Professional voice-over services: Why hire a professional voice-over artist?

There are many elements that, even if minimal, contribute to the growth of a company. In fact, when a venture is approached seriously and goes to the next level, it is necessary to develop elements that identify it and differentiate it from the rest. It is there, and especially when a company grows, that professional voice-over services can play a more important role than anyone would think. It’s easy to wonder why do you need professional voiceovers in a shoe store, or in a bank, or in any other business? In reality, every business initiative needs voice talent at some point in its operation as a company. Professional voice-over services give voice and therefore life to any business venture, and they are cheaper than you might think.

Professional voice-over services are indispensable

Sometime in the 20th century, companies began to hire well-known or professional announcers to promote their products. At that time, only radio and television were allowed to broadcast advertising of this type. However, as time went by, the companies’ advertisers understood that many of the voices they used to market themselves became part of the brand. People came to identify a certain company with the voice of the announcer who made their commercial. In this way, the professional voice-over service became part of the brands. In addition, the media in which professional voiceovers could appear multiplied. For example, they began to appear on the Internet and also on the telephone, thanks, among other things, to the VoIP PBX. The more possibilities there are to place a voice recording representing a company on any medium, the more important the automatic or recorded voice-over will be. In short, the voices used by companies to deliver their messages, slogans and advertisements end up being part of the brand. Therefore, it is a marketing element that should not be lost sight of and that in many occasions marks a company forever. Now, how can you use the professional voice-over service with the VoIP PBX? The answer is simple.

Humanizing the company’s telephone line

Professional voice-over services bring the call center to life. It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur has an entire call center, or if he or she attends to people through their cell phones. Of course, automated voice-over is ideal when the business contracts a virtual switchboard service, with IVR, which is the interactive response system. This is what we hear when we call basically any company and an operator asks us for data. Precisely, that voice that appears when calling a call center can be humanized thanks to the professional voice-over service. In fact, in an IVR like Neotel’s, robotic voices can be replaced by human voices, with good intonation, placid for human hatred and adapted to the message to be transmitted. From this point on, companies now have a new advertising and image element and, therefore, are closer to creating a brand. Hiring a famous speaker can be very expensive. However, companies that hire our VoIP PBX service can get high quality recordings, from a very small investment. There is much that can be achieved with professional voiceover services and any enterprise acquires professionalism, good image and formality with this resource.

What is Neotel’s professional voice-over service like?

At Neotel we offer a professional voice-over service quite complete and adapted to the budget of each businessman. With us you can count on voiceovers starting at 7,50 euros for the most basic service. Those who want multiple takes, that is, different takes of each phrase, can get a more personalized service for only 30 euros. This way, you can get a very authentic product. We also have female voice-over service, infinite modifications and translation of the texts. The latter is ideal to have advertisements and menu options in the call center in different languages. We also offer foreign voices, with up to 16 languages, including German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi and many more. In our team we have voice talents who speak different languages. The budget of the voice-over will vary depending on what each entrepreneur requests. In addition to this, our virtual switchboard is one of the most advanced in the market. Neotel’s software has several additional add-ons that are very useful to serve and sell to customers. Here you can incorporate to your plan automatic call launchers, bulk SMS platform, CRM and other tools that will help you stand out.  Contact us for more information.

Private label PXB Do you want to have your own business?

Creating a business from scratch with a totally original product can take years. On the contrary, establishing a company from previously created, functional and profitable goods or services is an excellent solution to start your own business. This is precisely what Neotel offers with its white label PBX. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have this window of opportunity.

Those who have a minimum investment capital and conditions to offer the service, have in the virtual switchboard an exploitable and interesting product. Those interested will have the best software in the field, as well as the infrastructure of Neotel, a leading company in the market of technological solutions.

What is the white label switchboard


private label pbx

The white label PBX is a commercial line offered by Neotel to entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the business of business communication. Basically, the company offers its virtual switchboard so that others can sell it for a moderate investment. In this way, the entrepreneur can generate profits from our product.

Entrepreneurs who wish to work with the white label PBX will sell the same as Neotel sells, but as if the product were their own. That is, those who enter this line of business will sell the software and other solutions previously created by the company, as if it had been created by them.

In fact, those who enter this business plan will be able to sell our products under their own company name. That is why this program is called “white label”: we provide the product, the system and everything necessary for the entrepreneur to offer it and the brand. Therefore, it is about creating your own company, but with everything ready to operate and sell immediately.

How is the white label switchboard obtained?

