Inbound call statistics give you clues about your business

Hiring a virtual PBX has several positive aspects unknown to the average entrepreneur. One of them is the ability to know how the telephone communication of customers who make contact with your company or business occurs. To tell the truth, this is valuable information that could define business growth and like any source of data, it is usually quite usable. For those who are already wondering how to obtain it, the answer is simple: Incoming call statistics.

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to professionalize communication, migrate to IP telephony and control all incoming and outgoing calls, among other tasks. Part of this control is possible thanks to the fact that this program can know how each contact occurs, save the information and process it so that any businessman or manager can use it.

incoming call statistics

Incoming call statistics: Know how the communication occurs

Most people associate the virtual PBX only with the call center. Certainly, this is its origin, but today, this is a program that can be used for any business. And as any business activity involves a communication flow, it can be quantified to address it more comprehensively and strategically. This is precisely what is known as inbound call statistics.

Inbound call statistics chart everything that happens in a company’s daily communication. For example, this module of the virtual PBX allows you to know how many calls enter the company’s telephone, regardless of whether it is a single call or several devices. This makes it possible to know how many people are calling and at what times. This is not only useful for companies with call centers, but also for small companies with one or a few managers.

Inbound call statistics also let you know how many calls are missed, put on hold or hung up. All this data sounds very technical, but it is incredibly useful. It is enough to analyze the numbers a little to generate better solutions, increase attention and seek a greater flow of sales from these actions. We must remember that communication is key to generate business opportunities and, therefore, we must think about it.

How can I use incoming call statistics to my advantage?

There are many examples of how inbound call statistics can be used to improve a business. For example, if the data suggests that more people are calling at a certain time, the right thing to do is for the entrepreneur to focus on answering calls during those time slots. In fact, being more available when there is a greater flow of customers is a strategy that works both in a call center and in a physical store, so it is functional for any type of enterprise.

Another advantage of inbound call statistics is that it records and presents data on the performance of individual telemarketers. Suppose a company has three people in charge of handling customer orders. With the virtual PBX, a business owner can know for sure if these people are doing their job properly… Are they hanging up? Are they not answering? All of this is verifiable.

Telephone statistics can also be used to find out if digital marketing strategies are working. When an entrepreneur manages an official website and social networks of the business, he does it with the objective that these generate more calls and closed business. Precisely, inbound call data can give an idea about whether advertising strategies are generating more leads, or if, on the contrary, they are not well targeted.

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX for SMEs.

The idea that business communication software is only for large companies with call centers is a thing of the past. At Neotel we have a virtual PBX for SMEs, because we know that even the newest and smallest companies can take advantage of this technology. This program not only allows you to control communications and, in fact, it is a very powerful tool for marketing and organization of commercial activities.

In addition to inbound call statistics, the call recorder is another element for customer service control. However, our innovative software has other useful tools, such as the dialer, the platform for sending bulk SMS, the call robot, the CRM, the IVR and many other solutions. At Neotel we help you build your company with the prestige, reliability and technology needed to make the leap in quality from the beginning.

physical server VS virtual server

Data Center Products: Startups work with the VPS

One of the current concerns of every entrepreneur is data storage. All companies need to back up if they have a website, a digital store or if they manage database systems. Fortunately, nowadays storing information is much easier, cheaper and more practical thanks to virtual servers. Beyond this, every entrepreneur should know a little about data center products.

Data center products are all those equipments that involve different modalities for data storage. In fact, there are several ways of storage and an endless number of brands and equipment to do it. Knowing a little about this will be vital to make good decisions when covering this business need.

Physical or virtual server: Buy or rent?

It is almost always discussed whether it is better to have a physical server and a virtual one. The question in these terms can be a headache for many entrepreneurs, especially if you do not know anything about technology. To tell the truth, the debate is much simpler than it seems. The difference between physical and virtual servers is between owning or renting them.

