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Is your company’s call center software of high quality?

Today’s best companies manage their communications through call center software. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about new ventures, medium-sized companies or large corporations, they all follow this trend equally. To tell the truth, having this type of program is a vital issue for the growth and success of any initiative. This is due to the applications and all the control they offer.

call center software

However, in the call center solutions market there is a wide range of programs available. That is to say, it is not only important to have a software of this type, but to have one whose scope and functions are really efficient. Unfortunately, there are many products that fall by the wayside and the lack of knowledge of executives in the technological area can lead to a bad acquisition. For this reason, here are some of the features that a quality call center software should have… Keep reading!

Find a call center software with proven warranties

When purchasing a call center software service, it is important to make sure that you are hiring an experienced company. In fact, there are some companies from different parts of the world entering this market all the time. Some of them are very new, therefore, they might offer programs that are still in a testing period, or that have an incomplete development. In fact, there are cases of technology companies that go into business for a few years and then simply disappear, leaving their customers in the air.

The best call center solutions have more than years, decades in operation. To tell the truth, in the technology business, experience is an important factor, since only in it you can get really proven quality products. In fact, in the companies with more seniority in the field, you can get very good programs at really interesting costs.

For example, Neotel has been offering its service for more than 20 years and this is what has allowed it to develop a program that gets better with time. Of course, seniority is just one of the aspects that should be studied when contracting a call center software in Spain or in any other country.

Do you offer CRM call center? Try it and see

The best virtual PBX software includes the CRM call center module. CRM is a program that contains databases and options for communication between the different departments of the company. In other words, it is a step beyond the typical system that service companies usually have. In fact, this complement in itself is often central to boosting sales and the day-to-day growth of any business. In fact, you could call this telemarketing software.

Unfortunately, many call center software only offer the virtual PBX without this application. This will mean that, over time, the owner of the contracting company will have to look for this type of program separately. In addition to this, it is always essential to test this and other call center tools, which are vital for customer service, marketing and sales management. In general, CRM should be easy to use and interactive.

The best call center software has many features

The best virtual PBXs also offer entrepreneurs various useful applications for communication. In other words, apart from communication control and the possibility of using IP telephony, the best programs of this type provide a large number of call center solutions. The more tools and automation, the better things can work.

Call robot, call launchers, bulk SMS sending platform are some of these add-ons. All of them represent a great advantage when it comes to serving, selling or even charging our customers. The more callcenter tools the company offers as add-ons, the better the proposal will be. The goal is to have the greatest number of technological solutions for simplification and work efficiency.

Do you know the definition of virtual PBX?

If you still do not know what a call center software or virtual switchboard is, it is basically a program that allows you to manage all the communications of a company. To do this, they are migrated to IP telephony, which allows to support both telephone calls and all communication through a broadband connection. By having this type of program, you can control the work of telemarketers and have at your disposal an endless number of tools for the job.

At Neotel we have one of the best call center software prices, with proven experience and a good package of complementary applications. Once you try it you will see how necessary and functional it is. And you… Do you have an enterprise? Do you want to make the leap in business quality? Contact us.

806 and 803 lines

806 lines: start your telephone business without investment

The service market is booming and nowadays almost anyone can provide their services. Presence is no longer the most important thing and many people are earning money from their homes, using their Smartphone. In this order of ideas, having paid phone lines can be an excellent alternative to generate extra money and spread the business. For most entrepreneurs today, hiring 806 lines can be really beneficial.

806 Lines & 803 Lines

Premium rate lines are remembered for the many commercials that circulated on television during the middle of the night. Tarot, dating and sweepstakes services flooded the early morning hours during the 90’s and at the beginning of the new millennium. The truth is that this service model is still in force and 806 line providers continue to welcome users and companies that operate based on this modality.

806 and 803 lines: increase your revenues

Many entrepreneurs are complementing their businesses thanks to 806 and 803 lines. It would be crazy to limit themselves to only offering services through the additional telephone rate, which is how this mechanism for generating income is known. However, many professionals, especially freelancers, have been able to take advantage of this business model. Some activities simply combine very well with this format.

The example of this are the people who manage to hire 806 tarot line. This is one of those services that combines very well with the logic of this type of lines. That is why it has been maintained over time and in fact some famous personalities continue to generate income in this way. However, the consulting business has taken on new dimensions today and that is precisely where the opportunity lies for many.

