Time, money and efficiency

At Neotel we polish the quality of our software day by day just so you can be satisfied with our services; we improve ourselves to accompany you in your business because with our software we promise a fast, simple and effective work, without any confusing installation or any initial payment; our services are specialized for entrepreneurs like you.


centralita pbx


We are here, to bring you exclusively the best.


We offer you virtual faxing in email, voice mail, international numbers, a corporate agenda, etc.


There is no need for an installation that can complicate or waste your time, we make sure that everything is quick and easy; in addition we provide only the best for you and your customers. We allow you to expand your business without moving from your location; we allow you to receive calls through your PBX at no cost.


You don’t have to worry about cell phone costs, you just need to provide us with the line owner’s details and the donor operator and our customer service staff will be responsible for the portability of your line.



virtual fax pbx


You don’t have to worry about anything, we are with you to help you save time and money; we are honest with you, you can trust that we, will help you with our tool to improve your business. If for any reason you have to move out of your office or country, don’t worry, you can connect your phone to the internet and receive calls at no cost; we save you money on complicated phones and software and focus on giving you an efficient service.


You will be able to configure your switchboard as you wish, besides, we offer you extensions to improve your customer services; we just want you to be satisfied, we are for you to answer doubts and even look for solutions to any problem.


If you don’t have a number we offer you one free of charge, we won’t change anything about your phone number, we will only assign you a virtual number so you can use it in any line or mobile you have, you just need internet and you will start to take off to the top.



virtual pbx


Save time, money and take off in your business.




Private Label pbx: Have your own brand


From Neotel offer the possibility of having your Virtual pbx platform under your own brand, you can operate in the field of telecommunications using your trade name in a simple, autonomous and with minimal investment, the procedure is simple, you do not need technical knowledge.

How do I get a private label switchboard?

Neotel provides the necessary servers and their hosting in the Data Center, as well as the installation and configuration of the service, so that you can quickly have the Virtual pbx and Call Center software products at your disposal.

With your white label you do not act as a distributor, since you do not work for another company. You will be creating your VoIP business through a platform that integrates all the VoIP tools to run your Internet telecommunication company.

Operate under your own name

There are already many companies operating around the world under their own name with our Neotel private label pbx system.

A service, stable, secure and functional that will allow you to offer quality services and work as an IP Telephony operator in an independent way.

The white label switchboard is hosted on Neotel’s Cloud platform so you can enjoy the scalability, flexibility and surveillance that your customers need.

Characteristics of our private label switchboard


The White Brand switchboard allows integrators to have a virtual pbx solution adapted to the needs of their customers. A custom solution designed especially for companies that want to enter the world of IP Telephony.

White label switchboard

Start your own business and become an IP Voice wholesaler with quality and professional security. Offer new services to your customers and everything at the most competitive prices. In addition, you will enjoy the advice and guarantee of Neotel, IP Telephony operator since 2001.


virtual pbx pricing

Neotel provides you with all the tools and specific services to become a 100% autonomous IP Telephony operator.

Make an appointment by phone and ask for more information


Launch your voip phone company today

With this solution you will have a better system than a franchise to work with your own brand.

With this turnkey system you have total control of your white label switchboard platform, so you can start operating in the field of Telecommunications with your name or corporate brand and earn money.

Be independent and create your telephone company, we will help you.

Commercialize countless VoIP telephony services under your own business name (Telephone Operator) on the Internet.

You will have a sophisticated platform that will allow you to offer quality services, and work as a VoIP telephony operator creating your own business with a minimum investment.

You can offer your resellers the white label service. Provide them with a 100% editable portal so that they can distribute minutes with their own name or business brand.


telefonía ip

With your white label you do not operate as a distributor or reseller of VoIP minutes since you do not work for another company; with your brand you are creating your VoIP business, better than a Franchise.

What do you get when you purchase the private label switchboard?

You get an all-inclusive platform that seamlessly integrates all the VoIP tools to operate your Internet Telco.

With the VoIP PBX platform create your own white label!


private label pbx

Using your VoIP brand identify yourself with your customers, providers and distributors while providing them with minutes with this all-inclusive system.

Software ready for voip telephony


call center software pricing

Complete White Label PBX software ready to operate with your own VoIP brand.

You will have a better system than a franchise; you will create an Internet Telephony business ready to operate with your own Name or Brand.

Simple, now you can create your own phone operator without having technical knowledge; with this turnkey white label PBX system manage all the services and tools of your VoIP company.


