The telephone switchboard: a tool to improve customer service for our business

Aspects for the improvement of customer service

  • Control the silences. What does this mean? Because it is very important to give the best possible telephone attention to let our customers speak and know how to listen to them. Some operating agents make the mistake of wanting to overwhelm the calling customer by giving them as much information as possible in a very short period of time, which means that the person on the other side of the phone feels pressured and wants to abandon the call as soon as possible. In other words, is it important to correctly inform our customers when they call us? Yes, of course. But without forgetting that it is also necessary to listen to its requests so that it does not feel harassed by the operator it is talking to.
  • Tone and voice. The tone and voice of the operator is important. An incorrect voice or tone could result in missed opportunities.
  • The mental attitude of the operator is fundamental to give a feeling of security towards the customer.

These are some recommendations to manage customer service well:

  • Stay relaxed, showing a serene atmosphere towards the client. It is very important for the caller to feel relaxed and in a friendly and not stressful environment.
  • Being focused on one thing at a time. If the operator, while talking to the customer, is involved with more management, this is something that the customer can perceive and realize that the operator is attending more things than his own. This would be a mistake. The calling customer wants and needs to feel loved and special. They need to know that their case is important to the agent and the company they work for.
  • It’s important to have a positive attitude. It is not advisable to show a bad attitude even if the operating agent is having a bad day for some reason.
  • The attitude. It is important for the caller to know that the operator will do everything in his power to manage his case.
  • You must make it clear that everything can be solved on the spot and that there will be no problems. A negative attitude is not recommended.
  • To know how to handle language well. It is not always advisable to abuse with technicalities. But we should not neglect these either. At the end of the day, the client needs to understand everything we have told him.

Fulfill a good customer service from the switchboard

Telephone customer service goes beyond listening to you. If we treat a client in the best way, he will probably speak well of our company and services. Everything that has to do directly with customer service should be treated with the utmost respect. If customer service is optimal, they will become loyal to our company. If not, we risk losing customers. All customers are important.


The cheapest VoIP telephony service is not always the best

For Neotel it is the customers themselves that drive our desire for growth in the voip telephony sector. Without our customers Neotel simply would not exist, if you are thinking of contracting with a voip telephony company, going fast to the cheapest is not always the best of ideas. If you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s often better and you’ll get even more return. At Neotel we like to think that our company is not the most expensive nor the cheapest in the voip telephony sector, although it is the best. a voip telephony company can only lower its prices until the quality of its services will be affected. when some companies lower their costs so much in the end the quality is drastically reduced in customer service and call flows. Neotel struggles to be the best value for money solution in the market since 2001.

What are the advantages of VoIP Telephony when compared to traditional telephony?

Advantages of voip technology:


video call and video conferencing in the cloud

This technology offers endless possibilities in terms of call management is not possible with traditional telephony Scalability, updating and maintenance: when we refer to voip telephony we must understand that this is a technology constantly updated. However the costs of maintenance or update of this are null for the client. Accessibility: the voip allows to use a fixed phone from anywhere in the world no matter where we are. All you need is an Internet connection to use this phone system.the whole voip is managed from a software.



webrtc line

Installation costs with traditional telephony are very high. This is not the case with voip telephony. With voip telephony there are no installation costs some. Once clarified the differences between voip telephony and analog is clear as one benefits more than the other. Linked (although not mandatory) IP phones appear. Take advantage now and buy your terminals with a 15% discount in our online store using the code NEOTEL15.From computer to computer: it is the simplest. You only need two computers with an Internet connection and a microphone. (webrtc lines) As you have seen there are several types of voip telephony, with voip telephony come possibilities such as communication between more than two people and video call.


Advantages offered by the virtual switchboards for our company

Today with this new post in our blog we want to get even closer and make known the advantages offered by the virtual pbx’s and that are not few.

The 10 advantages of virtual switchboards

1. Competitiveness

A virtual pbx has many advantages. It can make us available at any time and from anywhere. Another feature that brings us working with the virtual pbx is to increase our productivity.


2. Multiple numbers

A phone number that is easy to remember is very important for our company. In Neotel we offer a wide variety of options for contracting a telephone numbering, highlighting our 900 lines.

3. Multi-device

telefonia ip

From IP phones, webrtc lines, mobile phones … The Neotel solution is usable from any device that has an Internet connection.

4. Multisede

Imagine that in our company we have different branches, with offices in cities such as Madrid and Malaga. Regardless of the number of extensions for each of our venues, Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows us to receive and make calls as if we were all located under one roof. When dealing with extensions, there are no longer any geographical barriers. This is one of the main functionalities that this type of switchboard allows us.

5. Mobility

Being a system in the cloud and as we have been explaining, we can work with our switchboard from anywhere in the world.

6. Flexibility

The switchboard is scalable in the sense that if our company grows or decreases in size we can increase or reduce the functionalities of our switchboard.

