CRM is much better than traditional databases

Many businesses understand the advantages of having a database system and feeding it on a daily basis. In fact, this tool is just as useful for businesses as it is for companies that offer services. But what if there was a much better tool with features that help you sell more? The truth is that this has already existed for some time and is known as CRM. It is one thing to accumulate information in a system and another to do it in an intelligent and interconnected way.

It is not that traditional databases have a problem. To tell the truth, they have fulfilled their mission and in some business formats this can work. But CRM is a system capable of helping to sell, of reminding employees of important things and with a huge interactive potential. If you have a business and want to know more about it… Keep reading!

Databases are being replaced by CRM


A database is a system in which information useful to a business can be uploaded and queries can be made. Although this sounds very simple, in reality, some systems tend to be very complex in their operation. For example, banking systems often require special staff to add new customer data, or additional applications. This is very impractical, because the flow of information does not occur in real time.

Other databases do allow new information to be added easily, but it just sits there. In other words, many of these applications do not have a way of notifying the rest of the workers or the company that there is something new. In addition, sometimes the record can be somewhat disorganized and the system can be difficult to manage. In any case, CRM is a tool where you can still collect important information for the business, but with many additional advantages.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which translates into English as “Customer Relationship Management”. As can be seen from its name, this system goes beyond data storage and facilitates the relationship between a business and its customers. For this, forms and ways of interaction are built for the fluid and relevant management of the information stored there. It is an interconnected flow that starts from the customer’s call to the final sale.

What does a CRM look like?

A CRM fulfills the functions of the database and far exceeds it. In this, not only can you see customer information, but you can also obtain much more accurate data. For example, in these systems you can easily check what was the last contact with the customer. In fact, if the customer called, the operator can leave a small note, indicating whether the customer is interested in a product. It is also possible to escalate a user to another department that can make a sale over the phone.

Databases are usually not very dynamic and only serve to verify information. CRM has dynamic sections that allow different managers and departments to share information about a user. That is why this type of system is specially designed to improve the level of sales, whether we are talking about products or services. The best thing is that everything is connected to the telemarketing software, or virtual switchboard.

From the moment a customer calls the business, the telemarketer or manager can see the data provided by the customer through the IVR. This is very positive, because on the one hand it is possible to verify the customer’s data to know how to direct the attention. On the other hand, the system is responsible for collecting such a fundamental piece of information as the telephone number, which is vital when it comes to marketing campaigns of all kinds. If used strategically, CRM will help any business make money.

Neotel: CRM, telemarketing software and more

Neotel’s main product is telemarketing software. However, we want entrepreneurs and companies to have everything they need to be able to offer complete communication. This is one of the factors that differentiates large emporiums from stagnant companies. Having Neotel’s virtual pbx means having access to a set of tools that facilitate customer service, collection tasks and, of course, new sales. If you are interested in our CRM, contact us.

CRM: How to sell more from information?

It is impossible to imagine large companies that do not use software to facilitate their work nowadays. Virtual switchboards, data systems, programs for making claims and telemarketing are part of today’s business world.  Among these, one stands out for its versatility, organization and multifunctionality: CRM.

Many businessmen and traders probably have no idea what a CRM is. Some companies even implement it without having any idea of the potential of this type of program. Well oriented, this software can be an ideal ally to achieve sales and below, you will understand why.

What is a database?



Database programs are intended to store information about a company’s customers. In fact, they are so simple that they are often built on the basis of Excel spreadsheets, although it may not seem so. In general, these applications are static, standardized and offer few additional functions other than storing data of interest.

An example of databases are the programs used in banking institutions. In fact, almost all companies that sell services have this type of software with information about their customers. That is why, when a person calls the bank, a telephone agent can tell him his balance and similar information.

CRM can be thought of as a state-of-the-art database that not only stores information. In fact, this type of program breaks the mold in many ways.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This could be translated as customer relationship management system, for those of you who were wondering what CRM stands for. Its name alone indicates that it is more than a database with useful customer information for the company. It is rather a software that allows a better relationship with users.