As long as the service is not considered “professional”, it can be provided through telephone calls. The best thing about this system is that the client pays automatically when calling and consuming minutes. In the end, this is charged in the invoicing and the contracting entrepreneur only has to present his invoice to charge his 806 line providers. Everything is very expeditious and the same happens when contracting an 803 line, destined to adult services.

How much do you earn with an 806 line?

One of the most recurrent questions asked by entrepreneurs is “How much can you earn with an 806 line? To tell the truth, this will depend on many factors, among them the advertising capacity of the business and the amount of clientele it handles. For this reason, 806 lines tend to be very useful for entrepreneurs who have been in the market for some time. Having followers or clients previously is a great way to guarantee income in this way.

However, even entrepreneurs who are just starting out can contract 806 lines. Service providers such as Neotel allow the free contracting of not one, but several lines of this type. In other words, there is no cost to have this resource and, therefore, anyone could have it. Basically, the income comes from the incoming calls and the provider charges a part of the profits to maintain the line. That is why this solution is so feasible.

Let’s imagine that a well-known tarotist hires this type of premium rate line. Having many followers and well-developed social networks, it will be very easy for him/her to motivate them to use the service. The same would be true, for example, for a company that already has customers. As a business grows, it will be much easier and even necessary to resort to this modality of attention. There are 806 lines that are currently reporting very good profits.

Neotel: virtual switchboard with 806 lines included

The main service offered by Neotel is the IP PBX, ideal for carrying out business communications in a professional, planned and economical way. Those who wonder about the cost of virtual PBX, should know that this program can be obtained for a very low investment. Even an entrepreneur who is just starting out can have the basic service for very little money.

In addition, the 806 tarot line, or for any other business, is totally free at Neotel. Users who hire our software can also request their 806 lines without having to pay an additional cost. The profits of both the company and the entrepreneur are derived from the income generated. This is a unique opportunity to generate income without generating expenses.

Virtual fax: As useful as its ancestor

In countries such as Spain, many businesses, companies and public institutions still maintain their fax machines. What was an innovation at the time is now a showcase of the past and also a tradition. To tell the truth, right now there is the option of the virtual fax, which allows you to fulfill your functions via the Internet. This is a very useful tool and the best thing is that it does not take up office space.

virtual pbx

Having the ability to send and receive faxes is still a good thing. Many businesses and companies use their old machine to send some documents. Copies of invoices, identity documents, attachments of all kinds and other information with graphic content can be sent securely using this procedure. Of course, technological advances have made this easier and that is what virtual faxing is all about.

The fax has evolved from a piece of equipment to a service

The virtual fax is a much more portable update than its predecessor. Basically, it consists of an application that allows sending and receiving faxes via e-mail. For this purpose, companies contract services such as Neotel’s, being a complementary module of the virtual switchboard. Its use is very simple and, in fact, it is quite similar to what we do when we send an email.

To send a virtual fax you need a special telephone number provided by the company. In this way, other people can send information from their own fax machine. Similarly, companies that have this service have the ability to send documents to other people with faxes, as long as they have the recipient’s number. This is a very simple procedure and it never hurts to have this capability.

To be sure, having the ability to send and receive faxes is to send and receive faxes is to open another means of communication. It should be noted that the most prestigious companies have the habit of integrating with every technology and every existing communication mechanism. By doing this, any enterprise sees its business opportunities expand because they are not limited to a single method. In addition, many suppliers, entrepreneurs, customers and traders still use this type of technology when closing deals.

Virtual fax: two options

The virtual fax for companies can be seen as an emergency tool, or as a complement. Those companies that do not want to buy this type of equipment can get in this type of service, an ideal ally. In fact, having this module is very economical and fulfills all the facets of the traditional device. Nowadays, any smartphone can be used to take a photo. Similarly, the scanner can reproduce images and documents digitally for later sending.

In turn, companies that have a physical fax can rent this service in case of emergencies. For example, if at some point this device is damaged, you can always count on its virtual version. In any case, the important thing is to have solutions for all kinds of circumstances. The good news is that hiring a virtual switchboard means accessing a world of technological solutions for companies.

In fact, the virtual fax is just a complementary tool to the virtual PBX. All this software offers are solutions for communication, marketing and customer service. The best thing is that at Neotel it is possible to access an excellent service for a very low investment, because we are the number one company in the creation and sale of IP PBXs.