Distributors: Be part of our team


Taking advantage of all the benefits that Neotel offers as a company from its virtual pbx to customized solutions in your business Api we now offer the service of distributors of the most advanced technology in telephony, do not hesitate to read on to learn more.

Why be a Neotel supplier?

Be a distributor of Neotel’s telephone products, we have been providing service in the telecommunications sector since 2001, positioning ourselves as one of the most relevant companies in the market.

Why distribute Neotel’s services?

We offer a wide range of solutions in Telephony. We have a wide experience, together with a long trajectory in the Telecommunications sector, which guarantees our customers only the best services.

No permanence for your client. Neotel’s telephone products modernize your communications, providing great savings in your business expenses and versatility in your operation.

Obtain a very attractive commission for your customers. We will provide you with commercial material and qualified personnel at your service, to offer a solution adapted to the needs of each client and help you in all your queries.

Advantages of being an IP telephony and cloud distributor

Neotel sells its services exclusively through its distribution channel and its website. We provide our distributors with the necessary attention and resources to make their new line of business a success.

telefonía ip

Benefits of being a Neotel distributor

Not only do we have our results to back it up. Since 2001 in the Voip sector we have been consolidated as one of the most recommended Voip operators for companies.

The virtualization and digitalization offered by Voip and cloud technology allows companies to contract services at a lower price and without the need for an initial investment.

VOIP telephony is making its way around the world. The market trend and the inclusion of new business models are changing the way we see and understand communications.

Become an official Neotel distributor

The reason for this is that IP telephony offers its users great economic advantages that allow for a drastic reduction in telephony costs. And not only does it allow savings, it also offers versatility and functionalities that are not available with traditional telephone systems.

The IP telephony sector is a sector that has been growing continuously for years and will end up completely replacing the traditional fixed telephone systems in both residential and business areas.


become a Neotel distributor

Why IP telephony?

Because day by day IP telephony is on the rise and with the ease of making global calls by simply using the browser to do so

In Neotel we offer you the best variety in switchboard that you can find

Why become a Neotel distributor?

Your customers will be generating profits every month


virtual pbx

Become a Neotel distributor and start getting benefits for each of your customers. With each customer you sign up you will be generating monthly commissions for all the years you have active service.

Not a Neotel Distributor yet? Join us and take advantage of all the benefits.


Integrate Virtual pbx with Third Party Software: More communication, less complications

Nowadays there are many programs, applications and pages that offer the capacity of virtual connection with high standards, that is why it is important to be able to integrate virtual pbx with third party software, and that is what stands out in Neotel with ease, precision and without complications.


Third Party Software Integration

We present you one of the resources that Neotel offers to implement communication improvements in your business:

Integrating virtual pbx with third party software allows you to adapt the best of your company’s software with the best of the virtual switchboard.

For example: A real estate company uses a custom-made software to manage its purchases and sales.

Their employees are already familiar with the environment of this software they have been using for less than two years.

On the other hand, the company is interested in improving the performance provided by this program.

Neotel gives the possibility for your work tool to make, receive and transfer calls.

What technology is used to integrate virtual switchboard with third party software?

Through Websocket technology, adds functionality of its internal software to a Virtual pbx.

The installation is clean and simple, you only have to follow an instruction manual provided by an email.

Strengthen and simplify your internal management with this integration via WebService. Third Party Software Integration Include the switchboard functionality in your company’s software with the Neotel connector.

Receive detailed information generated by each of your extensions. With Websocket technology you will get everything that a Virtual PBX offers. Power and simplify your internal management.

Ease of use

Neotel with the hiring of its virtual switchboard enables a web socket (web service) to greatly facilitate the interaction between applications developed by third parties and the customer’s switchboard.

How does this integration work?

Through Web Socket it is possible for other external applications to make outgoing calls, and when receiving an incoming call show the calling number where it is configured.

This begins to be useful from the moment that the user can make a call from the application itself that is usually used for the management of your business.

Benefits for workers

In many occasions the workers of a company are highly accustomed to the use of its management application and any new application that is proposed even if it is to facilitate their day to day are not seen with good eyes since it implies to be familiarized with something new and to have more windows open in screen.

For this reason Neotel has developed this connector for the PBX, as it does not include any new application in the client but adds the functionality of the phone to the existing application.


Here is an example of integration

Consulting for SMEs and freelancers

Real estate for sale and rent

In a business consultancy for SMEs and freelancers have an application to manage the accounts and other needs of its customers.