When we talk about a commercial activity, relating only implies two things: customer service and sales. However, CRM is specially designed to help increase sales. In fact, its entire structure is designed to make it easier for customer service agents to make sales to customers over the phone.

A database is a closed system that contains and allows you to review customer data. In contrast, a CRM has resources that facilitate communication between departments. In this way, all those who come into contact with it can leave information about potential customers interested in the product.

Explaining the CRM from the inbound call

CRM starts working from the moment a customer makes a call to the company. By containing the database of users, this system is able to recognize their phone numbers if they have been previously registered.

Then when the teleoperator receives the call, he will be able to see a module that tells him who is the person who is calling the call center. This is a great advantage when reviewing the customer’s data and allows the telephone agent to gain a few seconds to better address the conversation.

It is also possible that the user communicating with the company is not registered in the CRM. In this case, the system offers the possibility to update the records or start a new one. In other words, the database can always be modified or enriched to guarantee the company updated information.

Basically, the CRM is also connected to the virtual PBX for calls. That is why everything works in an integrated way from the moment a customer calls.

CRM makes it possible to integrate all the information in an orderly fashion.

Traditional programs are limited even for storing or sorting information. Some even have templates where only a certain amount of data can be stored. To tell the truth, CRM also represents a technological breakthrough compared to many outdated software that many companies are still using.

On the contrary, CRM allows you to have different types of information stored in an orderly fashion. This is how this system can have a space for contracts or invoices, another for physical or photocopied documents, added to the base with the basic data of the clientele.

This is much more complete than having figures, dates and names of a client in a template. CRM is more like a system that integrates all the information that is important within a company. The positive thing about this software is that the information can be more easily linked and better utilized by agents and employees.

Three luxury functions of CRM

CRM not only organizes information, but also enables interaction within the system. Therefore, it not only integrates data but also the company’s departments and employees. Here are three features that make CRM much more complete than a traditional database.

Dynamic customer history: CRM customer profiles are very complete, allowing almost any type of information to be grouped together in various formats. It is not just a matter of filling out a personal file, because, in fact, the system allows you to group the entire record of interactions that occur with each user.
Recordings: The CRM not only allows you to save written data but also recordings. From recorded calls to a reminder made by a telephone agent who has served a user. Everything is easily found in the system that stores the information with organization.
Inter-departmental communication modules: CRM allows you to create notes and send them to the managers of other departments. Therefore, information flows are created around this software that allow to follow up with users. Everything is very expeditious, fast and there are many ways to communicate with other offices.

Precisely, the communication modules between departments is the biggest commercial secret of CRM. This function can be key to generate more sales. That is why this system is understood to have a commercial focus.

CRM: Selling from information

Companies that sell products and services understand that sales are a social process. To achieve them, interaction is needed at the right time. One of the biggest problems facing the business world is the lack of customer and user data.

There are times when a customer may express interest in a product to a telemarketer. But since there is usually no follow-up with users or internal communication, this is left up in the air. This is how companies lose out on potential sales that could easily be made. This is where CRM comes in as a revenue multiplier.

CRM makes it possible, for example, to pass on the data of a person interested in a product to the telemarketing department. In fact, everything in this software has been designed to provide follow-up and information to close sales. This system allows the integration of all parts of a company to generate greater dividends.

A priority part of the function of a CRM is to feed the telemarketing department. Through its implementation, agents can obtain updated numbers, commercial opportunities and potential sales that need little work to be closed. Of course, this will depend on the agents making proper use of all the resources of this system.

Neotel: CRM and virtual PBX for calls

Both CRM and virtual PBX are call center tools. However, to use them it is not necessary to have a large department with teleoperators. Any company or business can take advantage of both communication and customer interaction systems.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard has a simple interface, is innovative and offers excellent complementary modules such as automatic call launchers and sending bulk SMS. These and other tools are ideal for developing effective telemarketing strategies.

