Ensure quality interactions between the agent and the customer with Neotel

That a call center is nothing without the agents that integrate it is something obvious. Agents are the face of the company and keep this alive. When a customer calls the company, the first thing they will hear is the agent who receives and picks up the call. The agents have a great responsibility as an image of the company so it is fundamental to understand the importance of the position of this worker.

How can a company ensure that the quality of service offered by the agent is as expected? This is harder than it might seem at first, although call center agents can do different things to make sure everything works properly.

To begin with, never forget that a happy agent is a productive agent. Depending on the mood of the agent, this will affect the quality of the work of the agent. It is important for the manager or Coordinator of the call center to know that the situation at the personal level of the agents of the call center is adequate for the correct functioning of the tasks that the agent needs to perform every day. An agent who does not feel happy at his job is an agent who is sure to be letting go of good opportunities when it comes to getting new leads, contacts and leads. A happy agent in his job is an agent who will give the maximum possible performance of himself and always looking for the ultimate benefit of the company in question.

Setting realistic goals is important as well. Many call centers stifle agents by implementing goals that simply are not feasible, which is a mistake. Some calls will take longer than others. And if the agent feels pressured to reach a number of calls per day, perhaps we are falling into the error of not devoting sufficient time and necessary to certain calls and customers, so that at the end of the day we are losing more than That we are going to win. The work experience for the agent is not going to be the most optimal, and this is something that clients notice. The agent will feel overwhelmed and the client will have a bad image of the company, and not a professional. Certainly allowing the agent to devote the time he considers necessary for each call is something important for any call center that honors.

Requirements to use VoIP telephony in my company or home

Continue reading to find out if you already have what you need to use IP telephony:

1-. Operator IP Telephony – Neotel

You need an IP telephony operator that will provide you with the line and a telephone number.

2-. Softphone, IP adapter or IP phone

As IP telephony makes use of VoIP technology you can use the landline from other mobile devices:

– Using computer / smartphone + installing a softphone application. You can use IP telephony via your computer or mobile device thanks to the installation of a softphone application.
– IP adapter linked to a traditional phone.
– VoIP phone. This is a phone specially designed for IP telephony. It offers the highest quality and takes advantage of all the advantages of IP telephony.

3-. Internet connection

IP telephony

If you have doubts about if you can use IP Telephony with your current Internet connection do not hesitate to ask us.

IP telephony

Any form of Internet connection is valid to use IP Telephony.

If you already have an Internet connection, you can start enjoying the benefits of IP telephony.

Without an Internet connection, however, it will never be possible to use this technology since, as we have said, it is based on the same technology for its operation. Previously with the traditional telephony when making the calls the voice was transmitted by cable. Now with VoIP telephony the voice is sent over the Internet.

Surely you already know the advantages of migrating to IP telephony in your company or home, right? And as of today already you know the requirements to be able to enjoy all the advantages that this technology offers:

– VoIP Operator: Neotel
– Softphone / IP Adapter / IP Phone
– An Internet connection

Take the final step towards IP Telephony!


Integration between Neotel and Google Calendar

Neotel has connected its Call Center Software with the popular Google calendar.

Integration between Neotel and Google Calendar

Integration objective: to facilitate the creation of calendars in Google Calendar from the Neotel switchboard.

Once the calendar is created you can add users with Gmail (Google) accounts so that the events appear.

In this way to the commercial street or anyone with a Gmail account, will appear the events on their mobile phones or any device from where they access your Gmail account.

The administrator of the Neotel switchboard can assign the workers’ calendars to the telemarketers, so that they can create appointments or manage the assigned calendars.

Neotel - Google Calendar Neotel - Google Calendar Neotel - Google Calendar

All this can be completely managed from the Neotel Call Center Software, guaranteeing the privacy of the events, the easy management of permission assignments in order for the PBX administrator to have total control over users and events.


The Importance of Correct Customer Service

For SMEs who wish to offer a high quality customer service, it is important (obligatory?) To have a virtual switchboard that suits their needs, is feasible, reliable, and has a team of professionals behind where The client knows that it has that support. With the virtual switchboard you will have at your disposal a series of advantages and benefits that, if up to now your SME did not have it, now thanks to this post we will understand the why of the importance of the virtual switchboard in a company.

– Offering added value with respect to the competition: By hiring a high-quality virtual PBX system, we are able to offer a worthy Customer Service to be above the competition in terms of image.
– Sell ​​without limits: Most likely your company does not just sell a single service or product. With a correct Customer Service you will get to the customer, extract all the necessary information, learn about their needs (known by customers and the unknown), and thus try to show and sell something more than could in principle have been. There are a few situations in which a customer contacts a company with an X need, not knowing that maybe X is not what he needs, but Y and Z. It reaches your customers in a better way. Sell ​​more and better.
– Give a more professional image as a company to customers: Customers love to know that they have your support; That the company is there for them when they need it, this is a reality. That a customer calls a company and this is always communicating gives a very bad image is the truth. By hiring a virtual switchboard we can set up locutions, queues, and endless possibilities that will make customers have a much better image of us as a company.