And if apart from everything that this application does, we connect it to the switchboard connector and you can also make calls at the click of a mouse from this application, being very useful for users who enjoy this feature, since they will not have to type the customer’s number simply have it on the other side of the phone as the virtual switchboard will have made the dialing by the user. This would be for outgoing calls.


HIRE 900 LINE: Nine hundred toll-free numbers, for businesses and companies

Transmit solvency and orientation to your clients with a single number for all your locations, improving the image of your company, with better evaluation by the consumers. Offering a quality telephone service is a way of building customer loyalty and projecting an image of commitment and professionalism to the outside world.

What is a 900 line?

A 900 line is a unique number with special tariffs in Spain, the call is classified as an intelligent network numbering.


hire a 900 toll-free line

The cost of the call is paid in full by the company receiving the call, for customers this call to the 900 line is completely free.

Neotel offers this excellent service of “Nine hundred numbers”, so you can have a single number to serve all your customers. Communicate in the most efficient, professional and committed way with customers.

Line Differences 900

The main difference between a 900 line and a 901 or 902 line is the cost of the call.

The 900 lines are free for the customer, who pays the call is the company (they are automatic collect calls).

In contrast to 901 lines, the cost of the call is shared by both parties. Finally, in the 902 lines the full cost of the call is billed to the caller.

How do I install a 900 line?

To start the service is very simple, it does not require any investment in systems, equipment or additional phones to the one you already have.

Call us and our agents will provide you with your new 900 line right now.

Ventajas de estas líneas

Disponer de un único número de atención al cliente a nivel nacional mejora la imagen de la empresa. Además, simplifica la comunicación.

  • A 900 line is a business prefix that allows you to effectively manage incoming calls with a single phone number nationwide, improving the service
  • The 900 lines are free and easy to remember national numbers.
  • By contracting 900 lines you offer the maximum telephone accessibility throughout the country.
  • Without costs and with clear and easy to remember numbers from any province.
  • Eliminate barriers to provide the best care for your customers.


Are you interested in a 900 number?

Once you have decided on a 900 number, Neotel will take care of the rest with its ease of use, without requiring advanced software and with specialized technical service.

Remember that the cost of the 900 call is always your responsibility, but by hiring Neotel you will get unbeatable prices.

If you don’t have a 900 number yet, we will assign you one so that your customers can contact your business.


Data Center Products: Reliable Solutions

Neotel’s solutions for data center products will transform your company thanks to reliable and expert products developed to help keep the activity minute by minute, we offer you a small but deep service review


data center products

What are data center products for?

Basically it offers a dedicated server that allows handling large volumes of information, application and website hosting, machine learnig information backup, infrastructure virtualization, business applications (CRM, ERP) and you can host online games.

Neotel offers a wide range of these dedicated servers tailored to the specific needs of each client with help, commercial and technical advice for each particular project.

What is a dedicated server for?

Firstly, the gross performance is higher the dedicated server has no resource-consuming virtualization layer installed.

Second, server management allows total control including: configuration of the machine up to hosted, including security.

That is why a dedicated server allows a more advanced installation, unique and indispensable applications allowing total use, main advantage of dedicated servers.

Dedicated server configurations the advantage of data center products

Neotel offers in its data center products a variety of configurations that make up the dedicated hosting offerings that fit professional needs.

From larger RAM, total storage space or a processor with more capacity

Neotel’s dedicated server ranges stand out for their performance in terms of bandwidth and associated services.

Just choose a dedicated hosting offer, the one that best suits your needs.

Which data center products to choose?

For data center products we offer a dedicated server, computer equipment whose use is entirely intended for a single client.

The client enjoys all the physical resources of the machine:

  • RAM memory
  • Storage
  • Processor

In contrast to virtual instances, where the customer only gets a part of the resources to the operation of its virtualization technology.

Additionally, on a dedicated server there is no layer above that consumes machine resources.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a purchased or leased computer used to provide dedicated services, usually related to web hosting and other network services.

Unlike shared hosting, where the machine resources are shared among an indeterminate number of clients, in dedicated servers it is usually a single client that has all the machine resources for the purposes for which it has contracted the service.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact Neotel and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Choose the mode of dedicated

Hire Neotel!

Hire their quality data center product service and start enjoying exclusive resources for your projects: higher performance, more power and greater speed.

Your company that contains confidential information in its databases must invest in a more controlled and private environment as offered by data center products.


SMS sending platform: send bulk SMS to mobiles and bulk SMS for companies

Despite the technological advances, one of the most effective ways of communication is sending SMS, whether you are an individual or a company using a platform to send SMS can benefit you to send mass SMS to mobile phones and make an offer through mass SMS for business and take your business to the next level.