Data Center Products

In other words, a physical server implies the purchase of storage equipment by the entrepreneur who is going to use it. On the other hand, virtual servers are those that work from Internet connections. Therefore, these are only data center products that are rented, basically a service for which you pay.

So, when we consider the issue of “physical vs. virtual server”, what we are really studying is whether it is more convenient to buy the servers or sell them. In other words, it is a question of understanding whether it is better to build a data center in the office, or to hire data center services in Spain, or in any other country. Of course, even if you put it this way, it is not an easy issue to address without prior knowledge.

Why does almost any entrepreneur need servers?

Servers are basically computers that are used to store the digital information we have. For example, having a business website involves supporting the structure and content, including photos, comments, traffic, etc. Precisely, everything that is a website is about digital information that must be stored somewhere and that is the server.

The same goes for those companies that work with databases or systems of any kind. Everything that is stored in these systems must be stored in a digital space. Similarly, a call center with IP PBX or any communication system, stores calls and other digital information. For all this, you must have servers.

Most businesses today need hosting to function. And, to tell the truth, the best performing businesses and enterprises collect data. In the beginning, you may not notice the need for back up, hosting or communication systems. But with the passage of time and the arrival of customers, it is inevitable to think about these things.

The difficulty of having a physical server

It seems almost logical to say that having a physical server is the best solution for any company. The reality is that, in principle, having this type of storage is very expensive. Starting with the fact that the investment is not limited to the already substantial purchase of equipment. In fact, building a data center involves installations, remodeling, cooling equipment, etc.

If you are wondering what a data center is and what it is for, it is the technological and physical environment that physical servers must have in order to function. As explained above, it is costly, requires investment, overhaul, maintenance, juncture management and the like. The latter involves the hiring of computer experts, which implies the payment of salaries.

The acquisition and operation of physical servers is synonymous with spending a lot of money to obtain a system whose operation depends on the company. To tell the truth, not all entrepreneurs can afford this type of expense. That is why the virtual server has become a solution for most developing businesses.

Virtual Data Center products: an alternative

Since its inception, virtual storage was a solution to the complicated and expensive of having physical servers. From the VPS, websites and businesses were able to multiply from moderate or low investments. Some of the advantages of the virtual server are the following:

It is cheap: Anyone can get digital hosting at very low cost. In fact, there is a great diversity of plans and proposals when renting this type of services. In general, the companies that offer it have different prices adapted to the availability of each entrepreneur.
It is efficient and functional: It has always been said that cheap is expensive. However, the virtual server, even if it is cheaper than the physical one, is just as functional. Of course, the better the performance, the higher the cost of its hiring. But quality is also guaranteed with this technology.
No maintenance required: The best thing about hiring virtual data center products is that the maintenance and security tasks are carried out by the company providing the service. Thus, the contracting entrepreneur can forget about this responsibility and simply report any inconvenience.
It has exclusive services: Those companies that want a quality and exclusive virtual storage service can have it. In fact, there is a dedicated server for those large companies that wish to have a dedicated equipment just for them. Of course, this is more expensive, but it delivers great quality and security.

Data Center products can deliver as much quality, security and stability as a private server. Of course, everything will depend on the company with which the service is purchased and also, the contracted plan.

Large companies can count on the dedicated server

It is a myth that virtual servers do not meet the high requirements of medium or large companies. In fact, with this type of contracting in mind, the dedicated server service was devised. This type of virtual storage consists of providing the contracting client with his own computer.

Of course, this is much more secure and efficient than hard disk partitioning, a technique widely used for storage. The idea is to make available a good amount of resources from the Madrid data center and direct them to a single company. In these cases, efforts are usually redoubled and security is handled very carefully, because this type of client usually handles a lot of customer data, which is sensitive.

At Neotel we have several plans, services and Data Center products. The objective is to be able to guarantee storage to any type of company, small, medium or large. Of course, this is not the only advantage of hiring our services.

