Dialer, and if we optimize the time and quality of the campaigns of our company?

The dialer has the ability to improve the performance of the integrated agents to a specific company of customer service or telemarketing, since it focuses mainly on dialing to customers that are really potential and that such calls are not lost when concentrating on users who are not really worth it or who will not be potential for consolidation in offering products and services.


The dialer that Neotel offers us mainly needs a database created from a new campaign whose characteristics and options are specified within that database.


What are the functions of the dialer and how does it contribute to the campaign of my company?



The functions of the dialer are diverse. These include: national calls that stand out to be unlimited, monitoring by recording the calls made, web agent, web coordinator, listening to agents, collaborative campaigns, delivery of connected calls, statistics and queue monitoring, detector answering machine, among others.


As you can see, these elements make this product an unbeatable ally for the campaigns of your telemarketing company, with which you can execute campaigns that, thanks to its advanced functionalities, you can optimize.


Surely, saving some of the expenses that demand the realization of these campaigns, will be another of the aspects in favor that you will find in this special service of dialer of Neotel, being a tool that, by optimizing the time, will generate a greater productivity of the employees and of the company in general in its internal operation.


Uses of dialer

Integrating the telephone dialer into a call center may raise doubts about what uses can be made of this tool.

Well, you have to take into account that depending on the chosen dialer option you can use the dialing module to make calls automatically or you can also use it for sending SMS.

With a single click and making use of this tool you can reach quickly and effectively to all your contacts, no matter if they are a few hundred or thousands.

Advanced automation and its ways of reaching the public

This type of tool applies quite attractive features for the delivery of information to users. In this way, the dialer allows you to focus on the proper elaboration of the message, since you have on hand an excellent tool for its distribution.

Be clear that you can decide to carry out campaigns of calls or if you consider pertinent you can do them using the SMS. Clearly the call function is much more used and favors it since it allows the management of a thousand calls per minute.

Marcación predictiva

But, the option of SMS is not far behind and is that per second can manage more than 100 messages.

Types of dialing

Before we finish we wanted to talk a little about the different types of marking that this tool presents and that you can choose considering the needs of your campaign.

marcación progresiva

So, you can find:

  • Automatic dialing, setting the broadcast frequency.
  • The progressive dial, according to the availability of agents.
  • Predictive dialing, which optimizes the contact ratio.
  • And the preview, which sends contact data to the agent prior to making calls.

Robot Call

Finally, you must be clear that within this tool are integrated different functionalities with the aim of improving its efficiency and success ratio. For example, call identifiers, answering detectors as well as custom phrases.


Know the advantages of the dialer

Self-vendors are tools that are presented as very efficient solutions for the management of call centers and can greatly relieve the work of agents, so that they can focus on providing other services that require more personalization.

The great contribution to the efficiency of the customer service team is evident, but what not all are clear are the advantages that the dialer presents.

Do you want to know them?


Surely the answer is yes and so here we will present in a timely manner the features that make this tool stand out.

  • It is an automatic tool and is that your entire call process is done without having to interfere in it a person or agent.
  • It is a powerful solution and is that with this tool it is possible to perform simultaneous processes involving hundreds of calls.
  • You must consider that the dialer is a scalable tool and easy to adapt to the communication needs of your company. So you can use it for the automatic making of 20 calls or you can deploy it for a campaign of more than 400 calls.
  • It is an intuitive tool and very simple to use and is that being web-based interface is very easy to manage.

In addition to these advantages that we have mentioned you must take into account that this tool has complete access to the database and also provides usage reports, with which you can have in your favor very revealing data about your campaigns.

Keep in mind that this tool is highly compatible with other solutions and you can not forget that in its entirety the dialing process is done without the intervention of the agents, ie it is developed automatically according to the previously set.


Neotel, hire a Dialer for your company

In Neotel we seek to simplify the sales campaigns to the agents, obtaining maximum productivity, speed and ease of use.

By contracting the Neotel dialer service we will be getting a system that is efficient and functional at the same time.

You just need to contact our team of consultants who will be happy to attend all your doubts and explain and show the operation of Dialer or automarcador in an easy way. Whatever your expectations or requirements regarding personalization, Neotel automarcador covers the needs of all types of companies. Start seeing how your campaigns return best results with the Neotel auto-booking service.

The best software in the cloud to set up your campaigns

If your company needs to generate massive Telemarketing campaigns, you need a self-dailler or automarcador for them. Neotel’s auto-dailer service is complemented by a series of modules that adapt to the needs of all customers. Among our tools for Call Center are: the progressive marker, predictive dialer and Robot Call. Installing the auto dialer is easy with Neotel. We are professionals in Telecommunications since 2001 and we are specialized in all types of virtual switchboards and tools for Call Center.

Centralita Virtual Voip

For companies that need to make massive calls, program the same and in turn monitor results in real time, the solution of the Dialer is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

Functional dialer for companies that need automatic dialing

Herramientas Call Center

Call Neotel now and ask for more information. We are leaders in auto-diallers and every day more companies enjoy the Neotel auto-booking service. In our company we work providing services to more companies, like yours. Contact Neotel now!