Both the CRM and the virtual PBX have similar interfaces and synchronize seamlessly. Both programs work from an internet connection and their data is hosted in the cloud. As a result, companies that contract the service do not have to invest in expensive equipment or make complicated installations. The entire service is provided by Neotel, including maintenance.

Neotel offers its CRM for free with the virtual switchboard contract.

Those entrepreneurs and companies that purchase the virtual switchboard service with Neotel get the CRM for free. In this way, they acquire two fully integrated systems to manage their communication and migrate to IP telephony.

It does not matter which call center software plan is contracted with the client. All those who pay for this service can also have access to an innovative CRM, easy to use and with state-of-the-art functionalities. This is an excellent way to start a business, managing communication in a professional way.

yealink and grandstream gateway

Neotel 2000: everything you need for IP Telephony

IP telephony is the present and future of internal and external business communication. Companies that base all their telephone communication on this technology save a lot of money. However, some minor purchases and changes will always be required to adapt the devices. Neotel has everything you need to make this upgrade.

IP telephony does not depend on large and complex installations. In fact, getting it up and running does not require the purchase of large servers and data centers. This is a great advantage, since its adaptation requires very simple and inexpensive equipment. Of course, everything will depend on the needs of each company.

Migrating to IP telephony

Migrating to IP telephony means that companies have to choose which programs are best suited to their business activities. For example, it is possible to combine the virtual PBX with CRM, or to incorporate extra modules such as call launchers. Likewise, companies that want to upgrade their communications must verify the physical format in which they want to do so.

There are several ways to approach IP telephony, the objective being to do it as well and as cheaply as possible. One of the advantages of this technology is that it allows companies to work based on the resources they have at their disposal. In other words, the first step is to verify how the Internet connections are and what kind of devices the office has.

In this sense, it is essential to contrast the space and Wi-Fi devices to ensure the Internet signal. Another aspect to consider is the type of telephone devices available in the office. This is valid for a call center, as well as for a traditional office format with different departments.

What do you have in the office?

Most companies are not fully aware of the potential and functions of their communication devices. It is therefore essential to check, above all, what types of terminals are in the office. The good news is that IP telephony is very adaptive and can work with different technologies. There are different ways to migrate and enjoy the benefits of IP voice protocol.

Generally, within companies there are two options. The first is that the company has very outdated telephones that do not accept IP connections. These are devices that do not have broadband input, because at the time they were created this technology was not developed.

Secondly, there are the companies that have much more up-to-date office telephone devices. It is quite possible that some companies have this type of equipment and are not even aware of it. In this case, the migration is much simpler and only depends on establishing a few connections.

Another of the cases that are most often seen in reality are companies that have both technologies. That is, one part of their devices is outdated and the other has terminals compatible with IP connection. However, in all these scenarios it is feasible to migrate to VoIP services.

Grandstream Gateways: when phones are out of date

When telephone devices are outdated and you want to use VoIP telephony, the solution is to buy Grandstream Gateways. In fact, it can be much more cost-effective to buy a small batch of these devices than to buy twenty or thirty state-of-the-art terminals.

This device is very useful when the budget is too limited to replace all the phones. Grandstream Gateways allow telephone calls to be converted to a hybrid format. In this way, analog telephones can be used whose communication is supported by Internet connections.

One of its advantages is that it allows calls to be made using a VoIP service provider such as Neotel. Basically, this equipment routes calls over a broadband connection. A single device can be used to connect different devices. In fact, there are VoIP gateways for working with two telephones and larger ones that allow up to 24 handsets to be connected.

The models on the market are analog or digital, depending on the function for which they are required. Neotel has a catalog of at least five models with different capacity and cost. Undoubtedly, an excellent option in case you do not want to make a complete restructuring. The results and the quality of communication are positive.

What is needed if the phones allow IP telephony?

Many companies have existing equipment with IP telephony capability. They will have the most important part of the equipment covered, but may need other equipment. In these cases, issues such as the range of the Internet connection within the company should be checked.