Neotel has the best data center in Spain

The best data centers are located in Spain. Precisely, Neotel is one of the companies with more experience in communication solutions for companies in the Spanish territory and also in Europe. As well as mastering the IP PBX or virtual PBX software, we also have years of experience working with virtual servers. Hiring us has the following advantages:

Zero repair costs: Working with Neotel means not having to pay extra costs for repairs or special situations. The whole system is managed by our experts, with no overcharges of any kind.
The best experts: At Neotel we hire high-level experts, with 24-hour surveillance of the Madrid data center. Likewise, our clients can count on a completely free customer service, ready to solve any inconvenience.
The best data center Madrid and Seville: Neotel has two of the best data centers in Spain. Our facilities have state-of-the-art technology, security protocols and everything necessary to maintain stability, security and speed in storage.
Deluxe Virtual PBX: Those customers who want to have an advanced IP PBX communication system, can also hire it with us. At Neotel, we have everything a company needs to innovate in communication and at good prices. In addition, we have the best marketing and customer service modules, such as the dialer, the robot call or the platform for sending bulk SMS.

Undoubtedly, an extra advantage of contracting Neotel’s data center products is that we also have other services. Almost no company dedicated to the virtual server business can offer the virtual switchboard or other communication tools. On the contrary, we provide our customers with various technological solutions, trying to meet their needs in this area.

call center software

What are the advantages of having a Call Center Software service?

The business market is full of companies that offer call center software services. However, many entrepreneurs and company managers have not yet internalized the advantages of having this program. To be sure, having this tool implies adopting an innovative, economical and multi-purpose approach to communications.

Precisely, one of the strengths of this communication system is that it offers a more than satisfactory cost-benefit ratio. In terms of profits and opportunities, its potential is enormous and that is why, below, we review some of the advantages of having a call center software service.

Reducing communication costs by up to 80%.


call center software

Until recently, corporate communication opened a gap that divided companies into two large groups. On the one hand, there were the business emporiums, characterized by having innovative, costly and complete communication systems. On the other, there were the vast majority of companies that have not been able to rely on adequate communication tools, thus reducing their range of action.

This gap occurred because the communication systems in place until about ten years ago were very expensive. For example, call center systems cost hundreds of thousands of euros at best. This figure rose to millions in the case of state-of-the-art technology and very influential transnational companies. The mere fact of having to install a data center, set it up, maintain it and open a customer service room, implied costs that few could cover.

To be sure, bridging this gap is possible thanks to call center software. In fact, the main advantage of this tool is that it allows the management and unification of a company’s communication without the need for installations, servers and other expensive equipment. Its system works over the Internet, its hosting also, and everything works with any device with a broadband connection. For example, it is estimated that companies that contract Neotel’s service save between 50 and 80% in communication costs. So a key issue is how cost-effective it is.

Call center software: Make the leap to IP telephony

One of the reasons why call center software allows us to reduce costs is because it opens the door to IP telephony. Basically, what this means is that all telephone communications are supported by a broadband connection. By doing this, the billing for telephone consumption drops significantly, which is important when it comes to companies.

In addition, IP telephony makes it possible to work with other companies that offer less expensive billing. For example, some plans allow internal calls to be kept at zero cost, or to a special list of numbers. The best thing about this technology is that even its adaptation is quite economical.

The only thing a company needs is to have an IP voice PBX service. Subsequently, it is necessary to verify which telephone devices and technological implements the company has. The good news is that even some of the telephones manufactured in the nineties can work with Internet protocol. Of course, buying servers is not the same as buying some telephones and a device for IP telephony to work properly.

Mass communication translates into money

Today’s call center software is a program that goes beyond connecting different devices or operators to the same PBX. In fact, placing this program in the category of “call center tools” does little honor to its usefulness and scope.  In fact, these applications have evolved to the point of working with different business models and communication methods.

Beyond this, the important thing about today’s IP voice PBX is that it allows massive actions for business communication. For example, Neotel’s software has a platform for sending bulk SMS. Through this, we can send large amounts of messages to our customers and users, in order to promote products, make sweepstakes or even simply to build loyalty with a positive message. Do you know how powerful it is to be able to send 600 or 1000 text messages to several users instantly?

