IP Telephony: Reinventing telephony, creating a universe of possibilities

Many wonder what are the advantages of having IP telephony, and the truth is that these benefits are increasingly large, while providing a specific service that adapts to the needs and requirements of each of the companies responsible for working in the field of telemarketing or customer service.


One of the many advantages offered by IP telephony is that it does not need cables or specific hardware, so it works from a data network in order to reduce the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of these devices.

IP telephony is here to stay for a long time, standing out from traditional telephony thanks to the multiple functions it offers that have generated, without a doubt, a great revolution in the world of telecommunications.



Which companies and what services can IP telephony cover?


The truth of IP telephony is that it has great versatility, which provides various services that serve different sectors and aspects. Everything will always depend on what the person in charge of the company requires, knowing perfectly its internal functioning.


IP telephony is mainly characterized by having a virtual number, which is similar to the traditional one, except that it is not associated with fixed lines, and which has as a fundamental advantage the ability to divert calls that come from all types of lines independently. if they are mobile, fixed or IP.


From the multiple benefits of the use of IP telephony, we can rescue its functionalities ascribed to intelligent management and that, in addition, gives the possibility of generating various statistical reports, with which you can create important data about the calls you have received or accomplished.


Types of dialer dialing: solutions in your hands

The dialer has become an important tool for companies or companies that want to make a large number of calls or messages, referring to a specific campaign in order to negotiate with a product or service, or simply provide information regarding these.


Here we bring you some of the options that the dialer brings and that Neotel has designed for you, which will surely serve to incorporate them as your right hand within the company. It is necessary to clarify, that you must choose them according to the basic needs of your company, so that they acquire a useful and adequate use, optimal to provide any service.


What types of autodialer or dialer exist in Neotel?


The options of dialer with which you can find in Neotel, are the automatic dialing, the progressive dialing, the predictive dialing and the preview.


The option of automatic dialing, on the other hand, consists of sending constant calls by configuring a specific broadcast frequency that you can control as manager of the operation of your company.

The progressive dialing (another of the options of the dialer system), is activated according to the availability of the agents and allows the system is pending which telemarketer is free to transmit the corresponding call.

Predictive dialing, on the other hand, optimizes the contact ratio, through the release of statistical data during the call, which allows to statistically predict the moment in which an operator will be free, and even, with the results that it throws, will be able to know how much Success will have such a call.


As you can tell, the dialer is very complete and will allow at all times to provide efficiency and success to the tasks performed by its teleoperators, positioning your company within the market.


A help that never goes beyond: Progressive dialer, an easy, convenient, accessible and optimal solution for your telemarketing company

We know the multiple ways in which the different technological contributions, contribute in a forceful and representative way to the operation of the companies mainly responsible for fulfilling the functions of customer service in general.


The progressive dialer that Neotel offers us, on the other hand, is a convenient tool that is very easy to access and whose cost is reduced significantly if we take into account that all the information in databases that we provide, is found virtually.

Added to this, the progressive dialer system is characterized by being a “turnkey” service, which you can coordinate from any point, monitoring one by one and in real time, the work of your teleoperators.


What functions does the progressive dialer have for my telemarketing company?


The Neotel progressive dialer helps to optimize the time of your telemarketers in the calls they must make or answer, since it consists mainly of a dialing system that detects immediately the moment in which an agent is available, and transfers a call without prior authorization, which is intended to reach a significant number of calls in the day to cover the high demand that is generated.

In turn, the progressive marker allows the results to be optimal in terms of time efficiency, thanks to the discrimination of types of call response such as: numbers that do not exist, voicemail, or faxes. Allowing then that the calls that arrive are really important and the requirements of the clients are fulfilled in a prudent time.


That is why it is necessary to use the Neotel progressive marker, an optimal resource at your fingertips.


Software call center: know a little more

There has already been talk about the call center software, and the important contribution it means to the improvement in performance and optimization of the time of any company dedicated to telemarketing or customer service.


