videollamada y videoconferencia en la nube

Businesses use video calling and video conferencing in the cloud

The times when face-to-face office meetings were necessary have come to an end. Video calling and video conferencing in the cloud have become common forms of communication. Realities such as the COVID 19 pandemic and the rise of telecommuting have expanded the use of online media. Certainly, the advantages of these systems over telephone or e-mail are hard to ignore.

Face-to-face is still well valued but video calls demonstrate high efficiency in the work environment. Issues such as absence from work and adherence to schedules are no longer a variant that weighs on productivity. Video conferencing makes it possible to bring together entire work teams regardless of the location of their members. Therefore, it is important to orient these communication tools towards the company’s goals.

The rise of video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud


videoconferencing and videocalling in the cloud

Several pollsters and consulting firms report high percentages of use of cloud-based video calling and videoconferencing platforms. At the enterprise level, there are data that support the good reception of WebRTC online media. Productivity, cost, versatility and focus are aspects that are gained from these communication formats.

The perception is that video calls strengthen social relations in the environment and bring dynamism. Employees no longer have to stay in the office outside the limits of their schedules to plan or complete work. Everything can be done at home, from work to meetings. Of course, this also increases the quality of life for individuals.

There is also a notion in many companies that video calls allow them to keep their focus on the essentials. Using this medium seems to generate more focused exposures to work planning and execution. The incorporation of video is an element that allows much more dynamism in presentations. It is an element that has made it possible to overcome the limits of the telephone call.

Other advantages of the use of videoconferencing in the company

A great advantage of video conferencing in the cloud is that it is recorded. This way, employees can go back to the meeting and check any remaining questions. The best part is that everything said is recorded and available for later verification.

The mere fact that the conferences are stored in the cloud is a plus. Participants never have to use up the storage capacity of their own devices. The only problem with the social networks that are becoming popular for offering these services is that they are either expensive or have limits on their use or storage.

For this reason, specialized videoconferencing modules or software should be contracted. Companies that offer virtual switchboard as Neotel also have plans to ensure this type of online media. Those companies that have innovative call center software can also integrate this type of system. This will be an investment that will have a positive impact on productivity.

mobile pbx

Mobile PBX: the ally of independent distributors

It is currently fashionable to work as a freelance distributor and marketer to generate extra income. This trend is part of the collaborative economy and it works for many. However, one of the drawbacks faced by those who venture into the world of “independent sales” is informality. Fortunately, there are resources such as the mobile switchboard that add seriousness to each call.

In the world of sales, the most important thing is the credibility of both the product and the salesperson. Therefore, it is important to plan everything surrounding the sale itself. Independent distribution relies heavily on the seriousness that the potential consumer sees in the transaction. This is precisely what is achieved when the mobile PBX is incorporated.

What can the mobile PBX achieve in a sale?

The mobile virtual pbx is a module that allows to have the call center functionalities inside a Smartphone. That is to say, by using it you can put a call on hold, transfer, retrieve and perform similar functions. This facilitates both the control of the call and the correct maintenance of the conversation.


mobile virtual pbx

Corporate sales departments have all these functionalities through call center software. What the mobile PBX allows is to incorporate these functions to any cell phone. This allows the salesperson to be able to search for information, connect the user with the company and so on. All of this adds up to better communication and more effective and empathetic responsiveness.

But the use of the mobile PBX also generates credibility and reliability for the independent salesperson. The ability to be able to have functions that are typical of contact with companies recreates a professional environment. If, in addition to this, the salesperson adds institutional parlance, such as mentioning the name of the company, communication improves. People tend to trust more when they feel they are communicating with a company employee.

A support for the distributor and the company

Nowadays it is very common to see companies with plans to seek independent distributors. The case of food supplements or cosmetics is well known, but there are also technology companies doing this. For example, Neotel offers commercial facilities for IP telephony distributors. When this type of vendor uses a mobile PBX, it enhances the possibility of closing sales.

Companies could provide the mobile PBX module to their distributors to project their credibility. Selling from informal dialogues is not the same as selling using professional tools and having customers notice it. Potential buyers will quickly know that behind every independent there is a company behind it.

The objective is also to project security and the idea that there is no fraud in the business. This will represent a competitive advantage over other vendors or companies offering similar plans. The result of credibility: commissions for the distributor and business expansion for the company. Undoubtedly, this is a module that evokes the benefits of the virtual PBX in any Smartphone.

premium virtual call recorder

Premium virtual call recorder: guaranteeing the management of your calls.

One of the best things about the call center is that all management can be controlled. The coordinators can have 100% control of everything that the telemarketers do. The fact is that if the appropriate systems and services are in place, companies can have every piece of information that comes in and goes out of the call center. For this, it is essential to have a premium virtual call recorder.