Of course, this is just the beginning of the potential of today’s call center systems. Other modules that allow massive outreach are the dialer and the call robot. The call center software has functionalities that even allow to vary the advertising format, to make it more dynamic and varied. All this makes it possible to guarantee strategic customer support, something that the best positioned companies understand is vital to generate more money.

Productivity is also measured in customer service

The most organized companies understand that labor productivity can also be measured and is important. This also applies to business communications, both inbound and outbound. In this sense, call center software allows to control the entire flow of calls and contacts that are part of the commercial life of a company.

It should be noted that maintaining the quality of communication with customers is crucial for business success. Today it is known that the best companies are those with call center systems that are efficient, fast and offer good customer service. A company’s ability to be available and to solve its customers’ problems is one of the most valued factors for growth and revenue.

Precisely, one of the central functions of call center software is to quantify all communication. It doesn’t matter if it is a customer service center or an outbound department. The system will always take care of recording all the performance of the tele-operators, the number of incoming calls and, in addition to this, record the calls to make sure that the users are well attended. The best thing is that these metrics are not only useful to review the work, but can also be used strategically to improve it.

Call center software has many modules

Today’s call center software has many modules with different useful functionalities. Some of these add-ons are geared towards mass advertising as specified above. Others are simply made to generate other means of communication with the customer. For example, at Neotel we have a plugin for business website called click to call me back. This button allows Internet users to leave their number so that the company can contact them, in case they have any questions.

Other implements are made to collaborate in the organizational part and data systematization. This is what happens with CRM for call centers, a system that integrates the database function with communication channels designed to streamline sales processes and the interrelationship between the company’s employees.

The good news is that the most advanced virtual PBX programs are focused on marketing and customer service. That is to say that, although they are internal management tools, they are oriented towards business growth. This differentiates them from other applications. Their hiring should generate not only facilities, but also gains in productivity, communication and also in the achievement of new sales and customers.

Neotel’s call center software is a pioneer in the market.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard is a reference in the market of business solutions for communication. With 20 years of experience, we have managed to create a stable, functional, fast and easy-to-use program. Over time we have incorporated a series of complementary modules that respond to the technological evolution and new needs of our customers. Likewise, from time to time updates are made to further improve its efficiency and usefulness.

Hundreds of companies worldwide use our system to support their internal and external communications. Our experts and servers support the effective operation of our call center tools. This program does not require installations, investments in equipment or complicated configurations. Everything operates from the Internet, with a very intuitive interface. In addition, we have the best call center software prices, presenting you with different plans to suit your budget and requirements.

Neotel has the best call center software in Spain and one of the most used in Europe. Now you know what are the advantages of having this type of software. To tell the truth, with this platform you can start any business without the need for a physical space and even from a smartphone or a computer. The best technology in terms of customer service and marketing is at your fingertips.

What is an enterprise WebRTC line service?

IP telephony is the present and future of business communication. This technology has allowed many companies to dispense with telephone companies and have much cheaper and innovative services. Hence, the importance of establishing communication within companies through resources such as the WebRTC line.

Many businessmen and traders still do not know what the WebRTC line is and what it means. Certainly, this name seems very technical, but in reality it is something that has been with us for a long time. In the last few years, the global consumption of this technology has increased to unimaginable levels and almost anyone has access to it.

What is the WebRTC line?

webrtc line

In 2011 the prestigious company Google started its WebRTC online project. Basically, this is a system that allows web browsers, digital pages and applications audio and video communications. From this, any company or developer can create communication applications within Internet environments.

This is the explanation of the origin and real meaning of the WebRTC line. Then, this technology is used when a person chats on social networks or when making a video call. No matter which website, social network or application comes to mind, they are all based on this Internet communication system.

When a person uses apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Zoom to communicate in real time with other people, he or she is using the WebRTC line. It is therefore a technological solution with which we are all familiar. Of course, businesses can get a lot out of this resource.