Among its main contributions, offered mainly by Neotel, we find the robot call, the progressive dialer and the predictive dialer. Three important automated call launchers developed with versatility in mind as a special requirement for the attention to the different cases that arise with potential clients and users, the optimization of the agents’ time and their occupation in deep and relevant aspects at the moment of the call, and the general and complete understanding of each of the specific aspects of the clients, seeking the professionalization of your company and the clear commitment to an optimal and quality service.


Is the software call center the best option for my customer service company?


The answer will always be yes, not only because of the benefits that your company has, but also because it is easy and economical for your pocket. With the call center software that Neotel offers, your company will position itself as one of the best and its quality standards will be primarily due to professionalization in terms of managing the information of its users and / or customers, and optimizing the work of its employees who, supported by a better quality software, will undoubtedly develop a more effective work.

Aplicaciones para call centers

Added to this, do not forget that the most important thing regarding the objectives of companies in charge of telemarketing, are focused on communicating with potential clients and users of a service, to whom the best quality must be provided so that they are the ones who They are in charge of positioning the name of your company, due to the human, logistic and technological quality of it.



Software call center: the technology available to your needs and your pocket

Over time, the hardware has undergone a significant decline, either because of the cost of it or because of its practicality for some, not to say various, of its demands in the various activities that require the latest advances in technology.


Now, considering this, we will talk about software, a tool that has undoubtedly gained strength as the years pass and has become the perfect ally of many forms of communication, companies, people and others.


The companies in charge of customer service or telemarketing, for example, have gradually been requesting new elements capable of weighing the working hours and the demands of all their users and customers, in order to fully comply with their requirements and needs. the cases that arise.

lanzador de llamadas robot call Neotel

What does this have to do with the call center software?


Software call center, then becomes a service of high requirement in the world and that is why Neotel brings the best options for your company to be positioned in the highest quality standards, and your customers.

We know then that basic and elementary needs need to be met with the different software systems for the call center, with which we will mention the three forts of Neotel, so you can decide which of them your company will stay with (they also make a good team together), and you decide to take your company to another level of professionalism, quality and optimization.

lanzador de llamadas

The predictive dialer, the progressive dialer and the robot call, are the software call center services that Neotel has for you, mainly focused on statistical predictions about the calls and their duration, the calls optimized according to the online time of the agents, and the redirection of the users to give a quick solution to their needs.


Dialer, and if we optimize the time and quality of the campaigns of our company?

The dialer has the ability to improve the performance of the integrated agents to a specific company of customer service or telemarketing, since it focuses mainly on dialing to customers that are really potential and that such calls are not lost when concentrating on users who are not really worth it or who will not be potential for consolidation in offering products and services.


The dialer that Neotel offers us mainly needs a database created from a new campaign whose characteristics and options are specified within that database.


What are the functions of the dialer and how does it contribute to the campaign of my company?



The functions of the dialer are diverse. These include: national calls that stand out to be unlimited, monitoring by recording the calls made, web agent, web coordinator, listening to agents, collaborative campaigns, delivery of connected calls, statistics and queue monitoring, detector answering machine, among others.


As you can see, these elements make this product an unbeatable ally for the campaigns of your telemarketing company, with which you can execute campaigns that, thanks to its advanced functionalities, you can optimize.


Surely, saving some of the expenses that demand the realization of these campaigns, will be another of the aspects in favor that you will find in this special service of dialer of Neotel, being a tool that, by optimizing the time, will generate a greater productivity of the employees and of the company in general in its internal operation.


What would be the telecommunication and telemarketing systems without the robot call? Here we tell you

Of absolutely all the evolution in technology and that has served for years the incursion of new ways of working the customer service, little by little came the various systems to optimize the activities and costs demanded by this sector, aiming for an improvement in terms of work performance, information to be provided, and other basic solvency of all contact centers.


With all those inventions, comes the robot call, a technologically friendly tool and designed to provide an important support to the almost inabarcable demand of these service centers.


Could there be an end to the Robot Call?


