you do not have one yet, Neotel provides it to you, ask us) and you are ready to use our advanced IP PBX.

The advanced ip switchboard of Neotel is in constant development, so that customers receive numerous updates throughout the year, all improvements, at no extra cost. Always thinking about the needs of our customers.


virtual pbx

Think that the Neotel IP PBX provides a kind of information that would be impossible to pick up with another type of telephone system: With the Neotel IP PBX you can know how many lines are occupied, how many people are waiting in queue, …

centralita ip

Generate more complete reports for your company with Neotel’s advanced IP PBX.