Business WebRTC line service What is it for?

Certainly, companies can also use apps and social networks for business communication. However, not every customer trusts a merchant or entrepreneur who serves his customers only via Facebook or WhatsApp. Moreover, professional programs of this type are often costly and problematic in terms of operation.

The truth is that the WebRTC line allows companies to have their own systems for communicating via IP telephony. A company can have its own web environment for making calls and video calls. This is basically what it means to contract a business WebRTC line.

The company will have its number as with a traditional telephone line. That is to say, a numbering is assigned with country prefix, province prefix and the rest of the numbers. The only difference is that it works with an Internet connection and allows you to do more than just make an audio call.

What is the WebRTC line service like?

As the name implies the WebRTC line from Neotel or any other company is a service. The company or merchant simply requests it from the communications company and pays a monthly fee for its use. To enjoy the service, a password is generated, a user and everything happens as if the businessman or operator were surfing a social network.

The big difference is that whoever enjoys the service will enter a professional environment with a softphone, dedicated to the company. For this, he/she will not have to install or purchase an IP server. Everything is handled over the Internet and to make calls and video calls, all that is required is a device with a broadband connection.

The contracting party simply logs in, enters the software and makes the communications. From that moment on, he/she will be able to receive or make calls supported by IP telephony. Of course, each system is totally different and it is precisely the challenge for companies to find innovative and easy-to-use software.

The WebRTC line allows you to make phone calls without needing a telephone. There is no need to pay expensive fees as traditional companies have. In addition, being a business product, an entire staff of employees can be equipped with this technological resource.

The virtual switchboard: The program that allows to take advantage of WebRTC

The program with which a company’s employees can communicate with IP telephony is the virtual PBX. It is also often referred to as an IP PBX because its operation depends on an Internet connection. This interface is basically the evolution of the traditional call center software used in many companies.

Many call centers work with a physical PBX that allows all the teleoperators’ devices to be connected and communication to be monitored. However, this structure required an investment of almost millions of dollars by the companies. With the emergence of the WebRTC line and cloud storage, it was possible to create a similar program hosted on the Internet.

Virtual PBX allows to manage communication and also contains the softphone for company employees to communicate via IP telephony, which is much cheaper. Of course, this program has many useful features for any type of business. If a person wants to serve his customers with formality and strategy, he should have this type of program.

Another advantage of the WebRTC line for businesses is that when working with call center software, it is possible to manage calls based on its functions. This means that those who use it will be able to transfer and mute calls, listen to employees’ business conversations and have statistics on communication.

Advantages of the WebRTC line service

The first advantage of this service is that it is to carry out all communications from the Internet. In fact, when this type of support is available, the company’s telephones can be adapted to work with broadband connection. In this way, businessmen can save up to 80% in this type of expenses.

Secondly, by adopting IP telephony, companies can set up their own call center. In fact, this type of service is not only for companies with large telephone contact centers. Even an independent salesperson can take advantage of the virtual PBX tools.

The third advantage is that the IP PBX now has marketing functions. To be sure, this tool does not only serve to simplify communication and make it cheaper. Those who request the service will be able to use or request interesting applications such as sending bulk SMS to customers, dialer, or telephone surveys.

In addition to this, having a call center software allows to organize the work of customer service and telemarketing. It is important to remember that this is first and foremost a tool that provides information to the user. Those who are starting a business can also project an image of formality and organization that can be advantageous.

In addition, IP telephony goes beyond traditional voice calls. With the WebRTC line, it is much easier to make video conferences and video calls in a professional manner. This is positive because both are communication formats that build trust and prestige with customers. Over time, most calls will be made in this way.

Free technical assistance

The best thing about paying for a technological service is that maintenance is not the responsibility of the customer. As the virtual PBX is hosted on servers of companies such as Neotel and must work properly, the technical part is handled by the contracted communications company.

