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Because any entrepreneur must have something called Click to call me back

Having a presence on the Internet is vital for any type of business. However, publishing a website and managing social networks is not enough to achieve commercial success. Meanwhile, buying and selling websites can help to sell, but they charge exorbitant commissions, not to mention the voracious competition. It is at this point that tools such as click to call me back are very helpful.

One of the big problems of many business websites is that they tend to have few means for the customer to establish communication with the companies. Even ecommerce sites can present this inconvenience, forgetting that the customer usually asks a lot of questions before buying. Fortunately, the virtual switchboard also has a solution to improve this.

click to call me back

Click to call me back: bringing you closer to the customer

Click to call me back is a plugin for web pages. It consists of a button that is displayed on the website and that when pressed by the customer, opens a box. In this box, any user can leave their telephone data so that a telephone operator or person in charge of the company can contact them. Companies that incorporate this application have the opportunity to establish a more direct relationship with an Internet user and convert him/her into a customer.

The click to call me back button guarantees a quick communication channel to users who may be interested in a product. Its work responds to the lack of many web page templates that do not offer easy to find and use communication channels. Likewise, this is a solution that allows the user-company conversation, which always increases sales.

Business owners who have the click to call me back plugin usually have an advantage over their competitors. To tell the truth, many companies with websites do not have mechanisms to engage in conversation with customers and their data on the website is often outdated. Even if you have social networks, it is always good to have a direct communication channel on the company’s website.

Some realities of business websites

It is known that 89% of users will buy from competitors if they had a negative experience as Internet users. Some experiences of this type are, for example, the fact of not guaranteeing a good navigation on the site, or not finding means for timely communication. Any element can not only keep you away from a good sale, but also strengthen the competition.

34% of consumers can increase their probabilities of buying by receiving personalized content. In other words, having the ability to communicate and attend to the customer, in a personal way, can improve the amount of sales a business achieves. Precisely, the click to call me back button generates opportunities to contact potential customers, in order to send them personalized information.

It is also known that 44% of online shoppers abandon a website when there is no contact information available. What often happens in many companies is that their phone numbers become outdated after a while and user emails are not always answered. In contrast, with the click to call me back button it is even possible to go in search of a customer who wants more information. Salespeople, new entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers can benefit a lot from this tool.

How to get the click to call me back?

The click to call me back plugin is an add-on to Neotel’s virtual switchboard software. Those who purchase our service have access to this tool that allows to connect the web page attention with the telephone management. It is worth noting that our service is very economical and, in fact, we have different plans for each type of customer. The best thing is that our program also offers other useful add-ons for customer service and marketing, such as call launchers, CRM, platform for sending bulk SMS, robot call, among many others.

The price of the virtual PBX will depend on the client’s budget and the implements requested. At Neotel, we allow our users to take control of the service they want, building plans based on their specific needs and requests. Even an entrepreneur who is just starting out can obtain and take advantage of our software and its tools. Professionalize your company’s communication and increase sales by networking even more, thanks to our solutions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

click to call me back Neotel

Click to call me back: optimize your website

In times of ecommerce and sales through social networks, having an official website for the company is still positive. In fact, the ideal is to occupy all possible spaces of communication and of course in cyberspace. However, much better than having a website, is to have it in an optimal way so that, in turn, it can attract customers and convert interactions into closed sales. Precisely, the click to call me back plugin is ideal to achieve this.

To be sure, having an optimal website involves some effort and knowledge. But there are simple actions that can be done without the need for an expert in the field. In fact, at Neotel we offer a plugin that, when installed, automatically optimizes any company’s digital portal, regardless of the business area to which it is dedicated.

What is an optimized website?

click to call me back

Having an optimized website implies many things. This is basically summarized in achieving attractiveness, easy navigation and, above all, immediate availability so that the customer can contact the company. The objective of optimizing should be to offer a good service, to compete better with other proposals and to motivate sales. Both attractiveness and easy navigation are two aspects that require the technical knowledge of a designer and a systems engineer.

However, something that can be improved without hiring a consultant is the availability for customers to communicate. For this, the click to call me back is especially practical and effective. This is a button that is placed on one of the pages of the company’s web portal. When an Internet user clicks on it, a box opens that allows the user to enter his or her telephone number so that the company can call him or her back.

