Integrating PBX with third-party software: speed sells

The most successful companies in the world invest in their communication. This basically involves incorporating the best equipment and systems to generate a faster, more pleasant and immediate approach to their customers. However, sometimes all that is necessary to achieve efficiency is to make small adjustments that facilitate the work of customer service. This is precisely what any company or business gains by integrating PBX with third-party software.

Having integrated and organized systems is much more important than it seems. Even using very basic and simple programs, everything can be very chaotic for the telemarketers of a company if the digital tools are disordered. In the business world, chaos often equals wasted time and this in turn means less productivity. The following article can be very helpful for those companies that are forming their call center.

Designing customer service


Integrate Virtual Switchboard with Third Party Software

When a company begins to have a considerable flow of customers, users or sales, it is time to organize the service. Any enterprise involves raising communication processes to produce more sales and generate solutions to the clientele. In fact, serving people and helping them to fulfill a certain need is precisely the origin of any business, its raison d’être.

Companies must not only serve their customers, but they must do so in the best possible way. To this end, call centers or customer service centers have designed processes. In this sense, it is essential that the systems, programs and equipment work in such a way that the greatest number of users can feel well attended. All of this is based on planning.

A fundamental part of this service design has to do with verifying how the programs necessary for management are executed. Basically, databases, applications to raise claims, electronic self-management systems, etc. All this is what the teleoperators of a company use to attend the users of the company. Those who have worked in call centers understand that the systems issue is vital.

Making a difference

A call center whose telemarketers use four or five programs in a haphazard, unintegrated and slow manner simply works poorly. At best, this type of working reality can always be improved. A big step towards improvement is to integrate PBX with third-party software. The concept of this technology solution is quite simple.

Integrating PBX with third-party software consists of adding both the softphone and the telephone answering system, as well as the rest of the programs used in the management in a single environment. In this way, the teleoperators’ work applications become a single great tool for call center management. In addition, this integration allows everything to work more efficiently, quickly and simply.

Websocket technology is often used for this purpose, which simplifies the work in the call center. The best virtual PBX is the one that generates greater productivity, and it is precisely this integration that facilitates this. However, to understand the significance of this, it is much better to look at specific examples.

What is a switchboard and call center like without integrated tools?

Those who have worked in call centers as coordinators or telemarketers can easily understand this type of reality. When the customer service department has non-integrated tools, what usually happens is the following:

Complicated and slow systems: In a call center without application integration, the teleoperator performs his work with difficulties to meet deadlines and goals. This is due to the fact that the programs are diverse, they work slowly and the management becomes more complex.
Difficulty in learning: In this scenario, new entrants who start working in the company may take a long time to understand how to perform their management. The more tools are disconnected from each other, the more difficult it is to approach the job. To this must be added the difficulties of meeting the times required by the company.
Unproductive call center: Poor performance, delays and slow learning on the part of new entrants only degenerates into low production. Fewer customers are served and this also brings other problems for the company.
Worse customer perception: Call centers with call queues and slow processes are poorly perceived by customers. This in turn affects the overall image of the company, which gets a bad reputation for poor customer service. This is precisely why the best companies invest in improving their communication and management processes.

As can be seen, the non-integration of systems in a call center degenerates into greater evils. It may seem a minor issue from the inside, but in reality, its worst consequence is the degradation of the service and the company’s image. It should be noted that all this ends up empowering the competition.

Integrate PBX with third party software: Functional Call Center

Although integrating PBX with third-party software does not solve everything, it is something that helps a lot. Telemarketers who work with integrated systems are usually much more productive than those who do not have this possibility. A call center that works with integrated applications works like this:

Functional systems: Integrating all the work applications into a single one is almost the same as using one tool to do everything. The programs open and appear quickly on the screen, simplifying the teleoperator’s management. Procedures are performed more quickly and smoothly.
Quick learning: Since you start from an environment where all the tools are present, the system is easier to understand. Operators have fewer steps to memorize and will know where to find each solution without much effort. New personnel can learn to manage more quickly, with less cumbersome processes.
Increased productivity: When new staff understand their management faster, service times improve. The time spent on adaptation is less and numbers improve faster. As processes are more understandable and faster, call center statistics are usually better.