It is possible that some areas of the office may have less connectivity and this will affect communication. Fortunately, there are many accessories that can improve connectivity and extend IP telephony.

In these cases, routers or repeaters could be purchased to extend the broadband connection. It is also important to check if the office equipment is complete, as it is very common to find devices that do not have their adapters and the like.

Neotel offers a wide range of accessories for telephone communication. Those companies that are setting up a physical call center, should check this online store. There they can find many of the implements that are commonly used in this type of department, such as headset with built-in microphone. On the website you can find other useful implements for conventional offices as well.

What if the devices are too old?

There is also the case of companies that still use equipment from the early 2000s, or even from the 1990s. These are small companies that have not taken many steps to update their technology. It is likely that this type of venture will require an investment in Yealink terminals.

At Neotel, there is also a large list of telephone models available, aimed primarily at business work. The best thing is that they are available at different costs so that the businessman can upgrade his telephony based on availability.

Neotel has IP telephony terminals ranging from 70 € to more complex devices that reach 499 €. It is important to make the investment thinking about the needs of the business. Some are much better for management positions and others for other functions such as secretarial or small offices.

If you make a smart investment you can buy several phones without facing a total amount too high. There are several alternatives in the catalog and this is not such an expensive technology. In any case, it is important to make this technological upgrade, which is much less costly than maintaining the old telephone communication schemes.

An intermediate solution

Each company is a totally unique and different reality. Likewise, a different type of option is always available. In many cases, IP telephony involves the creation of a hybrid telephone communication system. For this, Grandstream Gateways and Yealink terminals can be combined.

Each office can be adapted to the resources and infrastructure. The great advantage of IP telephony is that it is very versatile, allowing solutions for connectivity. The next step is to contract Neotel’s virtual PBX and other communication management software. In any case, the important thing is to think about how to make the technological adaptation. Fortunately, Neotel is involved in the whole process.

Neotel: more than a digital store

Neotel’s online store is fully in line with the company’s services and objectives. Buying our products goes beyond a commercial exchange and we understand that most customers require a personalized assistance.

People who buy their VoIP telephony products at Neotel are provided with all the advice and technical assistance they need. Likewise, our team of technicians offers support for configuration tasks. In this way, the customer after making his purchase can put the devices operational as quickly as possible.

There is no additional charge for technical assistance and consulting. This service is a benefit for buyers and is included in the price of the equipment. Our interest is that consumers can use our equipment and buy again in our store if necessary.

In addition to this, we have the best call center software, CRM and functionalities for customer service and telemarketing. At Neotel we offer everything necessary to modernize the communication of companies, with the objective of amplifying their field of action. Our devices and programs are the most advanced and are fully compatible. Check our online store and contact us in case you want to make an inquiry or want to make a purchase.

CRM: Control customer data and increase sales

Banks, telephone companies and other service companies usually handle basic customer data. In fact, this is part of the nature of that type of business, but the truth is that having customer information is always positive and useful. In fact, both the company and the customers benefit from a CRM.

Having databases is legal as long as the information is handled in accordance with the law. In fact, this is important in almost every type of enterprise. Of course, today’s information management software has evolved by leaps and bounds. Having a CRM even makes it possible to carry out marketing campaigns with a fairly wide scope.

What is a CRM?

CRM is a business management system aimed at collecting data from a company’s customers. To be more precise, this software is a manager for the relationship and attention offered to customers. It is known as CRM for its acronym in English which stands for Customer Relationship Management.



The meaning of CRM in Spanish is something like “Gestor para el manejo de relaciones”. This is a digital tool but its design is also part of a management model for customer service. This makes it go beyond the rudimentary databases used by some service companies in the past.

The CRM integrates various functions that facilitate communication with users, beyond attending to their problems. In fact, this application includes functionalities that facilitate data updating, marketing and communication of business messages. As can be seen, the information base is one of the parts of this integrated system and not its entirety.

