100% Scalable Cloud Contact Center Solutions

These are some of the reasons that our customers tell us why they chose Neotel over other alternatives:

  • Access to a wide range of valuable features.
  • Neotel solutions are suitable for companies with 1,000 employees as well as companies with only 5 employees.
  • All rates are transparent.
  • Be able to stop using the service at any time and without having to justify the reason.
  • There are no obligations of any kind.

Neotel’s call center tools are the only ones that the client is the one who decides at all times the use he wants to give them. This means that our tools are 100% scalable to the particular needs of each client. Why pay more for things we don’t need later? With Neotel’s cloud contact center software, you choose how much you need and what you are going to pay for. We, as your business telecommunications operator, offer you our full range of products. But you choose only what you need.


call center cloud contact center software

A scalable call center system will handle any possible situation.

What are the essential elements in Call Center Technology?

Let’s discuss a little more about technologies in call centers:

Call Center Technology – Where is your business?

Call center technology evolves day by day. Whether you are starting from 0 or on the contrary you already have your call center constituted, but with shortcomings at the level of professional software and what you need is to fill these gaps by adapting their tools and software, when looking for a company that offers call center systems and software for call centers is very important to make a preliminary study, in this case the client who wants to hire, and ask yourself questions such as “where do I want to get”, “what are my goals?

Reports and Analysis in real time:

Not all software for call centers in the market give real time information to the user who manages it, with truthful data and / or graphics. Neotel call center tools integrate all this and much more. Because in Neotel we know that for a call center it is not enough just not to have the best software to work with, no matter how effective it is in terms of performing the task for which it has been designed. In addition, at Neotel we know that call center software users want access to detailed reports where they can analyze everything about their work.



Inteligencia Artificial:

AI can be used to improve the customer’s user experience.


Today’s customers don’t seek help for their problems. They themselves want to solve them without external dependence. With systems like ivr, customers can solve their doubts by clarifying them without having to depend on anyone else.

People don’t like to wait. With the ivr option, pressing a button the client can clarify his query quickly.


call center software

Predictive dialer:

A predictive dialer system is used to automate the action of making outgoing calls to a list of numbers previously loaded into the system. The predictive dialing system is capable of calculating which agent is going to be available to answer the call once it is able to connect to one of the recipient telephones.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

sistema call center

With a call center your staff will come into contact with a large number of people. Managing them effectively with a contact management program is a very effective way to do this. Every day it will be necessary to access customer data and with a crm program we would be using the most advanced customer management technology available today.



Why do you need to incorporate these applications into your Call Center?

We will explain what the three call launchers that Neotel has for its users consist of: Robot call, Progressive dialer and Predictive dialer.

The Neotel robot call focuses on distributing messages to a specific list of users in an economical and agile way by making bulk calls that optimize call times and redirect clients to a commercial agent if necessary.

The predictive dialer takes control of the calls and generates statistics of the calls to know the call time, the number of calls that the agent must make and when they should be carried out.

The progressive dialer makes outgoing calls and transfers those that are in progress to the agent that is available without having to approve it.

Neotel has specialized in offering the best call center tools.

marcador predictivo

herramientas call center

The best call center tools are in Neotel

robot call

Companies that depend on customer service to exist increasingly demand more professional tools. At Neotel we have our own tools for call centers around the world that will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.


5 benefits of cloud call center software you need to know

There are different software models and call center applications, but among them the cloud software call center stands out. Through a web platform that we can use from the computer, mobile or tablet, Neotel brings us the most advanced call center tools for companies.


  1. It is not necessary to install anything apart from the Neotel software.
  2. Improvement in the management of agents.
  3. It allows you to reduce and expand your business according to your requirements.
  4. Improvement in security at the computer level. This means that since in the cloud call center all information is hosted on highly secure servers of the provider, companies do not have to worry about possible cyber attacks.
  5. You save money with the cloud software call center.

Control for your business with Neotel CRM

With Neotel CRM you are taking a comprehensive solution to control your business.

At Neotel we are very specialized in Telecommunication systems in general. However, companies with their communications are nothing if you do not have software that is able to manage all this information, compile it on the same platform, and that is easy to use, affordable and 100% functional. And it is right here where our CRM integrated with the PBX comes into play.

