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Requirements to use VoIP telephony in my company or home

Continue reading to find out if you already have what you need to use IP telephony: 1-. Operator IP Telephony – Neotel You need an IP telephony operator that will provide you with the line and a telephone number. 2-. Softphone, IP adapter or IP phone As IP telephony makes use of VoIP technology you […]

Integration between Neotel and Google Calendar

Neotel has connected its Call Center Software with the popular Google calendar. Integration objective: to facilitate the creation of calendars in Google Calendar from the Neotel switchboard. Once the calendar is created you can add users with Gmail (Google) accounts so that the events appear. In this way to the commercial street or anyone with […]

The Importance of Correct Customer Service

For SMEs who wish to offer a high quality customer service, it is important (obligatory?) To have a virtual switchboard that suits their needs, is feasible, reliable, and has a team of professionals behind where The client knows that it has that support. With the virtual switchboard you will have at your disposal a series […]

Looking for a virtual switchboard for my company

If you have an old telephone installation in your company, today in our blog we want to invite you to know more about the virtual switchboards we offer at Neotel. From Neotel we organize customized projects for each company. Contact us through 902 088 500 | 952 64 10 34 or write to us via […]

How does IP Technology affect businesses?

Thanks to IP Telephony you no longer need to continue working under an incomplete and expensive system for fear of losing customers, keeping your same telephone number you can get all the advantages offered by this system without losing their number. The main advantages of VoIP technology are: – Mobility and functionality in a single […]

Enhances your SME by hiring the Virtual Switchboard

When we refer to SMEs in Spain we know that we are talking about a high percentage of companies that make up the sector. If we had to highlight a big enemy for SMEs surely the big companies come to be the main enemy of these. When it comes to a SME to stand out […]

Every day more work systems enjoy the IP Telephony

From Neotel we work every day to be aware of the latest technologies related to Telecommunications and thus continue being the leading provider of Telecommunications nationwide and offering IP Telephony services worldwide. We help companies to be more productive thanks to IP Telephony and every day are more who enjoy the services of Neotel. Contact […]

Telemarketing for satisfaction and quality surveys

Thanks to telemarketing we get companies to know more about our customers, their opinion, and what they think about our products. Any telemarketing campaign that is expected to be successful needs a prior analysis of it. First of all, we have to segment our target audience to which the telemarketing campaign is directed and directed. […]

Neotel, hire a Dialer for your company

In Neotel we seek to simplify the sales campaigns to the agents, obtaining maximum productivity, speed and ease of use. By contracting the Neotel dialer service we will be getting a system that is efficient and functional at the same time. You just need to contact our team of consultants who will be happy to […]