This allows a very satisfactory customer-company relationship to be established. Better yet, this is something that empowers any business over most of its competitors, automatically. Truth be told, many businesses have outdated websites with no avenues to connect with the user directly. So having a click to call me back button is a clear advantage.

Click to call me back: making it all easy

Many customers make their purchasing decisions by consulting the Internet. In fact, it is estimated that the percentage of people who do this in the world is around 70%. If, in addition to consulting, users can contact the company at once when they are interested in something, sales capacity is boosted. With this button, customers can perform any of the decisive actions at the time of purchase.

Among these actions is the ability to quote the cost of a service or product, research more about the company, or ask any other question. In addition, with the click to call me back button, users can place orders directly. This is ideal for companies that do not have a fully-fledged digital store. Even companies that have both ecommerce and a digital portal can sell through both channels without any problem.

The more channels for communication and commercial negotiation, the better. This is a principle of marketing and click to call me back will ensure that. In addition, a company that calls its customers back is one that demonstrates its quality and interest up front. In other words, the good impression generated by this type of action greatly enhances the possibility of closing sales. To get this plugin, all you have to do is hire our cheap virtual switchboard and incorporate it into your website.

Neotel has an inexpensive and efficient virtual PBX

Neotel’s IP telephony software is a pioneer in the industry, which is why we offer a product of outstanding quality. Our program is stable, innovative, easy to use and is always subject to new updates and add-ons. The aim is to offer a technological solution for business communication that takes over or facilitates the work every time.

In addition to this, our large customer base and experience allows us to guarantee a cheap virtual PBX. Each customer can select their plan and the modules they wish to use, all within their own budget. The click to call me back button is just one of the special modules of this software. Without a doubt, it is time to make use of this service, which will boost your sales and improve the communication around your business.

click to call me back Neotel

Click to call me back: three things you can do with it

The virtual IP PBX is a multifunctional tool that has the potential for any type of business. Far from what many executives would think, this software is no longer a call center program. Today, it is more of a comprehensive solution for business communication. In fact, all company communication channels can be enhanced with this type of service. The greatest demonstration of this is the click to call me back implementation.

The click to call me back blends the call center with the corporate website. This combination allows to obtain higher profits and, at the same time, to take advantage of the digital portals of any company. This implement is basically a button that is added to the website and when potential customers want to contact the company, they simply use it.

Click to call me back: Personalized Customer Service

click to call me back

The click to call me back button allows each customer to leave their phone number to the company. For this purpose, this implement has a special box with a form where interested users leave their contact. In this way, anyone who wishes to make an inquiry or purchase, can leave the communication in the hands of the company. Of course, this guarantees immediacy and the possibility of personalized attention to each user who uses this plugin.

What could be more personalized than the fact that the company will call the customer if he leaves his number? Click to call me back is very effective because it allows you to concentrate your efforts on users who would be interested in what the company is selling. It is a type of interaction that is much more likely to generate a sale than a random outbound telemarketing call. In fact, this type of complement enriches the work of marketing departments.

Of course, for this to work, it is important to return the call to the caller as quickly as possible. If it is a customer who is looking for quotes, he might find a quicker response from another company and that is what you don’t want. For this reason, there should always be a phone agent in charge of reviewing the data received by the click to call me back button.

Allows to compete with other companies

Having the ability to be able to contact users who are interested is a unique opportunity. In fact, the click to call me back logic in itself represents an advantage, especially if the call center is efficient and fast. It is worth noting that this is a solution that is not yet known by many companies. This gives a competitive advantage to those entrepreneurs who use it to boost their business.

To tell the truth, the mere fact of achieving commercial communications from the web portal is quite significant. Most companies know that it is essential to have a website nowadays, but they limit themselves in that it is only a kind of showcase. Generally, these do not allow to convert visits into closed business because they do not allow to establish a more direct contact.

A large percentage of businesses that have a website do not even have their phone numbers or e-mail addresses updated. In this universe, installing the click to call me back button allows any company to compete with an advantage over its competition.

Allows you to create a database

The main function of the click to call me back button is attractive enough to think twice about. But those owners who take full advantage of it manage to see beyond that. As mentioned above, with this button, customers leave their phone numbers for the company to call them back. This allows something additional and that is to create databases for marketing campaigns.