With the white label PBX, entrepreneurs acquire the right to sell Neotel products, but under the name of their own company. In this way, their company becomes a firm that provides IP telephony services under its own name, as our company does. The process to opt for this line of business is more or less the following:

Application and investment: The entrepreneur contacts Neotel because he/she is interested in being part of the white label PBX. The amount of investment is set, which is usually very low, so that he/she has the rights to sell the service as if they were his/her own.
Creation of the company: The entrepreneur creates a company legally, with its name and brand elements. It may also happen that the interested parties have a previously registered company. With this they can offer Neotel’s products in the market, without limits and make a total profit from the sales or contracts.
Neotel provides everything necessary to operate: Although the service is sold by the entrepreneur, the entire system is supported by Neotel’s platform and experts. The client will simply be in charge of selling, supported by our software, consulting, technical staff and servers. In case of any doubt, the partner can always count on the company.

Advantages of working with the Neotel white label switchboard

Neotel is a company with twenty years of experience in the field of business technology solutions. Our software manages the communications of thousands of companies in Spain, Europe and also in other continents. Some of the advantages of working with the white label PBX are the following:

High performance software: Our offer in virtual PBX is one of the most complete and recognized in the market. Our software is stable, functional, efficient and this has been proven over the years. Selling this service is a guarantee of good service, which will increase the status of the brand.
Luxury infrastructure: Our software is supported by a high quality infrastructure. Neotel has two database centers with the highest technology and the best experts. We support a product that has no flaws so that entrepreneurs can promote themselves and operate with all the guarantees.
Total profits: Once the investment is made, the profits from the product belong to the new company. The entrepreneur will be able to set his own price or offer his own virtual PBX offer. Neotel delivers the turnkey system and of course, all the necessary technical cooperation.

Best of all, entrepreneurs do not need to have any technical knowledge. All they will do is sell the product as if it were their own, from their own technology solutions company. In the same way, the investors will be able to sell the rest of the special modules of the virtual PBX such as automatic call launchers, the call robot and the rest of the complements that make our virtual PBX the most complete one.

CRM: How to sell more from information?

It is impossible to imagine large companies that do not use software to facilitate their work nowadays. Virtual switchboards, data systems, programs for making claims and telemarketing are part of today’s business world.  Among these, one stands out for its versatility, organization and multifunctionality: CRM.

Many businessmen and traders probably have no idea what a CRM is. Some companies even implement it without having any idea of the potential of this type of program. Well oriented, this software can be an ideal ally to achieve sales and below, you will understand why.

What is a database?



Database programs are intended to store information about a company’s customers. In fact, they are so simple that they are often built on the basis of Excel spreadsheets, although it may not seem so. In general, these applications are static, standardized and offer few additional functions other than storing data of interest.

An example of databases are the programs used in banking institutions. In fact, almost all companies that sell services have this type of software with information about their customers. That is why, when a person calls the bank, a telephone agent can tell him his balance and similar information.

CRM can be thought of as a state-of-the-art database that not only stores information. In fact, this type of program breaks the mold in many ways.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This could be translated as customer relationship management system, for those of you who were wondering what CRM stands for. Its name alone indicates that it is more than a database with useful customer information for the company. It is rather a software that allows a better relationship with users.

When we talk about a commercial activity, relating only implies two things: customer service and sales. However, CRM is specially designed to help increase sales. In fact, its entire structure is designed to make it easier for customer service agents to make sales to customers over the phone.

A database is a closed system that contains and allows you to review customer data. In contrast, a CRM has resources that facilitate communication between departments. In this way, all those who come into contact with it can leave information about potential customers interested in the product.

Explaining the CRM from the inbound call

CRM starts working from the moment a customer makes a call to the company. By containing the database of users, this system is able to recognize their phone numbers if they have been previously registered.

Then when the teleoperator receives the call, he will be able to see a module that tells him who is the person who is calling the call center. This is a great advantage when reviewing the customer’s data and allows the telephone agent to gain a few seconds to better address the conversation.

It is also possible that the user communicating with the company is not registered in the CRM. In this case, the system offers the possibility to update the records or start a new one. In other words, the database can always be modified or enriched to guarantee the company updated information.

Basically, the CRM is also connected to the virtual PBX for calls. That is why everything works in an integrated way from the moment a customer calls.

CRM makes it possible to integrate all the information in an orderly fashion.

Traditional programs are limited even for storing or sorting information. Some even have templates where only a certain amount of data can be stored. To tell the truth, CRM also represents a technological breakthrough compared to many outdated software that many companies are still using.

On the contrary, CRM allows you to have different types of information stored in an orderly fashion. This is how this system can have a space for contracts or invoices, another for physical or photocopied documents, added to the base with the basic data of the clientele.

