Enjoy the advantages of the (cloud) virtual PBX

Cloud services have special features that work in their favor. These are characterized by being very simple to use solutions and above all very easy to understand, although very sophisticated.

This is the cloud-based switchboard service, which runs 24 hours a day, allows you to access with a click and from anywhere you are, regardless of the device you use.

With this solution manage the communications of your company is no longer a headache, since the service presents a very intuitive management, simple and best of all is that it is tailor-made.

The best of the switchboard in the cloud

About the service of these Virtual pbx there are many details that are advantageous and from them we will talk here.

Initially you have to consider the platforms that provide these services. These are intelligent and easy to manage, which allows the user to have complete control over their control unit. In addition, the service in the cloud allows the user to configure it by itself, so that it has the necessary operation for the demands of each business.

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In addition, we can not fail to mention the integration of statistics, which allow us to have at hand important information that allows not only to have total control of the service, but also allows to make the necessary improvements to have a better management and results.

Keep in mind that another advantage is that you can access it from different devices, allowing you to enter the control panel from both your computer and your mobile phone.

Final Detail

Now that you know the advantage of this service we must end by mentioning a very important detail and is that using this type of switchboard will not only bring advanced technology to your company, but also improve your communication, information and services processes.



Get to know the functionalities of the voice control unit ip

This type of switchboards stand out for offering a wide range of features. Do you want to know more about them?

Functionality of the voice control unit ip

Depending on the provider chosen you can obtain some or other functionalities, but in general the services of IP voice switches stand out for integrating the following:

  • Call routing. With this functionality, the distribution of the calls according to different variables, such as day, date, time, origin (including country, fixed mobile), origin number and percentage are obtained.
  • Also, the diversions are included in case you can not answer, are busy, after the end of the call and the unmistakable voicemail.
  • The voice control unit ip integrates the limits of calls, maximum time of duration, limits and restrictions for simultaneous calls or according to their origin.
  • Automatic call management allows access to a selection menu according to the destinations, by voice, by keyword voice recognition, natural language as well as automatic surveys when calls are finished.
  • Within its functionalities the recording of calls and its online listening is one of the infaltables.
  • So are the queues, which includes the reminder message, customizable music, output and call back.
  • In addition, we can not fail to mention the Virtual Fax and the functionality of Transfers (direct, assisted and internal).

fax virtual

Finally, advanced IP voice switches often include SMS and email notifications, as well as the conference call option, with no access restrictions.


Improve communication systems with IP Telephony

With the Neotel virtual PBX the voice is transmitted through the Internet. This is called VoIP (Voice over IP). Afterwards, the cloud call center in this same company allows large savings of money, with all the power of a system hosted in the virtual cloud. The virtual switchboards are a service for companies, so that they have the same characteristics of a conventional telephone exchange, only saving large amounts of money.

At Neotel we offer support for all types of communications over the Internet, being specialized in Ip Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP). Many companies around the world use Neotel’s virtual switchboard and call center software, and save money every day thanks to this.

IP Telephony services typically include features such as repeat and return calls, call transfer service, call waiting services and caller ID.

Through IP Telephony a user can make calls from any point with an Internet connection. Because this communication system transmits the voice through the Network, it is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) service itself that is in charge of the management of the whole system. Which means less headaches for the user.

Economically, a call through IP Telephony is always cheaper than a traditional call. This is because it uses the same Network for voice and data transmission.

Telefonía IP

Today the vast majority of companies use IP Telephony for their communications. And also for internal communications within the company. Now these two worlds, the one of the transmission of voice and the transmission of data, are unified.

Potential Advantages of an IP Telephony System

Integrating voice and data in a unified way through an IP protocol, IP Voice, is without a doubt the way to go and where to look.