Premium Virtual Call Recorder Why is it important?

Call recording is a central aspect of call center and business operations. The ability to keep a record of telephone contacts has many advantages and practical uses. Today, companies rely on the premium virtual call recorder.

Call recording today is simplified by the virtual PBX. It is precisely this digital application that contains this feature, in addition to the known functions to link several terminals and manage each call. It seems a minor matter, but it is a useful backup that can be used to great advantage.

What is a virtual call recorder?

A virtual call recorder is basically a system that allows you to keep a record of your company’s telephone contacts. These can be incoming through the customer service department, or outgoing very characteristic of the telemarketing department, collections and security.


record call

In the past, call center departments used physical PBXs and call recording was done using special software. These records were usually stored on expensive physical servers. In other words, it was necessary to invest in host hardware for data storage. In the case of customer service centers, one of the most frequently stored data was precisely the telephone calls.

At that time, the process was much more complex than it is today, as several systems had to be integrated. The advent of the virtual PBX made it possible to simplify the complete storage of operations. Today the call recorder is virtual and is part of the call center software.

Almost all cloud PBX services offer virtual call recording. Of course, there are different levels and costs for data storage. This service is the proof of how important it is to manage communications via virtual PBX.

How does the virtual call recorder work?

Today the entire virtual PBX system works over an Internet connection. Even calls are made over an IP connection, which is very similar to what happens when a person calls another person using a social network. This in turn allows the records of this call to be stored in an organized manner as part of the software’s work.

The conversations are recorded under files very similar to the voice memos of today. They also have formats such as MP3, very similar to music. Therefore, it is also very easy to save and listen to them. The space used to store the records of these calls is the cloud. In other words, the whole system is literally powered by the Internet.

Thanks to the PBX in the cloud it is possible to record as many calls as the customer requires. The cloud storage spaces offered by the companies have no physical limitations. The whole system works in a very simplified way and companies like Neotel have expert staff to maintain the proper functioning of the system.

Why is there talk of a premium virtual call recorder?

Companies that offer virtual PBX service usually offer standard recording. For example, Neotel offers storage of generated and received phone conversations every two months. This is usually sufficient for many businesses, depending on their business activity. However, there are other companies that require a much more extensive record.

When companies require extensive call backup, they turn to the premium virtual call recorder. This offers a much more extended service in time with which you can even get all the conversations made with customers.

There are companies that by law need to have all the calls. These tend to focus on complete virtual recording services, covering large periods of time and with full functionality. In these cases it is also essential to opt for a PBX with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Companies that provide some kind of service usually need a premium virtual call recorder. The most emblematic case is that of banks, which are even required by law to have full registration. Since they handle their clients’ money and because of the possibility of fraud, it is essential to have all the conversations in the middle of an investigation.

Why is it important to have a premium virtual call recorder?

Call recording allows you to fulfill functions that are crucial for business management. In principle, it allows monitoring conversations between operators or telemarketers and customers. The idea of monitoring is to verify the quality of service and to better train individual employees.

At the same time, the recordings allow internal control to be exercised in order to protect customers and ensure proper customer service. For example, many companies use this element to penalize workers who do not perform their work properly. In this way, keeping these records can become a fundamental factor in aiming for excellence.

Keeping records can also support the company’s good work in case of any misunderstanding. In the event of a complaint to the consumer protection agencies, companies can resort to the records and demonstrate that the procedures and attention is correct. Undoubtedly, this is one of the callcenter tools that allows to know the reality of the service offered.

Other advantages of the premium virtual call recorder

Entrepreneurs who hire the premium virtual call recorder service seek to improve this functionality. Generally, paying for this complementary service allows them to opt for a larger storage capacity.

Another key factor in this service is the quality of the recording manager. Companies such as Neotel allow the contracting company the ability to control both the recording in general, as well as the recorded calls. Coordinators can play, filter, search and even download calls to use them as they wish. It is also possible to suspend the recordings for a moment and manage the entire system.

From the virtual PBX it is possible to review the recordings from any device. This is because the entire system is hosted in the cloud and you only need an Internet connection to access it. Previously, this was impossible and everything had to be done from the office. This is another advantage of migrating to the virtual PBX.