Why use an SMS sending platform?

SMS sending platforms put the human part of a business in touch with customers.

It is very important that you take into account that SMS are very pleasant because your customers feel that you are talking directly to them.

By sending mass SMS to mobiles you are not only selling, you are not saturated with advertising either, but you are trying to make friends.

Advantages of Mass SMS for companies

Sending mass SMS for companies allows you to contact your customers and offers a lot of advantages against other dissemination channels.

These advantages include

  • Open Rate close to 100%.
  • Average opening time about 3 minutes
  • High Acceptance
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Communications Analysis
  • SMS control sent
  • Customized templates
  • Adding discount links or landing pages
  • Linked to external Api

How to send bulk SMS to mobiles?

Neotel offers a new tool for sending mass or unit SMS from the control panel of your virtual switchboard as well as from the agents.

Improve the speed and efficiency with which you communicate with your customers, while your corporate identity is reinforced.

Moreover, within the SMS you can add links to external websites or add discount codes.

Why should you choose Neotel as your Mobile and Business SMS Bulk SMS Platform provider?

Firstly because of Neotel’s extensive experience in working with virtualitas and web-based communications.

You can create customized campaigns for mass SMS sending through our Script, which will allow you to treat your customers with a high degree of exclusivity and personalization.

Integration of massive SMS for business to your call center software


At Neotel we have integrated this module with our Call Center Software, allowing you to contact your customers either by phone or by SMS.

Significantly increase the efficiency with which your audience receives the information they want.

Schedule the sending of massive SMS to mobiles with total ease from the CRM for call center telemarketing.

Integrated to the virtualita

Make available to agents or the advertising department a powerful tool integrated into your virtualita.

By having all your services integrated in a single website, you will make every minute worked by each of your employees more productive.

Neotel offers the most advanced products in terms of productivity, efficiency and economy.

This service is also available for your mobile switchboard, allowing massive sending through our online platform.


Professional voiceover service: Your text transformed into voice

Every day is more important the professional communication of your company, that’s why from Neotel we offer you the possibility of the professional voice over service so that all the audios, answering machines and communication you do stand out for their quality, professionalism and ease of diction.


How is the professional voice-over service processed?

Write the script that you require to be taken to voice-over (your text) and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Once the budget has been approved, you cannot make any changes to the script. You must write the instructions you want to give to the interlocutor.

Clearly indicate: the pronunciation and accentuation of trademarks or infrequent words, acronyms, etc. Free modifications are not allowed.


Additional professional voiceover services

Once the needs of the professional voiceover service have been agreed upon, you can obtain the following voiceover extras:

Female voice / a la carte


You can indicate a preference for a woman’s voice or a voice other than the standard corporate voice. Just indicate in the “Script” field what type of voice you want.

We will make the choice of the voice that best suits what you are looking for. If you want to know in advance which voice will make your order you can contact us.


Cutting out files for the PBX

If you want to receive each of the options of the switchboard in a separate file, you have to indicate that you want this option when you place your order.

In the text box, separate each of the options with a bar like this / so that we know where to cut and avoid possible errors or omissions


Multiple takes

By selecting this option, the speaker will take several shots of your sentences, with different interpretative nuances.

Each take will be separated in the file by a tone, so that you can easily edit it


Infinite modifications

All our voiceovers are guaranteed to be modified if we make a mistake. For example, if the voiceover is poor, there is background noise, etc.

But you may ask us to make changes on things that only you as a customer will be able to perceive.

The nuance, the cadence. Completely subjective issues. We advise you to hire this option if your work has these characteristics


Review or translation of your text

If you are not completely sure that your text is correct, we can make a revision of it.

We will do a grammatical study of what you send us, we will check the concordance between you and us, and we will give a style review.

We may not change anything, if everything is correct.

As for translation, please indicate instructions in the target language. If you want it translated into several languages, paste as many times as the languages of the text to rate correctly.


Number of foreign voices

Select how many languages other than Spanish require voice-overs. In the instructions, indicate languages, genres and accents for each professional voiceover.

Professional voice-over services are available in the following languages:

  • URDU


You can hear samples of the service by writing to us first. We also translate and proofread your text. Simply send us an email and we will prepare a personalized quote.


Mobile Rates: All your services unified

Nowadays it is important to have your communications connected to avoid ordering any call, message or mail that is important for your company, that is why Neotel offers the best unification with its mobile rates that adapts to the needs of your company allowing you to have the virtual pbx in any of your devices.