With this technology, it is not necessary to hire specialized engineering or computer personnel. This is one of the many reasons why the virtual PBX is so cheap for companies. If the system or the applications present any failure, it is enough to report it to the technical service.

Likewise, if any important information is lost, the company offering the service is responsible for it. This is one of the key points that explain the massive migration of companies to the virtual PBX. Neotel has one of the most innovative and functional programs in the market.

Efficient and modern WebRTC line and virtual switchboard

Neotel offers companies of all types its virtual switchboard service with CRM. With these systems you can take full advantage of the new and economical IP telephony. It is not necessary to make changes in the office or complicated installations.

These systems not only make it possible to migrate telephone communication to a cheaper format. In fact, it also provides the entrepreneur and retailer with a number of tools to grow sales and improve customer perception. The best thing is that the costs of the service are adapted to the needs of the contracting party.

Our interface is one of the most advanced, complete and easy to use. Anyone can use it very easily, being one of the most intuitive programs on the market. Undoubtedly, a technological solution that can generate great dividends.

Neotel's distributors IP telephony

IP telephony resellers: earning extra money

Neotel is a company with 20 years of experience in technology and communications. The company is developing new ways to create greater business opportunities through the collaborative economy. One of the most promising business programs is that of IP telephony distributors.

This format makes it possible to generate income without being part of the workforce or keeping schedules. Basically, interested parties can publicize IP telephony and virtual PBX as options for supporting business communication. All those who want to work with Neotel and generate an extra income can become distributors.

What are IP telephony distributors?

Many companies today are looking for alternative ways to put more products on the market. To do this, in addition to selling in digital store and receive customers directly, accredits independent distributors to promote sales.


IP telephony distributors are people who sell the products, as is the case with other types of freelance salespeople. These people are responsible for presenting the product and the company to various entrepreneurs with the intention of selling it. In this case, the product is the virtual PBX with Neotel CRM or even others that are part of the company.

It is important to understand that the main job is to make known the advantages of IP telephony. By being able to explain what this technology consists of and the importance of companies migrating to it, the sales process begins. Basically, the distributor preaches the existence of this technological solution.

Why is it important to talk about IP telephony?

Neotel’s technology is new, but its principles and applications have been in the market for years. However, despite the fact that these tools are not so new, many entrepreneurs are not aware of their existence. That is why many companies maintain antiquated and costly schemes.

Products such as the virtual PBX are not being implemented due to the lack of knowledge of many entrepreneurs. These are much more economical, innovative and have better tools than those offered by physical PBXs. Therefore, one of Neotel’s main objectives is to promote the product in multiple ways.

In fact, many companies are unaware of the option of migrating all their communication to IP telephony. This is basically to stop relying on expensive telephone line services and to base everything on a broadband connection. Leading-edge companies have moved to this communications model because their executives understand that it is more cost-effective.

What does it take to migrate to IP telephony?

This will depend on the model that each particular entrepreneur wants to take on. Another key aspect has to do with the type of equipment that the company uses regularly. For example, some companies have telephones that are a bit outdated. In these cases, there are devices that allow these devices to start working from IP telephony.

Other companies have much more up-to-date equipment with the capacity to host IP telephony. In these cases, migration is much simpler and what must be done is to unify the entire communications network. To do this, some inexpensive equipment, cabling and simple accessories are used.

For this reason, it is essential that the distributor investigates the situation of each company to which it offers the product. Each case is unique and this will have an impact on the initial investment to be made by the entrepreneur. For example, another solution is to acquire a mobile switchboard service and connect smartphones to a Wi-Fi network. Neotel offers multiple technological solutions to reduce the cost of communication.

How does VoIP distribution work?

An IP telephony distributor is an ordinary person who is allowed to sell Neotel products. Despite not being part of the staff, he/she can promote IP telephony services. If he gets any customers, he earns a commission for his sale.

A person who has a formal job and has working hours can be an IP telephony distributor. This type of job can be seen as a way to earn extra income. Basically, he can offer Neotel’s services and products during his free time. This person could be directed towards a company as a visitor, but he could also close sales from his Smartphone.