Contract virtual PBX: expand your range of solutions

Hiring a virtual PBX is much more than having a call center software. In fact, it is more a matter of using a compendium of solutions to problems shared by almost all companies. The best thing is that both this software and its complementary modules are usually very cheap. For example, obtaining the virtual fax service for companies only costs eight euros per month, at least at Neotel.

Similarly, paying for the virtual switchboard is something that any entrepreneur can do. At Neotel we have three basic plans and a variety of options so that each user can choose the solutions they need the most. In addition, some very interesting modules to increase sales are free. If you still don’t know about it, you will find a lot of information on our website. Of course, you can also contact us to clarify any questions about our product.

Mobile PBX: Carry the company on your Smartphone

The virtual PBX is much more than a program for call center rooms. If you think about it, this IP telephony system allows you to manage many tasks within companies. One of its complements, the mobile PBX, also allows many of the formal resources of this program to be available on the smartphone. From here, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are simply amplified.

One might think that a cell phone has all the properties needed to launch a business. This and some social networking functionalities seem to be enough to communicate with customers and promote a productive activity. However, the mobile PBX allows us to do the same, but with professionalism, taking it to the next level.

Solving the business formality problem

mobile pbx

Today we see many entrepreneurs using the resources they have in their hands to work. Many businesses start using means that are normally used for relationships with family and friends. This is feasible, but it is important to always aim at formality and professionalism. It is important to remember that being formal and professional is synonymous with reliability, and the latter generates income.

This is precisely how the virtual PBX works. This is a software that provides the company with an environment for business communication in a professional manner. When an entrepreneur hires this service, it guarantees a series of tools that allow people to understand that they are communicating with a professional, secure and reliable company. From the IVR to the teleoperator functions, these are elements that make customers understand that they are not going to be ripped off.

It is not the same to negotiate with someone using WhatsApp to negotiate, than calling a company with an operator, institutional messages and other professional elements of the service. Everything we hear when we call a business call center tells us that we are dealing with an institution. And that means many good things: guarantees, security and responsibility. That is why it is important to have a virtual switchboard service.

Mobile switchboard: everything on your mobile

Once a company knows how a virtual PBX works and contracts the service, it is open to a compendium of complementary technological solutions. One of the most useful add-ons is the mobile PBX. This allows to have the software functions in the comfort of the smartphone. Of course, having this tool formalizes communication even when the telephone agent is out of the office. It should be noted that this tool is useful even for company executives.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows work to continue as normal, from anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to be in a company’s facilities to attend as if you were there. This expands the operational options of any type of enterprise. Even a company that does not have physical offices can benefit greatly from this. Implementing a virtual switchboard guarantees the perception of formality in the user.

The best part of this is that a company can hire staff anywhere in the world. With Neotel’s software, the management of the employee can be controlled even if he/she is in another country, since everything is handled via the Internet. On the other hand, with the mobile switchboard, the person can have the elements of this program on his cell phone. This means that even a worker who does not have a computer at his disposal can answer calls and attend to clients. It is like having a virtual switchboard for cell phones.

Neotel software solves many problems

Once you understand how a virtual PBX works, it is easier to value it. This type of software allows any company to implement IP telephony, which is much more economical and practical. In turn, this program aims to manage and quantify all business communication. By contracting the service, you can know data such as the number of calls received, the duration time and data of customers who call.

At Neotel, we provide totally free of charge the service for smartphones, which is like using a cell phone as a switchboard. In this way, the entrepreneur can hire staff in other parts of the country, or the world. Of course, this is just one of the wonderful add-ons that our software has, which also provides modules for marketing, customer care, data collection and much more…. Contact us!

Call Recorder: A resource of business wisdom

In companies there are many positions, processes and also tools used on a daily basis. Some resources are used as a priority to accomplish a specific task. Others, on the other hand, only work for certain situations that do not occur very often. However, there are some implements or systems that turn out to be multifunctional for any type of company. Precisely, that is the case of the call recorder. Companies that hire a call recorder service can implement it for multiple tasks. This is a technological tool that will solve many different types of problems not only within a call center, but for the company in general. To understand this, it would be necessary to see in perspective all the utilities it has.

