The Neotel Robot Call has a main functionality which is to distribute messages to a list of clients in an agile, economic and efficient way.

The Robot Call performs its task in the following way: it performs a quantity of massive calls and simultaneously so that they reproduce a voice message that previously has been recorded and even giving the option to the called customer that it press some Option of your telephone keypad to, for example, be transferred (or not) to a commercial agent.

Call Center tools – Robot Call

robot call

A practical case of using Neotel Robot Call is when a company needs to give a specific message to a list of clients, so it passes the database with them to the Robot Call, records the corresponding message, and the system begins To simultaneously call all customers. As explained above, if necessary, there is an option to interact with the client, in the sense that the customer is asked for something where a response is required via their telephone keypad, (press a key), and the Robot Call system connects the call with an available agent that will deal directly with the customer.

In addition to achieving the precious goal of feedback or feedback from a customer on certain products, services or brands, it provides valuable information for commercial prospecting campaigns, among others.

Feedback is a very important factor for any company, because thanks to the opinion of its customers and / or users can know how your business or platform evolves, where to direct and focus this and what services should enhance and when. We create survey systems and run campaigns to know the satisfaction of customers with a product or service, so that we can convert this data into useful information for the company.


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