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Is your company’s call center software of high quality?

Today’s best companies manage their communications through call center software. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about new ventures, medium-sized companies or large corporations, they all follow this trend equally. To tell the truth, having this type of program is a vital issue for the growth and success of any initiative. This is due to the applications and all the control they offer.

call center software

However, in the call center solutions market there is a wide range of programs available. That is to say, it is not only important to have a software of this type, but to have one whose scope and functions are really efficient. Unfortunately, there are many products that fall by the wayside and the lack of knowledge of executives in the technological area can lead to a bad acquisition. For this reason, here are some of the features that a quality call center software should have… Keep reading!

Find a call center software with proven warranties

When purchasing a call center software service, it is important to make sure that you are hiring an experienced company. In fact, there are some companies from different parts of the world entering this market all the time. Some of them are very new, therefore, they might offer programs that are still in a testing period, or that have an incomplete development. In fact, there are cases of technology companies that go into business for a few years and then simply disappear, leaving their customers in the air.

The best call center solutions have more than years, decades in operation. To tell the truth, in the technology business, experience is an important factor, since only in it you can get really proven quality products. In fact, in the companies with more seniority in the field, you can get very good programs at really interesting costs.

For example, Neotel has been offering its service for more than 20 years and this is what has allowed it to develop a program that gets better with time. Of course, seniority is just one of the aspects that should be studied when contracting a call center software in Spain or in any other country.

Do you offer CRM call center? Try it and see

The best virtual PBX software includes the CRM call center module. CRM is a program that contains databases and options for communication between the different departments of the company. In other words, it is a step beyond the typical system that service companies usually have. In fact, this complement in itself is often central to boosting sales and the day-to-day growth of any business. In fact, you could call this telemarketing software.

Unfortunately, many call center software only offer the virtual PBX without this application. This will mean that, over time, the owner of the contracting company will have to look for this type of program separately. In addition to this, it is always essential to test this and other call center tools, which are vital for customer service, marketing and sales management. In general, CRM should be easy to use and interactive.

The best call center software has many features

The best virtual PBXs also offer entrepreneurs various useful applications for communication. In other words, apart from communication control and the possibility of using IP telephony, the best programs of this type provide a large number of call center solutions. The more tools and automation, the better things can work.

Call robot, call launchers, bulk SMS sending platform are some of these add-ons. All of them represent a great advantage when it comes to serving, selling or even charging our customers. The more callcenter tools the company offers as add-ons, the better the proposal will be. The goal is to have the greatest number of technological solutions for simplification and work efficiency.

Do you know the definition of virtual PBX?

If you still do not know what a call center software or virtual switchboard is, it is basically a program that allows you to manage all the communications of a company. To do this, they are migrated to IP telephony, which allows to support both telephone calls and all communication through a broadband connection. By having this type of program, you can control the work of telemarketers and have at your disposal an endless number of tools for the job.

At Neotel we have one of the best call center software prices, with proven experience and a good package of complementary applications. Once you try it you will see how necessary and functional it is. And you… Do you have an enterprise? Do you want to make the leap in business quality? Contact us.

IP telephony resellers: an ingenious way to make money

The collaborative economy is an approach to sharing that is increasingly present in Europe. The most innovative companies are creating distribution lines to increase their impact on the market and of course, the sales margin. Neotel is not lagging behind and is offering its IP telephony reseller program to the public. Those who are interested in selling IP voice PBXs will be able to generate extra profits very easily.

The virtual PBX is a service that is usually required by almost all companies and businesses. From this program, all telephone communication and business marketing tasks are supported. The sale of this type of software is an excellent opportunity to generate income.

IP Telephony Resellers: What is it like to be one?



Neotel has its own means of generating recruitment and business opportunities. However, to further increase its reach it has created a plan to recruit IP telephony resellers. Basically, anyone who wants to spend their free time selling our services can do so and generate revenue.

VoIP distribution does not require a schedule or an office position in the company. In fact, this is an opportunity that Neotel offers to independent sellers and anyone who wants to earn extra money. The goal is to expand our network of reseller partners to generate more customers and revenue.

In plain words, our IP telephony resellers are independent people who offer our services to companies and entrepreneurs. A reseller can have his own job or be a freelancer and join our VoIP reseller program. Every time a sale of the service is achieved, Neotel pays a generous commission.

Neotel IP Telephony Reseller Conditions

Neotel distributors have complete freedom to operate on their own schedule. A distributor can go about his daily business and schedule appointments or sell the product via telephone to acquaintances and companies. Our company’s conditions for this work are as follows:

Individual management: The way, strategies and mechanisms used by Neotel IP telephony distributors to sell depend on each one of them. Some distributors prefer to sell over the phone, while others schedule appointments with companies and possible interested parties. All management is left to the free will of each distributor partner.
Advice and support: Neotel has a lot of information available for distributors to strengthen their presentations and sales. The company guarantees all the necessary support so that the participants of this program can offer the VoIP PBXs and their complementary modules.
Monthly commissions: When a distributor succeeds in selling Neotel’s service, it does not charge a one-time commission per sale. It is important to remember that the virtual PBX is a service and not a product. Therefore, every customer that is acquired generates monthly benefits for IP telephony distributors for the duration of the contract.

Of course, the more contracts a distributor manages to close, the more revenue it generates. Likewise, if the customers that the distributor obtains remain for a long time, the revenue generated is maintained. In other words, each sale can continue to generate revenue.

Setting up a virtual PBX is necessary

Being IP telephony distributors is very profitable because this service is necessary at a business level. The best managed companies and businesses have VoIP PBXs and this is more than an add-on, it is usually a central system beyond the business activity that a company performs.

A virtual PBX is a program that allows to manage all the communication, internal and external, of any company. It works and adapts perfectly to large, medium and small businesses. The possibility of establishing telephone communication via broadband protocol, using office devices, makes billing much cheaper.

Setting up a virtual PBX is often a necessary upgrade that business owners simply don’t know how to do. In fact, many companies do not have such systems because they are not well advised or because they are completely unaware of them. This is precisely where the opportunity for distributors lies.

Neotel has the best tools for callcenter

Promoting Neotel’s products is very easy because the company is well known in the market. Our software is one of the most innovative, stable and profitable, having an experience of 20 years. Some of our customers have been with us for a long time, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and some countries in America.

Neotel’s virtual PBX is very complete, easy to use and that means it is also easy to sell. It is very different to sell a complicated software with specifications that only a computer engineer can understand, than to promote a program with a simple interface, designed so that anyone can understand it and operate it.

In addition to this, our program has very useful callcenter tools. Some of these facilitate customer service, while others are very effective platforms for business marketing. In addition, our virtual PBX prices are quite affordable, maintaining an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

If you are interested in extra income, have sales skills and some time, you can contact us and join our team of IP telephony distributors, without ties, schedules and with all the facilities that our product provides.