Software Call Center

When giving a QUALITY Customer Service, care must be taken with the following points:

– Poor rapprochement with the client: Nobody likes that when they call a company they have 15 minutes waiting, jumping from one department to another, from one agent to another, without being solved their needs. This happens in many companies that have dptos. Of Customer Service that are impersonal or cold, giving that feeling of distance to the calling customer.
– Lack of professionalism: When it comes to Customer Service, not all companies are professionals. From those that communicate without stopping, to which their agents convey a lack of professionalism and constant respect. This is fatal for a customer and the company, because if the first image is not the most positive, we are at risk of losing a possible sale or even a customer. You also have to take great care of the attention given, that the deal is the right one – not too far or too close. Do not forget that customers always come first.

Virtual PBX

With this article today we would like to make known the importance of the correct Customer Service since this is not always done as expected. By hiring a virtual exchange with Neotel we make sure we are covering the main needs in order to offer a good customer service.

Neotel has been offering virtual PBX, call center software and CRM since 2001. We are Telecommunications professionals. Call now and request more information without obligation.


Looking for a virtual switchboard for my company

If you have an old telephone installation in your company, today in our blog we want to invite you to know more about the virtual switchboards we offer at Neotel. From Neotel we organize customized projects for each company. Contact us through 902 088 500 | 952 64 10 34 or write to us via the contact form and our technicians will then contact you to clarify and show everything related to virtual switchboards. Find out and ask for a free quote without obligation. From the jump in your company to the Virtual Switchboard and discover its advantages today!

The Neotel virtual exchange allows you to manage all your communications at a very competitive price. With Neotel everything are advantages.

Neotel Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard Features

– Call queue.
– Call pickup.
– Idioms.
– Management of schedules.
– Management of agents.

Virtual Switchboard

A virtual switchboard allows you to make free phone calls between employees so we are saving money.

With a virtual switchboard all are advantages: all communications within your company are managed from a single phone number regardless of the number of locations and locations. In addition with the virtual switchboard we save on physical machines and wiring, with the corresponding saving that this supposes in level of space and money.

The Virtual Switchboard, a 100% winning bet

Get rid of your old telephony and upgrade to Neotel’s virtual switchboard now. Help your company take a step forward. Improve the image of your company and make a better impression to your customers. The Neotel virtual switchboard means working with a future technology, which Neotel is a reality now.


How does IP Technology affect businesses?

Thanks to IP Telephony you no longer need to continue working under an incomplete and expensive system for fear of losing customers, keeping your same telephone number you can get all the advantages offered by this system without losing their number.

The main advantages of VoIP technology are:

– Mobility and functionality in a single service.
– Reduced phone bills.
– Have the latest technology.
– IP telephony

IP telephony

Unlike traditional telephony, IP Telephony is always more profitable to any company, because without investing more, we get more advantages and services.

IP Telephony includes two main points: data transmission and voice transmission. It consists of transmitting the voice, which has previously been converted into data, between an ORIGIN point and a DESTINATION point, using the Internet to make telephone calls.


Enhances your SME by hiring the Virtual Switchboard

When we refer to SMEs in Spain we know that we are talking about a high percentage of companies that make up the sector. If we had to highlight a big enemy for SMEs surely the big companies come to be the main enemy of these. When it comes to a SME to stand out about the customers and also the competition it is necessary for this small and medium company to convey image and professionalism and how to impress their customers. And this is where the Virtual PBX comes in. Below we show you what are the benefits of the virtual PBX that SMEs are already using today to reach their customers above the competition:

  • Option menu
  • Standby music
  • Welcome message

If we use the menu of options we have to be aware of attending to the client in the most direct way possible, and that the client is going to be transferred to the first with the person indicated for his case.

Using the options menu, the person (client) waits less time and talks to the person directly responsible, which makes the user experience the most optimal. Besides that not only the customer wins, since for the agents that take calls the day is more productive and with the minimum loss of time possible.

As for the music of waiting the main thing here is that with the music that we are going to choose we can transmit a concrete image of our company, whatever it is that interests us. We try to calm and reassure the customer who is on the other side of the line during the wait.

It is proven that the feeling of waiting is less when the customer hears a certain music than if he does not listen. Usually, a customer who is kept on hold during a call, if he is kept listening to some music that is appropriate, when it is possible to attend the customer this will be calmer.

On the other hand, the welcome message is fundamental because it will be the first impression and image (hearing) that customers will perceive about our company. Any message does not serve us. An incorrect welcome message may mean that our client is going to hang up the phone with the existing risk that this may entail.