Neotel provides IP telephony distributors with commercial material and information so that they can make sales. In this way, interested parties can verify the situation of potential customers and offer them technological solutions. The work is done without ties or schedules because the distributor earns according to their productivity.

What should IP telephony distributors do?

This type of freelance worker distributes Neotel products to contacts who may need them. To do so, the distributor identifies potential entrepreneurs or companies to which he/she could sell the product. In this sense, interaction with potential customers is fundamental.

Once the potential customers have been identified, a regular sales process begins. To tell the truth, people with vocation and aptitude for sales are highly recommended to be IP telephony distributors. Of course, knowing about Neotel’s products is essential to offer the right technological solutions.

Subsequently, the distributor contacts Neotel to close the sale. When the sale is closed, the distributors earn a commission based on the amount of revenue received by the company. Each distributor can carry out this task at his own pace and progressively acquire new customers.

What products can distributors offer?

VoIP distribution consists of selling any of Neotel’s products. These are basically three: the virtual PBX, the call center software and the CRM. The PBX allows calls to be made with just an internet connection. In this case, the customer may require the purchase of an IP phone and accessories related to this form of communication, which can also be sold by Neotel.

On the other hand, the call center software allows to manage and monitor all external communications of the company. This is a service for which a monthly fee is paid and works with an Internet connection. It should be noted that this program offers very attractive modules for telemarketing and business marketing. The latter go beyond telephone communication.

Another product offered by Neotel is its CRM, a data system that is also designed to facilitate telemarketing. New companies that do not yet have a customer information base can opt for this program. In addition, physical terminals and accessories are sold in our virtual store.

Advantages of IP telephony

The main advantage of migrating all communication to IP telephony is its cost. The cost of using traditional telephone lines is extremely high. With the Internet protocol, all communications are based on broadband connections. This generates considerable savings in the budget allocated for communications.

In the case of companies that have a call center department, the savings are much greater. Those who replace the physical PBX with the virtual one can save almost 80% in communication costs. The best thing is that Neotel’s virtual PBX with CRM is one of the most advanced.

Added to this, Neotel’s call center tools have innovative and comprehensive functionalities. Some of these even allow to improve the advertising and reach of the companies as it happens with the sending of bulk SMS or the dialer. In reality, these are programs that are used to generate more sales.

All of Neotel’s solutions are cost-effective and can be adapted to the customer’s budget and needs. Users can contract digital storage, CRM, virtual and mobile PBX and the best rates with unlimited calls and cheap data plans. Basically, entrepreneurs can support all their internal and external communications from our products.

You could be one of our IP telephony distributors.

At Neotel we have a great team of freelance distributors that have contributed to position our products. This has been a successful formula to publicize the benefits of virtual PBX and IP telephony. It should be noted that the market for these technological solutions is growing every day.

IP telephony distributors do not have time restrictions or a minimum sales limit. With each customer Neotel gives them a commission for the sales generated. The reseller earns a monthly commission for as long as the customer contracts our platform.

If you are interested in generating extra money or having a freelance job this is an excellent opportunity. Simply contact us by phone and be part of the team. At Neotel we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you know the product and can sell it to your contacts.

How to increase the ROI of your call center with an automatic dialer?

Are you wondering how to hire the most suitable automatic dialer for your business? From Neotel we are happy to answer all your questions. All you need to do is contact us now and before you know it you will be working with the automatic dialer. Neotel’s dialer is the intelligent dialer that knows the best time to contact a customer.

Know when to call

Predictive dialers maximize agent productivity because they use algorithms to define the dialing rate based on the customer’s profile and past interaction history. The dialer is able to adjust its own configuration based on aspects such as the time of completion of each call, the average handling, the number of calls connected per hour, the number of agents available in the queue to receive calls, and so on.

Improved conversation rate

Agent talk time increases which translates into better customer engagement.