A traditional database may be configured only for information verification, or customer service. On the contrary, CRM is designed to simplify the commercial relationship with regular customers and potential users. Used well, this tool allows you to expand business opportunities and close new sales.

How does CRM work?

CRM is more than a software, it is a customer-oriented business management philosophy. It is not only oriented to attend to complaints or failures and, to tell the truth, it is usually designed to increase sales. Its appearance comes to unify and refresh obsolete processes or systems of attention that were not integrated in order to consolidate the growth of the company.

CRM is created under the vision that all the information must be condensed in a macro system, efficient and easy to access. It is a way for every part of a call center and the company to work in unison. In addition, this software has functionalities and channels of action to connect various departments.

For example, it may happen that a customer calls upset because his cable TV signal is faulty. An operator immediately answers the call, verifies the data of the incoming call and understands that the user has outdated numbers in the database. Immediately, the CRM allows you to update the phone number and even get the person’s email address.

But the CRM goes beyond this. In fact, the inbound operator can pass data to the telemarketing department. In other words, this application makes it easier for all departments to communicate and complement each other for the benefit of customer service and the company’s commercial growth.  The goal is to connect all parts of the business machine to generate better information and greater resources.

Some CRM functions

CRM is a complex system that links the parts of a company and its functions are interconnected. Obviously, updating customer information is probably its most basic and obvious facet. But the full potential of this implementation can be analyzed with other, much more complex functions.

For example, today’s CRMs make it possible not only to obtain and manage customer data, but also data on people who may be potential customers. These are known in marketing as leads and constitute business opportunities. Precisely, the manager system is designed to detect this type of person and pass them directly to the sales department.

This tool also makes it possible to check the status of customer debts. This is of vital importance for service providers and allows them to improve the work of the collection department. As with leads, the information is passed on to improve the company’s ability to collect from customers in arrears.

In addition to this, the most current CRMs implement automated intelligence. In this way, the most repetitive tasks are performed more quickly and easily. In turn, these programs have functions and sections that generate recommendations to telemarketers. In the case of Neotel’s tool, this happens instantly and in the middle of the management.

How to improve sales with a CRM?

CRM is a program aimed at generating opportunities and facilities to increase sales. Although there are many types of this type of programs, all of them in their structure promote the commercial activity of the enterprise.  The most important thing is the interconnection that it allows between departments for the exchange of information.

The knowledge of the leads allows the telemarketing department to capture new customers. Today, worldwide statistics suggest that a person buys products or services after the fifth call received. Being able to identify interested buyers and forward their data to close the deal, means achieving sales with fewer contacts.

In other words, CRM increases the amount of closed business by reducing the work required to obtain it. Added to this, its use implies an increase in cross-selling. These are the ones that occur when an operator gets customers to buy complementary or higher-priced products or services, increasing profits for the company.

Of course, each manager has different characteristics and it is therefore necessary to carry out a study of the available options. Choosing the system that adapts to the particular needs of the company is a priority for any entrepreneur. Just as companies operate or are structured differently, not all managers are equally suited to each company or business activity.

Getting to know Neotel’s CRM

Neotel’s CRM has some of the most comprehensive and innovative features on the market. A basic feature of these systems is the document manager. This allows the operator to access the information stored for each client.

Likewise, the program has the ability to note changes or send documentation by various means to other departments. In fact, the CRM allows sending both e-mails and text messages from the user’s window. Basically, this type of program facilitates the exchange of information to avoid delays.

Another feature that Neotel’s CRM has is the ability to schedule WorkFlow. Basically, this involves creating events with guidelines and information that allow all company departments to be connected. This involves, for example, creating alarms for the telemarketing department to call three customers who have contacted the company.

In essence, this customer relationship manager goes far beyond traditional databases. CRM is designed to link the work of the different sectors of a company. In fact, this application is ideal for companies with medium-sized or large workforces. This is just a taste of Neotel’s CRM functionalities.

What is Neotel CRM like?