Integrating PBX with third-party software: speed sells

The most successful companies in the world invest in their communication. This basically involves incorporating the best equipment and systems to generate a faster, more pleasant and immediate approach to their customers. However, sometimes all that is necessary to achieve efficiency is to make small adjustments that facilitate the work of customer service. This is precisely what any company or business gains by integrating PBX with third-party software.

Having integrated and organized systems is much more important than it seems. Even using very basic and simple programs, everything can be very chaotic for the telemarketers of a company if the digital tools are disordered. In the business world, chaos often equals wasted time and this in turn means less productivity. The following article can be very helpful for those companies that are forming their call center.

Designing customer service


Integrate Virtual Switchboard with Third Party Software

When a company begins to have a considerable flow of customers, users or sales, it is time to organize the service. Any enterprise involves raising communication processes to produce more sales and generate solutions to the clientele. In fact, serving people and helping them to fulfill a certain need is precisely the origin of any business, its raison d’être.

Companies must not only serve their customers, but they must do so in the best possible way. To this end, call centers or customer service centers have designed processes. In this sense, it is essential that the systems, programs and equipment work in such a way that the greatest number of users can feel well attended. All of this is based on planning.

A fundamental part of this service design has to do with verifying how the programs necessary for management are executed. Basically, databases, applications to raise claims, electronic self-management systems, etc. All this is what the teleoperators of a company use to attend the users of the company. Those who have worked in call centers understand that the systems issue is vital.

Making a difference

A call center whose telemarketers use four or five programs in a haphazard, unintegrated and slow manner simply works poorly. At best, this type of working reality can always be improved. A big step towards improvement is to integrate PBX with third-party software. The concept of this technology solution is quite simple.

Integrating PBX with third-party software consists of adding both the softphone and the telephone answering system, as well as the rest of the programs used in the management in a single environment. In this way, the teleoperators’ work applications become a single great tool for call center management. In addition, this integration allows everything to work more efficiently, quickly and simply.

Websocket technology is often used for this purpose, which simplifies the work in the call center. The best virtual PBX is the one that generates greater productivity, and it is precisely this integration that facilitates this. However, to understand the significance of this, it is much better to look at specific examples.

What is a switchboard and call center like without integrated tools?

Those who have worked in call centers as coordinators or telemarketers can easily understand this type of reality. When the customer service department has non-integrated tools, what usually happens is the following:

Complicated and slow systems: In a call center without application integration, the teleoperator performs his work with difficulties to meet deadlines and goals. This is due to the fact that the programs are diverse, they work slowly and the management becomes more complex.
Difficulty in learning: In this scenario, new entrants who start working in the company may take a long time to understand how to perform their management. The more tools are disconnected from each other, the more difficult it is to approach the job. To this must be added the difficulties of meeting the times required by the company.
Unproductive call center: Poor performance, delays and slow learning on the part of new entrants only degenerates into low production. Fewer customers are served and this also brings other problems for the company.
Worse customer perception: Call centers with call queues and slow processes are poorly perceived by customers. This in turn affects the overall image of the company, which gets a bad reputation for poor customer service. This is precisely why the best companies invest in improving their communication and management processes.

As can be seen, the non-integration of systems in a call center degenerates into greater evils. It may seem a minor issue from the inside, but in reality, its worst consequence is the degradation of the service and the company’s image. It should be noted that all this ends up empowering the competition.

Integrate PBX with third party software: Functional Call Center

Although integrating PBX with third-party software does not solve everything, it is something that helps a lot. Telemarketers who work with integrated systems are usually much more productive than those who do not have this possibility. A call center that works with integrated applications works like this:

Functional systems: Integrating all the work applications into a single one is almost the same as using one tool to do everything. The programs open and appear quickly on the screen, simplifying the teleoperator’s management. Procedures are performed more quickly and smoothly.
Quick learning: Since you start from an environment where all the tools are present, the system is easier to understand. Operators have fewer steps to memorize and will know where to find each solution without much effort. New personnel can learn to manage more quickly, with less cumbersome processes.
Increased productivity: When new staff understand their management faster, service times improve. The time spent on adaptation is less and numbers improve faster. As processes are more understandable and faster, call center statistics are usually better.

Having a productive call center has many advantages for any business. Companies that sell services above all tend to be rated for their availability and good customer service. Precisely, integrating PBX with third-party software allows to facilitate the work in the room, which is a vital requirement to improve the service.

What is needed to integrate the PBX with third-party software?

In principle, the technology used to perform the integration is websocket. Basically, it is a connector that allows everything to be contained in the same virtual environment. When the teleoperator opens the virtual switchboard and other callcenter tools, he will be able to use each program from a program that brings them together. It does not matter if the applications are from other companies.

Of course, to achieve this it is necessary to have a modern virtual PBX, also adapted for this type of technological solution. The fact is that not all call center software has this possibility. The advantage of the Neotel PBX is that it has this input possibility.

With Neotel, integrating PBX with third party software is very simple. Our software is hosted in the cloud and to access it you only need a broadband Internet connection. Everything is very simple, without complicated installations and with a really functional, fast and complete system.

What does Neotel have in store for your business?

Neotel has one of the best virtual PBX on the market in Europe. It allows any company to enjoy IP telephony, which is cheaper, secure and of high quality. In addition, this program is used to manage and improve customer service and marketing.

In the case of Neotel, we have such useful systems as the platform for sending bulk SMS, the robot call, the click to call me back button and others. All this indicates that the virtual PBX is more than a call center program nowadays. Basically, it is a business communication application that every company should hire to aim at professionalization and simplification of tasks.

At Neotel we have the best plans and prices, so that any entrepreneur can run his business with the virtual switchboard and the best additional callcenter tools. With our software you will be able to manage all the communication of your business and integrate your PBX with third party software. This way, everything will be easier for your operators.

High volume of customers and sales? use predictive dialer

There comes a time in the life of every business when things start to grow. Users become consumers, sales go up and suddenly, entrepreneurs are faced with large numbers of calls and orders. In case you start to live this process, having a virtual PBX with the predictive dialer module is the solution.

Nowadays, small individual stores and personal brands are very fashionable. In fact, a single person can start a business and make it profitable. Over time, one learns to improve in aspects such as marketing, customer service, merchandise purchasing, among others. However, those who have a good product in hand may be overwhelmed by demand. In these cases, callcenter tools will help shoulder the burden.

The problem of individual businesses

predictive dialer

Many people start a business alone, with some merchandise, a computer and their smartphone. Of course, getting started is the most important thing and it doesn’t matter if the startup is done with few resources. However, there comes a time when 10 weekly orders become 200 and even more. Attending to social networks, calls, orders, packaging and shipping them without something going wrong, is a job that cannot be tackled by just one person.