With intelligent capabilities like answering machine detection the dialer detects if the number is being answered by a machine, disconnected or busy, and therefore the agent does not have to wait for a person to answer. The dialer will automatically dial the next number.


Higher call connection rate


call center software

The automatic dialer will change the way you do business while making life easier for your agents. Predict, analyze and innovate based on changing requirements to deliver high call volumes consistently. This software analyzes the availability of agents and routes the call to them according to the predefined algorithm.

marcador predictivo

How many numbers do you dial daily? And how many of them connect? The Neotel dialer is the best tool that exists for companies that work with interaction with customers.


What advantages would the autodriver bring to my Call Center?

A virtual switchboard is a system that allows receiving and making calls over the Internet.

The possibilities in terms of types of configuration provided by the virtual switchboard are many.

All the power of the Internet and the Cloud

Not all companies that offer switchboards can ensure the level of quality that Neotel offers its users. Since 2001, Neotel has been the leader in the virtual switchboard sector.

The Neotel switchboards have the best possible audio quality, so if you are already a user or come to use a physical switchboard, with the virtual switchboard you will not notice any reduction in the quality of the service.


High quality virtual switchboards

The virtual switchboards are very easy to configure, unlike the physical telephone switchboards.

Our solutions in Telephony are tailored to each customer’s needs.

From the time of hiring the switchboard with Neotel you can enjoy the best and most advanced Telephony system.

The virtual switchboard is very easy to configure

A physical switchboard involves a high investment in hardware.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is scalable.

In this way you can always have a Telephony system to measure.

If you expand or reduce staff is as simple as expand or reduce the number of extensions in your switchboard.

The Neotel control unit is 100% scalable

A virtual switchboard does not require any type of hardware from the client for its use. This does not happen with a physical telephone switchboard.

No initial investment in maintenance or hardware, with the Neotel virtual switchboard you save money from the beginning.

We do not have permanence so you can always call and try our services without risks for you.

If you need to know more about Neotel’s virtual switchboard, contact us now.

Without permanences. Try Neotel’s virtual switchboard and if you are not satisfied with the quality of service, Neotel is never tied

What are the benefits of dialer ?:

  • The auto-changer integrates different options that help in carrying out the campaigns.
  • It is the most effective system when carrying out mass sales campaigns by telephone (Telemarketing).

Although the dialer can be used in all types of companies that need telephone communication with their customers, they are the ones that carry out mass telemarketing and telephone promotion campaigns that take advantage of this type of systems.

Keep in mind that with a dialer you are helping your business achieve its goals more easily.

The automarcador presents itself as an indispensable tool for companies that need massive sales campaigns and / or Telemarketing.

Benefit from the use of the autorack

Do you want to know more about the use of the dialer? Call Neotel and we inform you without obligation.

Whether doing advertising or marketing campaigns, agents benefit from the use of the dialer.


Dialer, and if we optimize the time and quality of the campaigns of our company?

The dialer has the ability to improve the performance of the integrated agents to a specific company of customer service or telemarketing, since it focuses mainly on dialing to customers that are really potential and that such calls are not lost when concentrating on users who are not really worth it or who will not be potential for consolidation in offering products and services.


The dialer that Neotel offers us mainly needs a database created from a new campaign whose characteristics and options are specified within that database.


What are the functions of the dialer and how does it contribute to the campaign of my company?



The functions of the dialer are diverse. These include: national calls that stand out to be unlimited, monitoring by recording the calls made, web agent, web coordinator, listening to agents, collaborative campaigns, delivery of connected calls, statistics and queue monitoring, detector answering machine, among others.


As you can see, these elements make this product an unbeatable ally for the campaigns of your telemarketing company, with which you can execute campaigns that, thanks to its advanced functionalities, you can optimize.


Surely, saving some of the expenses that demand the realization of these campaigns, will be another of the aspects in favor that you will find in this special service of dialer of Neotel, being a tool that, by optimizing the time, will generate a greater productivity of the employees and of the company in general in its internal operation.