At Neotel we work very hard every day to be able to give you this CRM today without comparison. We have listened to our clients, annotated their requirements and needs, and analyzed the general CRM sector, to now know that our call center tools with CRM are unique.

Companies that need to be in constant communication day and night with their customers and that have an extensive client portfolio, are the most suitable for the use of Neotel CRM. However, this does not mean that CRM is a tool created for large companies. SMEs benefit in the same way with the use of this tool.

A call center company that is considered serious and respectable, surely uses Neotel’s CRM to manage its entire business.

Our call center tools platform works through modules that, as extensions or addons, are configured as the best virtual switchboard currently available.

We are convinced that with our software your company is going to take off in style

If you wish, request a budget now without any commitment. We will inform you about the Neotel CRM. You can see a free demonstration of how it integrates with our virtual switchboard. It is a 100% system hosted in our cloud so you do not have to worry about anything.

Reduce times, save money, … Is not this what we are all looking for? Well, Neotel is the answer to all your questions. You just have to request a free demo. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. And we are sure that you will be delighted.

The star tool of Neotel is its CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Integrating our switchboard with the CRM has been the best of the successes.

Under the same platform. All the power of unified CRM and hosted in the cloud

Contact us Before you can imagine you can be taking advantage of our tools.


Call Center CRM for your company

Our information management software (CRM) is affordable for all audiences. With the integration of the switchboard + the CRM Neotel presents the definitive solution to take the most absolute control of all the information of your company. Among our call center tools we highlight:

Progressive marker
Predictive dialer
Robot Call

Our call center software is the dream of every SME. Get to increase your sales and maximize productivity in your business with the Neotel call center software, a powerful tool for all types of businesses that stands out for its possibilities and ease of use.

Because all the software is hosted in the Neotel cloud, you do not have to worry about any maintenance. In addition, you will be working with a 100% secure and supervised platform in real time.

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your company with the CRM Call Center?

If you still have doubts about whether our CRM is for your business or not, we invite you to contact us and our team of professionals will be more than willing to answer your questions.

With the Neotel CRM call center the possibilities are endless

With the CRM call center you can have all the information related to your customers in an organized way.

The operators of the call center will have an easy, simple and intuitive tool to work their day to day.

Technology advances fast, and at Neotel we work very hard every day to move forward with it.

PBX + CRM for Call Center Telemarketing. Call Center Software

Trust Neotel professionals for your call center and you will not regret it. You just have to go to Google and look for references on Neotel. Hundreds of satisfied customers can not be wrong, right?

Whatever you need: VoIP PBX, IP Telephony, PBX, etc., at Neotel we can help you securely.

Neotel is the leading provider of IP Telephony since 2001. Located in Malaga, they offer their Telecommunications services globally.

Aimed at companies that need to optimize productivity and organize the information of their customers or Leads, the Neotel software is the definitive solution.

If your call center is serious for you, you need to hire our tools now.

The virtual switchboard is formed by modules that have been developed to measure always taking into account the needs of our customers, which makes it the most powerful switchboard solution in the market today.

Enhance your company with Neotel call center software

Request a quote now without obligation.

When Neotel developed our application kit in its day, it took the idea in mind to help companies save money.

Neotel offers the best possible integration between the switchboard and CRM. With data and voice transmission services with incomparable quality.

Call center tools

Neotel links all the power of the PBX with mobile devices.

Integrating our CRM to your current virtual switchboard is very easy with Neotel.

Software for Telemarketing

All the power of the CRM integrated with its virtual switchboard and working under the same Web platform

Applications aimed at contact centers

Contact us now and start enjoying the advantages of Neotel for your call center business

Integrate all your customer data with CRM

Would you like to see a free demonstration of how our tools work? Call us and request a test.

Surely you have ever needed to call all your customers to transmit the same message. It is not like this? Well now with the Neotel Robot Call this task has been simplified a lot. Robot Call loads a list of clients that we have previously entered through a database and is responsible for making calls in a fully automated way and play a voice you want. In addition, if necessary, this same software will connect a client with an agent that is available.

