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Neotel has the best grandstream gateways for your business

IP telephony has endless advantages for companies of all types. There are many ways to migrate to this technology that improves and lowers the cost of telephone communications. One of them is to implement Grandstream gateways which opens up a world of possibilities.

IP telephony can work very easily on modern devices such as smartphones. It can even be very easy to make Internet calls through a computer, headset and microphone. However, businesses can still use their traditional telephone equipment.

What does Neotel’s grandstream gateways do?

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Many call centers use fairly traditional analog telephones. However, they do so in an updated form incorporating VoIP telephony. Grandstream gateways can be implemented to adapt these older devices.

In fact, this device allows devices such as analog telephones and fax machines to continue to operate in companies. In this way, companies do not have to spend money buying new telephone communication devices. Today there are very advanced terminals with excellent functions, but this implies a cost that can be reduced.

Grandstream gateways are devices with ports that allow analog telephones to be connected to an Internet network. This is how these devices can go beyond the telephone line and use much more advanced technology. Calls can be managed with modern and up-to-date virtual PBX software.

Why do grandstream gateways have different prices?

There are different types of grandstream gateways useful for different types of businesses. The more expensive ones tend to have more FXS ports and more capacity on the WAN port. These two features are basically what affect the cost of each device.

Lower capacity devices typically have between four and eight FXS ports. Of course, a customer service department or a larger office will require higher capacity products. In these cases, a device with 32 or even 48 ports can be deployed. Grandstream Gateways start at prices ranging from €320 and extend up to almost €800.

However, this is an expense that can effectively connect all terminals in a company. For example, this is a solution implemented by many hospitals and clinics worldwide to improve their communications. This is important in environments where fast communication and call transfers are a priority.

Neotel has the best models

The grandstream gateways sold at Neotel are designed to meet the needs of every type of business. Their devices are of proven quality and in fact, they are the most recommended for the development of business communication.

Switching to advantageous IP telephony means higher quality telephone communications at a lower cost. All calls can be managed from the virtual PBX. This allows call centers and offices to adapt to today’s technology. From there, the possibilities in customer service, telemarketing and management control are endless.

About Neotel Grandstream Gateways Store

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The grandstream voip system makes use of the ip network to receive and send calls.

Grandstream offers the best voip business communication products that meet the needs of all levels of customers. Innovations in technology have greatly influenced the way the world communicates, has refined all the ways in which information is carried out and processed. Neotel offers through its online store a fantastic variety of phone systems. Open your company’s doors to an excellent communication environment thanks to grandstream voip pbx.

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Does your VoIP service provider provide hardware support?


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15% discount on all our Yealink GrandStream Gateways terminals and accessories. Using code NEOTEL15
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