Simply put, the premium virtual call recorder confers full control over the records. In the case of large and medium-sized companies this is not only very useful, but economical due to the characteristics of their business balance. In reality, this type of complementary service is usually not that expensive.

Choosing the best premium virtual call recorder

As with the rest of the cloud PBX, it is essential that the recorder has a simple interface. Sometimes, operators and coordinators in the company do not use the resources due to the fact that these are not user-friendly. In this sense, it is crucial that this technological solution is complete, but also easy to use.

There are many products on the market with different features, recording limits and managers. It is important for the entrepreneur to analyze several of the available proposals and choose the one that best suits his needs. For example, some companies charge more for this service and even offer less than others. Therefore, each aspect must be analyzed to obtain the most effective modules.

It is always good to analyze the difference between the standard recording service and the premium one. Of course, all this must be weighed against the needs of the business itself. As stated above, there are business activities that require less of the recordings and others that require a more comprehensive service.

Neotel’s premium virtual call recorder is complete.

Neotel offers a module that can meet the highest standards in call recording. To this end, we grant the customer an entire terabyte of storage. This equals 27 years of secure recordings backed up with the best security systems.

The easy-to-use manager allows you to control all aspects of the recordings. The record can be reviewed, downloaded and manipulated from any device as long as the necessary credentials are available. This is to ensure the security of the company and the information stored.

The additional cost for this service is €45 per month and is a guarantee of consistent quality. This is one of the most competitive recorders in the market according to its cost/benefit balance. Neotel’s software is used by several of the most successful Spanish companies, which proves its operability. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most necessary and useful callcenter tools, ideal for maintaining a transparent and productivity-oriented business management.


Virtual Premium Call Recorder: Your calls recorded every time

Current call centers require the recording of calls for monitoring, control and education of agents, being fundamental for your company. Remembering that European regulations establish that recordings must have explicit authorization from the customer, Neotel offers within its call center software the option of call recording.

Importance of virtual call recorder

In order to comply with the regulations it is necessary to have the software that includes the integrated call function, allowing to save, play and delete the recordings as appropriate.

Neotel’s Virtual Call Recording is included in the Virtual PBX which allows you to save all incoming or outgoing recordings of your company for up to two months.


Automatic Call Recorder (A.C.R.)

Depending on your requirements you can configure the call recordings in your call center software.

The automatic call recorder will help you to have a copy of all conversations without the need of human intervention.

Agents won’t worry about recording calls, and will focus on properly attending to each of their customers or prospects.

Neotel Virtual Premium Call Recorder

One of the functions that we offer you at Neotel is the Premium Call Recorder that allows you to extend the time and storage space of the calls that are made and received in your company.

This additional function of the virtual switchboard allows you to forget about the 2 month limitation. When you activate the service, all the recordings will always be in the cloud where you can access them from any location that has internet.

This Neotel cloud offers you the capacity of 1 Terabyte.

How much is 1 Tb?


To understand how much is the capacity of the Neotel cloud we offer you the following comparison:

1 Gb is about 14,000 minutes (which is about 9 days)

1 Tb is about 10,000 days (About 27 years of recording)

signaling virtual pbx

What does the Virtual Premium Call Recorder service include?

The service includes access to the web where you can find your personal recording library with search filters to access the recording you need with access from anywhere in the world.


  • You will have access to all outgoing and incoming calls from your PBX that are stored in the Neotel cloud.
  • Specialized web panel for audio management functions.
  • Save your phone conversations permanently in time.
  • It does not require permanence.
  • Listen to, download or delete all the calls you have recorded, you can do it directly from the website
  • Filter recordings by date, extension or agent
  • Allows you to store your company’s/business’s telephone attention in order to optimize customer service.


call statistics virtual pbx

The Virtual Premium Call Recorder is an additional service that you can include in your virtual switchboard where you also have access to


WebRTC Line: Beyond IP Communication

The WebRTC lines, English word that means Web Real-Time Communication, is an open development project that confers the ability to communicate in real time (RTC) using JavaScript APIs of browsers, the WebRTC system is also oriented in the transmission of data in all types of format (text, images, screenshots)

Advantages of WebRTC lines

The main advantage is that it allows VOIP communication through the WEB with quality standards such as audio, HD quality video and native encryption (SRTP, TLS).

What is a virtual switchboard?

A virtual pbx is one that does not have a physical device to manage communications.