It is very unlikely that this will occur, as it has increasingly increased its strength and popularity in the world thanks to the support it provides to staff in some tasks that are basic and that save time, money and, of course, more weight to Workers; making them the ones who carry out much more specialized activities and with greater depth, thus increasing the level of satisfaction of the users or clients and the efficiency of the company.





Advantages of having ip telephony numbers

Surely when inquiring about the services of virtual telephony the doubt arises about how they are useful for your business.

Well, before this you must be clear that this type of telephony has come to revolutionize telecommunications and it has been thanks to its advantages and functionalities that ip telephony has managed to proliferate so much in recent years.

As for this timely question that arises we must respond to you that the virtual pbx are presented as services of great utility for different sectors and for various aspects.

So, for example, you have to consider that these switchboards are configured on a virtual number, which is equal to a normal one, only in this case the different feature is that it is not associated with fixed lines. Likewise, you have to consider that with the ip telephony number you can divert your calls to all types of lines, regardless of whether they are IP, mobile or if they are fixed.

telefonía ip

Having a virtual number brings with it other benefits, which are directly related to the intelligence of this one, since it allows to include advanced functions of switchboard.

On the other hand these numbers handle the possibility of generating different statistical reports, so that as a user you can have several data about the calls that have been issued and those that have been received.

Other contributions of the IP number

centralitas virtuales

In addition to the mentioned advantages ip telephony has other contributions to give:

  • For example, adding one of these numbers to your marketing campaigns can give a way of direct contact to your customers.
  • As for the functionalities we can highlight the use of options menu, welcome messages, calls recording, among others that allow you to have a much more professional communications management.
  • Finally, these numbers will come out very cheap and you can add more for very low fees.

VoIP services and the use of Gateway

Knowing a VoIP service is common with a wide variety of unknown words and names, such as Gateway. Before these names clearly arises the doubt on What are they? and today we wanted to clarify it.

In question we will talk about the VoIP Gateway and its role in voip services.

What is a Gateway?

Initially it should be clear that this is a network device used to convert voice calls between the telephone network used (whether switched or digital) and the VoIP network.

This way you should know that using VoIP services is the VoIP Gateway which allows calls that are generated by a traditional PBX to become IP and can go to the Internet or to the contrary, ie a traditional PBX receive the called IP.

VoIP Gateway Features

Before you finish talking about this tool it is important to mention its main features. Among them are:

  • Its application as multisede communication solution, that is to say in the integration of a switchboard to a VoIP network.
  • The Gateway allows to connect the traditional PBX to VoIP, so that operators can be accessed at a lower cost.
  • It is also a device that allows establishing connections between the traditional switchboard and advanced services, allowing global coverage at a low price.
  • It also has access to more advanced software, such as call recorder, ACDs, among others.

Finally, keep in mind that using these devices can reduce the number of traditional lines, showing a good cost savings.

As you can see the VoIP gateways are of great importance within these services.


Operation of the robot call

Being interested in the use of a marking robot is a good idea to know a little about how it works. Of this we will speak to you here so do not stop reading.

Robot Call

Among the software options for Call Center that can be found today the robot call is an advanced tool that is generally included as it allows to automatically perform a large number of calls, without it having to interfere the operators of the center calls.

On these marking robots you should know that in the current offer you can find many different options, some more powerful and agile than others.

In any case, when choosing this service is worth doing considering the fulfillment of certain features, such as:

  • Its power, translated in the capacity of management of automatic calls
  • His agility
  • Effectiveness
  • And also its price or economy

robot call

Operation of the robot

Now, focusing on the operation of the robot call you should know that at the time of executing your task does so:

  • Start making the calls, in a massive and simultaneous.
  • In making this call, the voice message that the company has wanted to make known is displayed, by means of reproduction.
  • It is important to clarify that within the voice message it is possible to include push options, so that the user can be transferred to an agent by pressing an option on his keyboard.

It is important to clarify that within the voice message it is possible to include push options, so that the user can be transferred to an agent by pressing an option on his keyboard….