In other words, any company can obtain at least the telephone numbers of potentially interested users. These can then be used in marketing campaigns. Of course, everything will depend on the legislation and the use of the information. Nevertheless, this is a golden opportunity to do more business.

This is just one of the solutions that the virtual IP PBX offers to entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if your company is new, is growing or if it is an emporium. At Neotel you will find these and other options that will instantly revolutionize your business.

Click to call me back: what every business website should have

Currently, there is a tendency to separate call center tools from ecommerce tools. However, both systems can increase sales and interaction with potential customers if they are integrated. In fact, the new virtual PBX has an innovative module to improve the impact of the business or commercial website: click to call me back.

Those who have websites will understand that the world of plugins is vast, although it is often difficult to know how and what they are used for. This is one that is also part of the virtual PBX service in the case of Neotel. The virtual PBX is no longer a call center program and has now become a complete and integral telemarketing software.

The secret to sell more

click to call me back

The best marketers and entrepreneurs in the world understand that the right thing to do is to open as many channels as possible for communication with users. Most marketing theories and strategies indicate that part of business success lies in availability. The most successful ventures are those that are most available and everywhere.

Therefore, the use of telephone and Internet tools should never be understood as opposites. It is not that by having a web page, the right thing to do is to eliminate the call center or the means of communication via telephone. The more effective and operational communication channels a company has, the more likely it is to generate sales.

Some customers come to a company from one social network or another. Similarly, some prefer to write a private message, contact through the website or rather, communicate directly by phone. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that integrates telephony and website, to facilitate customer service and of course, sales. But… What is this innovative system all about?

What is click to call me back?

Those who have experience with commercial websites know that the platforms have add-ons that allow to improve the reach and management of the same.  The click to call me back is precisely an add-on designed to improve communication with the customer from the website.

The click to call me back is a button that is installed on the business website or virtual store. When pressed, customers who want to receive some information can see a box and enter their phone number. In this way, an agent of the company will contact them to answer any questions or in case they want to place an order.

This module of the virtual switchboard allows instant communication with users who discover the commercial website. With its installation and use, communication ceases to be in the hands of the user, and is arranged by the company at the user’s will. The impact of this tool is important, because it solves a major problem that all of us as consumers have experienced at some time.

The problem of most websites

Nowadays it is very common to look for products and solutions to our problems through Internet search engines. It has happened to almost all of us that we suddenly find the website of a company of interest and when we are ready to ask and make contact, it simply becomes impossible.

Websites are tools to increase the visibility of companies and in marketing strategies, they are placed as an essential element. The problem is that many of them publish telephone numbers that over time have become outdated. Similarly, sometimes the consumer finds an e-mail, writes to the company and gets no response. There is also the box that allows to leave messages, which is usually inoperative almost always.

Precisely, the click to call me back button gives the entrepreneur the possibility to contact users who might be really interested in the product or service offered. On the other hand, the customer will be sure that, by entering his or her number, an agent of the company will contact him or her. This is how this simple button allows our company to stand out from others in the eyes of consumers.

What do companies gain from the click to call me back button?

Convertibility: Companies that install and properly use the click to call me back button can convert Internet users into customers more easily. This is because they migrate people interested in the product to a much more direct conversation with a company representative or salesperson.
Immediacy: Thanks to this button, commercial communication occurs immediately. Instead of relying on the customer to communicate, the burden of communication falls on the company. Of course, this increases the opportunity to generate new sales.
Differentiate yourself from other companies: Something fundamental in business is to stand out from the competition. This must be done with the products and the brand, but also with the attention offered to the clientele. By offering click to call me back as a communication alternative, companies put themselves in a better position against others with outdated websites.
More avenues of communication: This button is basically another system by which customers can contact and receive personalized information. This implies projecting greater availability which also improves the perception that users have about the company.

Click to call me back: useful for any type of business.

The click to call me back button can be used by any type of business. Businesses that offer services can take advantage of it due to its immediacy. For example, a law firm can receive the numbers of potential clients and call back immediately, projecting its vocation to serve and help those in need. In fact, this plugin allows to show interest in the user, regardless of the hiring.