The call recorder allows you to meet all of your

premium virtual call recorder

It is well known that having a call recorder is nowadays even a legal requirement. But beyond this European legal provision, this implementation will be key to comply at a legal and management level with practically, everyone. In principle, recording every call that comes into the company helps to resolve any misunderstandings that occur between customers and company agents. If a customer feels that he or she has been treated poorly or has received inefficient handling, this can be demonstrated by the recordings. Similarly, if a telephone agent feels that he or she has been attacked, this can also be shown thanks to the call backup. In turn, this avoids conflicts at the legal level due to a hasty decision, or due to any other misunderstanding. The call recorder not only covers the company, but also allows it to make the right decisions. Hence its relevance and the need to record every contact made. The call recorder also allows you to check whether a customer made a telephone purchase. This is a priority, as consumer protection laws are often quite strict. In fact, third-party verification can be implemented to ratify telephone purchases. This allows to corroborate that the user is accepting a purchase in a legitimate and secure way. Of course, by recording the conversation, companies simply cover themselves. Both the recorder and the verification module are part of the virtual PBX cloud.

The call recorder monitors and educates

The call recorder is usually understood as a module that allows the monitoring of a company’s telemarketers. Certainly, this is one of its fundamental tasks and this allows companies to improve. But beyond its monitoring aspect, this tool also allows to educate a company’s telephone agents. This can be achieved through various activities and procedures. The best call centers in the world teach their employees through call recordings. This is a very successful approach, because it allows learning based on real-life operations. It is not the same to memorize the steps of a management, than to review an example of what happens in reality, in this type of work. Some human resources departments use employee calls to enrich their training courses. Then there are the evaluation steps of each telemarketer. The call recorder makes it possible to verify whether the management of each telephone agent is being carried out correctly. However, much better than just evaluating is to use the recorded conversations of each employee to explain their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, each employee will be aware of what needs to be improved when serving customers.

Neotel has the best monitoring module

The call recorder is the core of what Neotel calls the monitoring module. This is a compendium of three tools that allow monitoring communications. It includes the third party verification, the spy and whisper function and the call recorder. In addition to this, we also offer a premium recording service, for those companies that need a much more complete coverage. Our virtual PBX cloud is one of the most advanced and stable in the market. Countless companies have been working with us for many years, which has earned us an excellent reputation in the field of technological solutions. If you are interested in our software and its excellent add-on modules, just contact us.

Telemarketing surveys: improve your offer with data

The virtual PBX has several solutions up its sleeve for business development. In fact, its modules facilitate multiple tasks that are decisive at the commercial level. One of these is the identification of customer demands and the creation or sale of new products that can in turn solve needs and generate good dividends. In fact, this can be achieved through the use of telemarketing surveys.

If there is something that generates problems at the moment for entrepreneurs, it is precisely obtaining strategic information. To be sure, few sources tend to be truly reliable and this diminishes the field of vision of company managers. In addition to this, buying data is very expensive and the worst thing is that it is not always accurate or useful.

Telemarketing surveys: Ask your customers what they want

telemarketing surveys

Telemarketing Surveys: Consultation Nowadays, it is very fashionable to buy data from social networking companies. Although these companies collect a lot of data from millions of users, there is not always certainty that this information is useful. There are many method problems when resorting to this type of solution. It is much better to control the data collection and get it first hand, from the main stakeholders: your own customers.

Telemarketing surveys are a module that is installed in the IVR of the virtual PBX call center. Through these surveys, any company can consult its customers in order to improve its proposal. In fact, the survey has always been the tool used by companies to create and test their products or services. Of course, this telephone consultation format is much faster, quicker and friendlier than any traditional method.

With telemarketing surveys, it is the customers themselves who generate the information. This is important, because that is precisely the public that consumes your products and services. Then, no one better than them to establish what they require, or what can be improved. They are also the ones who have tested what the company has offered so far and, therefore, they are the ones who will be responsible for any possible improvement in the offer.

What can be asked through telemarketing surveys?

Telemarketing surveys can be used for any type of consultation. Of course, those of a commercial nature are the most important ones and this system allows them to be carried out very easily. To tell the truth, there are many companies that have a virtual PBX call center and, in spite of this, do not use their survey module to ask commercial questions. In general, many times they remain in the classic queries to measure the quality of customer service. This is important, but this complement can be used in a more strategic way.

With telemarketing surveys it is possible to ask about what features your products lack. In this way, it is possible to understand what is the low point so far, or where you can improve. From there, another product or service can be made that does have that attribute that was missing before. This is one of the best ways to create new commercial strategies that will boost the business.