It is important to think of the welcome message we want for our company. To show professionalism and quality the welcome message has to be agreed.

Hiring a virtual switchboard we work so that the image that the client takes of our company is the best possible. Making use of the welcome message, the music waiting and the menu options are already giving an image of professionalism to the client and our competition.

Make use of a virtual switchboard if you want to see your sales increased

For most customers, when they call a company, if they find these characteristics that we discussed earlier (welcome message, music waiting, options menu), associate our company to a large company directly. Perhaps we are contacting a small business, however these little details mark big differences in the minds of customers.

Virtual Switchboard

Options menu, music waiting and welcome message … Improve the image your customers have about your company

Improving our image as a company is easy if you know how.

The fastest way to improve our image vis-à-vis the user is by hiring a virtual PBX.

If our means of communication with customers is via telephone, it is necessary to learn how to make the most of it.

This is a very studied marketing technique: we change and improve the image that customers have about our company and us to increase sales.

Improve the marketing of your company: contract the Virtual Center

We improved our image, and saved on costs. They are all advantages!


Every day more work systems enjoy the IP Telephony

From Neotel we work every day to be aware of the latest technologies related to Telecommunications and thus continue being the leading provider of Telecommunications nationwide and offering IP Telephony services worldwide. We help companies to be more productive thanks to IP Telephony and every day are more who enjoy the services of Neotel. Contact our department. Customer Service and request information on IP Telephony without any commitment.

The main advantages of IP Telephony over other systems is the saving of money that is the same compared to other alternatives and thanks to this technology we can increase the productivity of agents. In order to install IP Telephony, only an Internet connection is required; Regardless of the operator we use, IP Telephony always saves money.

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

IP Telephony refers to the telephone communication system that uses protocols or Internet data to make calls. Also called VoIP (or IP Voice), this technology makes telephony more powerful, cheap, flexible and accessible.


Telemarketing for satisfaction and quality surveys

Thanks to telemarketing we get companies to know more about our customers, their opinion, and what they think about our products.

Any telemarketing campaign that is expected to be successful needs a prior analysis of it. First of all, we have to segment our target audience to which the telemarketing campaign is directed and directed. From our database of clients sometimes it will be interesting to select the clients that we think will be more receptive when it comes to hearing what we have to tell you about our new product. This also applies when conducting telemarketing surveys where what you want to know is the degree of customer satisfaction about a particular product. Then another fundamental factor is to think the previous speech and that will focus towards the customers that we will call. It is important to analyze this discourse because according to the final result of it our client will be more or less likely to continue to listen to what we want to offer or not. And finally, evaluate whether the telemarketing campaign is going to be done in-house or on the contrary we want to outsource it outside.

Plan your telemarketing campaign to be successful

Being the telephone as the communication channel chosen for our telemarketing campaign, the advantage is that the contact is produced in a very direct way with the customer. In this contact the telemarketing company will try to give the best possible information to its customers about the new products to be offered. Generating telemarketing surveys we obtain a very effective way of knowing and analyzing the degree of customer satisfaction about our products.

Telemarketing Surveys

Thanks to the telemarketing campaigns, the companies obtain a series of very valuable data on the opinion of the clients about our company and our products. Once collected this data and studied the company has an extra information that did not have before, and with it is able to know the shortcomings of your product and how to improve them.

With telemarketing surveys companies get the best possible feedback from their customers.

Telemarketing is the best way of bidirectional contact between client and company, and used correctly can become a very powerful weapon for any company that wants to publicize its services or products.


Neotel, hire a Dialer for your company

In Neotel we seek to simplify the sales campaigns to the agents, obtaining maximum productivity, speed and ease of use.

By contracting the Neotel dialer service we will be getting a system that is efficient and functional at the same time.

You just need to contact our team of consultants who will be happy to attend all your doubts and explain and show the operation of Dialer or automarcador in an easy way. Whatever your expectations or requirements regarding personalization, Neotel automarcador covers the needs of all types of companies. Start seeing how your campaigns return best results with the Neotel auto-booking service.

The best software in the cloud to set up your campaigns

If your company needs to generate massive Telemarketing campaigns, you need a self-dailler or automarcador for them. Neotel’s auto-dailer service is complemented by a series of modules that adapt to the needs of all customers. Among our tools for Call Center are: the progressive marker, predictive dialer and Robot Call. Installing the auto dialer is easy with Neotel. We are professionals in Telecommunications since 2001 and we are specialized in all types of virtual switchboards and tools for Call Center.

Centralita Virtual Voip

For companies that need to make massive calls, program the same and in turn monitor results in real time, the solution of the Dialer is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

Functional dialer for companies that need automatic dialing

Herramientas Call Center

Call Neotel now and ask for more information. We are leaders in auto-diallers and every day more companies enjoy the Neotel auto-booking service. In our company we work providing services to more companies, like yours. Contact Neotel now!