The same is true for marketing, whether by phone or digitally. Many marketers rely on active communication strategies to increase sales. This implies that the entrepreneur sends out promotions, new products and keeps in touch with his group of consumers and users. This type of technique is often very effective, but involves an investment of effort.

When the volume of sales and customers increases, the first thing to do is to hire personnel. The more the company grows, the greater the number of people in charge of the different work areas will have to be. The second thing to do is to ensure the productivity of the people in charge of customer service and telemarketing. In the case of the latter, the predictive dialer is the best solution to obtain good results.

What are call launchers?

Call launchers, or automatic dialers, are systems that dial customer telephone numbers on their own. This type of application is capable of making multiple contacts in multiple ways. For this purpose, lists of telephone numbers are programmed and calls are authorized.

Depending on the method chosen for making calls, these programs are divided into progressive and predictive dialers. The spacing between each call release will be defined by the operation of the system. For example, the progressive call function allows contact to be established little by little, depending on the availability of the operators. This application is designed for small departments, where there is a moderate communication flow.

In the case of the predictive dialer, the launching of calls is usually faster. As its name suggests, the automation of this tool has the task of predicting. Now… What should it predict?

Predictive Dialer: Predictions to get better and better

The predictive dialer is an intelligent call launcher. This is so, because its function is to predict how often it can launch calls for the operators to attend the contacted customers. To make this calculation, the software uses a logarithm that crosses different statistics specific to the department where it is used.

In general, the system takes into account statistics such as average call time, intervals in which there are operators on the line and the number of calls made per day, among others. Knowing this data, the predictive dialer establishes or predicts a more efficient call launching, which allows to meet the objective of improving productivity. This is how, little by little, outbound contact or telemarketing departments can improve over time.

Calling programs of this type use artificial intelligence principles. In fact, this is a very advanced program and even more complex than the progressive dialer. Of course, both callcenter tools are targeted for different types of companies.

Predictive dialer: For whom is it most useful?

As stated above, the predictive dialer is ideal for large call centers with high customer and call volume. Basically, any large company can use it and improve their outbound productivity. The following companies can take full advantage of this tool:

Service companies: The predictive dialer is ideal for firms that sell services. This group includes banks, insurance brokers, subscription television services, among others. This is because this is the type of business that tends to have a larger clientele and an emerging need to maintain contact with users.
Companies with large customer portfolios: A company that is not very large, but has numerous telephone contacts take advantage of this resource to make more sales, promotions and other similar activities.
Firms with collections departments: Many firms can increase the productivity of their collections departments with the predictive dialer. In these cases, recurring calls can be made to debtors. This is a very widespread and permitted tactic in some countries.

Predictive dialer functions

Call launchers have the basic function of dialing calls. However, each type of dialer has its own particular characteristics. The predictive dialer performs the following functions in the outgoing calls department:

Launches calls automatically: The idea of a software to launch calls is to avoid that such work depends on human operators. In this way, a continuous productivity is ensured at the time of performing the task and achieving the objectives of each campaign.
Statistical measurement: The predictive dialer operates by performing a mathematical analysis of the activity of each call center. In other words, its dialing is intelligent, effective and adapted to the reality of each office. This is also what predictive dialing is all about.
Improves department performance: The predictive dialer is fundamental to the overall performance of the call center. However, beyond maintaining it, it is about launching calls with the objective of increasingly improving productivity. In short, performance improvement is part of its regular operation.

How does this system get the statistics it needs?

The predictive dialer is a module that is part of PBXs. In fact, this is the base software offered by companies such as Neotel. It is important to note that the virtual PBX unifies and manages all business communication, which also occurs via IP telephony when this type of program is implemented.

By using the Internet protocol, all call records and data are stored in the virtual PBX. In fact, one of the basic functions of this software is the verification of data in call center and telemarketing departments. This is made possible by the unification of all communication and its migration to Internet calls.

It is thanks to PBXs that call programs such as predictive dialers can obtain the data for their operation. Generally, an algorithm unifies several predefined call center statistics, performs calculations from formulas and this enables productivity-oriented call dialing. Basically everything is interconnected and this indicates the importance of call center software, even if you don’t have one.

The best part is that these are just some of the functions and programs used in call centers. To tell the truth, the virtual PBX has many more efficient and useful functions applicable to business communication.

PBXs: Neotel has the most innovative one

Virtual PBXs organize and change the way you work with customer service. Using them allows to better control and manage the communication of outgoing or incoming calls. It doesn’t matter whether the contracting entrepreneur wants a customer care center or marketing tools: these softwares can cover both facets.

In fact, PBXs are much more than call center software. In fact, it is more a compendium of tools that solve different business problems. Among our modules we have databases, plugins for web pages, advertising mechanisms and of course, migration to IP telephony. The latter is a great solution for any type of company, because it lowers the cost of communication.

At Neotel we have different plans for those entrepreneurs interested in our callcenter tools. From the smallest or just starting up to the most recognized firms, everyone can count on a service adjusted to their budget. If you want more information, contact us.

Progressive dialer: a must for start-up companies

Many entrepreneurs imagine call centers as huge rooms occupied by 50 telephone operators. Certainly, the largest firms tend to operate this way. However, even small businesses can have a small call center and all they need to do is rely on tools such as virtual IP PBXs and dialers.

Few people know it, but the stores that are booming right now are not just focused on their social networks. Even if it doesn’t come out in the open, the secret is to let regular customers know that the business is present at all times. In this regard, phone calls are often essential. Likewise, using some technological applications such as the progressive dialer will be of great help.

Every business needs a call center

progressive dialer

There is a tendency to believe that having an online store and social networks is enough to become an entrepreneur. In reality, what is important right now is to have a fluid communication with customers and potential users. Internet platforms are fundamental, but they have a passive dynamic because they simply show the products. On the other hand, callcenter functions and tools allow you to go in search of the customer, in a productive way.

Whether you want to generate sales, request data or present a new product, the telephone call allows you to do so. Similarly, many companies also require departments to collect debts from their customers. This is very common, especially in companies of various services, and to tell the truth, it is a technique that makes it possible to recover income that was thought to be lost.

Doing all these things is possible even with a small customer service center of two or three people. If there are only a few people in charge, it is essential to have callcenter tools to increase productivity and get things done more quickly. Precisely, one of the most functional modules for this task is the progressive dialer. Now, the first thing to do is to understand what dialers are.

What is an autodialer?

As its name suggests, the dialer is a module that allows you to automatically dial telephone numbers. They are also known as call launchers, because their job is precisely to launch calls within a given list of phone numbers. This is a tool that is mostly used in inbound call departments.

The system is defined by a sequence of tasks. In principle, the initial task involves loading or programming a list of telephone numbers on the progressive dialer platform. From here, the program launches the calls to the customers. The last task of this business communication implement is to transfer the call to a free telephone agent.