It is not the same virtual PBX as IP PBX, many times virtual PBXs use IP telephony, but not all IP PBXs are virtual PBXs.

Which is the best virtual switchboard?

There are several types of virtual switchboards: mobile phone based, SIP protocol based and the WebRTC virtual switchboard.

Most virtual PBXs offer advanced phone call management features, the difference between them is technology that affects efficiency and flexibility.

Mobile phone based virtual switchboard

These are the most popular, are offered by mobile operators using their marketing to carry it out.

They operate using the mobile operator’s network, using the organizations’ member lines for communications management (incoming, outgoing and internal).

Weaknesses: Integration with external software is complex, they are linked to the mobile operator and their cost is high, additionally each agent must be provided with line and equipment for their interconnection.

SIP-based virtual switchboard

The virtual switchboard based on SIP protocol sends communication over a data network instead of using a telephone network, allowing the management of calls with specific terminals: IP phones.


send sms massively

Calls are also received through a mobile phone using SIP client: softphone.

The configuration, infrastructure and network are complex and weak points of this communication.

Virtual exchanges based on WebRTC

WebRTC virtual switchboards are the most modern and for many are the replacement for the previous ones.

Its advantages are flexibility, efficiency and configuration without the need to purchase software, it basically works in any device that connects to the Internet.

Why choose Neotel’s WebRtc Line?

Neotel’s WebRTC lines offer includes:

  • Geographic phone number (new or ported)
  • WebRTC line with communication channel
  • Access with up to 3 different devices
  • Free unlimited incoming calls
  • Call forwarding to personal mobile
  • Caller ID
  • Outgoing calls with fixed number
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail that personalizes itself
  • Daily call synchronization
  • Voice recognition and call transcription
  • Mass SMS sending
  • Progressive Calls
  • Predictive Calling
  • No coupling cost
  • No software installation required




Reasons why call recording is essential for businesses

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why a company should record all its outgoing and incoming calls

1. Keep employees and agents motivated

With Neotel’s call recording module, call center managers can monitor the tasks of their employees and agents to improve the quality of service being provided.

In addition to recording the call, Neotel’s software stores the recording in its own cloud.

Call recording can serve the manager as a way to keep his employees (the agents in this case) motivated.


2. Resolving customer disputes

With the call recording software you could even avoid possible customer complaints to our company. By having all recorded conversations available, both the customer and the company can be reassured about possible misunderstandings.


call recorder software

By playing back the recorded conversations, a customer can clarify with the company in question about a particular issue.

3. Improving the quality of products and services

The knowledge acquired by the agents on the opinions expressed by the customers will help the company to improve its products and services to meet the existing demand.

When reviewing calls, managers should focus on reviewing what customers like and dislike about our services and products.


4. Understand customer expectations and needs

By reviewing recorded conversations, managers can quickly understand what customers need and expect.

5. Never miss out on crucial information

Call recording software allows managers and agents to retain all crucial information, without the risk of losing anything if something is not taken note of, for example.

It is not always easy for agents to take notes and get a real-time assessment while talking to customers. This is solved with the Neotel call recording module.

It is not always feasible for employees to record important data themselves and at the same time pretend to be active during the call.


6. Converting leads into customers

By listening to saved conversations with customers, sales agents can hear their needs and what exactly they are asking for.

7. Provide training

Call recording tools like Neotel’s provide a great way to collect data for future training of our employees.

They can enable employees to provide superior customer service by listening to conversations with them and making improvements.

Managers can regularly review customers’ strengths and weaknesses by listening to recorded conversations.


8. Making employees strive and do their best

Knowing employees that their conversations are being recorded makes them take customer calls more seriously.

9. Increase the customer service experience

You can further enhance your customers’ experience by listening to recorded conversations and making changes as necessary.

Call recording helps companies to get many benefits as we have been seeing so far.

Most companies lack the resources to monitor the quality of their customer service. With Neotel’s call recording software this is no longer a problem.

For companies to be able to evaluate and improve the quality of their customer service, it is essential to have an automatic recording system for all calls.

In business, word of mouth is very important. If we don’t want to get caught up in an endless spiral of negative reviews, Neotel’s call recording software can help us get better and better every day to get only the best reviews.



