Why small and medium companies benefit the most from the Cloud Call Center

In general the call center software allows you to scale your company. It also allows you to maximize the productivity of your agents and the time they spend on the conversation. You do not have to be a genius to realize why more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud as a solution for their call centers, right?

While there are many large companies using Neotel cloud-based call center software solutions, it is SMBs that can benefit most from this solution. And we explain why. Those who hire a call center in the cloud save large amounts of money while receiving other benefits:

– Remote management, supervision and coaching of telephone representatives.
– More freedom and mobility at work.
– Remote control of the call center.
– Organized lines.
– Custom Campaigns.
– etc.

Software call center

Faster dialing and more live answers driven by real-time call center data.

Cloud call centers get faster economic benefits

Neotel’s call center software features such as real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording, and statistics and reports.

A call center in the cloud saves you time, money and human resources.

Without Neotel’s call center tools operators spend more time marking numbers than talking to customers and potential customers. This is a huge waste of time, money and human resources for the call center manager.

The guarantee that you have to do in hiring a call center software in the cloud is to get greater benefits than you would get without it.


Software call center for your small business

All information pertaining to each client is stored securely in our cloud. Thanks to Neotel you can make calls from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer with Internet connection, headphones with microphone and the necessary software.

Our software call center are intelligent and able to collect data in real time to perform calculations such as the talk time per agent. It is the dream of any small company, having a software in the cloud 100% functional backed by the best professionals and that gives a series of advanced features to your SME giving more force to this, maximizing sales and resulting in an increase Of productivity.

software call center

Our call center software is affordable for all budgets. A cloud software for call centers is an application that helps agents and operators facilitate their daily communication tasks with customers, helping to simplify the campaigns of Telemarketing and support that is given to customers, along with a series of own advantages Of the platform: real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording and statistics and reports.


Increase the productivity of your Call Center agents and remain pleasant

More and more tools to help companies in their communications come up every day. Thanks to these utilities, entrepreneurs save on costs when they could not before.

With the right tools the call center manager can obtain data and information about their customers and in real time. In addition these tools are easily scalable to each company based on their needs and are very flexible.

Communication between call centers and clients is something that has to flow in the best way possible. Each client prefers a way of communicating with the company. We at Neotel recommend companies that have the main communication tools. Take advantage of Neotel’s advantages for your company and stand out about your competition.

With a virtual call center companies can have their employees in different geographical locations and without worries. This option is very advantageous especially for companies where the employees are dispersed by all the geography of the world. Working remotely is progress. Gone are the limitations of outdated entrepreneurs where they think workers should stay physically in the same geographic location. Thanks to Neotel’s call center tools there are no limits.

Thanks to the arrival of Internet calls can now be made via VoIP (Voice over IP) saving significant amounts of money to companies.

With traditional telephony systems this is not possible, mobilization, so costs skyrocket in terms of office floor expenses and employees who have to work all from the same physical site.

Neotel offers the best existing virtual call center support. We have been helping call center companies since 2001 to save on telephony costs. With this article of our blog we want you to know the advantages of hiring call center software with Neotel.

Neotel and the quality of its services speaks for itself. Just look at Google customer reviews to realize that at Neotel we are professionals and we know what we talk about when call center software is concerned. All our staff is highly qualified to attend any possible incidents.

Software call center

software call center

Whether your company is a multinational or SME you can benefit from the Telemarketing tools we offer at Neotel. If you want to integrate our advanced call center tools into your business model you can send us a message via web form, call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500, or if you prefer you can contact us directly via LiveChat or email info @ Still not following us in our Social Networks? Already are missing exclusive offers for our followers so before reading further from here we would recommend following us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. From our website you will be able to easily locate all of these access routes that we discussed.

Neotel believes in fluid communication! Let us help your company stand out about your competition. Today our consultants can inform you of all the solutions available for your call center.

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

Get maximum productivity out of your agents. Worry about getting more customers and not dealing with expensive phone bills and infrastructure. We teach you to use our tools that are also very intuitive and if you have more doubts of course just need to get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.

Take advantage of the software in the cloud with Neotel. Compared to your current and obsolete technology, you will see for yourself that you should have called us a long time ago. No matter where your employees are, as with the virtual PBX extensions you will always be saving.

Lower infrastructure costs.

Learning how to use our call center software is really easy. No high computer skills are required, the platform is web-based and is really intuitive. The possibilities for the agents who use it are almost infinite.