This is much more complete than having figures, dates and names of a client in a template. CRM is more like a system that integrates all the information that is important within a company. The positive thing about this software is that the information can be more easily linked and better utilized by agents and employees.

Three luxury functions of CRM

CRM not only organizes information, but also enables interaction within the system. Therefore, it not only integrates data but also the company’s departments and employees. Here are three features that make CRM much more complete than a traditional database.

Dynamic customer history: CRM customer profiles are very complete, allowing almost any type of information to be grouped together in various formats. It is not just a matter of filling out a personal file, because, in fact, the system allows you to group the entire record of interactions that occur with each user.
Recordings: The CRM not only allows you to save written data but also recordings. From recorded calls to a reminder made by a telephone agent who has served a user. Everything is easily found in the system that stores the information with organization.
Inter-departmental communication modules: CRM allows you to create notes and send them to the managers of other departments. Therefore, information flows are created around this software that allow to follow up with users. Everything is very expeditious, fast and there are many ways to communicate with other offices.

Precisely, the communication modules between departments is the biggest commercial secret of CRM. This function can be key to generate more sales. That is why this system is understood to have a commercial focus.

CRM: Selling from information

Companies that sell products and services understand that sales are a social process. To achieve them, interaction is needed at the right time. One of the biggest problems facing the business world is the lack of customer and user data.

There are times when a customer may express interest in a product to a telemarketer. But since there is usually no follow-up with users or internal communication, this is left up in the air. This is how companies lose out on potential sales that could easily be made. This is where CRM comes in as a revenue multiplier.

CRM makes it possible, for example, to pass on the data of a person interested in a product to the telemarketing department. In fact, everything in this software has been designed to provide follow-up and information to close sales. This system allows the integration of all parts of a company to generate greater dividends.

A priority part of the function of a CRM is to feed the telemarketing department. Through its implementation, agents can obtain updated numbers, commercial opportunities and potential sales that need little work to be closed. Of course, this will depend on the agents making proper use of all the resources of this system.

Neotel: CRM and virtual PBX for calls

Both CRM and virtual PBX are call center tools. However, to use them it is not necessary to have a large department with teleoperators. Any company or business can take advantage of both communication and customer interaction systems.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard has a simple interface, is innovative and offers excellent complementary modules such as automatic call launchers and sending bulk SMS. These and other tools are ideal for developing effective telemarketing strategies.

Both the CRM and the virtual PBX have similar interfaces and synchronize seamlessly. Both programs work from an internet connection and their data is hosted in the cloud. As a result, companies that contract the service do not have to invest in expensive equipment or make complicated installations. The entire service is provided by Neotel, including maintenance.

Neotel offers its CRM for free with the virtual switchboard contract.

Those entrepreneurs and companies that purchase the virtual switchboard service with Neotel get the CRM for free. In this way, they acquire two fully integrated systems to manage their communication and migrate to IP telephony.

It does not matter which call center software plan is contracted with the client. All those who pay for this service can also have access to an innovative CRM, easy to use and with state-of-the-art functionalities. This is an excellent way to start a business, managing communication in a professional way.

Why is Video Calling in the cloud the future of business?

Telephone calls are supported and accepted by businessmen and customers. However, every day companies have better mechanisms for internal and external communication. One of the most valued modalities for communication today is the video call in the cloud, as well as videoconferencing.

In fact, the IP PBX goes beyond managing company phone calls. In fact, its complementary modules allow the use of text messages, fax and other means to expand the communicational impact of companies. In addition to this, the most advanced call center software also incorporates video calling and video conferencing modules, which are being highly valued.

What are video calling and video conferencing?

Video calls and video conferences are communication formats that allow people to interact through audio and video. They were perfected with the appearance of Google’s WebRTC Line. Today, we use them with some frequency through some of the most popular social networking platforms worldwide.


videocall in the cloud

Both video calling and video conferencing allow real-time audio and video communication. They work over IP connection, which means that they are supported over the Internet. It would seem that video calls are primarily intended for entertainment purposes. However, in business environments they are seen as the future of communication for business purposes.

The problem with cloud video conferencing and video calls in general at the enterprise level has to do with the applications that offer them. While it is true that social networks have developed them in an exceptional way, these environments are not ideal for supporting business and work-related conversations.

Videoconferencing in the cloud: ideal for the entrepreneur

The reason why video calls from social networks don’t work in the business environment is the same reason why many people don’t buy as much from sites like Facebook. Several statistics point to the fact that a large proportion of consumers and service users do not rely on the social network to make purchases.