Even companies that do not have a fully constituted call center can control communication with the customer. If the office has secretaries or a small service department, conversations of a commercial nature can be verified. Knowing how employees communicate with the public is a fundamental part of a company’s success.

Why do you need a premium virtual call recorder?

Hiring a virtual PBX service allows, among other things, to record every incoming or outgoing call. The problem with these services is that they usually have a maximum storage space. For example, if a basic plan is contracted, the contracted company may only offer two months of backup.


hiring a virtual premium call recorder

There are companies that have their own servers and in this case your limitation will depend on other things. Depending on the capacity of the installation or even failures, many recorded calls can be lost. The worst thing is that these failures are common and it only takes a problem in the server or a power failure for them to occur.

Companies like Neotel offer a secure and complete premium virtual call recorder service. This basically ensures that absolutely all recorded calls are backed up. Coordinators and managers can go back to any day and verify a call in a timely manner. This seems like a minor thing but in the long run it can simplify many things.

Benefits of being able to have all calls backed up

Those who work in call centers understand how critical it is to have a complete call log. If for example the company offers services and customers report breakdowns or cases, this will be an indispensable resource. By reviewing each call, it is possible to understand the evolution of the case. It is true that there is software available to create records, but many times these are not well detailed by the operators.

Recordings are key for companies that think about their customers. Coordinators can check whether a customer has indeed been mistreated or assaulted. In this way, corrective action can be taken. To tell the truth, having a Premium virtual call recorder has saved more than one company from quite complicated legal problems.

The Premium Virtual Call Recorder will be a demonstration that the company respects consumers. Coordinators and trainers will use the calls to correct the faults of their telemarketers. In reality, the recordings are a means of internal control to ensure that everything is being done correctly.  Of course, if the company works on correcting deficiencies in its customer service, it will be seen to be doing well externally.

WebRTC line: goodbye to telephone companies

Companies spend vast sums of money to large telephone emporiums to ensure communication. Business plans are expensive and quality is not always assured. The truth is that communications have changed and that old scheme is being overcome. The WebRTC line is here to stay and several entrepreneurs are already migrating.

The WebRTC line concept seems to be a complex matter handled only by computer engineers. To tell the truth, all people are unconsciously handling this technology on our Smartphones. For example, when you enter a virtual classroom or videoconference through Apps, you are using this system. Now, every company can have its own communication system based on VoID telephony.

What is WebRTC?

The WebRTC line is a structure that allows the creation of online communication systems from web pages. The applications that allow video calls and videoconferences are currently based on this technology created by Google. This has allowed the creation of innovative softphones for call centers and internal business communication.


webrtc line

This system has allowed the creation of communication tools by companies such as Neotel. The important issue of this technological evolution is that it allows quality communication, more fluid and very cheap. The latter is due to the fact that now calls do not depend on telephone lines and corporations. Today, all video and non-video calls can be supported by a broadband Internet connection.

The WebRTC line can be installed in the virtual PBX. Employees simply open an application where the softphone is located and call anywhere in the world. They can do this from the office, but they can also access the system using their personal devices. More advanced services such as Neotel’s do not require complex installations because everything is managed from the Internet.

Outperforming traditional telephone companies

With the WebRTC line, communication can be guaranteed on the company’s private network through the use of PBX. From this point on, a company’s employees can use the softphone anywhere in the world. What they need in any case is a program profile, a device and an Internet connection.

The best thing is that the new communication companies offer their own plans in minutes and data. This opens up a world of possibilities as each company offers its own call center software, modules and plans at different costs. The entrepreneur only has to look for the proposal that best suits the needs of his company. This is a competitive market with many options for the contractor.

The vital thing is to understand how important it is to adapt the business work to the benefits of the WebRTC line. Later the company can invest in IP telephony devices, but this is not entirely necessary. Having an Internet connection is all that is needed to reduce costs and revolutionize customer service.

entrada de prueba

Virtual PBX: quality call center supported by third parties

One of the most costly expenses faced by large companies is the opening of a call center. For many managers, it is an obligation that arises as a result of commercial success. The biggest problem lies in the investment that must be made in terms of facilities, equipment, software and personnel. Fortunately, serving customers is much simpler, more efficient and cheaper thanks to the virtual PBX.

But… What is a virtual PBX and how does it work? This seems a complicated concept if you look at it from the basis of the traditional call center.  However, incorporating this new system and managing it is even easier. Below, we will explain what this concept is all about, which is so beneficial for entrepreneurs.