Another question that can be asked is what is the customer’s favorite product. Knowing this allows you to understand which offering satisfies the most customers. This is also important because it helps to understand which products should be discontinued and replaced by others that generate more cash flow. This principle is also valid for service companies and, in fact, they can benefit a lot from this module of the virtual PBX call center.

Advantages of telemarketing surveys

As noted above, telemarketing surveys are quick queries directed to the relevant audience. Their speed is due to the fact that each survey is answered by options, using the numeric keypad. Consequently, customers will not take more than a minute to answer the question posed by the company. In addition, these can be placed at different times during the call, so as not to inconvenience users.

The system is designed to count and systematize the responses obtained in each consultation campaign. In this way, it will be much easier to take advantage of the information captured through telemarketing surveys. At Neotel, we have the most requested, innovative and functional virtual call center switchboard in the market. Remember that this is just one of the complements of our software. You can ask us any question in case you are interested.

click to call me back Neotel

Click to call me back: optimize your website

In times of ecommerce and sales through social networks, having an official website for the company is still positive. In fact, the ideal is to occupy all possible spaces of communication and of course in cyberspace. However, much better than having a website, is to have it in an optimal way so that, in turn, it can attract customers and convert interactions into closed sales. Precisely, the click to call me back plugin is ideal to achieve this.

To be sure, having an optimal website involves some effort and knowledge. But there are simple actions that can be done without the need for an expert in the field. In fact, at Neotel we offer a plugin that, when installed, automatically optimizes any company’s digital portal, regardless of the business area to which it is dedicated.

What is an optimized website?

click to call me back

Having an optimized website implies many things. This is basically summarized in achieving attractiveness, easy navigation and, above all, immediate availability so that the customer can contact the company. The objective of optimizing should be to offer a good service, to compete better with other proposals and to motivate sales. Both attractiveness and easy navigation are two aspects that require the technical knowledge of a designer and a systems engineer.

However, something that can be improved without hiring a consultant is the availability for customers to communicate. For this, the click to call me back is especially practical and effective. This is a button that is placed on one of the pages of the company’s web portal. When an Internet user clicks on it, a box opens that allows the user to enter his or her telephone number so that the company can call him or her back.

This allows a very satisfactory customer-company relationship to be established. Better yet, this is something that empowers any business over most of its competitors, automatically. Truth be told, many businesses have outdated websites with no avenues to connect with the user directly. So having a click to call me back button is a clear advantage.

Click to call me back: making it all easy

Many customers make their purchasing decisions by consulting the Internet. In fact, it is estimated that the percentage of people who do this in the world is around 70%. If, in addition to consulting, users can contact the company at once when they are interested in something, sales capacity is boosted. With this button, customers can perform any of the decisive actions at the time of purchase.

Among these actions is the ability to quote the cost of a service or product, research more about the company, or ask any other question. In addition, with the click to call me back button, users can place orders directly. This is ideal for companies that do not have a fully-fledged digital store. Even companies that have both ecommerce and a digital portal can sell through both channels without any problem.

The more channels for communication and commercial negotiation, the better. This is a principle of marketing and click to call me back will ensure that. In addition, a company that calls its customers back is one that demonstrates its quality and interest up front. In other words, the good impression generated by this type of action greatly enhances the possibility of closing sales. To get this plugin, all you have to do is hire our cheap virtual switchboard and incorporate it into your website.

Neotel has an inexpensive and efficient virtual PBX

Neotel’s IP telephony software is a pioneer in the industry, which is why we offer a product of outstanding quality. Our program is stable, innovative, easy to use and is always subject to new updates and add-ons. The aim is to offer a technological solution for business communication that takes over or facilitates the work every time.

In addition to this, our large customer base and experience allows us to guarantee a cheap virtual PBX. Each customer can select their plan and the modules they wish to use, all within their own budget. The click to call me back button is just one of the special modules of this software. Without a doubt, it is time to make use of this service, which will boost your sales and improve the communication around your business.

Video calling in the cloud opens doors for businesses

More and more applications for cloud-based video calling are being found in the enterprise sector. Consultations point out that the most prestigious companies in the world are aware of the advantages of its use, both internally and with customers. Now, a consultation made by LinkedIn, a recognized social network of employment exchange, ratifies the importance of turning on the camera when establishing communications via the Internet.