Carrying out automated campaigns is now possible with the Robot Call.

Robot Call for call centers

Increase your agents’ time in conversation with our software tools.

Take advantage of the power of our call launchers.

Call center tools

Call launchers that integrate easily within your virtual switchboard


Contact Neotel and hire our call center solutions now.

Learn more about our call center tools

Hire a pack to suit you.

Software for Telemarketing. Progressive, predictive and Robot Call dialer

The best applications to manage a call center

The software is intelligent. Maximize the time your agents are in real conversation with your clients. Only when a customer picks up the call, the software that is intelligent automatically connects with an available agent.

Call Launcher Robot Call

More automated campaigns with Neotel.

Every day more call centers call Neotel to modernize their company. Now you could be the next.

Get a complete organization of the information in your company

To hire Neotel is to hire professionalism

No matter the size of your call center or contact center. We have tailored solutions for all

Use a single Web platform to manage your call center. It ended up managing thousands of different tools!

We have been studying the Telemarketing sector since 2001 and, we are very proud of what we have achieved

Companies from all over the world communicate with their customers using the Neotel IP Telephony system.

Help us improve your company

With dozens of modules, your telephone exchange takes a leap like never before imagined.

Growing companies use our tools.

Saving resources is possible. We assure you. You just need to contact us.

Installing a call center is the best way for your company to be able to serve its customers.

Una solución para cada empresa

Call Center and Contact Center

You can also monitor real-time data that are of great interest.

Call center virtual

telefonía ip

Our call center tools are adapted to SMEs and allow:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Automatic call launcher.
  • Recording of calls.
  • Reports and statistics.

With our call center tools comes mobility. This means that it is not necessary anymore that their agents are physically located in the same place.

Software call center

In Neotel we also offer a series of customized services:

  • Custom software
  • Software integration with 3rd.
  • Data center services.

Tools for call center: getting to know the click to call

Within the variety of call center tools that we can find today click to call me back has managed to excel to a great extent, since it has offered to the companies a very economic and effective solution to communicate to the users of its corporate website with the company.

You have been interested in being a tool, but you want to know a little more about it.

If so, do not stop reading and it is that here we will tell you what it is and how it works.

Click To Call Me Back

You must start with a clear understanding that this service is presented within the Tools for call center as an application, button, which is integrated with the business web pages in order to allow clients to request information immediately and with the help of real-time connection.

click to call me back

On the Internet there are currently millions of site pages running and the general public has taken the Internet as the primary means for finding information. It is not for nothing that the most important search engine, Google, manage an average of 3 trillion searches a day.

This should be very clear to companies that enter the Internet through a website, which not only allows them to advertise their products or services, but allows them to market directly.

But promoting or selling on the Internet is not a simple task and is that the competition is so wide that one of the main objectives has been to attract the most visitors, being even more important to know how to keep them and turn them into customers.

To achieve this companies must offer intuitive pages, optimized, clear and that allow the user to have the best experience. But, some time ago for this only a contact number was offered.

At present, the service has evolved and improved thanks to the tools for call center such as click to call, which allows to integrate this button (code) in a simple way to the site so that users can contact directly, immediately and free of charge to the company.



Call center tools: implementation of a Click to Call

Among the different tools for call center that you can choose highlights the Click to Call me back.

Now, faced with this option many initially wonder what it is and then why they should implement it.

What is click to call?

Let’s start by making clear what click to call is. When talking about the different call center tools this is presented as a highly recommended solution to integrate into business web pages and is presented as a button that is located on the site, from which customers can press to generate a telephone contact immediately with the department you have established.

Now that you have clear what this button is the time to clarify the reasons why it is worth using it.

Implement click to call

click to call me back

There are several reasons to implement this tool, but in general we can say that it has managed to expand significantly since it has given companies an excellent channel for communications with users, allowing them to improve their experience on the site.

In addition to this general contribution you must take into account that with these tools call center you can have:

  • An updated and modern website, which is aimed at facilitating communications with customers.
  • A lower drop-off rate and better SEO for your site. For your customers it will be very easy to contact you and before a doubt or greater problem will be the possibility that they stay on the page and contact you, to decide to leave you.
  • Finally, you should keep in mind that this tool is very simple to implement in your site, by means of a code that is added without problems, is very economic, also works responsively and is highly compatible with different telephone exchanges.