8 Qualities That Every Call Center Agent Has To Have

For a call center agent to become the perfect agent this has to necessarily bring together a number of qualities that today we will try to explain to our followers. While it is certain that not all the features that we are going to show here are the only ones, it is clear that there may be many others and, if you want to collaborate giving other ideas or qualities of the ideal agent, we thank you. As easy as leaving a comment at the end of the article just like always.


This is aimed at those responsible for hiring agents. It is important that the scheduled time for each agent is respected. It is even more important to show that you trust the person during your workday. Some call center companies fall into the error of thinking that pressing the agent this will be more productive at the end of the day however this is a mistake as we commented and not a reality.

Self motivation

The attitude of the agent is important. An agent who feels an attitude of self-motivation is very likely to be a person capable of solving incidents, with initiative and not a complaining person but resolutive.


Agents need to demonstrate self-confidence. When working in a call center there are sure to be situations where the customers they call will put the agent in uncomfortable situations. Not all customers are the same. There are more and less respectful and educated, just like in the street. Agents need to have that confidence in their qualities and skills to know how to always leave each of the possible situations in which they are.

Good memory

Agents are asked to be able to remember procedures and characteristics of the services offered by the company. For the agent is essential to train this quality, the ability to remember information to be able to transmit it quickly and effectively to customers.

Problem solving

Initiative. It is possibly the most important qualities that every call center worker should have. Be able to solve problems and situations by yourself. Of course this does not mean never asking for help.


We all have good days and not so good days, and a call center agent is not going to be the exception. What can never be tolerated is that the problems or the personal situation of the agent end up affecting his behavior towards the customers with whom he talks on the phone daily. Working in call centers is a job that can sometimes be stressful, we agree. But part of being a real professional is knowing how to have the cold blood to know how to separate situations and that personal never interfere with professionals. The agent will always be respectful to customers. Keeping calm and knowing how to handle situations is something a call center agent needs to know.


As we have said before, the quality of parking problems at the door before entering is important for the agents. We can not let our feelings interfere with our work.


One of the most important qualities of a call center agent is courtesy. This may seem obvious but being nice and courteous is vital when it comes to communicating with clients as these are able to see this in the agent and the call can take a course or another based on our attitude. When a customer has a problem or an issue, dealing with an apathetic agent will surely only lead to even more problems for everyone. You also never know who is on the other line. That’s why it’s important for agents to be friendly when they talk to their customers.

To obtain a satisfactory experience on the part of the client, it is necessary that the agents accompany these with a favorable attitude. A contact center agent that does not contemplate the desired attitude can end up leading to big losses for the company. It is important for those in charge of the call center to be able to identify which of their agents fulfill these qualities that we indicate in our article today and which do not.


Enjoy your vacation without losing a call with the Virtual PBX

Being on vacation is not synonymous with neglecting your clients or losing potential clients. Thanks to the current technology we can enjoy our holidays without having to worry about losing job opportunities. Thanks to the virtual PBX we get this new possibility where it does not matter where we are, we are always connected.

Virtual PBX

With the PBX from Neotel we can go on vacation and forget about worries. We are not losing connection with our customers. Fully configurable by the customer, you can set features on your PBX according to your needs. Below we show some of the functionalities of the virtual switchboard and thanks to these we can leave this summer vacation very quietly:

Virtual answering machine: The voicemail will always send you the messages in email format so you do not miss anything. Although your clients will not be served by a human person, they will have the opportunity to leave a message in the voicemail. You will automatically receive the message through an email.
Call Forwarding: Your PBX allows you to configure call forwarding according to the requirements that the customer deems appropriate. You can configure a schedule for call diversion, specifying the days and times for which this diversion is desired to be working. And all in a very easy way. This is highly recommended for companies that wish to provide a telephone service outside the normal established hours.


Advantages of Call Center Software in the Cloud?

The leap from a traditional call center to a call center in the cloud are all advantages for a company and at the same time a symptom of progress and modern image and adapted to the times that run. You will save space by allowing employees to work from any point in the geography, this being a convenience to be considered. But you will also save on costs and resources.

The Key Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

When working in a Customer Care service there is a need to monitor and evaluate the quality of the work performed and the objectives. Formerly with traditional systems, monitoring the results was almost unfeasible.

With call centers in the cloud, it is easier to monitor these. This type of systems helps agents not to fall into a routine, making the work more dynamic and not so routine, and facilitates the analysis and monitoring thereof.

Flexibility and adaptability. Using a call center in the cloud we already benefit from these two characteristics immediately. Unlike traditional call centers, this is not a problem if a worker needs to change cities, because with the cloud call center this is never a problem when it comes to doing their job. The space barrier is overcome.