Why use Neotel mobile rates?


mobile rates

Among the great advantages that Neotel offers that allow to have flat rates with great benefits, all the plans offer unlimited calls, we tell you about the plans:

  • 9GB of monthly navigation for a fixed fee of 10 Euros per month
  • 20 Gb to browse for 15 euros
  • And 25 Gb for 20 Euros per month

The plans do not require permanence, and if you are already a Neotel client, internal calls between fixed and cell phones are included without additional charge.

Advantages of using these mobile rates

There are many advantages to contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can use the functions of the virtual pbx on your cell phone.

There are plenty of advantages when contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can transfer, mute or put on hold incoming calls.

Neotel’s Mobile Rates present the best offers in voice and data rates and at the lowest price. No permanence. And with unlimited calls you can use the virtual switchboard functions on your mobile.

How to save on your mobile rate or choose the best voice and data rate for your Smartphone?

By contracting Neotel’s services you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of mobile telephony together with all the benefits offered by Neotel, which with an internet connection you will be able to access

We advise you on which voice + data plan to hire

We have highly trained personnel that will offer you the best plan that adapts to your needs and that the investment is adequate to the necessary consumption.

No permanence

If you come with any of our Neotel mobile tariffs you will not have permanence.

Cheaper calls

With our mobile rates, choose the data you want to spend, you have rates for 9GB, 20GB and 25GB smartphones.

Choose the gigs you want, calls are included.

Our mobile rates are the cheapest for talking and browsing

Take advantage of our promotions

The rates for calling and browsing are the most competitive on the market, discover the new mobile offers.

In addition you can take advantage of all our offers and promotions, if you hire now any of our rates, or if you are already a customer.

Virtual Switchboard included

Enjoy Neotel’s virtual switchboard, which guarantees greater communication without the need for hardware and included in the mobile call rate plans.

Functions of the advanced virtual switchboards

Among the functions of the virtual switchboards that you will get when acquiring the mobile tariff plan are

  • Self-service, you can configure it personally from our panel
  • Voice mail
  • Call forwarding through voip switchboards
  • Call Queue
  • Multi-Conference
  • Fax in your email

Take advantage of this promotion and enjoy these and more exclusive services offered by Neotel, always thinking of the best for you and your company.


Lines 806 and 803: Increase Your Revenue with Paid Numbers


806 lines and 803 lines allow the company to offer special services to customers that include erotic content services for adults and leisure services for customers. 806 and 803 lines are virtual lines that require always being routed to fixed lines, the operation is remote and does not require installation.


They are paid numbers that allow to offer additional services like calls for adults, leisure and more where the customer receives payment each time he receives a call

Telephones 803 and 806

Neotel facilitates the contracting of 806 and 803 lines with total guarantee of collection and transparency

With the 806 and 803 phones you will be able to establish your own service or telephone cabinet, and thanks to Neotel with great ease.

Lines 806 and 803

With Neotel you can contract 806 and 803 with the maximum guarantees of transparency and collection. They are specialists in comprehensive services for 806 Videncia and Tarot phone lines and 803 phone lines for adult content

Remember that the 806 lines offer you the possibility of also offering telephone leisure services, such as contests or telephone chats, and the 803 lines erotic content

How does the 800 call service work?


806 and 803 lines

Calls are paid for using a unique number so that your customers can contact you by paying the extra amount of the call for the service received.

The operation of 806 lines and 803 lines is very simple, every time a customer calls an 800 number the call rings on the fixed or cell phone that has been established, maintaining the anonymity of the caller

The amount is charged on the customer’s monthly phone bill according to the duration of the call.

SERVICE 803/806

The detour of calls is to landlines, cell phones or VOIP, are phone lines from which a service is provided that is paid through the cost of the call charged to the caller.

The service providers are the contractors who put their added value by which they charge for their services.

LINES 803 AND 806

Lines 803 and 806, are also called premium or special tariff lines. They are virtual lines, that is, they do not exist, so it is always necessary that they are supported (routed) to conventional lines of fixed or mobile telephony. This means that their operation is carried out remotely and does not require any physical installation.

Advantages of 806 and 803

There are many advantages for your company or person to use these lines among which they stand out:

  • Lines 806 and 803 are designed to meet the needs of large companies as well as individuals to achieve additional income
  • Quick registration, free and without contract permanence, starting a business without risks for you
  • Security in contact data
  • Using the benefits of communications increases revenue for you.

Increase your income with these paid numbers offered by Neotel without requiring permanence