Having a productive call center has many advantages for any business. Companies that sell services above all tend to be rated for their availability and good customer service. Precisely, integrating PBX with third-party software allows to facilitate the work in the room, which is a vital requirement to improve the service.

What is needed to integrate the PBX with third-party software?

In principle, the technology used to perform the integration is websocket. Basically, it is a connector that allows everything to be contained in the same virtual environment. When the teleoperator opens the virtual switchboard and other callcenter tools, he will be able to use each program from a program that brings them together. It does not matter if the applications are from other companies.

Of course, to achieve this it is necessary to have a modern virtual PBX, also adapted for this type of technological solution. The fact is that not all call center software has this possibility. The advantage of the Neotel PBX is that it has this input possibility.

With Neotel, integrating PBX with third party software is very simple. Our software is hosted in the cloud and to access it you only need a broadband Internet connection. Everything is very simple, without complicated installations and with a really functional, fast and complete system.

What does Neotel have in store for your business?

Neotel has one of the best virtual PBX on the market in Europe. It allows any company to enjoy IP telephony, which is cheaper, secure and of high quality. In addition, this program is used to manage and improve customer service and marketing.

In the case of Neotel, we have such useful systems as the platform for sending bulk SMS, the robot call, the click to call me back button and others. All this indicates that the virtual PBX is more than a call center program nowadays. Basically, it is a business communication application that every company should hire to aim at professionalization and simplification of tasks.

At Neotel we have the best plans and prices, so that any entrepreneur can run his business with the virtual switchboard and the best additional callcenter tools. With our software you will be able to manage all the communication of your business and integrate your PBX with third party software. This way, everything will be easier for your operators.

The benefits of integrating virtual PBX with third party software

The ability to integrate all work tools into one is a shared desire of many call centers. To tell the truth, integrating PBX with third-party software is nowadays possible and can be done very easily. This is a technological achievement that responds to a business demand.

It doesn’t matter if a company uses four applications from different developers. Today there are ways to integrate them all in a single intuitive and easy-to-use space. Some entrepreneurs may not understand the magnitude or functionality of integration. For sure, it has direct benefits on productivity and employee work.

The problem of not having integrated applications

Those work environments where repetitive tasks are performed quickly, the need for integration is clearly understood. The best example of this is customer call centers. In these cases, it is easy to identify how problematic it is to use different programs.

In the case of the call center, having to use several different tools implies notorious time losses and increased efforts. This is only a general rule, but the effects of this order of things generate multiple affectations. Evidently, this is a factor that has a notorious impact on business productivity.


This is equivalent to having a planned system that cannot be fulfilled because something is wrong. Companies have expectations, response times, objectives and many times they cannot meet them due to the disintegration between the various applications for the job.

What is an API?

With the creation of the API protocol and environments, it was possible to unify tools from different companies. An API is a digital environment or interface that allows two different programs to be grouped together, regardless of whether they are from different brands or creators. These tools are called APIs because of their English translation: Application Programming Interface.

In Spanish this translates as Application Programming Interface. Basically, this digital environment allows the communication and congregation of programs. It seems something of little importance, but in reality the use of this type of tool simplifies the life of workers.

In addition, the API allows to do this in a secure way to avoid data mining. It could be said, that this tool has some secondary functions that favor companies. The best thing is that the worker does not have to know that everything has been integrated, he simply works with a single tool that contains several.

Integrating programs is better for computers

One of the biggest problems with computers in some offices is their slowness. It can take time for the operator to turn on the CPU, open each system and get them working. This sometimes happens even though the computers are properly maintained and have antivirus software.