What is a virtual PBX and how does it work?


virtual pbx

The switchboard is basically a system that interconnects all business communication. From it, teleoperators and coordinators can manage, control and tailor the interaction with customers for their attention. To do this, the traditional call center relied on servers, computers, interconnection equipment, software and a corps of IT engineers. All this is synonymous with a lot of money.

The virtual PBX simply integrates all those elements necessary for communication in a non-physical way. It sounds complicated at a technological level, but the best part of it is that the contracting company does virtually nothing. In other words, it is a service handled by a communications company such as Neotel and it is there ready to simply work.

What characterizes the virtual PBX is that the entire system is hosted on third-party servers. The hosting of the data is done through the cloud service and everything is done by the contracted company. In short, the company has its own call center office and is only in charge of customer service, charging or selling services.

What is the best virtual PBX?

Knowing what a virtual switchboard is, it is important to understand which one has the best features. In reality, this usually depends on the needs of each company. Of course, the type of service and its cost will also depend on these requirements, which are different in each venture or company.

The best virtual PBXs are innovative and allow the integration of innovative modules. Automation is the order of the day because it allows to solve problems and expand the range of the business. Robot call, predictive dialer, sending mass sms, among others. In short, the best services are versatile and have easy-to-use call center software.

Services or tools that used to be hired individually are nowadays integrated to the virtual PBX. All communications are carried out using VoIP telephony, which means that calls are made over the Internet. Of course, this feature also allows the contracting company to save a little more. That said, we can only recommend the purchase of this type of service.

Innovative CRM: the best way to have the best customer data

Companies with years of experience know how important it is to have a system with the data of each client.  The problem is that in most cases the software they use is very outdated. Truth be told, when it comes to business and technology, the rule of “better the devil you know than the good you don’t know” doesn’t really apply. Having an innovative CRM implies an advantage not only at a management level, but also at a commercial level.

CRM goes beyond being a data system like the one banks have, for example. Traditional data banks are not necessarily focused on communication and customer service. A key feature of these systems is the interconnection between the collection and review of data and the management of both customer service and marketing. CRM is more than an information bank, it is a business approach.



CRM: integrating every aspect of service

CRM humanizes companies and turns them into customer-oriented companies. This management system integrates everything: from problem resolution, to updating user data, to sales. It is a new and different approach materialized in a tool that manages the information of interest.

It may seem to be just a database, but this type of program is very intelligent. For example, from the CRM an operator can know the caller’s data, know if he has called before or if he is in the database. By knowing the phone number and name of the caller, you can even update the data.

Neotel’s CRM is based on the creation of a modifiable file with information about each customer. Their records appear with each contact and can be edited to update the information. This eliminates one of the biggest problems for most companies: outdated user data. Instead of waiting for customers to enter their new phone numbers or e-mail, the operator can do it with every call.

Smarter campaigns

But updating data is just one of the CRM’s functions. In fact, this tool makes it easier to organize information in a simplified way. At the same time, the program is designed to facilitate the use of this data in subsequent campaigns.

In short, this system, integrated with the call center software, allows for intelligent commercial work. Companies that have this program make better marketing campaigns because the program is structured to integrate each task. CRM is a software that contains a business philosophy based on customer service and expansion.

Companies like Neotel manage to integrate virtual PBX to their CRM and even to other third-party applications. Undoubtedly, up-to-date customer service technology is an asset that allows companies to expand their commercial sphere.


Practical uses of the robot call in a company

Automated modules are covering almost every area of today’s business. Every day a new tool appears that does certain jobs with just a single programming. Customer service is no exception, and there are entire processes that can be completed without the involvement of a telephone operator. Precisely, the robot call allows to communicate with the user without the use of human resources.

The robot call allows you to compose messages that are then narrated by an artificial voice. A speech is simply written and the system is programmed to launch calls to a list of customers. When the receiver answers the call, it listens to the information that the company wants to notify.  Now… What is the purpose of this functionality offered by the virtual PBX of companies like Neotel?

Let your customers know about new offers and services.  


robot call

The advantage of automating some functions from call center software is that the work is better organized. It does not make sense to direct a group of operators to do promotions, if they are needed to process claims. When the staff is small and the level of incoming calls is large, using the call robot for promotions is an excellent solution.

With the robo call, customers can be informed about special or new offers and promotions. This type of robotic narration can introduce the customer to what’s new in less than a minute. The message can be complemented with the company’s slogan or some kind of empathetic expression with the users.

Another excellent use of the robot call is the promotion of new services offered by the company. This happens very often with telephone companies when they have new plans or rates. In fact, this tool can be used to prepare the customer for the establishment of new prices.

Robot call as a voice for the institutional message

The robot call can also be used to promote a new way of doing business with the company. For example, it can be used to announce the creation of a web page, or a new automated management system for the customer. It is even possible to remind users of the contact numbers in case of any eventuality.