7. Company image


webrtc line

Having a professional telephone system will help improve the image we are giving of our company. The Neotel switchboards allow the customer:

  • Click to call me back.
  • Virtual fax.
  • Telemarketing surveys.
  • Monitoring.
  • Statistics of incoming calls.
  • Signaling.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of virtual switchboards is this, to give a better image of our business to customers.

8. Improvement in customer service

With features such as detours, waiting messages and queuing system we can get better serve our customers. Thanks to the advantages of IP telephony the line of our business can hardly be communicating. Nobody likes to wait or not to attend. Having the virtual switchboard for our company is a way if we seek to improve customer service.



hire line 900

9. Line capacity

Before putting more operators or more lines for specific cases we can use the features of our switchboard such as waiting messages or voice mailboxes. The virtual switchboards are for managing large volumes of calls.


10. Cost reduction


virtual pbx

This is undoubtedly, among all the advantages, the one that is most attractive for companies that make the leap with the virtual switchboard. It does not matter where in the world you are and you will be speaking at the lowest possible price. It does not matter if your employees are located geographically far from each other. At the end of the day, with the virtual switchboard we will obtain the maximum possible savings in our calls that with any other telephone system that we can hire. The Neotel virtual switchboard is available to everyone.


What are the benefits of working with virtual services?

The virtual pbx is usable in table and mobile telephones.

The concept of virtual pbx is broader than at first thought. The main features of the virtual pbx’s systems are:

  • Receive and send emails.
  • Generate massive advertising
  • Communicate between extensions / departments.
  • Register personal data of clients.
  • Send text messages to mobiles.
  • Receive and send internal communications.
  • Redirecting calls.
  • Record, receive and send calls.
  • Telephone conversations.


Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

With the virtual telephone exchange the software is synchronized with the different telephone lines. As it is a system hosted in the cloud, this is an important saving.

Save on costs with virtual services

The virtual switchboard, unlike how it happens with physics, means a great saving of money in terms of configuration means.


virtual pbx

Bet on virtual services

Actually working with cloud services brings benefits always. Some companies still unaware of what virtual switchboards are may mistakenly think that there are disadvantages in the use of these services. Nothing more erroneous.

The cost of poor customer service and how to solve it

If you are still using an old call center system in your company, change it. Now you have the opportunity with Neotel and its call center software to give that last impulse that the company and the customer service of it needs.

Here we show below 4 problems to avoid in a call center. And how to solve them.

Problem 1: your campaigns are wasted

Providing bad customer service includes the risk of customer losses. If the attention received by customers is not adequate, our customers will not want to continue with us. And therefore our campaigns will be wasted. What can you do about it: Does your company have objectives to encourage its staff? Are your call center operators up-to-date? Do you already work with the best call center tool in the market? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions then it would be time to review your strategy.


Problem 2: a lot of time is lost

Does it take a long time to respond to calls or complaints from your customers? If yes, maybe the problem is in the type of call center software that you use in your company. By not working with updated software we are at risk of not working in the most productive way possible. What you can do about it: Search for call launchers that automate tasks so that your agents do not have to make the calls themselves.


Problem 3: you get bad reviews

Bad reviews can also affect your business very negatively. In addition, bad reviews not only result in that particular client is not going to return, but their bad criticism could be seen by more potential customers who also would stop winning. What can be done about it: To identify our failures and errors is fundamental for when it comes to fixing our image. Bad criticism can also be learned. When they give us bad reviews, the smart thing is to know how to take advantage of them to solve them and improve our business. The worst thing that can be done is not knowing how to take advantage of bad reviews.


Problem 4: you lose customers


call center software

Clients who have a bad experience with their company will never use their services again. Having more options, when a client has a bad experience with a company, he will simply look for other alternatives but will not continue using it.


sistema para call center

What you can do about it: Investing in the best call center software solution for your company is the fastest way to ensure a good user experience for our customers when they communicate with our company.

Digitize your business with the Virtual PBX

What functionality can our virtual switchboards provide in your company?

From Neotel we offer a safe and optimal service. Our virtual pbx is constantly updated and receives improvements frequently so that each day that passes is more adaptable to the needs of all our customers.

5 benefits of virtual switchboards

This type of solution implies:

1. It is customizable and scalable

It is possible to decrease or increase the functionalities of the switchboard according to our needs.

2. Efficient communication

This type of telephone system improves not only the communications with our clients but also the internal ones at company level.

3. Greater availability

The hiring of this equipment provides the company with 24/7 coverage.

4. Avoid additional overhead

By not having a person in charge of a physical reception, additional costs are also avoided.

5. Saving money and time

It is a profitable and effective technology. In reality it is like having a worker 24 hours a day pending the telephone communication of our company. With the virtual pbx they improve internal and external communications of the company.


virtual pbx

The need to digitize

In a time of so much competition, digitizing our company is an important advance to try to stand out. Hiring the virtual switchboard for your business could boost sales. From Neotel our solutions are focused precisely on this, that companies get to sell more and better.