After understanding what a CRM is and what it works for, it is essential to analyze the characteristics of each market proposal. Neotel’s application is functional, easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. From a simple to understand structure it is possible to perform multiple tasks that will improve the productivity of the company.

Neotel CRM comes with an integrated virtual pbx. This means that the companies contracting the service have the call center software fully compatible with this manager. In this way, operators will not have to open several different softwares to perform their management. In addition to this, the application is customizable and includes very useful functions for marketing.

The entire system is hosted in the cloud and works with an Internet connection. The costs of the service are competitive and can be adapted to the needs and budget of the contractor. Entrepreneurs can access a certain number of modules, channels and services depending on what they need for their company.

CRM is a necessary tool for growing companies. It goes beyond the database and aims to increase productivity and revenue by improving internal processes. For sure, it is a necessary investment that will pay good dividends in the medium term.

Innovative CRM: the best way to have the best customer data

Companies with years of experience know how important it is to have a system with the data of each client.  The problem is that in most cases the software they use is very outdated. Truth be told, when it comes to business and technology, the rule of “better the devil you know than the good you don’t know” doesn’t really apply. Having an innovative CRM implies an advantage not only at a management level, but also at a commercial level.

CRM goes beyond being a data system like the one banks have, for example. Traditional data banks are not necessarily focused on communication and customer service. A key feature of these systems is the interconnection between the collection and review of data and the management of both customer service and marketing. CRM is more than an information bank, it is a business approach.



CRM: integrating every aspect of service

CRM humanizes companies and turns them into customer-oriented companies. This management system integrates everything: from problem resolution, to updating user data, to sales. It is a new and different approach materialized in a tool that manages the information of interest.

It may seem to be just a database, but this type of program is very intelligent. For example, from the CRM an operator can know the caller’s data, know if he has called before or if he is in the database. By knowing the phone number and name of the caller, you can even update the data.

Neotel’s CRM is based on the creation of a modifiable file with information about each customer. Their records appear with each contact and can be edited to update the information. This eliminates one of the biggest problems for most companies: outdated user data. Instead of waiting for customers to enter their new phone numbers or e-mail, the operator can do it with every call.

Smarter campaigns

But updating data is just one of the CRM’s functions. In fact, this tool makes it easier to organize information in a simplified way. At the same time, the program is designed to facilitate the use of this data in subsequent campaigns.

In short, this system, integrated with the call center software, allows for intelligent commercial work. Companies that have this program make better marketing campaigns because the program is structured to integrate each task. CRM is a software that contains a business philosophy based on customer service and expansion.

Companies like Neotel manage to integrate virtual PBX to their CRM and even to other third-party applications. Undoubtedly, up-to-date customer service technology is an asset that allows companies to expand their commercial sphere.


Customer Relationship Management


The Customer Relationship Management or CRM database platform focused on collecting companies’ relationships with their customers, this database will be an important source of information for the company, the more customers are known, the easier it is to plan, adapt and structure marketing strategies.

What is Neotel’s Customer Relationship Management application?

Neotel’s CRM application is a powerful customer management tool for your company, with this web application you will be able to

  • Unify your customer databases
  • Customer file including invoices – Estimates – Incident tickets – Important documents, (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Record calls held with customers
  • The history of notes written by customer service, knowing the person and the day of the note


Usefulness of CRM

Having this application installed allows to have unified information for the moment that an employee or tele-operator who attends to a client, either by commercial contact, or call will find information about the subject to be dealt with even if it is a subject that has not been dealt with by that agent in the first person.

Neotel CRM Use Case Studies


virtual pbx

We will present several case studies on the use of CRM

Case Study #1: Customer calls to place an order.

The agent has access to the budgets sent to the client, to know purchase prices or purchased products. You can give a professional image without consulting anyone about that information, knowing that talking to the customer.

Case Study #2: Customer calls to inquire about the status of a request.

The agent sees the history of notes to know the request, and see who attended the case being able to respond quickly to the client on the subject.

