Lines 806 and 803: Increase Your Revenue with Paid Numbers


806 lines and 803 lines allow the company to offer special services to customers that include erotic content services for adults and leisure services for customers. 806 and 803 lines are virtual lines that require always being routed to fixed lines, the operation is remote and does not require installation.


They are paid numbers that allow to offer additional services like calls for adults, leisure and more where the customer receives payment each time he receives a call

Telephones 803 and 806

Neotel facilitates the contracting of 806 and 803 lines with total guarantee of collection and transparency

With the 806 and 803 phones you will be able to establish your own service or telephone cabinet, and thanks to Neotel with great ease.

Lines 806 and 803

With Neotel you can contract 806 and 803 with the maximum guarantees of transparency and collection. They are specialists in comprehensive services for 806 Videncia and Tarot phone lines and 803 phone lines for adult content

Remember that the 806 lines offer you the possibility of also offering telephone leisure services, such as contests or telephone chats, and the 803 lines erotic content

How does the 800 call service work?


806 and 803 lines

Calls are paid for using a unique number so that your customers can contact you by paying the extra amount of the call for the service received.

The operation of 806 lines and 803 lines is very simple, every time a customer calls an 800 number the call rings on the fixed or cell phone that has been established, maintaining the anonymity of the caller

The amount is charged on the customer’s monthly phone bill according to the duration of the call.

SERVICE 803/806

The detour of calls is to landlines, cell phones or VOIP, are phone lines from which a service is provided that is paid through the cost of the call charged to the caller.

The service providers are the contractors who put their added value by which they charge for their services.

LINES 803 AND 806

Lines 803 and 806, are also called premium or special tariff lines. They are virtual lines, that is, they do not exist, so it is always necessary that they are supported (routed) to conventional lines of fixed or mobile telephony. This means that their operation is carried out remotely and does not require any physical installation.

Advantages of 806 and 803

There are many advantages for your company or person to use these lines among which they stand out:

  • Lines 806 and 803 are designed to meet the needs of large companies as well as individuals to achieve additional income
  • Quick registration, free and without contract permanence, starting a business without risks for you
  • Security in contact data
  • Using the benefits of communications increases revenue for you.

Increase your income with these paid numbers offered by Neotel without requiring permanence