private label pbx
private label pbx
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The private label PBX is hosted on Neotel’s Cloud platform, so you can enjoy the scalability, flexibility and vigilance that your customers need.

Characteristics of our private label PBX

The private label PBX allows integrators to have a virtual switchboard solution adapted to the needs of their customers. A customized solution designed especially for companies that want to enter the world of IP Telephony.

private label PBX

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Start your own business and become an IP Voice wholesaler with quality and professional security. It offers new services to your customers and all at the most competitive prices. In addition, you will enjoy the advice and guarantee of Neotel, operator of IP Telephony since 2001.

Neotel provides you with all the specific tools and services to become a 100% autonomous IP telephony operator.

Launch your company VoIP Telephony today

With this solution you will have a better system than a franchise to work with your own brand.

With this turnkey system, you have full control of your white label switchboard platform, so that you start operating in the field of Telecommunications with your name or business brand and earn money.

Be independent and create your Telephony company, we help you.

Market infinity of VoIP telephony services with your own business name (Telephone Operator) on the Internet.

You will have a sophisticated platform that will allow you to offer quality services, and work as a VoIP telephony operator creating your own business with a minimum investment.

You can offer your resellers the white label service. Provide a 100% editable portal to distribute minutes with your own name or business brand.

With its private label PBX it does not operate as a distributor or reseller of VoIP minutes since it does not work for another company; with your brand you are creating your VoIP business, better than a Franchise.

You get a platform -all included- that perfectly integrates all the Voz IP tools to operate your Internet Telecommunications company.

With the VoIP PBX platform create your own private label PBX!

Using your VoIP brand, identify yourself with your customers, suppliers and distributors while providing them with minutes with this all-inclusive system.

There are already many people around the world creating their own Internet Telephony company with Neotel’s private label PBX for the ease and security it provides.

Software ready for VoIP Telephony

Private label PBX complete and ready to operate with your own VoIP brand.

You will have a better system than a franchise; will create an Internet Telephony business ready to operate with your own Name or Brand.

Simple, now you can create your own telephone operator without having technical knowledge; with this turnkey white label switchboard system manage all the services and tools of your VoIP company.

Are you looking for an All-In-One system to set up your Telephony company with your own brand?

The private label PBX provides everything you need.

Create your VoIP company immediately without franchises or intermediaries!

“Turnkey” system to create and develop your own VoIP Telephony company under your own Name or Brand.

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