Business opportunity features

This module is a business opportunity, to evolve in several stages knowing how the agent advances the sale, being able to consult all the information and documents exchanged with the client.


crm Neotel crm virtual pbx call center software

Examples of business opportunities

Here are some examples

Example #1:

A real estate company will require its CRM tool to connect directly to real estate portals in order to manage the properties offered for sale.

As well as a specific module to add the properties in portfolio.

The objective of the CRM tool is to make communication between departments in your company fast and efficient.

Example #2:

A company of sale of sports footwear carries out a sale of some slippers through its web. The system will create a shipping request to the logistics department so that they can automatically prepare the shipment. When the logistics department has sent the package, the final customer can receive a notice that the package has already left and is going to the shipping company.

Integration with the telephone switchboard. (CRM + PBX)

In addition to all the administrative and commercial management, the application can be connected to Neotel’s virtual pbx, thus linking incoming calls to the customer’s file that has the phone added.



Predictive Dialer: More calls, more productivity, more success

Neotel’s predictive dialer allows redirecting the answered call to an available agent, making your call center much more productive, because the answered calls are the ones the agent works on, instead of the agent dialing several numbers until answering.


What is a predictive dialer?


It is the most efficient performance tool for a Call Center through a significant increase in live connections. This Predictive Dialer ensures real connection between agents and real customers, translating into higher productivity.

By using the right tools for your call center you can double the productivity of the operators in outbound telemarketing.


Differences between a predictive dialer and an automatic dialer


The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer, is that the predictive dialer keeps a strict control of all calls, predicting statistically when an operator will be free, when to make the call and how many calls must be made.

As the campaign progresses, it establishes data on the calls, modifying criteria to adjust the duration of the call and increase the probability of success.

Advantages of using predictive dialers


Predictive dialers are used for several simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns.

With predictive dialers, agent availability and call response time are algorithmically predicted.

With this process agents get more real connections that increase productivity significantly.

Predictive Dialing is one of the most widely used dialing options and Neotel offers you the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities on the market.

More advantages offered by Neotel

When purchasing a product you should focus on the competitive advantages, we show you some of them below:

Why choose this predictive dialer?


A great advantage is being able to manage one of our most important assets available: the weather. Neotel’s predictive dialer prioritizes this assertion.

The agent on the call already has a potential customer on the other end of the line, spending campaign records faster.

Included in our services

In the section of our CRM agents will not have to waste time looking for the next record to call, nor should they dial manually.



For the proper functioning the coordinator will load the database so that the system will make the call automatically and when it is answered it will be transferred to the tele-operator, thus gaining a lot of efficiency in the working time.

In the Neotel CRM you will get:

  • Campaigns can be managed from anywhere with the Internet.
  • Available form to write down important points of the call (Interest, call back, wrong number)


call statistics module

Contact us and request a demonstration of all our excellent products.



How to reduce costs in the company with the CRM and the virtual pbx

Having the Neotel crm integrated into your PBX is very useful when segmenting leads for future campaigns for example.

Neotel’s crm gives us a lot of information to carry out our campaigns.

The virtual pbx has as one of its goals to promote telework in the company. How? Because it turns out that when we work with this type of systems is not necessary that our employees are physically located in our office and can work from home. In this way the workers gain time (and quality of life) and the employer can cut costs in for example the rental of the office for the company. This is just one of the many ways in which a virtual switchboard helps us to save costs.

To start working with the Neotel crm or pbx no separate software needs to be installed. We would only need to log in with our user that Neotel provides us through its intuitive interface via web.

Neotel creates a perfect synergy between your crm and your virtual pbx, integrating the crm into it. This union creates the perfect tool for creating and managing marketing campaigns.


Switchboard + crm the perfect combination

The Neotel switchboard also offers, among others, the functionality of the virtual fax and the recording of calls that are never deleted and with its own search panel to locate them when necessary.