What features modern call center software should have

Below we present the most outstanding functionalities in modern call center systems today:


Voice over IP in the Real Estate sector: a ladder to success

5 reasons why ip voice is the best choice for Real Estate Agents

Ease of management and use

Are you a real estate business? Try voice over IP for your company’s communications now!

The voice ip includes, among many others, these qualities that benefit real estate agents:

  • Call in queue
  • Call transfer
  • Conference Options
  • Reports and Monitoring
  • Call analytics
  • Call recording

In addition, voip telephony allows you to use free numbers for your customers (900 numbers).

The voice on ip is very easy to use and customize. You will be able to configure your voip telephony system according to your needs.


2. Scalability and Money Savings

The ip voice is always cheaper than using conventional telephone systems.



Another advantage of voice over IP is that since it is easier to maintain and the customer doesn’t have to take care of anything here, you save on IT staff.

The ip voice is also very scalable. You can add or remove extensions and phone numbers as you like.


3. Maximum quality

Communication is vital in the real estate sector. Imagine what a mistake it would be if we had coverage or connection problems when dealing with customers on the phone. The voice over IP provides the best possible quality at the moment.

4. Music on hold

Your customers probably won’t be too happy if they have to wait on the other side. With music on hold, it becomes less horrible. The ip voice provides the option to set different music on hold for when customers are waiting on the other side of the line.

5. IVR


900 line

An ivr makes your business sound more professional.

An ivr keeps your customers first and routes them to the corresponding department. If in addition to this we add the option that we have commented previously of Music on hold, the experience of communication between client and company benefits.

To make use of the voice on ip you only need a device connected to a network (Internet network).

A voip system is one that works over the Internet. It does not require any advanced configuration.


premium virtual call recorder

Telephony and voice over IP helps real estate agents as you can see

Every day real estate agents have more tools for their work. From social networks to portals to advertise. The ip voice is the final solution to all the communications of the Real Estate business.

Conventional telephone systems are no longer adapted to the volume of business of the real estate sectors. Not to take advantage of all the advantages that IP voice can offer to your business would be a serious mistake in this case.

Competition is tougher every day and therefore it is important to understand that without initial investment in our business, we will not be able to get very far.



Frequently Asked Questions about the virtual pbx

What is the best virtual switchboard offer at the moment?

The best pbx we believe is the one that offers you the greatest mobility. The Neotel pbx includes for all its customers the so-called Mobile pbx with which you can take your switchboard with you wherever you are and wherever you go, with all the same features as with the virtual pbx only in your mobile device.

You should also be aware when looking for a switchboard provider, one that does not contemplate permanence or economic sanctions of any kind at the time of making the contract. The Neotel switchboard is the only one that does not oblige its clients to do anything. They can enjoy our services and, if for some reason one day they decide to leave, without questions, they are 100% free to do so.

The best switchboard is the one that gives you the best scalability. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is 100% scalable meaning that, say your company consists of 5 employees and therefore you need 5 extensions right now, OK, great, we can offer you this service. But what happens tomorrow when your business continues to grow and you need to hire more jobs? With the Neotel switchboard there is no problem because the number of extensions is modifiable at any time this may be smaller or larger. Whatever the client needs. In business you have to have at least a minimum of foresight and the image we have now of him may vary over time. And the number of workers is the same.

The best cetralite is also the one that is easier for the client to configure. The same configuration could be that it is not going to serve us all the time. Then it is better for the client to contract a virtual telephone switchboard that is intuitive at the configuration level. In addition, when you contract the switchboard with Neotel you already have the technical support and customer service of the company from minute 0.

Because virtual voip pbx do not need to buy anything a priori, this type of telecommunications system for businesses is the most profitable especially when we refer to SMEs.



call recorder

The best switchboard we are convinced is also the one that never fails you, right?. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. The management panel is used through a simple web page.

In short, a telephone switchboard aims to connect calls from outside with a company or internal extensions to each other.

The switchboard has given way to an improved concept: the virtual switchboard.

The delivery of calls in the ip virtual switchboard is done over the Internet.

In the end the virtual switchboard retains all the features of the traditional switchboard:


  • Call forwarding, call delivery through queues, music on hold, ivr menu, etc.
  • Transfers of calls between the different extensions of the virtual switchboard.
  • Voicemail.
  • Identification of calls received in the virtual switchboard.
  • Call recording.
  • Locutions like “secretary virtual” that goes channeling to the client that calls us.

