CRM + Virtual PBX

CRM + Virtual PBX

The Neotel CRM application is a powerful client management tool for your company, with this web application you will be able to:

  • Unify on a single website all customer databases that you have available
  • Functions for the current customers: the application creates a customer card in which you can store the entire business relationship between your company and your customer
  • Bills
  • Budgeting
  • Incident tickets
  • Important documents, (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Recordings of calls held with him
  • The history of notes written by customer service, knowing the person and the day of the note

With all this unified information in a single panel, any employee that attends to this client, either by commercial contact, or customer’s call to request some attention, will be able to find information on the subject to treat even if it is a subject that has not been said Agent in first person.

Neotel CRM Case Studies

Case Study # 1: The customer calls to place an order.

The agent can access the budgets sent to this client, to know what prices he buys or what products he consumes. Giving a professional image, and the operator quickly without having to consult anything to anyone can know perfectly in what terms should talk to the customer.

Case Study # 2: The client calls to find out the status of a request.

The agent can see in the history of notes to know what request is, and who attended it and can respond quickly to the client on the subject.

Functions for business opportunities:

In this module the concrete business opportunities can evolve in several stages knowing the agent as well as the advanced the sale and being able to consult all the information and documents exchanged with the client.

Subsequently said business opportunities that are closed with sale will evolve to accounts being kept with the rest of active clients.

Great parameterization capability for the CRM tool to suit your business.

Example 1:

A real estate company will require that its CRM tool connect directly with the real estate portals in order to manage the properties put up for sale.

As well as a specific module to add the properties in portfolio.

The purpose of the CRM tool is to make the communication between departments of your company fast and efficient.

Example # 2:

A company selling sports shoes makes a sale of a pair of shoes through its website. The system will create a request for delivery to the department. Of Logistics so that it can automatically prepare the shipment. In turn when logistics has sent the package the final customer can receive a notice that the package has already left and goes to the shipping company.

Integration with the telephone exchange. (CRM + PBX)

In addition to all the administrative and commercial management, the application can be connected to the Neotel Virtual PBX, in order to link incoming calls to the client’s card that has the phone added.