Integrate virtual PBX with third-party software

The ability to integrate virtual PBX with third-party software is still unknown in many call centers. Most departments manage different applications totally disconnected from each other. Nowadays, some communications companies offer mechanisms for software integration, which makes things easier.

This capability involves developing digital work tools that are easier and faster to use. In the contact centers of the past, everything used to be very disconnected. Having a single space in which to make calls, process claims and manage business is now possible.

The web socket: a solution that few exploit


integrate a virtual pbx in third party softwares

Using a web socket makes it possible to create a space where the applications used for work are integrated. For example, a small company may have a management tool, an accounting tool and also one for making calls. With integration, what is achieved is to be able to use the functions of all of them from a common space.

One of the biggest problems that many call centers have is that their applications are not integrated. This can be a problem when the company moves from physical applications to a virtual PBX. For this reason, many companies do not make the leap to this technology that allows everything to be stored on the Internet securely and without complicated installations.

The web stocket is a connector for virtual PBX. From its use, the customer service department can advance technologically while continuing to use its usual applications. Neither the workers nor the work undergoes major changes and the company can make way for the facilities offered by storage and services hosted in the cloud.

Integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is vital

Adapting companies to the advent of the virtual PBX is necessary. Thanks to this system, data can be stored in the cloud, instead of using physical servers. The latter, constitutes a great monetary saving for companies.

On the other hand, this type of call center software allows business communication beyond the boundaries of the call center department. Nowadays, a company’s telemarketers can attend from the comfort of their own home and with their own devices. Therefore, since the upgrade from the virtual PBX is essential, the important thing is to make the process as atraumatic as possible.

Precisely, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software allows a migration that does not affect the service. Many communication companies offer the virtual PBX, but not all of them allow integration with the programs regularly used by each company. For example, one of the companies that do guarantee the integration of applications is Neotel.

For all these reasons, it is essential to migrate to a virtual PBX with a company that knows how to integrate applications. The modernization of the call center and customer service is guaranteed when it is well thought out.


Integrate Virtual pbx with Third Party Software: More communication, less complications

Nowadays there are many programs, applications and pages that offer the capacity of virtual connection with high standards, that is why it is important to be able to integrate virtual pbx with third party software, and that is what stands out in Neotel with ease, precision and without complications.


Third Party Software Integration

We present you one of the resources that Neotel offers to implement communication improvements in your business:

Integrating virtual pbx with third party software allows you to adapt the best of your company’s software with the best of the virtual switchboard.

For example: A real estate company uses a custom-made software to manage its purchases and sales.

Their employees are already familiar with the environment of this software they have been using for less than two years.

On the other hand, the company is interested in improving the performance provided by this program.

Neotel gives the possibility for your work tool to make, receive and transfer calls.

What technology is used to integrate virtual switchboard with third party software?

Through Websocket technology, adds functionality of its internal software to a Virtual pbx.

The installation is clean and simple, you only have to follow an instruction manual provided by an email.

Strengthen and simplify your internal management with this integration via WebService. Third Party Software Integration Include the switchboard functionality in your company’s software with the Neotel connector.

Receive detailed information generated by each of your extensions. With Websocket technology you will get everything that a Virtual PBX offers. Power and simplify your internal management.

Ease of use

Neotel with the hiring of its virtual switchboard enables a web socket (web service) to greatly facilitate the interaction between applications developed by third parties and the customer’s switchboard.

How does this integration work?

Through Web Socket it is possible for other external applications to make outgoing calls, and when receiving an incoming call show the calling number where it is configured.

This begins to be useful from the moment that the user can make a call from the application itself that is usually used for the management of your business.

Benefits for workers

In many occasions the workers of a company are highly accustomed to the use of its management application and any new application that is proposed even if it is to facilitate their day to day are not seen with good eyes since it implies to be familiarized with something new and to have more windows open in screen.

For this reason Neotel has developed this connector for the PBX, as it does not include any new application in the client but adds the functionality of the phone to the existing application.


Here is an example of integration

Consulting for SMEs and freelancers

Real estate for sale and rent

In a business consultancy for SMEs and freelancers have an application to manage the accounts and other needs of its customers.

And if apart from everything that this application does, we connect it to the switchboard connector and you can also make calls at the click of a mouse from this application, being very useful for users who enjoy this feature, since they will not have to type the customer’s number simply have it on the other side of the phone as the virtual switchboard will have made the dialing by the user. This would be for outgoing calls.