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Hire Line 900

Hiring a 900 line is the service that Neotel offers so that it has a single customer service number in its company.

LINE 900


5,00 € / 900 Numbering


€ 0.019 / minute from Landline

€ 0.049 / minute from Mobile

The 900 lines are highly valued by any type of consumer or customer, as they do not incur any cost for the caller.


The main difference of a line 900 in relation to lines 901 or 902 is the cost of the call. The 900 lines are free for the caller, since the person who pays the call is the receiver (they are called collect calls). In contrast, on lines 901 the cost of the call is shared between the caller and the receiver of the call. Finally, in lines 902 the full cost of the call is billed to the person who makes it.

The start-up of the service is very fast and does not require any investment in additional telephone systems or equipment that you have.

Having a single customer service number at the national level improves the image of the company. In addition, it simplifies communication.

A 900 line is a commercial prefix that allows efficient management of incoming calls with a single telephone number nationwide, improving customer service and optimizing the performance of call centers.

Manage your 900 lines through a single control panel. A practical and intuitive tool, accessible 24 hours a day from any device connected to the Internet. It has never been so easy to manage your telephony and know in real time all the information of your plan.

The 900 lines are free and easy to remember national numbers.

By contracting 900 lines you offer the maximum telephone accessibility in the whole country. No costs and with clear and easy to remember numbers from any province. Remove the barriers to offer the best service to your customers.

Call us and our agents will provide you with your new 900 line right now.

Hiring and managing telephone lines is very easy with Neotel.

Interested in a 900 number?

The cost of the 900 call is always at your expense, but Neotel offers you the best price.

If you do not have a 900 number yet, we will assign you one so that your clients can contact your business.


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