Lines 806 and 803: earnings via telephone

The 806 and 803 lines are an excellent way to offer well paid telephone services. Through these codes, you can generate profits that are charged to the customer from their call. From this resource, businesses can be developed without the need to rent an office.

Hiring this type of line allows you to generate income without even having a call center and the investment that this means. Of course, those who hire the virtual pbx and are conditioned for this type of service can take advantage of it too. In fact, this is an alternative that has multiple advantages.


806 and 803 lines

What are lines 806 and 803?

In principle, “800” lines are those through which services are offered that customers pay for through rates. That is, they are oriented to the commercial area and the service is charged from the first minute of contact. In fact, people pay directly from their phone bill or balance.

It is possible to have one or more 806 lines to offer services during the phone call, contests, offers and phone chats. For example, these are the ones that use tarot lines to do personalized readings. With them, you only have to have something to offer through the phone call.

803 lines are just as commercial but are aimed at offering services for adults. These are the ones that are used by sex line companies and other related businesses. The best of both options is that customer calls can be automatically forwarded to a personal number.

By contracting the 806 and 803 line service

Having one or more 806 and 803 lines available is more economical than many think. The problem with some services is that a very high percentage is charged to the entrepreneur who hires them. Some companies are not even honest with the profits they generate from their customers.

It is important to acquire this type of contract with a responsible and timely telecommunications company in the market. For example, Neotel offers an unlimited package of 806 and 803 phone lines, as well as personalized management of those numbers. Another advantage of this alternative is that it can also be incorporated into call center software.

Having 806 lines and 803 lines associated to a virtual switchboard allows having a whole call center for paid phone services. Even if, this type of line also allows working with people remotely. The possibilities are endless and the field of these businesses is quite wide.