The dialer’s main purpose is to make the outgoing calls work while maintaining productivity. While in some call centers the task of calling depends on the operators, with dialers this is done by an automated system. Of course, efficiency and continuous work are favored by this type of tool.

There are different types of call center dialers: predictive and progressive. Both have their own dynamics, operation and serve for a particular type of work. The progressive dialer is usually best suited for new or small businesses.

The progressive dialer is ideal for small businesses.

The progressive dialer performs its work progressively, as its name suggests. This means, it will launch the calls little by little, one by one in not so fast time intervals. For this, the system makes use of special algorithms and schedules that allow to maintain the proper operability within the outbound calls department.

Because of this dynamic, the progressive dialer is ideal for small outbound departments. This means that small businesses with very few employees can use it to increase their productivity. Even if there are only a few telephone operators available, this module of the virtual IP PBX allows you to get the most out of your calls and work.

This is why the progressive dialer is an excellent solution to start telemarketing or collections, even if the company is not very large. This is the opposite of the predictive dialer, which has been designed for customer service departments with a much larger volume of calls.

What types of companies can best take advantage of the progressive dialer?

All callcenter tools can be leveraged if you think strategically. However, some business activities benefit from the use of the progressive dialer in an obvious way:

Temporary service companies: All service companies should not only have a customer service department, but also dialer systems. This does not only apply to a cable TV service, or a bank. For example, a travel agency or a hospitality company will be able to take advantage of this tool just before the holiday season.
Niche marketers: People who are consumers of unusual products may welcome monthly calls from their suppliers informing them of new products. For example, cosmetics buyers or consumers of fishing tackle.
Subscription-based service companies: This includes insurance companies, banks, Internet services and other organizations with similar dynamics. In these cases, the progressive dialer is often used both for collection purposes and to offer discounts, new products, etc.

In fact, many companies use an automatic call dialer. Even traditional retailers may implement the calls with their list of trusted customers.

Tasks where progressive dialing can be useful

Dialing systems are useful for many tasks beyond telemarketing. In fact, this business module is quite versatile and can be implemented in many different functions:

Collections: This is one of the most recurrent tasks of inbound call departments. As this type of work is so tiring for operators, using dialers becomes an effective way to keep productivity afloat.
Updating data: It is always a good thing to keep customer data up to date. This is a necessity in service companies, although any business should strive for this. In this regard, the progressive dialer can be useful for calling customers and confirming useful and relevant personal information.
Offering deals or incentives: Many businesses need to call their customers to give or offer things. For example, banks call when they want to grant a new credit card. Similarly, there are companies that contact their users to invite them to participate in contests.

Regarding telemarketing, it is often seen as a somewhat tedious and unnecessary practice. However, it all depends on the way companies do things. Precisely, the progressive dialer allows to make calls in an orderly manner and to collect data on the people with whom communication has been established.

Independent salespeople can be successful

Regarding the use of telemarketing, everything will depend on the prospects. It is true that when service companies call their customers, many of them tend to respond somewhat negatively. However, this is not the common denominator, nor do all commercial initiatives have the same results. In this regard, the case of independent salespeople is enigmatic.

People who have personal ventures tend to use telemarketing often. This is so, because the personal business condition allows them to establish communication with their customers, without this being perceived as a nuisance. Of course, you can always mix the concept of personal branding with the implementation of telemarketers who call customers to offer new products.

To tell the truth, this is a practice that is currently done in many countries. In these cases, it is important to create a close relationship with each customer so that the calls are not understood in a negative way. This is precisely what makes it possible to exploit the resource of personal branding.

virtual IP voice PBX: everything for customer care

The progressive dialer is just one of the modules that Neotel’s virtual IP PBX has. If you want to start a small call center, it is always a good idea to incorporate a CRM as well. This is an interactive database that synchronizes all employees and guides sales efforts.

Similarly, the fact of acquiring a virtual IP voice PBX, has several additions such as the call recorder and the statistics module. These will allow to monitor the work of telephone operators and to verify the flow of incoming calls to the company. The latter is an import that can be useful in the creation of commercial strategies.

Neotel offers its services at an economic cost, with plans oriented to the possibilities of each type of entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, organizing the telephone communication and marketing of your company is essential for growth.

Uses of the robot call in the business world

The virtual switchboard has evolved to offer companies and businesses innovative marketing tools. Today it is known that telephone contact with customers is still very much alive and has not been replaced by social networks. In this order of ideas, one of the most used callcenter tools nowadays is the robot call.

The use of the robot call is very common in the largest service companies worldwide. Perhaps it is in the medium and small companies where it is less known and used. However, there are a lot of applications that can be given to this technological module. Of course, the first thing to do is to know what this tool is all about.

Robot call: more than a telephone dialer

robot call

Dialers are systems that allow several calls to be made simultaneously. This is a resource generally used for commercial purposes. In their traditional version, they process lists of telephone numbers and launch calls which, when answered by customers, are handled by a company teleoperator.

Up to this point, the telephone dialer did not replace the work of the human telephone operator. In the end, they were the ones who necessarily had to dialogue and negotiate with the customer. This is not an obsolete technology, as many companies use intelligent telephone dialers such as predictive and progressive dialers.

However, telephone dialers have advanced to offer a more advanced technological solution. That is precisely what Robot call is, a call launcher that does not require human telephone agents to deliver a message to customers. It is an entirely automated advertising tool.

How does the robot call do its job?

The robot call is a call launcher with messages voiced by a “robotic” operator.  That is to say, when answering the call, the customer will not hear a person, but a recorded message. Therefore, it should be understood as a fully automated application.

It could be said that the call robot is a call launcher in two parts. In this case, not only the list of telephone numbers to be called is programmed. In addition to this, the message to be conveyed by the call is also entered into the system.

After programming the list of telephone numbers and the message to be transmitted, the calls are launched simultaneously. When customers answer, they basically listen to an operator who repeats the message that was written and programmed in the robot call. In this way, an advertising message can be delivered without the need to use telephone agents.

The great thing about the robot call is that it can be used for many types of advertising messages. Companies can set many objectives around this ideal tool for telemarketing.

Use the robo call to inform about new plans and offers.

The robot call is understood as an excellent way to inform and build loyalty. If the company or business has a new product or service, an excellent way to announce it is through voice calls. In this way, the clientele can know that there is a new plan that could favor him or her, be cheaper or more convenient for him or her.

Above all, in the case of offers, the robot call is usually very effective and generates interaction. Discounts and gifts are not only well received and capture the interest of users. In addition to that, this type of message can mobilize them to the company’s website. In fact, in these cases it is recommended to end the message with a phrase such as “see more on our website”.

Informing offers through the robot call has the advantage of predisposing the customer to attend this type of calls. From then on, many customers will be more open to receive this type of business messages to get information and look for offers that are convenient for them.