However, this PBX plug-in can also be included in virtual stores. In this case, the click to call me back can be oriented to answer customers’ questions, or as a mechanism for dealing with complaints. There is always a way to include it even in this type of website designed for direct online sales.

On the other hand, merchants who sell products but do not have an online store, can manage orders from this module.

How to obtain and install click to call me back?

Click to call me back is one of the modules of Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Therefore, it is a service provided to entrepreneurs and companies that contract this service. The inclusion of this module in the monthly plan is very economical, costing only 25 euros per month for its installation and use.

For those who do not know what a virtual switchboard is, it is a telemarketing and customer service software, which allows to manage business communication. It has the basic features of call center software, but includes many other functions and add-ons. Basically, it allows the implementation of IP telephony, databases and other necessary implements for a formal, professional and intelligent business communication.

On the other hand, the installation of the click to call me back button is done by Neotel’s IT experts. This is done in a very simple way and does not affect the design of the business website. Everything is done in an expeditious manner and the client can request to place it in the section of their digital portal that seems most convenient.

Neotel: quality telemarketing software

Neotel offers entrepreneurs and traders its innovative telemarketing software. This virtual PBX goes beyond the applications and functions for answering phone calls. Our program also has complementary modules to work with other communication channels and generate more sales, as well as the best attention to your customers.

Some of the modules most used by our customers are the call launchers, the call robot, the virtual fax, the signaling, the sending of massive SMS, the CRM and many more. These as well as the click to call me back button are effective to connect with the public and achieve better communication and increased sales flow.

Our virtual PBX has a long history of good performance, stability and speed. Neotel is a company that has been in the business telecommunications market for more than twenty years. Our virtual PBX is used by some of the most important companies in Spain and the rest of Europe and Latin America. Contact us to learn more about our products, special modules and prices. We have all the necessary tools for the development of professional communication and business marketing.

click to call me back Neotel

Click to call me back: improving your website

In the past, the virtual PBX was just a program for telemarketers. Now, these tools have evolved into integral assistants for business telemarketing and customer service at all levels. The most innovative software has solutions for management via text messaging, email and even for improving the business website. This is precisely what happens with the “click to call me back” module.

The Internet has become a space that companies need to embrace. Social media and the website are the two fundamental tools to gain exposure and get new customers. The “click to call me back” button allows contacting a greater number of people through the business site.

What is click to call me back?


click to call me back

The click to call me back module is a button designed for the web page. It is installed on the business or commercial site. Its function is to offer a much more direct way to communicate with the company.

If a consumer interested in a product or service browses the web page, they can use this button to request information in a more direct way. Basically, the button opens a box where the user leaves his or her telephone number so that an agent can contact him or her.

From here, this information is registered so that an operator can contact the person. In this way, another channel for business communication is opened through the web page. This is a resource that generates greater possibilities for making sales. It does not matter if the enterprise sells products, or if it offers a service.

The problem of commercial websites

There is no doubt about the importance of digital portals in the development of any commercial activity. Basically, this element allows the company to have a constant presence on the network. However, many portals simply offer some kind of information and do not easily encourage communication with potential customers.

Many web pages remain on the Internet and over time do not even show updated information about the company. Sometimes, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers are provided and they are not active. The result of this is that customers think that the company is not operating, because it has no way to communicate effectively.

Many websites end up becoming cyber museums of companies. This is so, despite the fact that many times they are fully operational. This is when the website goes from being a showcase to becoming an obstacle. The objective of presence on the Internet is to get more customers and facilitate communication with them.

What is needed to install click to call me back?

Click to call me back is similar to many other website plugins. Its programming is simple and does not require the installation of software or anything similar. Basically, an expert is in charge of placing the button on one of the pages of the business site. This is done very quickly and everything is taken care of by the contracted company, which in this case would be Neotel.

To have a click to call me back you only need to have a web page dedicated to commerce. It doesn’t matter which platform or type of site the entrepreneur has. It also works very well on personal pages, a blog, or even a digital store. Everything is handled by a simple programming.

Once the application is installed, customers can view it and enter their phone numbers to be contacted. From here, the entrepreneur or an operator will be able to review the contacts he has and quickly call potential customers who have requested it.

