incoming call statistics
Incoming call statistics

It is a record of the calls that enter a queue, whether it has been answered or not, how long it has been waiting before being answered, how much talk time has been answered and the total time of this call.

It can be listed by all the queues or by the name of any queue, as well as showing all, the answered and the unanswered. This result can be grouped by date or by queue.

This module allows you to have an exhaustive control of the incoming calls that you receive in your Call Center.

This system creates call queues informing the client in what position it is to contact an Agent. In this way the user will know that there are operators working behind the line and will soon be attended.

On the other hand, the agent will have information, both in real time and in a history of the calls that have been or have not been answered, as well as graphic representations of the data that will be generated.

As for the Call Center coordinator, this module provides information about the average duration of calls per queue, also the time slots in which there is more workload, in addition to showing the average time the customer is at. wait, the conversation times of each Agent, as well as offers the possibility to search queues with different filters. This way you can assess if the means you have available for telephone service are adequate or if you have to make changes.

Improve communication with your customer thanks to this module.


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