Cloud contact centers (or as they are also known: cloud contact centers) offer a number of advantages that can not be missed. A call center depends on an economic budget and a space. There are also hardware costs.

Thanks to the cloud, with our call center we are going to save all these costs that we mentioned. And we also give freedom to the worker.

Call center in the cloud

For a call center to work, income is needed. We need to save on costs in order to increase the quality of the service.

A call center company with quality, is equal to satisfied customers and who stay with us for a long time. Customers today are not easily fixed to stay in one place, that is, the same company for life. That is why it is necessary to emphasize on our competence. For this to happen so the agent needs to have a system or software in the cloud that is 100% functional, without cuts or unforeseen. All this helps to improve the experience with the customers. This is not something new what we are counting today in our blog, although unfortunately it seems that even many companies are not aware of the importance of it. Using the right technology makes sure we succeed.

No company should use a call center system other than the cloud

Companies are increasingly contacting us and asking us to migrate their old call center system to ours. Take advantage of the cloud and host your software there, and you will not mind everything else.

Make campaigns and reach your goals, whatever they are. Leaving satisfied customers requires using the most advanced technology on the market. We can not wish this if our company is not adapted. Hiring Neotel for your call center tool is the next step.

Your call center system does not have to be overly complex. They are extensive platforms, true. But the cloud software designed for Neotel contact centers is specially designed for and by the agent or operator that will use it, making the experience as satisfying as possible. Think about the benefit of your business and hire a cloud-based call center solution with Neotel.


Virtual PBX VS IP Telephony

Usual use of virtual switchboards:

Apply different redirection rules according to schedule.
Depending on the reason of the customer’s call, it can be redirected to the apartment. suitable.
Cola on hold.
Personalized welcome message.
Many companies with call redirection in their switchboards, redirect these towards the apartment. Depending on the reason for the call. To do this, a menu with different options is established so that the caller is automatically redirected to a person or apartment. In particular according to the option that this person marks.

The image is important, and so is the music waiting to choose and the welcome message.

With the virtual switchboard, the company never loses calls. Even if all operators are busy answering other calls, the PBX picks up that other call and keeps it waiting (to the client) until it is time to transfer it to the appropriate operator that is free.

To have a virtual switchboard in our company is to give a more professional image about us.

Call center tools and software

No matter the number of employees in a company. Having a virtual switchboard has to be something mandatory today. Only the companies that take care of the details of themselves are aware of the importance of having the virtual switchboard. It is also aimed at companies that want to automate the system by saving time and comfort.

Neotel virtual PBX

Usual use of IP Telephony plans in companies:

They usually do not receive more incoming calls than they can attend at the same time.
When they are called outside of normal hours they divert the calls to a voicemail.
Most employees do not talk by phone at the same time.
1 or 2 users with telephone.
ip telephony

It should be noted that not all operators give the same benefits as virtual switchboard or ip telephony. If you need a professional and reliable company, Neotel is the integral solution in virtual switchboard plans, call center software and CRM.

With the virtual switchboard, the company’s performance increases significantly with menu options, music on hold, automated schedules, welcome messages, etc.

Virtual PBX

Today, virtual switchboard and IP telephony plans are of great importance to companies. Trust Neotel as your Telecommunications provider in Malaga, providing services worldwide.


How to call for free by IP Voice?

If you are looking for a virtual PBX for your company call Neotel and contact the leading professionals in the Telecommunications sector. We are located in Malaga and we serve the whole world.

Although it seems difficult to believe, even today there are companies that continue to manage the calls of their employees with a traditional switchboard and not a virtual one. In order to make our calls through the Internet it is necessary to migrate to a virtual exchange.

Move to the Neotel virtual switchboard today

Start enjoying some of the advantages that Neotel offers to PBX customers, such as Click To Call Me Back. Include a call-to-action button on your website so customers can get in touch with your business by simply clicking and your company will return a call as soon as possible.

To make calls you do not need to be glued to the phone or computer all day. Installing a softphone that is nothing more than a simple app on our mobile device we get all the power of the PBX on our smartphone or computer.

Multi-device IP Voice Applications. Contact us and request information without commitment

There are several types of IP voice phones:

To connect with USB to the computer.
For use in computer equipment.
In Neotel we are to clarify all your doubts. Why not call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500 right now so we can advise you on the solution that best fits your company’s needs?

IP Phones

IP Voice Telephone. With softphones or SIP phones you can make Internet calls to traditional phones, other softphones and mobiles. Its operation is the same as the traditional telephone only that calls are made over the Internet.

