Integrate Virtual Switchboard with Third Party Software
Integrate Virtual PBX with Third Party Software
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Neotel with the hiring of its virtual switchboard enables a Web Socket (Web Service) to greatly facilitate the interaction between applications developed by third parties and the customer’s switchboard.

Through this Web Socket, other external applications are allowed to make outgoing calls, and upon receiving an incoming call, show the calling number where it is configured. This starts to be very useful from the moment the user can make a call from the application that usually used to manage your business. Or see the complete record of your application when you receive an incoming call.

In many occasions the workers of a company are usually highly accustomed to the use of their management application and any new application that is proposed even to facilitate their day to day are not seen with good eyes because it implies having to become familiar with something new and have more windows open on the screen. For this reason we have developed this connector for the switchboard, since we would not include any new application in the client but instead we would add the functionality of the phone to the existing application. This is already useful to the user since simply appearing a hyperlink in a number or a small icon of a phone would already allow him to launch a call with the mouse.

For us, integrating is synonymous with facilitating and we have to say that we are getting used to our clients who, when they have to make a call, do not even have to dial the telephone number.