An excellent way to inform about billing

One of the problems that some service companies have is informing their customers about their billing. Nowadays there are self-management systems available on the Internet. However, it is always a good strategy to remind customers about their debt and cut-off date.

The robot call is a very useful tool to remind customers about their service billing. In fact, it can be much more effective to listen to this than to check it on the computer. Users tend to remember more accurately both the amounts and the billing dates.

Many cell phone companies, banks and insurance brokers use this method. This is because they know that it is an ideal strategy to avoid payment delays and outages that complicate the company-user relationship. Doing this work is important to avoid a bad impression of the customer and allows companies to keep in touch.

Robot calls are perfect for building customer loyalty

Not all advertising messages are aimed at selling or collecting payment. In fact, companies must also communicate empathetically with customers and potential users. For this, the robot call can be a viable alternative.

For example, Christmas messages and special day greetings are an excellent way to build customer loyalty. If it is a service company, it is also feasible to celebrate the anniversary of the user’s stay with the company. Caution messages can also be sent during the vacations.

There are many loyalty messages that companies can use to keep in touch with customers. These are more important than they seem, being key in creating an emotional connection with the company and its products.

Can businesses use the robot call?

Experience shows that the companies that make the most use of the robo-call are those that offer services and not products. This is because this telephone dialer is very useful for mass communications. However, even a retailer or a virtual store can take advantage of this module of the virtual switchboard.

For example, a virtual store can use the robot call to notify its most trusted customers about the arrival of new merchandise. It can also inform about a new offer, promotion and also send loyalty messages.

Similarly, it is feasible to use the robot call to invite customers to a special event. If, for example, a shopping fair or exhibition is held, this is a good way to promote the activity to encourage attendance. It all depends on the creativity of the business owner or marketing manager.

Advantages of the robot call

The robot call has several advantages when compared to other similar telemarketing systems, such as the telephone dialer. Of course, each of the callcenter tools has its own function, and all of them are good for something. However, it is important to mention the good things that this particular module has:

Greater control of the advertising message: when a telemarketer makes a sale or offers a promotion, many factors can come into play. In addition, there are people who develop selling skills and others who do not. With the robot call, the advertising message is designed and programmed in advance.
Everything is automated: This call launcher is ideal to perform tasks without employing telephone operators. This is because the robot call is fully automated. Its operation only requires the elaboration of the message and the programming of the telemarketing campaign.
It is a mass telemarketing module: Telemarketing campaigns with human operators are limited. They depend on the number of agents available and usually require more time covering a small number of customers. In contrast, the robot call can reach many people quickly and simultaneously.
It is less annoying: Many customers perceive calls with recorded voiceovers as less annoying. This is because their informative message is usually short and precise. This is an advantage compared to telemarketing calls.

Neotel has the cheapest and newest virtual pbx

The robot call is one of the additional modules offered by Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Our system is state-of-the-art, easy to understand and with an intuitive interface. Anyone can program messages to be broadcast by voice call.

The message can be written or recorded and then simply broadcast through simultaneous calls. Neotel offers different cost packages for the use of the robot call. This is intended so that every company can enjoy this automated system, depending on their budget. For example, a small company can opt for the 10-channel plan for as little as 25 euros per month.

Robot call is just one of the callcenter tools that Neotel offers to amplify business communication. Our program offers a series of technological solutions for customer service and telemarketing. We have the cheapest and most innovative virtual switchboard on the market.

Predictive dialer: Ideal for companies with high volume of work

The telephone dialer is a tool that enhances communication between companies and their customers. Its mission is to make phone calls more efficient regardless of their purpose or origin. In this sense, those companies that are at the peak of their commercial activity will be able to better serve their clientele thanks to the predictive dialer.

This type of system is one of the best applications of artificial intelligence at work. Although it is complex to operate, it is quite simple to use. Companies with large call centers will be able to improve their productivity more and more.

The dialer and its variants

Dialers are simultaneous call launchers. They can work both to improve telephone work and outgoing calls. An outgoing call is a call that originates in the company and is received by a customer. On the other hand, the incoming call is the one made by the customer to a certain product or service company.

predictive dialer

Now, there are many different telephone dialers. Each one differs according to its function, system and objectives to be fulfilled within a company. For example, the progressive dialer is ideal for rooms with few operators and small campaigns with long talk times.

Of course, call center rooms of large companies with many customers need something more. The progressive dialer works by occupying each operator when he or she is free of calls. However, a busy call center would not be able to function that way. It is in these scenarios that the predictive dialer becomes indispensable.

What does the predictive dialer do?

As its name suggests, the predictive dialer is a call launcher that works by making predictions. Therefore, its operation is much more complex than having a free operator take a call. It is a specialized tool for large coverage.

The predictive dialer is probably the most complex of all dialers so far invented. Its effectiveness is due to the type of artificial intelligence it implements. To make its predictions, this phone dialer performs complex calculations of several variables.

This is easier to understand when looking at call center statistics. Usually, the metrics that a call center coordinator sees have multiple statistical data.

Precisely, the predictive dialer takes all these statistics and predicts how the calls should be handled. This is not easy to understand, and in fact, these are calculations that a person could not do with such accuracy all the time.

What does the predictive dialer analyze?

The statistical data that the predictive dialer continuously reviews from a call center are six: Available and active agents, number of calls and average talk, answer and dialing times.

All these data are analyzed and related to each other in order to put the department to work efficiently. This is how the predictive dialer begins its work by assigning effectively attended calls to the available operators and discarding failed contacts that generate wasted time.

To be sure, the predictive dialer goes beyond putting a call center to work properly. In fact, it is always looking for ways to improve talk times and reduce idle time. Over time, the system finds ways to generate higher productivity thanks to its unmatched logarithm.

Efficiency-driven operation

When a company implements the predictive dialer in its telemarketing campaigns, all work is planned. This system calculates the right pace of work to make more calls, contacts and sales in less time. From here, it will work with the intention of meeting those objectives.

However, this process of calculating and automating calls is not static. In fact, the predictions of this phone dialer are constantly occurring. Over time, the system continues to improve call center performance by understanding how operators should behave.

This predictive capability and constant improvement clearly differentiates it from other callcenter tools, such as the progressive dialer. Of course, in its work it achieves other functions that generate greater effectiveness in the work of making outgoing calls.

Other things the predictive dialer does

The predictive dialer does not only launch outgoing calls when operators are free. This is the most important function of any dialer, but these systems also do other things. To be sure, it is more about ensuring intelligent dialing:

This dialer discards making calls to numbers that usually don’t answer. For example, after trying a couple of times with a disconnected phone or fax tone, the system learns that it won’t get anything by calling that phone number.
It also discards phone numbers of people who have blocked telemarketing calls. This is a good way to avoid wasting time with consumers who will not be interested in either the product or the call.
The system also analyzes the performance of each agent. Its operation not only affects the statistics, but also generates its own. This tool in fact allows to organize the work in call center.