With Voice over IP, when we make a call, the other person receiving it picks up the phone either from their traditional phone, mobile device or computer. Our voice is going to listen exactly like with conventional calls. With IP Telephony you will not see any difference, except for your invoice that will be reduced.

Usually we always call from telephone wires through our telephone company. With IP telephony we simply dial the number as we would with a traditional call, we talk, and our voice is transformed into data and transmitted over the Internet.

Making calls with Voice over IP is very easy

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

Save on invoice costs with IP telephony.

Instead of through a cable, the voice travels through the Internet. This is not something of the future. This is a present reality. And your company, is it a company with a future? It needs to adapt to the technologies of today. Neotel is very easy!

Voice over IP

Today with this article from Neotel we try to get the meaning of Voice over IP to all our followers. Of course, any doubt just has to write us to or leave us a message through the form of contact that appears in our web. Imagine making phone calls for free! Well this is possible. And you just need to contact us. We have been specialists in Internet calls since 2001. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity? Neotel helps you save on your telephone bill in a very easy way.

IP telephony

Neotel: quality in IP Voice services

PBX Switchboards

Why throw money at phone calls that could be totally free simply by using Neotel telephony? Trust our company and Neotel professionals. Call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Switchboards, Telephony and CRM

A virtual CRM is easy to set up and implement and fast. A cloud-based system is ideal for companies that want to save costs in installing and maintaining hardware machinery.

As with virtual PBXs, CRMs give way to the cloud, which is the logical step to take. More and more companies discover the benefits of using cloud-hosted software to save costs on installing applications on multiple computers and physical devices.

Save money and time with the cloud

A telephone system integrated with a CRM is capable of:

Integrate outgoing and incoming faxes so that they are sent as PDF files very easily.
Voice mail with what to receive messages in the inbox.
Virtual receptionist with predefined messages and 100% customizable by the client.
Maximize the productivity and work of operators.
Track calls.
Imagine the possibility of unifying all the functions of CRM and telephone system in a single platform, with which to create a more solid sales automation, be more efficient, save on costs and manage their tasks. What sounds interesting? Get with Neotel to increase your income, profits, sales results and be more productive.

IP telephony and CRM available to customers

Having all the information related to customers, including internal conversations, all communications, contact data and log with all recent activity, helps us to have a more global vision about our clients and all the activity related to them .

Virtual Switchboards

You will be able to have all the information that interests you, such as history of conversations and the periodicity of the same ones. They are all utilities that bring a series of advantages in terms of the organization of your system and your company. Neotel is the ultimate CRM solution for all types of customers.

Detailed information, at your fingertips and unified on the same platform.

Using a CRM in your company is a symptom of being a Professional. Having the information in a detailed and organized way is vital for the good functioning of our company. Forget disorganized data. Let Neotel worry about your business, and you just go for the real thing.

Without organization in the data we are not able to achieve our objectives

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is nothing more than a management software for companies with which to have all the data relating to contacts and communications with them in an organized way and, more importantly, Unified, within the same platform. Ask Neotel about our CRM now and ask for more information without obligation.

Thank you for continuing to trust Neotel as your Telecommunications Provider.


Call Center Virtual

There are many alternatives and options offered by a virtual call center.

Avoid large installations of hardware machinery.

One of the main advantages of a virtual call center is that operators may or may not have to be physically located in the same physical space. This is very convenient in cases of small companies with few operators, where the company will not necessarily have to have some physical facilities to house the agents. A small call center company with few operators can have its agents working from their own homes, saving us from paying for renting facilities, and providing another set of advantages to agents such as avoiding early mornings or long waits in queues of traffic.

Mobile Agents

Before setting up a call center was not in everybody’s hand. The costs related to support, administration costs, configuration, telephone lines, call center software, hardware purchase, etc. Now everything changes with the virtual call center where the whole system and its platform is hosted in the cloud of Neotel. Now building a call center is much more viable thanks to Neotel and its services in the cloud.

Virtual PBX

Avoid having to invest in costly hardware infrastructures, optimize agent work, and have all the data and software infrastructure needed to manage your Neotel Cloud Call Center.

Thanks to the cloud of Neotel workers are connected to the virtual switchboard or call center tools that are in turn hosted in the cloud.

Facilitate customer loyalty and sales along with telemarketing strategies. Optimize your Customer Service. Reduce costs and increase the productivity of your call center. All this is possible thanks to the cloud services of Neotel.

Software Call Center

The 100% functional Neotel cloud

I definitely host the management and data infrastructure with Neotel for your call center. They are all benefits.