The virtual switchboard is currently the best working tools for companies.



Among the main features of the Neotel virtual switchboard are the following: Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling.

How much does a telephone switchboard cost?

When hiring a switchboard do not go to the most expensive as this does not always mean that it is the best. It’s worth doing a little research and searching the internet for the opinions of other users who use or have used this switchboard. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is currently the best price-quality ratio and you can find out more about its price by visiting the following link.

What is a virtual switchboard?

The virtual switchboard is designed with SMEs and the self-employed in mind.

centralita voip voz ip

The virtual switchboard is a communications system without comparison to anything else. SMEs and freelancers save a lot of money by talking in their business through a virtual switchboard, unlike what happens with a physical switchboard.

The virtual switchboard is no longer a secret that saves us both personnel costs and maintenance of hardware equipment in addition to saving physical space.



mobile virtual pbx

Neotel as a brand and company has been growing exponentially since its foundation in 2001, implementing more and better services and products for its customers. Neotel solutions are the most complete.

With virtual switchboards, companies can manage all their communications.



virtual pbx

All these managements the client realizes them from his panel web of user and they are not necessary of previous knowledge for it.

The virtual switchboards are used to manage calls from companies of all sizes.


VoIP Business Phone System: Everything You Need to Know

A voip phone system can bring many benefits, most notably:

Conference calls: the ability to generate videoconference calls can speed up the flow of your equipment and / or your commercials.

– Real-time control panel: allows you to monitor the activities of your call center in real time no matter how large your equipment.

– Contact history: a history with all the information regarding all your contacts will always be available, so it will not be necessary to make use of several independent systems. This is where the integration of Neotel’s CRM with the PBX works.

– Personalized music and greetings: Would you like a personalized greeting for your business? With Neotel this is not a problem. You can set up your own personalized greeting whenever you want and in a very easy way.

Call recording: you get all your calls automatically and you can access them at any time and from anywhere in the world.



ivr interactive voice response

What more can you get from a business phone system?

Neotel provides its users with high level features for its corporate voip system: conference calls, ivr, etc.

Voip protocols transform voice into data to transmit it over the Internet.



video conferencing and video call in the cloud

The voip phone system brings more advantages to companies than we might initially imagine. If you need to clarify doubts about voip telephony and how to integrate it with Neotel in your business do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without any compromise.

Essential features for any inbound call center software solution

It is essential for optimal performance that the following features are included in your call center software.

1. Real-time reporting

This feature allows agents to know data such as customer waiting time and more.

2. Monitoring

The Monitoring module allows the call center administrator to spy on the real time conversations that agents are having with clients. This functionality is very useful to apply improvement techniques a posteriori. In addition, it serves as training for our employees. On the other hand and thanks to the spy and whisper module included in the Monitoring, since the administrator is able to listen to a conversation that is happening at this moment, he can also whisper what he thinks convenient at a given moment to his agent, without the customer on the other side of the line is aware of anything.

The call recording function can record all live calls.


3. Built-in CRM


ivr interactive voice response

The Neotel PBX comes integrated with a powerful CRM that helps us identify the person calling us. When a call is received in the call center, the agent knows a lot of relevant information about the caller before answering it. This information can include personal data of the client, together with notes of past calls, promos that this client has applied, etc. All this information appears through a pop-up window on the computer screen of the agent receiving the call.

4. IVR


virtual pb

The Neotel ivr is 100% customizable and you can add as many levels as you want.

The ivr system allows you to direct the caller to the right department, without wasting their time, being transferred from department to department.


Neotel Virtual Recorder Premium Prices

If you are interested in Neotel call recording but your company still has an old phone system please contact us.

The recordings are all stored within the client panel and the client can search and filter according to their needs. All conversations are securely recorded in the Neotel cloud.

Price of call recording (with Neotel switchboard):


premium recorder Neotel

With the Neotel premium recorder there are no surprises or hidden costs for the customer. If you are still in doubt about whether our recorder is what your company needs or not we invite you to contact Neotel now and we will solve whatever your doubt, without obligation.

Neotel offers the easiest way to record all your calls.

The most important reasons why companies use the Neotel premium recorder are: training, quality and improvement.