To be sure, this does not always happen because of a failure but because of multiple heavy programs running. Having to open them one by one, while the worker starts working, can slow down the system. If the computers are low on memory, the matter simply becomes more complicated.

It is worth noting that many call centers incorporate computers with limited memory. This is a way to reduce the operating costs of the rooms and many companies work in this way. It is precisely these types of companies with large call rooms that are best served by integrating virtual PBX with third-party software.

In fact, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is a very positive thing for this type of offices. The computer is able to work better and the operator loses less time doing his job.

Easier and faster for the operator

It is not the same to have to open several applications and navigate through them, than to have them all organized within the same program. The integration of all the applications that are used when working provides the worker with an organization. This is so because the API organizes and allows to organize the elements it integrates.

In the case of the call center, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software greatly simplifies management. This is because in this case the operators can manage the softphone and the database in the same environment as the rest of the programs.

This represents a notorious time saving for an operator that has an impact on the final productivity. The seconds saved while switching from one application to another in a simple way, improves individual performance. It may not seem like a lot of time, but when this happens throughout the day, the result is reflected in the statistics. However, this is not the only reason why a call center room improves its management through integration.

Facilitating learning in the call center

One of the most common problems in almost all call centers is the training of new staff. Incorporating new employees involves training them to handle applications and calls. This is much more complex and time-consuming when the staff must handle different applications to perform different tasks.

For example, a bank’s call center uses a database, callcenter tools for claims, another one for withdrawals and another one to manage failures in the web page. Understanding the type of business and the possibility of many different types of customer requests, learning for new staff can be complicated.

When these tools are separated from each other, learning is more complicated. Add to this the slowness in the system, and the operator tends to collapse and call time increases. This in turn generates call queues, something that customer service centers want to avoid.

In this sense, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software simplifies the learning process for new entries. This is because the management application is understood as a single, unified application. The operator does not need to know that they are different callcenter tools. From the integration, he could understand each application as functions or sections of the same digital environment.

Improving call center productivity

The integration of the virtual PBX with third-party software improves response time. Firstly, it does so because fewer seconds are lost during call center operations. Secondly, it also does so by facilitating the training of new entries.

Integrating all applications simplifies the management of any call center. From this point on, operators will be able to improve their response time. This is because the applications are easier to open, they are all connected and the management system becomes more intuitive.

As a result, the overall productivity of the call center will improve substantially. This will be reflected in the overall statistics of the call center and the individual statistics of each operator. Of course, having better response times implies an overall improvement in customer service.

When response times per operator decrease, less waiting queues are created. In turn, the number of hung up calls is reduced because people wait less to be answered by a teleoperator. Even the work dynamic is facilitated by being able to achieve free time between calls. Basically, this integration achieves a “cascade effect”, especially when combined with strategies to organize work.

Neotel allows the integration of virtual PBX with third party software.

Neotel uses the best technological resources to integrate the virtual PBX with all the applications used in the company. It does not matter if they are many or if they are heavy, our digital environment is innovative, functional and quite fluid.

At Neotel we use the best of websocket technology to have a tool with the best features. Our virtual PBX has an easy to use interface, fast and configured in a very visual way. This will facilitate the management of telemarketers, regardless of the type of business the company is engaged in.

Neotel provides a stable, functional and smoothly operating digital environment. All the applications needed to perform the management will be in the same place. Those customer service centers that do not yet enjoy the benefits of the virtual PBX, can easily migrate through our program. The technological change is simple, without complex installations and with the support of our expert staff.

Virtual PBX for innovative companies

Neotel has the most innovative and stable virtual switchboard for companies in the market. This product has been successfully implemented by multiple companies and entrepreneurs. Our company has 20 years of experience in the business technology market.

The best thing about our PBX is that it also has modules that allow entrepreneurs to generate more sales. You create the business strategies and Neotel provides you with the call center tools and other features to connect with your audience.