The companies are integrating the CRM with the Virtual PBX and you should also

Surely if you read this news until the end you will make a very good decision: call Neotel and ask how you can integrate the CRM with your virtual PBX system.

Do you want to integrate the crm into your telephone system in your company?

Once you are a customer of Neotel’s virtual pbx, it is very easy to integrate our CRM into your switchboard. You just need to make a call and tell us what you want to do.

How is a CRM integrated into your company’s telephony?

CRM maximizes your employees’ productivity, which means working fewer hours and getting more.

What benefits does the company have with an integrated CRM?

How about the idea that when a client calls you, it automatically displays on the screen information related to that client, such as the contact information that has made the call, its number and any other information about other conversations that have been held. with this person?

By integrating the crm with your company’s telephony you get absolute control over incoming and outgoing calls and with respect to customers.

Registering both received and completed calls is one of the main advantages when integrating the crm into the switchboard

CRM is the easiest way to create new contacts

As long as you have the active application, when you receive a call from one of your clients, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with absolutely all the information about the client. The fact that when a customer calls us, we get a pop-up in screen with all the relevant information about it, is a way to be prepared before answering the call. Integrating the crm with the virtual switchboard will allow us to always know who is calling us.


crm with virtual pbx

To identify all incoming and outgoing calls in the company, CRM is the best solution in the market

A virtual pbx allows to have many lines, in the way of extensions.

CRM functions:


virtual pbx

  • Take control of interactions with potential customers.
  • Save the data of possible clients to continue contacting them later.
  • Help to obtain clients from business opportunities and current customers.

A CRM also helps us with the loyalty of our customers. It is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep all the information of our customers in an organized way. In addition, thanks to the CRM, our marketing campaigns will be much more productive by having greater control over our information. If you have been reading this far, it is more than likely that you now understand better why more companies are asking for integrated CRM every day. of the switchboard. If you need us to resolve any possible doubts about our integration between Neotel’s virtual switchboard and our CRM, just call us.

How to improve the quality in your Call Center

Call us today if what you are interested in improving the quality of your call center. If the experience that customers who call your company live every day is important for you and your business, from Neotel we have different solutions with which we can help insurance.


premium virtual call recorder

He wonders how to improve the quality of his call center. Do it with Neotel!

Here we will give some indications so that you can improve your call center and the quality of it. So that when your customers call they feel served as they expect. Are you satisfied with the overall quality of your call center?

How to improve quality in the call center – Step 1:

Some of the features you may want to search for your call center include:

  • Scalability options; including the option of agents working from home.
  • Better call routing
  • More efficient information gathering technology.
  • Better solutions for waiting times.
  • A solid recording solution.

How to improve the quality in the call center – Step 2:

The customer experience starts from the first moment when he calls us. From there, and according to how everything happens, the final satisfaction can be more or less positive. In addition, the role played by our operators is paramount in the final result that each client is going to take over our company. It is very important for clients that their complaints are heard and addressed on the way, getting to solve any incident that we I presented.

How to improve the quality in the call center – Step 3:

Training. Training is the key to getting things right. And when we talk about training here we are logically referring to train our agents. An agent with the proper training will provide a higher quality customer experience than another agent who does not have the same training. Do not forget that your call center would be nothing without the staff of agents that make it up. .

Communication all over the world thanks to the voice IP

Being communicated correctly between client and company strengthens the position of your business. This is a fact. Having an ip voice system ensures us to be able to be connected with our workers, colleagues, friends, family …, and all that is needed is a device connected to the Internet and a web page.



virtual pbx

Neotel is the leading company in voice ip in the sector, offering secure, effective and fast communications, capable of offering you the quality service that you were waiting for, being ours a responsible company with the widest experience. The main advantage that we offers voice ip is the reduction of costs when making phone calls. Unlike conventional telephony, with IP telephony we use the Internet for communications. And this is exactly why the costs are reduced drastically.

Calling by voice ip is very easy

Three simple steps to communicate by voice ip:

  1. Hire the services that best suit your company: software call center, crm, virtual pbx.
  2. Carry your phone number or ask for a new one.
  3. You must contact a company that offers the service.

Below you can read the main advantages of using voip telephony in your communications:



call center software

  1. Cheap rates so you can communicate all the time you need, without being surprised by the costs at the end of the month.
  2. You do not need to make any changes in your company to enjoy voice calls ip.
  3. Being a voice based IP technology, you will be communicated with quality in the service, quickly and safely.
  4. Any device that has access to the Internet will serve to communicate with your workers.
  5. You can access your call center from any computer.
  6. It is not necessary to install programs that are difficult to understand.
  7. You do not need special phones. Your smartphone always works.

telefonía ip

Incredible advantages with the voice ip

Did you know that you can use the voice ip through your smartphone? It’s like having your office always with you no matter where you are. IP voice calls are widely used by entrepreneurs who are either in constant motion, or need to be permanently connected with customers and employees. Or both. Start using this type of telephony over the Internet with Neotel.