Why small and medium companies benefit the most from the Cloud Call Center

In general the call center software allows you to scale your company. It also allows you to maximize the productivity of your agents and the time they spend on the conversation. You do not have to be a genius to realize why more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud as a solution for their call centers, right?

While there are many large companies using Neotel cloud-based call center software solutions, it is SMBs that can benefit most from this solution. And we explain why. Those who hire a call center in the cloud save large amounts of money while receiving other benefits:

– Remote management, supervision and coaching of telephone representatives.
– More freedom and mobility at work.
– Remote control of the call center.
– Organized lines.
– Custom Campaigns.
– etc.

Software call center

Faster dialing and more live answers driven by real-time call center data.

Cloud call centers get faster economic benefits

Neotel’s call center software features such as real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording, and statistics and reports.

A call center in the cloud saves you time, money and human resources.

Without Neotel’s call center tools operators spend more time marking numbers than talking to customers and potential customers. This is a huge waste of time, money and human resources for the call center manager.

The guarantee that you have to do in hiring a call center software in the cloud is to get greater benefits than you would get without it.


Virtual PBX VS IP Telephony

Usual use of virtual switchboards:

Apply different redirection rules according to schedule.
Depending on the reason of the customer’s call, it can be redirected to the apartment. suitable.
Cola on hold.
Personalized welcome message.
Many companies with call redirection in their switchboards, redirect these towards the apartment. Depending on the reason for the call. To do this, a menu with different options is established so that the caller is automatically redirected to a person or apartment. In particular according to the option that this person marks.

The image is important, and so is the music waiting to choose and the welcome message.

With the virtual switchboard, the company never loses calls. Even if all operators are busy answering other calls, the PBX picks up that other call and keeps it waiting (to the client) until it is time to transfer it to the appropriate operator that is free.

To have a virtual switchboard in our company is to give a more professional image about us.

Call center tools and software

No matter the number of employees in a company. Having a virtual switchboard has to be something mandatory today. Only the companies that take care of the details of themselves are aware of the importance of having the virtual switchboard. It is also aimed at companies that want to automate the system by saving time and comfort.

Neotel virtual PBX

Usual use of IP Telephony plans in companies:

They usually do not receive more incoming calls than they can attend at the same time.
When they are called outside of normal hours they divert the calls to a voicemail.
Most employees do not talk by phone at the same time.
1 or 2 users with telephone.
ip telephony

It should be noted that not all operators give the same benefits as virtual switchboard or ip telephony. If you need a professional and reliable company, Neotel is the integral solution in virtual switchboard plans, call center software and CRM.

With the virtual switchboard, the company’s performance increases significantly with menu options, music on hold, automated schedules, welcome messages, etc.

Virtual PBX

Today, virtual switchboard and IP telephony plans are of great importance to companies. Trust Neotel as your Telecommunications provider in Malaga, providing services worldwide.


Call Center Virtual

There are many alternatives and options offered by a virtual call center.

Avoid large installations of hardware machinery.

One of the main advantages of a virtual call center is that operators may or may not have to be physically located in the same physical space. This is very convenient in cases of small companies with few operators, where the company will not necessarily have to have some physical facilities to house the agents. A small call center company with few operators can have its agents working from their own homes, saving us from paying for renting facilities, and providing another set of advantages to agents such as avoiding early mornings or long waits in queues of traffic.

Mobile Agents

Before setting up a call center was not in everybody’s hand. The costs related to support, administration costs, configuration, telephone lines, call center software, hardware purchase, etc. Now everything changes with the virtual call center where the whole system and its platform is hosted in the cloud of Neotel. Now building a call center is much more viable thanks to Neotel and its services in the cloud.

Virtual PBX

Avoid having to invest in costly hardware infrastructures, optimize agent work, and have all the data and software infrastructure needed to manage your Neotel Cloud Call Center.

Thanks to the cloud of Neotel workers are connected to the virtual switchboard or call center tools that are in turn hosted in the cloud.

Facilitate customer loyalty and sales along with telemarketing strategies. Optimize your Customer Service. Reduce costs and increase the productivity of your call center. All this is possible thanks to the cloud services of Neotel.

Software Call Center

The 100% functional Neotel cloud

I definitely host the management and data infrastructure with Neotel for your call center. They are all benefits.


Integration between Neotel and Google Calendar

Neotel has connected its Call Center Software with the popular Google calendar.

Integration between Neotel and Google Calendar

Integration objective: to facilitate the creation of calendars in Google Calendar from the Neotel switchboard.

Once the calendar is created you can add users with Gmail (Google) accounts so that the events appear.

In this way to the commercial street or anyone with a Gmail account, will appear the events on their mobile phones or any device from where they access your Gmail account.

The administrator of the Neotel switchboard can assign the workers’ calendars to the telemarketers, so that they can create appointments or manage the assigned calendars.

Neotel - Google Calendar Neotel - Google Calendar Neotel - Google Calendar

All this can be completely managed from the Neotel Call Center Software, guaranteeing the privacy of the events, the easy management of permission assignments in order for the PBX administrator to have total control over users and events.