The predictive dialer and call center statistics

The predictive dialer is an excellent tool for outbound call departments. However, its effectiveness is much higher when someone inside the company analyzes the call center metrics. This is a task that is almost always performed by a room coordinator. In the case of a small business, it may be the owner who performs this task.

The increase in productivity generated by this dialer will always be reflected in the statistics of the virtual PBX for calls. But if these data are well analyzed, strategies can be implemented to further optimize the work in the call center. It is also important to focus on the performance of individual operators.

In addition, it will always be possible to verify data such as, for example, the hours in which most calls are answered. All this will allow you to organize the work of the department to get the best out of it. But beyond speeding up the volume of outbound telemarketing calls, the predictive dialer is an important tool for the telemarketing department.

Predictive dialer generates more sales

The predictive dialer launches more calls and ensures that they are handled by the company’s telemarketers. This fact alone allows to improve sales or closed business from telemarketing campaigns: The more calls, the greater the opportunity to sell.

The best thing is that this system makes several calls to potential prospects interested in a product, offer or service. In this way, users are followed up and telemarketing statistics indicate that this is the way to increase the probabilities of selling. In fact, according to statistical studies, after the fifth call to the same customer, the probability of closing the sale begins to increase by 66%.

The predictive dialer launches several calls to numbers and potential customers automatically. As indicated above, it also discards numbers that are unlikely to generate an effective call. In addition, with this system, the calls handled are always handled by an agent, as that is what this tool takes care of.

The predictive dialer is an additional virtual PBX module for calls. In Neotel we have one of the most innovative dialers, updated and with artificial intelligence of the highest level.

Neotel has an updated virtual PBX

Neotel is a technology solutions company with more than 20 years in the communications market. Some of the most powerful companies in Spain and other European countries use our call center software and modules. We also provide our products to SMEs, virtual stores and small businesses.

One of the most useful and interesting modules of our virtual PBX for calls are the telephone dialers. At Neotel we have a high performance progressive dialer and also a predictive dialer. The latter is one of the most requested by customers who have busy call center departments, with extensive telemarketing campaigns.

These technological add-ons allow for improved sales and customer service. Another of our most requested launchers is the call robot, which allows to extend messages voiced by an operator to a large number of customers. This is also a telephone dialer, because it makes mass calls in an automated way.

The Neotel call center software interface is one of the most intuitive in the market, being easy to use by anyone. Similarly, the additional modules such as the predictive dialer are easy to implement, despite having state-of-the-art technology. In conclusion, a great communication solution for the businessman of the present and also of the future.

call center software

Why should any business use call center software?

Call center software is projected as an indispensable business tool for the future. This goes beyond companies that have customer service centers. Basically, any type of business can take advantage of this type of software.

Call center software is not just for call centers. Nowadays they are called by this name because in the past they were oriented to this type of departments. But these programs have become business communication managers. In fact, they are useful for customer service, telemarketing and even internal communications.

What is call center software?


call center software

A call center software unifies and manages a company’s communications. To do so, it offers a series of functionalities that go beyond telephone communication. In fact, this program offers modules for text messaging, email, virtual fax, video calls, among others.

The important thing about this software is that it allows you to know everything about the company’s communication. To this end, it generates statistics, keeps a record of conversations and also offers automated tools. It is a program that has evolved a lot in recent years.

The best thing is that you no longer need expensive servers and data centers to use it. Today’s programs can be used from a smartphone, or even remotely. Everything is hosted in the cloud and works with an internet connection. That’s why they are now called virtual PBX or VoIP PBX.

Why should any business have callcenter tools?

Nowadays it is known that communication is everything in the business world. Whether you offer a service, a physical product or anything else, communication is vital to sell. If there is no customer relationship and avenues for interaction, business simply perishes.

This is something many marketers and entrepreneurs have learned from social media. Unfortunately, using these digital meeting spaces is not enough to build business relationships and sell. It is believed that 60% of people prefer phone calls as a means of business communication.

The issue is not about whether it is better to carry social networks than to take calls. In reality, businesses should offer as many avenues of communication as possible. This equates to greater sales opportunities and better customer and user perception. In addition, to obtain better results, it is not only necessary to communicate, it is necessary to control the interaction.

Why hire a virtual switchboard if you have an online store?

Opening virtual stores is one of the most successful commercial modalities of the moment. Its potential lies in the possibility of selling without having to rent a physical space. However, one of the main problems of this type of business is to generate trust and security in the customer.

To tell the truth, social networks are spaces where scams abound. An excellent way to make customers trust at the beginning is to maintain a more direct and formal communication. For all of this, call center software features are great. Being able to have an IVR at the beginning, transferring and muting calls are signs of formality.

The best thing is that acquiring virtual PBX for calls is not very expensive if done with the right company. A self-employed person with no employees and a virtual store can pay for this program. For example, in Neotel the basic plan does not cost more than 100 €. With some useful modules and functionalities, the total sum would not be more than 200 € per month.

You don’t need a contact center to buy this software

Some business owners would not pay for a call center software because they do not have one. To tell the truth, the virtual PBX is a program that allows you to provide good service without having a contact center. Everything is stored in the cloud and works from a simple Internet connection.

A person who has three employees serving their customers should hire a call center software. For a very low cost, he will be able to check how they serve the public and enjoy some useful modules to sell. It is for things like this that the virtual PBX is useful.

Many companies nowadays work with tele-operators or professionals via remote. This is possible thanks to the virtual switchboard, which allows to control that the worker fulfills his work despite being out of the office. There are companies that have a call center working with operators located in different parts of the world thanks to this program.

How do you sell more with call center software?

One of the most overlooked objectives of today’s call center software is that they are geared to sell more. Arguably, this is a marketing tool that will be around for years to come. The best part is that its contribution and modules surpass traditional telemarketing.

Callcenter tools for selling are basically automated applications. That is, they are programs that use artificial intelligence to operate. Despite this, anyone can make them work. Dialers are the best example of this. These are modules that launch outgoing calls automatically. This way, companies do not rely on salespeople to make the calls.

Another useful module for advertising is the call robot. This is one of the most requested callcenter tools by Neotel customers. Basically, this is a call launcher with voicemail messages. The company composes a text, adds it to the system and automatically launches hundreds of calls instantly. Users receive the call and listen to the recorded information.

Sending bulk SMS is quite similar to the robot call. Thanks to it, companies can send advertising text messages to all their customers on a massive scale. All these means make it easier to perform marketing tasks, mobilize customers and keep them informed of offers, changes, new rates, among other things.

The virtual switchboard allows you to know your customers to sell more

Call center software allows companies and businesses to obtain information about their customers. One of the current problems in the business world is that many of the commercial strategies are being carried out without accurate information. In fact, only 5% of the current information ends up being used by companies to offer products and services.