Special contingencies can also be addressed through robot call messages. If there is a technical failure with a service provided or in the call center itself, a narrated notification can be passed on. Any situation that generates discomfort can be notified and this will bring peace of mind to the clientele. In this way, users will know that the company is aware of a failure and that it will work to solve it and compensate those affected.

Any generic message that you want to notify a large group of customers can be communicated through this module. Basically, it is a call launcher but unlike the predictive or progressive dialer, in this one an operator speaks. There are modules that invite the user to press a button to contact the operators. Undoubtedly, this is a resource that cannot go unnoticed.

predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer: Ideal for telesales and telemarketing

The tools of the new virtual PBX allow you to improve every area of a call center’s work. There is useful automation to optimize customer service per inbound call and also to increase outbound productivity. To contact users successfully the predictive dialer is of vital importance.

In the contact center there are always departments that are in charge of making outbound calls. These can have many utilities such as sales, service offerings, extensions or debt collection. Increasing efficiency in this type of management is possible with the help of the right technology.

How the predictive dialer works

The job of the predictive dialer is to launch calls to customers automatically. To do this, the module has a list of telephone numbers to be contacted. It will do this by knowing the call duration patterns and times between which the agent is free. In addition, the tool is updated according to the volume of work and the results that arise.

This telephone dialer controls the time in which the agent contacts users. From the moment it is used, the process of making calls no longer depends on the operator, and is completely controlled by the system. In this way, coordinators can ensure high productivity within the department.


predictive dialer

In turn, the call center predictive dialer generates statistics on data and phone numbers. This makes it possible to perform useful tasks such as cleaning the database and measuring the effectiveness of the lists and the department. With this module you basically control the management in a very comprehensive way. To be precise, there are two fundamental tasks for companies that can be developed much better with this technology: telesales and remote collection.

Increased sales and better collection management

The predictive dialer is one of the most useful digital tools an outbound calling department can have. Any office that uses lists of phone numbers will benefit. Sales tend to increase because the productivity of the operator is increased. It is important to remember that with this module the amount of calls made by agents will not depend on them.

Telecollections management benefits even more, since it is a department where it is necessary to be incisive. Customer lists can be classified according to importance, degree of debt or taking into account previous communications. Those who work in this type of office know how important it is to know the customers and target the message in a more personalized way.

The virtual PBX has the possibility to integrate this and other modalities very easily. The more innovative the software, the better management tools it offers. Therefore, it is important to choose updated companies such as Neotel. The upgrade has advantages such as IP telephony, data backup in the cloud and automated solutions such as predictive dialer and other call launchers.

progressive dialer how it works?

Progressive dialer: ideal for mass customer service

Large service providers often have a problem with their success.  This is the need to ensure efficient means of servicing the large flow of customers. Of course, doing so requires a good investment, hiring of personnel and planning for the management of this work. Precisely, the predictive dialer is a tool that allows to plan the work.

Managing a call center, especially at the beginning, is a titanic task. This is more complex if the business is large and many customers and users must be served. Many companies think they have the service covered, but they do so without having a clear idea of its efficiency. A good way to start getting things right is by using call dialers.

How does the progressive dialer work?

The progressive dialer is an automatic inbound call management system. Its job initially involves knowing how work is being done in the room and also the flow of calls. It does this on the basis of an analysis of the data concerning the contacts: call duration, number of incoming calls, answering time, etc.


progressive dialer how it works?

From the data, the progressive dialer launches calls to the operators that become free. Callers are simply placed on a waiting list and are answered. It is important to know that this type of system is also capable of indicating an approximate idea of how long each call should take.

The system basically designs the correct way in which the contact room should operate. The predictive dialer is usually a module compatible with the call center software. The data will always be changing until the best possible idea of customer service is obtained. Coordinators and managers can use this tool to guide the work of their operators and design strategies.

Banks, telephone companies and large businesses need it.

There comes a point when a business becomes so successful that it needs to open a large customer service department.  It will not be enough to have five or so operators, because the larger the company, the more management it will have to do. The progressive dialer works but it requires a good number of available operators.

The important thing is to have a virtual PBX with excellent features, modules and a faultless service. The progressive dialer is just one of many tools in favor of the entrepreneur. There is also the robot call and predictive dialer for other types of management and contact center. Banks, telephone companies, specialized stores and other mass service companies will work better with these technological solutions. Neotel, for example, offers all these alternatives.

Having a successful, influential and high-selling company always implies more investment and strategy. Not taking on the natural and justified demands of the clientele always has negative effects. The prices of an insufficient or poorly planned management are the loss of customers, the strengthening of the competition and with it, the decrease of profits. A good call center that offers an efficient service will solve many problems.