What does click to call me back bring to the company?

The first thing that click to call me back achieves is instantaneous communication with customers. If a person came to the company’s website and was interested in the product, he will leave his number and the agent can call him right away. The faster this call happens, the higher the chances of closing the sale.

Click to call me back can be understood as an opener of commercial opportunities. In marketing it is understood that the more channels for customer-salesperson interaction there are, the greater the chances of getting more sales.

In addition, the relevant use of this type of plugins generates empathy with the customer as long as the calls are returned. It is very different to call a person who has not asked for it, than to call an interested user. Calling back implies that the company wants to listen to its potential customer. All this generates better conditions to close business.

Recommendations when installing the click to call me back

In principle, it is essential to place the click to call me back in a visible part of the web page. It can be very helpful to place it on the contact page. Many companies manage to stand out from their competitors by installing the button in that section. This is because most of the sites, only place their numbers and emails, or forms that are rarely answered.

Once the button is installed, it is important that someone is dedicated to return calls. It is feasible to assign a single agent to be dedicated to this task in the case of companies with a call center. Those entrepreneurs who have a small business or a digital store, can make the calls personally.

The faster the calls are returned, the higher the chances of closing the sale. This is because those who usually leave their phone number are usually people who are looking for the product offered. The chances of getting business are greater when the person shows more interest. If they don’t get a response, they are likely to look for another company to fulfill their need.

Of course, it is also important to have a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and with relevant content. By creating an excellent site that shows the advantages of the services and products promoted, we will increase the chances of winning customers through the click to call me back button.

Virtual PBX: beyond the phone call

It is understood that the call center PBX is usually a tool for managing business telephone communication. In the past, this tool made it possible to connect to different telephone devices and create large customer service rooms. However, today’s virtual PBX, although born from this concept, has evolved into a comprehensive product.

The virtual PBX went from integrating different telephone devices to bringing together different communication methods. Its modules and functionalities integrate fax, text messaging, video calls, email and also the web page. To be sure, these programs should be understood more as business communication managers.

Today’s PBX is designed to promote telemarketing and generate business opportunities. In fact, its concept involves going beyond typical telesales calls. To this end, it provides entrepreneurs with modules that enable them to achieve greater reach. This is the case, for example, with modules such as the robot call or the sending of bulk SMS to customers. Likewise, click to call also fosters better opportunities to generate profits.

The click to call me back button generates telesales calls that are requested by the customer, more sales and better customer appreciation. In turn, this module is also likely to better position the website in relation to competitors. This is a direct consequence of the availability and instantaneousness that the installation of this add-on implies.

Neotel offers you its click to call me back button

Neotel offers its call me back module for business websites, online stores and professional sites. No matter what type of business the entrepreneur has, this add-on will expand the company’s range of action and possibilities to sell. Customers do not need to install complicated programs to have this add-on.

Neotel’s IT experts take care of programming the click to call me back according to the standards of the contracting company. In addition, this button can also be installed in emails, blogs or videos. In this way, the customer can open the communication from multiple platforms in cyberspace.

The click to call me back button is available for companies that work with our call center switchboard and for all those who wish to hire it. The cost of this button is only 25 euros per month, being one of the most competitive prices in the market.

Our click to call me back application is functional and has an attractive design. Undoubtedly, this is another module that allows to promote communication with the user. Neotel has the most innovative virtual switchboard, with all the modules and functionalities necessary to maximize the commercial reach.

click to call me back

Click to call me back brings your business website to life

A statement that is often heard is that the company’s website is vital. Indeed, it becomes the face of the company and allows to convert curious Internet users into customers. Well designed, it often becomes the link between the product and the buyer. Tools such as click to call me back make any site a very dynamic space.

The good news is that today’s websites are very versatile and allow many things.  Plugins are the order of the day, allowing functions that were unthinkable before. The important thing in any case is creativity and knowledge of the plugins that are being launched.

Click to call me back What is it?

Click to call me back is a module that is installed on the website of the company or business. It consists of a button that the user presses and a box where he will leave his number so that an operator will call him back. The best thing about this system is that it is designed so that communication depends directly on the business.


click to call me back

Many product and service websites have aesthetic, understandable and easy-to-navigate pages. However, few companies provide a quick communication channel on their sites for the customer to contact the company. This is something that generates frustration in potential customers who are willing to do business instantly. Precisely, the click to call me back allows the consumer to establish an effective contact.