The call center software has modules to know the opinion of customers. Perhaps the most notorious is the telephone survey. This allows questions to be asked to customers at the beginning or end of calls. The question is spoken through the IVR and the company’s callers have options to choose from using the numeric keypad.

From telephone surveys, customers can be asked for example “What is your favorite product?”. The public can also be asked what type of product they would like in the future. All this and much more can be known thanks to call center software.

It is possible to use the call center software from the smartphone

Call center software can be used from virtually any device with Internet access. It can be a computer with a microphone, or even from the smartphone. A person who has a small business and manages everything from his cell phone can resort to this technology.

One of the most striking callcenter tools is the mobile PBX. Thanks to this, operators can have all the functions of call center software on their smartphone. Furthermore, traders and entrepreneurs can always check metrics and access the program from any Internet-enabled device.

All the functions and modules described so far are part of Neotel’s virtual call center. These are just some of the tools offered by this multifunctional program. Any business can expand its market presence by implementing it.

Neotel’s call center software is the most innovative one

Neotel has 20 years of experience offering technological solutions to companies. Our main product is the virtual switchboard and nowadays it has countless innovative modules. Its purpose is to control communication in favor of the business, generating more sales and a better user perception.

At Neotel we have created three packages that adapt to the needs of each client. These are the standard, premium and Neomax packs. For example, small entrepreneurs can purchase the first one and from there, get a service adapted to the size of their business. Everyone can benefit from the call center software with an investment according to the size of their business.

This program allows to manage all communications via the Internet, which makes them cheaper. It is no longer necessary to sign large contracts with traditional telephone companies. At Neotel we have the most competitive data and minutes rates in the market. Now you know why any business should and can use call center software.virtu

The benefits of integrating virtual PBX with third party software

The ability to integrate all work tools into one is a shared desire of many call centers. To tell the truth, integrating PBX with third-party software is nowadays possible and can be done very easily. This is a technological achievement that responds to a business demand.

It doesn’t matter if a company uses four applications from different developers. Today there are ways to integrate them all in a single intuitive and easy-to-use space. Some entrepreneurs may not understand the magnitude or functionality of integration. For sure, it has direct benefits on productivity and employee work.

The problem of not having integrated applications

Those work environments where repetitive tasks are performed quickly, the need for integration is clearly understood. The best example of this is customer call centers. In these cases, it is easy to identify how problematic it is to use different programs.

In the case of the call center, having to use several different tools implies notorious time losses and increased efforts. This is only a general rule, but the effects of this order of things generate multiple affectations. Evidently, this is a factor that has a notorious impact on business productivity.


This is equivalent to having a planned system that cannot be fulfilled because something is wrong. Companies have expectations, response times, objectives and many times they cannot meet them due to the disintegration between the various applications for the job.

What is an API?

With the creation of the API protocol and environments, it was possible to unify tools from different companies. An API is a digital environment or interface that allows two different programs to be grouped together, regardless of whether they are from different brands or creators. These tools are called APIs because of their English translation: Application Programming Interface.

In Spanish this translates as Application Programming Interface. Basically, this digital environment allows the communication and congregation of programs. It seems something of little importance, but in reality the use of this type of tool simplifies the life of workers.

In addition, the API allows to do this in a secure way to avoid data mining. It could be said, that this tool has some secondary functions that favor companies. The best thing is that the worker does not have to know that everything has been integrated, he simply works with a single tool that contains several.

Integrating programs is better for computers

One of the biggest problems with computers in some offices is their slowness. It can take time for the operator to turn on the CPU, open each system and get them working. This sometimes happens even though the computers are properly maintained and have antivirus software.

To be sure, this does not always happen because of a failure but because of multiple heavy programs running. Having to open them one by one, while the worker starts working, can slow down the system. If the computers are low on memory, the matter simply becomes more complicated.

It is worth noting that many call centers incorporate computers with limited memory. This is a way to reduce the operating costs of the rooms and many companies work in this way. It is precisely these types of companies with large call rooms that are best served by integrating virtual PBX with third-party software.

In fact, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is a very positive thing for this type of offices. The computer is able to work better and the operator loses less time doing his job.

Easier and faster for the operator

It is not the same to have to open several applications and navigate through them, than to have them all organized within the same program. The integration of all the applications that are used when working provides the worker with an organization. This is so because the API organizes and allows to organize the elements it integrates.

In the case of the call center, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software greatly simplifies management. This is because in this case the operators can manage the softphone and the database in the same environment as the rest of the programs.

This represents a notorious time saving for an operator that has an impact on the final productivity. The seconds saved while switching from one application to another in a simple way, improves individual performance. It may not seem like a lot of time, but when this happens throughout the day, the result is reflected in the statistics. However, this is not the only reason why a call center room improves its management through integration.

Facilitating learning in the call center

One of the most common problems in almost all call centers is the training of new staff. Incorporating new employees involves training them to handle applications and calls. This is much more complex and time-consuming when the staff must handle different applications to perform different tasks.

For example, a bank’s call center uses a database, callcenter tools for claims, another one for withdrawals and another one to manage failures in the web page. Understanding the type of business and the possibility of many different types of customer requests, learning for new staff can be complicated.

When these tools are separated from each other, learning is more complicated. Add to this the slowness in the system, and the operator tends to collapse and call time increases. This in turn generates call queues, something that customer service centers want to avoid.

In this sense, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software simplifies the learning process for new entries. This is because the management application is understood as a single, unified application. The operator does not need to know that they are different callcenter tools. From the integration, he could understand each application as functions or sections of the same digital environment.

Improving call center productivity

The integration of the virtual PBX with third-party software improves response time. Firstly, it does so because fewer seconds are lost during call center operations. Secondly, it also does so by facilitating the training of new entries.

Integrating all applications simplifies the management of any call center. From this point on, operators will be able to improve their response time. This is because the applications are easier to open, they are all connected and the management system becomes more intuitive.

As a result, the overall productivity of the call center will improve substantially. This will be reflected in the overall statistics of the call center and the individual statistics of each operator. Of course, having better response times implies an overall improvement in customer service.

When response times per operator decrease, less waiting queues are created. In turn, the number of hung up calls is reduced because people wait less to be answered by a teleoperator. Even the work dynamic is facilitated by being able to achieve free time between calls. Basically, this integration achieves a “cascade effect”, especially when combined with strategies to organize work.

Neotel allows the integration of virtual PBX with third party software.

Neotel uses the best technological resources to integrate the virtual PBX with all the applications used in the company. It does not matter if they are many or if they are heavy, our digital environment is innovative, functional and quite fluid.

At Neotel we use the best of websocket technology to have a tool with the best features. Our virtual PBX has an easy to use interface, fast and configured in a very visual way. This will facilitate the management of telemarketers, regardless of the type of business the company is engaged in.