It is the same companies that are recognizing the power and usefulness of using video calling. This is not just a simple perception, because in recent years hundreds of companies have found a place for this communication modality in their daily operations. In this article, you will also see the result of a professional study on face-to-face communication.

Do you have a company? Turn on the camera!

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn and answered by players in the business sector, making video calls in the cloud is much better than just having audio conversations. The specific question asked during the survey was “Is it better to have the camera on during video calls? The results were more than revealing and can be analyzed at a glance.

Up to 56% of the participants answered that it is advisable to turn on the camera, since they were making video calls. In addition, a revealing 28% answered that they did turn on the camera because they liked to “participate 100%”. In other words, for a good percentage of workers, taking on a video call in the cloud fully implies commitment to what they are doing. In sum, 84% of those consulted saw communications with embedded real-time video as positive and even necessary.

Only 12% indicated that they did not think it was appropriate to turn on the camera during a cloud video conference or bilateral video call. Even the remaining 4% indicated that they “would like to turn on the camera, but…”, indicating that they might be embarrassed because they are shy. However, this latter group also views video calls positively at the business level. The impact of this type of communication is more than noticeable in the business sector.

Video Calling in the Cloud: Opening Doors to the Enterprise

Another social psychology study from late 2021 shows that face-to-face communication is the best if you need to ask for help. In this sense, face-to-face conversation will always be better and it was shown that people are more collaborative when they see each other face to face. In any case, all this allows us to ensure that the video call in the cloud stands as the best formula to ask for help, if we are at a distance.

If the results of this study are extrapolated to the business environment, interesting conclusions can be drawn. For example, video conferencing in the cloud or video call makes the teleoperators of a company more efficient and empathetic. This is something that would benefit the company’s image above all. Video calling also allows the user to see the more human side of the company.

In simple words, the video call humanizes customer service and this is always a good thing. Not to mention the advantages this has for making successful sales. However, in business environments it is not enough to make a videoconference in the cloud on a social network, or through a chat. For this, it is much better to hire the services of an innovative virtual PBX like the one we offer at Neotel.

Neotel: Video calling in the cloud from a proprietary environment

Serious companies have their own environments to manage customer service. That is why, for example, when we call a call center, it has its telephone system, with the elements of the brand and everything is very professional. This is intended to project an image of formality, which in turn is a priority to inspire confidence. The same goes for the video call in the cloud.

At Neotel we have a WebRTC line and our own digital environment for companies to make video calls as it should be. Similarly, our system supports video conferencing in the cloud from professional elements. You will not need to resort to a slow or expensive social network to make this type of communication with your customers. The best thing is that this is only a complementary module of our virtual PBX. At Neotel we have the best technological solutions in communication and marketing.

IVR: Control customer service times

Behind the call center systems we call, there is a great strategy. As a customer, it is difficult to understand all the engineering behind every element that goes into a call to the call center. However, everything is controlled to facilitate the work within the company. In this reality, the IVR is an element that plays a key role. Many people think that calling a company’s call center is extremely tedious. However, without all the elements found in a business call, the experience would be even worse. The best thing is that everything is designed so that businesses and companies can guarantee quality service. This is the great secret of the largest companies in the world.

IVR: Saving time to serve everyone

ivr interactive voice response

Growing companies know how difficult it can be to manage customer service. At some point, dozens of calls will turn into thousands of requests, suggestions, orders and complaints. This is the point at which the virtual PBX stops being a complementary tool and becomes a necessary work element. When calls increase, the work becomes more complex. Even with a fully staffed call center, it is often impossible to deal with all customer requests. For this reason, companies resort to the IVR or Interactive Voice Response system. This is a tool that allows obtaining customer data, guiding them through the options and transmitting some advertising. Added to this is the function of greeting users, which is also important. What customers ignore is that all these elements that they hear until they are attended to by an operator, allow them to save time. While the users who start calling go through all this filter, the teleoperators are attending to other customers who called before. The IVR and the call center’s telephone functions make it possible to better manage call queues. Because, although users may not know it, they are almost always in a queue to be served.