The “click and we will call you back” button is instantaneous communication and business. Companies that install it on their web pages open up another avenue for generating profits. Of course, this has a certain impact on sales or service contracting. It is known that in the business world it is important to be present and open at all times and this tool allows it.

What is required to install click to call?

Click to call me back is not a pluggin that can be found on any website platform. In this case, it is best to hire the services of a telecommunications company such as Neotel, which specializes in the creation of these systems. The idea is to obtain a functional module, which does not generate contradictions or problems after its installation.

It is also important to manage communication once the module has been correctly installed. To this end, it is important to assign at least one operator who will be exclusively dedicated to attend the flow of telephone numbers that enter through it. This operator will be in charge of making outgoing calls to answer users’ queries.

A good strategy to take advantage of click to call me back is to sell from that outbound call. Therefore, the operator(s) in charge of this service must be experts in telemarketing. By having persuasive salespeople in this contact channel, it is possible to take advantage of the expectation of people interested in products and services.


Click to call me back and mass business communication

Being available is a business virtue for today’s consumers and customers. Problems, delays and failures in the services offered are always feasible. However, what the customer does not forgive is that companies are not there to offer fast, expeditious and easy to reach attention. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that allows greater communication with beneficiaries.


click to call me back

Being accessible in today’s world is synonymous with higher probabilities of closing new sales or business. That is why companies open websites, social networks, contact centers and as many communication channels as possible. The greater the presence, the better the chances that a new customer will be interested in the service.

Websites and click to call me back

The official website is a priority for companies even now that everything is focused on social networks and online stores. But there is a very repetitive problem with this type of digital space: The lack of ways for interaction. Some sites have at most a section with phone numbers or an email address. Unfortunately, these data are often outdated.

Click to call me back is a module that allows customers to contact the company effectively. This system consists of a button that is installed on the corporate website. When the customer presses it, it automatically opens a box where he will leave his telephone number. In this way, the data will reach an operator who will be in charge of returning the call instantly.

With this system, customers will have another way of accessing the company’s operators. It is possible to have a call center and within it a small department in charge of reviewing the contacts that come in through the web page. Its installation is very simple as well as the review of the contacts that come in through this module.

Click to call me back: a sales ally

Click to call me back is ideal to attend to those customers who do not enter through traditional contact.  In this sense, it should be considered as an ally of the call center software and the customer service department. In a way, it generates a small flow of calls that will not come in through the call center. However, this module is not only used to manage user problems regarding a service.

The click to call me back is ideal for attracting potential customers through the company’s website. If an Internet user explores the site and is interested in the services or products offered by the company, he will be able to contact it through the button. In this way, a telesales operator will be able to complete the offer and capture one more customer.

Companies like Neotel offer the click to call me back module along with their virtual pbx’s services. Undoubtedly, this is an alternative to further leverage the company’s website. Keeping users happy or even gaining new customers will be easy with this add-on.


Click to call me back: Immediate attention

With the advent of the Internet the options for communicating with the public multiplied. Until recently, the call center was the only means of contact between companies and their users. Today, there are several automated methods that facilitate customer service and that is the case of the click to call me back.


click to call me back

Most of the companies that have been established have websites that they use to have a presence on the web. These pages implement self-management services, as is the case with online banking, for example. However, it is also possible to create spaces for the client to contact a member of the company through the digital portal.

What is click to call me back?

Click to call me back is a special button that is placed on business websites. This module allows the client to request to communicate with an operator or member of the company. Users will have a module in which they can leave their telephone number recorded.

After this, an operator in charge will be able to obtain that number and communicate directly with the client. In this way, it is easier to meet the company’s demand for personalized attention. In the case of smaller companies this is a solution that can mean new business opportunities.

This module allows immediacy and an alternative for those who want to communicate with a business. The benefits of greater communication with users are multiple.

One more tool at our service

The click to call me back button can be used in many ways and it all depends on each business. For example, there are those who use it as a means to get new sales or to get a potential buyer to ask questions. From there, the operator can have a double task of attention and marketing.