Neotel provides a stable, functional and smoothly operating digital environment. All the applications needed to perform the management will be in the same place. Those customer service centers that do not yet enjoy the benefits of the virtual PBX, can easily migrate through our program. The technological change is simple, without complex installations and with the support of our expert staff.

Virtual PBX for innovative companies

Neotel has the most innovative and stable virtual switchboard for companies in the market. This product has been successfully implemented by multiple companies and entrepreneurs. Our company has 20 years of experience in the business technology market.

The best thing about our PBX is that it also has modules that allow entrepreneurs to generate more sales. You create the business strategies and Neotel provides you with the call center tools and other features to connect with your audience.

Mobile PBX: the call center on your smartphone

A great advantage of today’s call center software is that it can be used on any device with an Internet connection. However, in order to use the virtual PBX on a smartphone with all its functions, a complementary application must be used. This is the virtual PBX and is equivalent to being able to call and receive calls as if we were in the contact center.

In call center departments, the management software allows you to transfer, mute, put on hold and retrieve calls. Not to mention the fact that this software allows you to connect each extension, record each call and monitor. It may seem impossible to have these features while away from the office. However, technology has advanced and offers quite complete solutions.

From physical to virtual PBX


virtual pbx on your smartphone

Many companies even today continue to maintain large call center rooms with servers, data centers and other equipment. In fact, maintaining the physical PBX is extremely costly. Not to mention that work dynamics and guidelines are often very limited in these environments.

New technologies such as the WebRTC Line and cloud hosting made it possible to overcome this work scheme. Thus, the virtual PBX was born and with it, the possibility of managing business communication over the Internet. In this way, customer service and telemarketing applications left the office, reducing costs.

It is estimated that companies save up to 80% of the budget allocated to communications thanks to virtual PBXs. The dilemma of the physical or virtual PBX is practically set aside when this reality is understood. This brings us to the mobile PBX, one of those technological implements that make business communication much more expeditious and versatile.

What is a mobile PBX?

The PBX hosted in the cloud can be used on any device. However, smartphones do not have call center functions. In other words, the cell phone alone cannot transfer calls, mute calls, or put them on hold.

Because of this, a complementary module was created that allows the use of these call center functionalities on the cell phone. Precisely, this mechanism is called mobile PBX. In this way, the operator can use his smartphone and operate as if he were in his contact center.

With the mobile PBX, incoming business calls are forwarded to the teleoperator’s smartphone. The latter will not only be able to manage them, but will also have all the necessary functionalities to do so in a professional manner. From this mechanism, it is possible to have several operators working with cell phones from anywhere in the world.

What are the functions to manage calls?

Business telephony differs from business telephony because of the callcenter tools used by the latter. These functions are quite basic, but they have been proven to improve the quality of service, the camaraderie with the customer and the effectiveness of the operator in his work. Below, you will see which are the most important ones.

Put the customer on hold: This function is used when the operator is running his management and tells the customer something like “we are checking, stay on the line”. Its use is vital because it allows the worker to review the information, manage and resolve the user’s problem.

Retrieve call: This option allows the operator to return to active communication with the customer after the agent has placed the call on hold.

Mute the call: Unlike placing the call on hold, muting the call involves cutting off the audio emission by the operator without the customer noticing it. In this way, the operator can still listen to the customer and talk to his supervisor or ask for help.

Transfer: Occasionally, customers choose options in the IVR incorrectly and this leads them to communicate with the wrong operator. With the transfer feature, the agent can forward the call to the correct department. This saves users the hassle of having to call again.

Reject the call: The operator can reject a call if he already knows that the call is directed to another department, or in other specific situations. In this way, he/she can leave the line open to other calls that correspond to the tasks he/she performs.

The mobile PBX provides versatility

The mobile PBX is a tool that promotes productivity in telephone management. Companies that implement them have much more versatile work dynamics, being able to adapt to different scenarios. For example, it is known that companies with this service have been able to perform their customer service tasks better in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The mobile PBX allows telephone operators to manage their business from anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether they are at home, away from the office or even in another country. This is important because it broadens the range of prospects that companies have when hiring employees. With this application, being in person is a thing of the past.

Call centers that implement the mobile switchboard can control people from abroad. In this way, they can get better qualified professionals or those who offer their services for less money. This is a technological solution that updates business management to current dynamics such as the freelance labor market.

Mobile PBX: maintaining quality and reliability

The mobile switchboard goes beyond enabling telephone answering from a smartphone and outside the office. In fact, one of its fundamental tasks is to maintain high quality standards in management. Its functionalities make the difference between a call to a private individual and a business call.

It is estimated that more than 60% of customers prefer business phone support. In fact, calls still play a key role in people’s interaction with companies. Part of this confidence is due to the parliaments and tools of call center management.

The functions of the mobile PBX make it possible to maintain formality in business calls. When users realize that the agent can transfer or place the call on hold, they understand that they are communicating with a company. In other words, these resources automatically improve the customer’s perception.

It makes little difference whether the operator is at home or abroad. The features of the mobile PBX formalize communication and evoke the institutionality of the business. People who have online stores can use these features to give more formality to their business. It is not the same to call an individual’s phone number as it is to call a business number.

The mobile switchboard brings businesses up to date

The massive use of the Internet has generated great changes in the way work is conceived. Staying in the office is no longer a mandatory requirement for business work. Today, many jobs are performed remotely and achieve better productivity rates.

The mobile PBX has gained importance in the midst of difficult circumstances such as COVID 19. However, this application allows companies to participate in today’s work dynamics. This is a necessary upgrade and one that opens the door to the future.

It also allows employees to enjoy a different type of work dynamic without lowering their productivity. To be sure, the mobile PBX is a resource that can be put to good use. It all depends on the circumstances, the vision of the entrepreneur and the business activity being carried out.

The best mobile PBXs are practical, intuitive and easy to use. They do not require complicated installations and have all the necessary functions for telephone management.

What is Neotel’s mobile PBX like?

Neotel’s mobile PBX is one of the most modern and functional on the market. It is complementary to the virtual switchboard service. Entrepreneurs who contract our call center software can enjoy this additional service at no additional cost.

Our mobile PBX does not require the installation of software or changes in the SIM card. In the case of Neotel, the operator’s number is linked to your extension. The person will continue to use his telephone company to enjoy the module once the linking is done.

To activate each of its functions during calls, the operator must dial some very simple codes. This is done using the numeric keypad of the cell phone.  The system works very quickly and is very easy to use.

The mobile PBX is one of those callcenter tools that can generate a wide range of possibilities. Its use makes it possible to humanize the work of the telephone agent while preserving the company’s prestige. From this complement, the management can be done from anywhere just by using the Smartphone. It is basically like having all the features of the call center software on the cell phone.