Instead, means such as a phone call or an online store tend to generate greater trust. Similarly, not even company bosses would look favorably on meetings or appointments via a video call made by Instagram or WhatsApp. These work well but generate neither trust nor the formality required to negotiate, or conduct a business meeting.

There are social networks aimed at offering the service of video calls for the business and commercial environment. However, some of these applications are very limited, or have a very high cost. This led some communications companies to create video conferencing and video calling modules in the cloud.

What are cloud-based videoconferencing modules like?

The most innovative virtual PBXs incorporate modules for video calls and video conferencing. This is what happens, for example, in the case of Neotel software. In plain words, the call center program also incorporates the possibility of this type of communication. From this point on, the entrepreneur does not depend on social networks or third-party applications.

Everything that companies need to make video calls in the cloud is available in their own IP PBX. Sessions can be conducted from any device with a camera, such as a smartphone. The personnel with access only put their username and password to access this application. Everything works over the Internet and both the module and the information are hosted in the cloud.

The person generates a link and shares it with the people with whom he or she is going to conduct the session in real time. To be sure, everything works in the same way as other third-party applications aimed at this type of communication. The system is controlled by the company and can be used for internal or client meetings.

Video calls and videoconferencing projections

According to several consulting firms, real-time communication with audio and video generates high expectations in the business world. According to the 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing Report, 98% of people working in companies consider that video conferencing contributes to improve internal and external relations for companies.

In turn, 94% of the companies surveyed stated that video conferencing increases productivity. In turn, 89% said that this resource contributes to the completion of tasks and projects. In 2020, the business outlook will shift even more in favor of video conferencing and video calling in the cloud. The establishment of quarantines and social distancing rules as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic increased the applicability of these technological solutions.

In 2020, social networks specialized in videoconferencing services increased their number of regular users. The most innovative companies are increasingly adopting video calling and video conferencing modules in the cloud. Of course, it is much better to have such a module in-house than to use a partner network. The future is undoubtedly of real-time video and audio communications.

It is also known that almost 80% of Spaniards have made at least one video call as of 2020. Previously, one of the drawbacks for the massification of this technology was the lack of knowledge of this tool on the part of Internet users. The current circumstances have motivated even the elderly to learn how to make video calls.

What business activities can be carried out via video calls?

Workgroup meetings have been resized on the basis of video conferencing. However, many companies are even conducting business meetings using video conferencing. Today, there are many applications for this solution in communication material.

Training in the workplace has been strengthened by videoconferencing. For example, companies that lend their software to other companies are opting for long-distance training sessions via videoconferencing. In this way, support is provided, guaranteeing personalized attention without the need to leave the home or office.

Video calling is also gaining momentum as a mechanism for telemarketing. Many companies and services are selling their products through this method. In this way, trust and empathy are generated when it comes to closing deals. Videoconferencing is also proving to be very useful for attracting new talent and recruiting personnel.

Added to this, there are companies that are focusing on video calls and video conferencing in the cloud to offer their services. This is what is happening with professionals in education, psychologists, analysts, consultants, computer engineers and similar professions. Internet-based communication solutions are now permeating all company departments.

The positive effect of video

The real breakthrough of video calls lies in the incorporation of video. This element allows a kind of virtual presence that has a positive effect on customer behavior.  If telephone calls enjoy prestige and reliability, being able to see the interlocutor gives customers a better idea of the company or the salesperson.

The video call is much more reliable when it is made from an institutional software. This is another advantage of the module hosted in the IP PBX, in relation to social networks. The more formal the videoconference and everything that surrounds it looks, the more positive the prospects of customers will be.

Video provides reliability and closeness without losing formality, depending on how the sessions are planned. Of course, the company must create its own parliaments and work on generating good impressions from the visual elements. Beyond this, the cloud video call can even become a valuable tool for closing sales. Customers can feel more confident because they see the person they are talking to.

Everything said so far explains why video calling and video conferencing are above all the future of business.

Video call and video conferencing module in the cloud

Neotel offers a system for making video calls and video conferences hosted in the cloud from your IP PBX. This has no additional costs and is part of the modules incorporated into the call center software. This application does not require extra installations and is compatible with any operating system.

Our system allows you to send the link by email and also by text messaging.  In addition to this, the customer will be able to record his video calls, review the history and transfer them. This real time communication system is very fast and has been incorporated by important companies, and its quality has been proven. The best thing is the software interface, characterized by its simplicity of use.

Video calling and video conferencing in the cloud are just one of the many tools offered by Neotel’s software. In addition to this, the entrepreneur has countless modules such as automatic call launchers, telephone surveys and sending bulk SMS. All these applications can constitute effective telemarketing and customer service strategies.