In other cases, this module can be placed to attend to requests from regular customers. In any case, the image of the company always grows because it is available to meet the demands of people. It is a tool that complements the regular communication channels.

Best of all, this button can also be installed in e-mails, blogs and company videos. Everything depends on the platform and the use you want to give to this module. The main thing: to expand the channels with which a company can meet its potential customers.


Click to call me back: Quick attention and sales

The immediacy, speed and quality in business communications will bring a benefit in the positive assessments of their customers, as well as, economic benefits in the short, medium and long term, the attention of your company should be more direct and effective through the use of the click to call me back.

What is the click to call me back button?

It is an application that allows you to contact the user who visits your website, only by entering his number in the next minutes (maximum a few hours) an agent contacts him.

The implementation of this Neotel service is just a click away.

Advantages of Call Me Back

The big advantage is instantaneousness. By simply activating the application, any user who visits your website can request commercial assistance, customer service or consumer service in real time

This application unites real and direct customer service providing a good image, good treatment and outstanding service.

Another great advantage is the ease of implementation, you do not need installation, configuration or any sophisticated program, only needs a click. We highlight the other advantages of the service

  • Speed and immediacy in communications
  • Improvement and reinforcement of your company’s image
  • Optimization of the telephone attention, being more direct
  • Increased telephone attention with likelihood of increased sales

sistema para call center

Click to Call users

With this innovative customer service, any website can include a “click to call” application, making use of its advantages to establish a relationship of trust with the consumer, as well as a high probability of purchasing the services or products.

How to get the module: Call me back?

Neotel offers a program for the development of online customer service, which is special, individual and customizable for each website that wants to incorporate this great application for the sales strategy.

The click to call also generates the call to the final customer from any number of the company that owns the website so that the adaptation to the customer’s needs and the solution of the problem are optimal.

telefonía ip

It should be underlined the fact that the installation of this application includes the clauses on data protection of users as well as the security system needed for the user not to receive fraudulent calls.

Why choose Neotel’s Click to Call me Back?

Neotel’s virtual VoIP PBX includes click to call me back that you can configure 100% customizable.

They also offer the following competitive advantages:

  • Professional installation of the click2call button on your website
  • Freedom: no permanence contracts
  • High-quality IP telephony since 2000
  • Ask for an estimate without any obligation



This click to call me back service is an excellent combination for the call center system to complement each other and improve the customer service experience


5 telephony tools that every company should know

The following tools will be used in both large and small companies. They are the tools that we consider “a must”.

With these tools we are going to be more productive, improve the general satisfaction of our customers and increase our sales.

Below we comment on what each of these tools consists of:


1. Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.

There are many users who never respond when we try to contact them. The predictive dialer is the tool that has been designed to increase the productivity of our call center agents to the maximum.

It basically connects the call, when a customer answers the phone, with the first agent available.

The good thing about the predictive dialer is its price, since it is a 100% affordable product for companies of all sizes,

The predictive dialer increases calls, in the sense that it increases agents’ talk time, and therefore sales volume.


2. Whisper

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.


telemarketing surveys

It allows us to give information to the agent without the client at the other end of the line being aware of anything, to make sure that the conversation is taking the right course and to guarantee the professionalism of our agents.

The monitoring module is perfect for intervening and training agents, both in real time during an ongoing call and afterwards, once the call has ended.


3. Click to call

Provide your customers with the “click to call me back” button on your website. By simply entering a number and clicking it, your customer will be called back. Fast and immediate communication. Improvement and reinforcement of your company’s image. Optimization of telephone attention, being more direct. All this translates into: more sales, more economic benefits and better ratings. For only 25 euros/month.

mobile pbx

4. Mobile phones integrated in the switchboard

No additional cost.

Answer your virtual pbx calls from your mobile. Freedom, comfort and simplicity with Neotel’s TANDEM function. Answer calls, put on hold, mute, transfer, retrieve and reject. No additional software or need for portability.


virtual pbx

5. Automatic satisfaction surveys

No additional cost.


click to call me back

All the information is collected by the switchboard.


virtual pbx monitoring

With the satisfaction surveys, the system calls the client again to answer by marking from 1 to 9 their satisfaction with the attention received.