Top 4 Reasons to Use Cloud Call Center Software

At Neotel we have a team specialized in call centers. We offer call center solutions hosted in the cloud. For more information, contact the best call center software provider today. We are waiting to help you and your company!

As you already know there are many benefits of having a 100% hosted call center in the cloud with Neotel and today we will explain the 4 main reasons why your call center company should not continue with your current system. Most customers are already moving to the cloud for their call centers. Moving to the cloud there are fewer concerns. You only need to hire the best Telecommunications and Software call center provider.

4 main reasons to migrate your call center to the cloud

Redundancy and security

Neotel has different levels of service and to achieve this they have had to make a previous investment in security and redundancy.

Continuous updates and new services

Tools for call centers

Each time the software is updated in the cloud, these updates are available to all customers immediately.

Customer service

Neotel is bound to offer only the best customer service. Our clients continue with Neotel due to the best customer service in the market, which is the one that is with us.

Forget investing in hardware ever again

With Neotel we forget about large economic outlays on hardware hardware.

Software call center

The majority of the problems that call centers were before were all solved with Neotel and its call center tools housed in our cloud. Our solutions are reliable and scalable. And in this article we highlight the 4 main ones.

Over the years call centers have evolved to exceed customer expectations and have adapted their business models. Along with the increased demand came also a need for more complex solutions.


Increase the productivity of your Call Center agents and remain pleasant

More and more tools to help companies in their communications come up every day. Thanks to these utilities, entrepreneurs save on costs when they could not before.

With the right tools the call center manager can obtain data and information about their customers and in real time. In addition these tools are easily scalable to each company based on their needs and are very flexible.

Communication between call centers and clients is something that has to flow in the best way possible. Each client prefers a way of communicating with the company. We at Neotel recommend companies that have the main communication tools. Take advantage of Neotel’s advantages for your company and stand out about your competition.

With a virtual call center companies can have their employees in different geographical locations and without worries. This option is very advantageous especially for companies where the employees are dispersed by all the geography of the world. Working remotely is progress. Gone are the limitations of outdated entrepreneurs where they think workers should stay physically in the same geographic location. Thanks to Neotel’s call center tools there are no limits.

Thanks to the arrival of Internet calls can now be made via VoIP (Voice over IP) saving significant amounts of money to companies.

With traditional telephony systems this is not possible, mobilization, so costs skyrocket in terms of office floor expenses and employees who have to work all from the same physical site.

Neotel offers the best existing virtual call center support. We have been helping call center companies since 2001 to save on telephony costs. With this article of our blog we want you to know the advantages of hiring call center software with Neotel.

Neotel and the quality of its services speaks for itself. Just look at Google customer reviews to realize that at Neotel we are professionals and we know what we talk about when call center software is concerned. All our staff is highly qualified to attend any possible incidents.

Software call center

software call center

Whether your company is a multinational or SME you can benefit from the Telemarketing tools we offer at Neotel. If you want to integrate our advanced call center tools into your business model you can send us a message via web form, call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500, or if you prefer you can contact us directly via LiveChat or email info @ Still not following us in our Social Networks? Already are missing exclusive offers for our followers so before reading further from here we would recommend following us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. From our website you will be able to easily locate all of these access routes that we discussed.

Neotel believes in fluid communication! Let us help your company stand out about your competition. Today our consultants can inform you of all the solutions available for your call center.

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

Get maximum productivity out of your agents. Worry about getting more customers and not dealing with expensive phone bills and infrastructure. We teach you to use our tools that are also very intuitive and if you have more doubts of course just need to get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.

Take advantage of the software in the cloud with Neotel. Compared to your current and obsolete technology, you will see for yourself that you should have called us a long time ago. No matter where your employees are, as with the virtual PBX extensions you will always be saving.

Lower infrastructure costs.

Learning how to use our call center software is really easy. No high computer skills are required, the platform is web-based and is really intuitive. The possibilities for the agents who use it are almost infinite.