IVR messages manage business calls

VoIP IVR is a tool that saves time in multiple ways. When the greeting is transmitted, the customer service department has a few seconds more to finish with other calls. When the system asks the customer for data such as ID card, the data necessary for the service is obtained earlier. All this means gaining time to attend to all customers and reducing the queue of waiting calls. In fact, one of the functions of the IVR is precisely to reduce the queue of waiting calls. This can only be achieved by stretching the time users spend interacting with this part of the virtual PBX. If all calls were to arrive instantly to the teleoperators, they would often not be able to handle all the demand for attention, in the case of busy companies. In the IVR, everything becomes a legitimate opportunity for telemarketers to save time. Even this part of the system will help people who do not have an important business to deal with to hang up the phone before being attended to. Basically, this system requires the customer to be clear about the reason for his call and to take it intelligently. In this sense, this automated system makes everything more efficient.

Neotel has a modern virtual switchboard

It should be noted that Neotel’s software is one of the most complete, offering solutions of all kinds for companies. VoIP IVR is a central tool for any type of company, but it is only one module of our program. With an innovative virtual PBX you can sell more, organize customer data, make outbound call campaigns and improve your company’s image. For sure, this is a tool that guarantees structure to any business. Our program is inspired by the advanced Asterisk virtual PBX. This is an innovative free software program that has PBX functions. Its last update is from the year 2021 and Neotel has adapted the best of this system to offer our customers the best in business communication. If you have a business and you are interested in the IVR and everything we have prepared for you, contact us.

Mobile PBX: The key to remote work

There are many reasons to ensure that companies must adapt to remote work. On the one hand, the COVID 19 pandemic still forces workers to vacate offices from time to time. On the other, non-face-to-face work is a trend that goes beyond today. In fact, most professionals are looking for contracts that allow them to work from home. In any case, the mobile pbx makes this possible.

In fact, since 2021, there is talk of “global resignation”. According to this phenomenon, millions of professionals around the world will be abandoning companies with physical offices to work with others that allow them to operate without the requirement of being in person. Fortunately, technology is advancing and the mobile switchboard could have the solution to stop this labor trend.

PBX: Why does it allow remote working?

mobile pbx

It must be understood that the PBX is much more than a call center program. In fact, it is feasible to approach this software as an environment for work and business communication. First of all, this is so because to use it, workers must log in with a password and a user. From this point on, everything that each agent or employee does is recorded in the system.

In fact, thanks to the PBX, a coordinator can know if his employee is connected. In other words, this type of program makes it possible to monitor an employee’s attendance to his or her schedule even if he or she is in another country. It does not matter if the company is located in Spain and the employee is in India, Argentina or Canada, his management will be controlled. Therefore, this type of software can help any company to upgrade and operate remotely, at least in some of its activities.

And if the telephone switchboard allows remote work, the mobile switchboard facilitates it beyond the device an employee has. Of course, the ability to have call center software features on the cell phone can be very useful for some tasks. Both executives and telemarketers can take advantage of this add-on.

Mobile PBX: an office on your cell phone

PBX systems like Neotel’s are very versatile because they only need an Internet connection to work. A person authorized to log in with their key and password can use the system on any computer or device that supports connection. However, the mobile PBX allows for some basic call center software functionalities.

Thanks to the mobile PBX, a telemarketer can put a customer on hold, or mute. The best thing is that callers will hear everything as if they were calling the company’s offices. In other words, by using this add-on, the use of the identification and professional elements used by the company for telephone communication is guaranteed. This is important, because everything we hear when we call a company lets us know that it is a serious and respectable entity.

It could be said that the mobile PBX is a virtual PBX for mobiles. Perhaps some entrepreneurs are wondering at this point if it is really necessary to hire a complementary service of this type. To tell the truth, at Neotel this is a totally free complementary service. That is, those who get our IP telephony service will have this additional resource.

The telephone switchboard is a very complete program

The PBX is often referred to as a call center software. However, the dimensions of this type of program are much broader nowadays. First of all, contracting this service allows the incorporation of IP telephony, which makes communication cheaper and improves it from a technological point of view. Then, this business solution has a variety of functions that can enhance the scope of any enterprise.

The mobile PBX is just one of the complements of Neotel’s software. It is impressive the amount of functions that can be performed with our software. In fact, these tools allow you to increase sales, improve telephone service and formalize the image of any business. With this program, you can integrate digital marketing tasks with the use of telephone resources.

With our virtual switchboard you can hire staff abroad and control their management with ease. Open yourself to a world of possibilities with remote work and improve the communication capacity of your company. With Neotel it is possible to modernize any business.