Best of all, with Neotel’s virtual switchboard you don’t even need a physical phone anymore, so here you’ll also be saving money. If you have a device connected to the Internet, you already have the Neotel switchboard – it’s that simple!


If you have a device you have a switchboard

Reducing the cost of the telephone bill is now possible


call recorder application for pbx

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Relocation has been a reality for many years. This means that a company can work with its employees located in different countries of the world and can also offer its services by telephone to any destination.


The companies are integrating the CRM with the Virtual PBX and you should also

Surely if you read this news until the end you will make a very good decision: call Neotel and ask how you can integrate the CRM with your virtual PBX system.

Do you want to integrate the crm into your telephone system in your company?

Once you are a customer of Neotel’s virtual pbx, it is very easy to integrate our CRM into your switchboard. You just need to make a call and tell us what you want to do.

How is a CRM integrated into your company’s telephony?

CRM maximizes your employees’ productivity, which means working fewer hours and getting more.

What benefits does the company have with an integrated CRM?

How about the idea that when a client calls you, it automatically displays on the screen information related to that client, such as the contact information that has made the call, its number and any other information about other conversations that have been held. with this person?

By integrating the crm with your company’s telephony you get absolute control over incoming and outgoing calls and with respect to customers.

Registering both received and completed calls is one of the main advantages when integrating the crm into the switchboard

CRM is the easiest way to create new contacts

As long as you have the active application, when you receive a call from one of your clients, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with absolutely all the information about the client. The fact that when a customer calls us, we get a pop-up in screen with all the relevant information about it, is a way to be prepared before answering the call. Integrating the crm with the virtual switchboard will allow us to always know who is calling us.


crm with virtual pbx

To identify all incoming and outgoing calls in the company, CRM is the best solution in the market

A virtual pbx allows to have many lines, in the way of extensions.

CRM functions:


virtual pbx

  • Take control of interactions with potential customers.
  • Save the data of possible clients to continue contacting them later.
  • Help to obtain clients from business opportunities and current customers.

A CRM also helps us with the loyalty of our customers. It is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep all the information of our customers in an organized way. In addition, thanks to the CRM, our marketing campaigns will be much more productive by having greater control over our information. If you have been reading this far, it is more than likely that you now understand better why more companies are asking for integrated CRM every day. of the switchboard. If you need us to resolve any possible doubts about our integration between Neotel’s virtual switchboard and our CRM, just call us.

The best contact center software on the market

It is important to have the best contact center software in your company. Neotel is the leading brand for many years in contact center software globally and at the best price. And if you want to see for yourself is as easy as getting in touch with us and in 5 minutes you will be getting all the information to resolve your doubts. Our customer service team is waiting for your call. No tickets with computer systems. 100% real people. This is the difference between Neotel and the rest.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

A contact center software for companies must be intuitive and cover all customer needs.

The best contact center software is the one that increases the sales opportunity for your business.

Neotel presents its contact center software at the best price in the market and full of qualities. For many years we have listened in Neotel to you, our customers, and learned about what is expected of the best contact center software for companies. Among our features we highlight in our contact center software the following:

Not all contact center software companies have a solution that adapts to all types of companies of any size. Neotel’s call center software solution is designed to be used by both large corporations and small businesses.

At first glance it may seem that there are many companies on the internet offering contact center software. You have to be careful not to look for the cheapest or the most expensive. In Neotel we are characterized because our tools for customers are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. Simply the most complete.

Take advantage of all the advantages of Neotel’s contact center software

Using Neotel’s contact center software will boost your business productivity while giving you a better professional image.

mobile pbx

Also, did you know that with the Neotel switchboard you can always carry it with you wherever you are, simply if you have a mobile device? We recommend that you ask us about our professional Mobile PBX solution. It won’t let you down!


integrate virtual pbx with third party software

Customers don’t always know beforehand what they want to look for in their business. From Neotel we can advise you without any commitment and recommend the best solution. What do you have to lose?


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Neotel’s contact center software is born from the need to offer a solution that works to entrepreneurs who need to sell more.